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Round 7:Winter

Members of Household: Peggy Crabtree, Randy London, Genet Oduya, George Schmidt

Both Peggy and Randy were having second thoughts.  At the time it seemed like a great idea to move George and Genet in wtih them.  They all got along fairly well in the dorm but living in an apartment together was a whole different story.  Almost every night Peggy had a complaint about them.

Peggy’s main problem was George.  His “friend” Kay was always over and with her came an annoying cheerleader.  George and Kay would leave her downstairs and disappear up to his room.  When they came down, they wouldn’t even bother to put on clothing.

Genet was a little bit more respectful.  Demios did spend the night sometimes but they were quiet and never came out of the room in their underwear.

Randy just kept reminding himself that graduation was near.  Just a few more months and he would be a college graduate.

He and Peggy both couldn’t wait to graduate.  Peggy couldn’t wait to start her career as a lawyer.  While Randy just couldn’t wait until they could live together in the open.


  • On that note Round 7 is officially over.  I will post a review of the round tomorrow.
  • Peggy and Randy will move into an apartment together in Eaton, while doing some traveling in the Spring and Summer.
  • Genet will move back in with her parents in Eaton
  • George will move into the same apartment building that Peggy and Randy will live in.

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Household: University Round 7:Fall

Members of Household: Peggy Crabtree, Randy London, Genet Oduya, George Schmidt

Peggy: I know its part of growing up and college life but she is paying for half my education.  I just can’t tell her, she wouldn’t approve.  And if she stopped paying for school what would I do?

Randy: You could be like the rest of use and take out loans.

Peggy: Why are you being such a hard ass about this, Randy?  My mom can’t find out about us living together.  She would stop paying for school and I don’t want to take out any more loans.

Randy didn’t bother to respond.  They had this conversation many, many times before.  Each time he was disappointed in Peggy’s complete inability to stand up to her mother.

Randy did understand where Peggy was coming from.  She didn’t want them to be bogged down with debt when they graduated college.  But her relationship with her overbearing mother, Jennifer Crabtree, was beginning to worry him.  He was just hoping that when they finally get married, not that he has asked yet, Peggy would be able to cut the umbilical cord.

Peggy:  What are you thinking about?

Randy: I was thinking that maybe we should ask George and Genet to move in with us next year.  Since we have the two empty bedrooms upstairs.

Peggy was pretty sure that Randy was not thinking about George, Genet or empty bedroom.  But she didn’t want to press her luck by pushing the subject and causing another argument.  Why couldn’t life and relationship be simpler?  Like her Rubik circle, basic, easy to understand and figure out.

Why couldn’t life be more like sex?  Exciting and enjoyable, without any problems and complications.  Sex was easy and basic.  Relationship were not.  Relationships had too many variables and personalities to deal with.  life should be more like sex.

When Randy finally approached George about moving in with he and Peggy, George was ecstatic.  While some girls, like Kay, weren’t picky about where they romanced.
Others were.
There was one particular girl, well actually woman, that he wanted to impress, Demi.  Demi, is older, 4 year older to be exact and had graduated from the university.  She now was a campus security guard.  They had met after someone complained about him putting soap in the fountain.  He was able to charm his way out of a citation and into a date.
Demi is different from the other girls he knew.  WHile Kay was hot, fiery and passionate.  Demi is more dignified.  Being around her changes how he acts.  Even the simple act of playing pool makes him somehow feel more mature.
And he finds himself doing things he once thought cheesy.  Like cuddling on the bench under the stars.
He wondered if this was how Randy felt about Peggy? and Genet about Demios?
  • I decided to move Genet and George in with Randy and Peggy because I hate playing to separate university households.  It makes it feel to long.
  • I really like George and Kay together but he has better chemistry with Demi.  We’ll see where they game leads him.

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Household: University

Narrator: Peggy Crabtree

Round 7: Spring

Members of Household: Peggy Crabtree, Randy London, Genet Oduya, George Schmidt

It took all of freshman year, a lot of hard work and an amplification of his charm until George finally got Kay Brown to notice him in a romantic way.

One would have thought that Kay would have been an easy catch.  Apparently she really enjoyed the chase and so did George.  Kay had to be the most exciting and affectionate girl he had ever met.  Not that he had much experience with girls.

When George originally went to college he couldn’t wait to move into the dorms.  He kept thinking of all the people that he would meet.  Now he couldn’t wait to leave.  The dorms allowed for very little privacy and because of that George and Kay spent most of their time in Eaton.

Eaton offered far less privacy than the dorms.  Yet the trill of being watched was to much of an adrenaline rush for either of them to ignore.

Randy:  You know George says that doing it in a photo booth is the best thing ever.
Peggy didn’t bother to even look at Randy.  Instead, she calmly picked up her bowling ball and simply said “No”
As she looked over the menu Peggy couldn’t help but wonder what had gotten into Randy.  To think that she, Peggy Crabtree, would do it in a photo booth.  They hadn’t even done it yet and he was already thinking about being an exhibitionist.  Who did he think she was, Panty Girl?
Genet was probably the only person on campus not thinking about sex.  Instead, she was thinking about the novels she was going to write once she graduated.  When she was not studying for class, she was reading.  Checking out the competition in the sci-fi genre before she jumped in.
That’s way she was shocked when she literally ran into the blond.  He caught her as she stumbled back, trying not to knock him to the ground.  She tried to apologize but he just said “No problem” and smiled.  Somehow she lost her ability to speak and just smiled, stupidly.
George:  Anyone want to go to a party?
Randy: All you think about is panties, panties, panties!  Why would you think about panties as we are watching this movie?  It has nothing to do with panties!
George:   Dude!  I said PARTY! ….. Do you want to go to a PARTY!
  • Genet Oduya is a playable non-playable that pops up every now and then.  She had the desire to go to college so I sent her with George, Peggy, and Randy.  I haven’t really decided yet if she will move to Oasis Valley, but the chances are she will.

