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Sorry & I’m Back…


I can’t believe that it has been over a year since I have update Oasis Valley or played the sims.  With Google retiring Google Reader, I decided to read the blogs that I had gotten behind on and my desire to sim returned.

Right now, I am on vacation in California visiting family.  When I return, I plan to start updating Oasis Valley regularly.  I have a couple of updates handwritten out that need to be transcribed and edited.  So, I should have the first update ready in about a week or two.

If your reader update several old post, please disregard.  I was trying to some cleaning up on the blog and did not realize that would happen.  Sorry.


Missed You,



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Warning:  Lots of rambling

In the past I try to post an