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Narrator: Peggy Crabtree

Round 7: Winter

Members of Household: Peggy Crabtree, Randy London, Genet Oduya, George Schmidt

After hearing my mother complain about my tropical ensemble, I decided to buy something new.  It was fun seeing the shock on her face when I walked in the house without shoes on.  But the ground was cold and its nice to not have to worry about the snow and frozen toes.

I’m finding it college life to be a bit stressful.  It ‘s all study to keep my grades up.  The only time I really get to see Randy is between classes and study sessions and that usually is only a short coffee break.

Studying and classes is not the only thing that I worry about.  Some of the other kids in the dorm are weird.  I can deal with the rude ones.  But Panty Girl is getting out of hand.  She has no sense of modesty.  She doesn’t even put on clothes when she comes down for meals.  To sleep in your panties is one thing but to walk around in them is another.

Panty Girl wouldn’t be so much of a problem if this were an all girl dorm.  It’s not and she should have more respect not only for herself but for the other people that have to watch her panty clad but strut around the whole place.  She flaunts her skinny behind all the time, I am surprised she doesn’t go to class in her underthings.  Randy is a doll, he pretends not to notice but I know he does.  How could he not notice.

When I bring the subject up he tells me not to worry.  He thinks that I’m the pretties girl in the world.

I would have felt better if he hadn’t thrown in the fact the George had called claim to her first.  What the F&$k!  Men are so barbaric.  But she doesn’t seem to mind.

Other than the underwear model.  Freshmen year has been uneventful.  A lot of papers and studying.


  • Panty Girl’s name is Kay Brown.  She really doesn’t wear that many clothes.  I am shocked when I see her in casual wear.
  • I am so mad.  I have a big gap between posted round and play round.  Up until a yesterday I was almost done with round 8.  Then I went to play the Hale (2) household that has Janet and Jean Hale in it.  Jean was glitched.  She showed up in the side panel but she was invisible.  I couldn’t get her to do anything, all actions dropped.  I tried to get help at the TS2challenges yahoo group.  But I couldn’t do any of their suggestions.  So, I lost the whole round 8 and about 25% of round 7.  It sucks.  I am trying to look on the bright side.  I can change some of the stuff that I did not like, the first time around.

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Round 6: Senior Year

Janet tried to make her senior year more eventful than the last three years but with Patricia alway gone with Leo that was hard.  She tried to get one of her dorm mates interested in going to a political assembly held at the campus park.  But it was a no go.

The event was a bit dull all in all.  It seems that no one on campus was interested in politics.  The club sponsoring the event didn’t even try to set up booths or tables.  She did get to meet Councilman Brent Murray.

In fact, Brent and Janet hit it off very well.  They barely noticed the students around them.

They were both shocked and disappointed when the sun went down.


  • Unveristy is finally over.  *Does happy dance.*
  • Once again, I used the match making crystal ball.  Janet was boring and I wanted to spice up her life in her last year.

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Narrator: Janet Hale Round 6: Junior Year

College is a huge drag.  For me the rumors are false.  No huge drunken frat parties, no indie bands in the quad.  Just work and more work.

I hate this.  I really, really hate this.  I want to quit so bad and just go home.  But what would I do.  Not that I really know what I want to do, anyways. But if I quit school my options will be fewer.  So, I try to sneak off campus whenever I can.  Not that it happens a lot.

School isn’t all bad.  I do get to meet some rather interesting people.

And see a couple of naked boys every now and then.

Overall it is okay.  Patricia is having a much better time.  Her and the gardener are getting pretty serious.  I hope she never hears me call him a gardener.  She says he is a landscape architect, yeah right.


  • Again, not much happening in University.  But Janet is really bored with university or maybe I am projecting my feelings on to her.

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Round 6: Sophomore Year

Sophomore year at the  Sterling State University started off just like Freshman year for Janet Hale and Patricia Vincent.  Studying occupied most of the girls time.

And of course work.  Patricia was still doing personal training at the  university gym.  Se is a little nicer than her brother Curtis but decided to adopt his attitude when it came to getting sorry undergraduates into shape.

Janet was almost to the point of regretting going to college.  It was suppose to be a time of fun and exploration.  But all she did was work and study.  If she had to hear one more complaint about the food her head would burst.

Patricia, on the other hand, loved college.  Not only did she get to boss people around in the gym but she got to do cool things with her free time.  In her landscape architecture class she got to meet a profession Landscape Architect, Leo Deppiesse, and interview him at in exhibit he help design.

She really didn’t understand the whole fire shooting out of the toilet thing but Leo was young and hot, so she guised about the brilliance of his work.

Everything was going well until some random chick started to lecture her on the importance of being adventurous and having sex in public.  She was shocked, no one ever came up to her before and started such a crazy unprovoked conversation.  Of course the one time they would do it was when she was in the company of a hottie.  How annoying and embarrassing?

While Patricia spent the evening trying to avoid sex crazed locals and talking about flaming toilets.  Janet tried to upgrade her social life.  Who knew that a campus bar would be open but empty.


  • I know I have  sad this before,  but I so dislike playing university.  I wanted the girls to find there mate in college.  I used a hacked crystal ball to find Leo for Patricia.  I am going to use it again for Janet.  But I think this is the last time.  It takes some of the fun out of the game.
  • Patricia Vincent is not as mean as her brother but she only has 3 nice points.  I never really noticed when she was a child or teen. And wouldn’t have know if I had not looked it up.  I hope some of my born in game sims will be nicer.

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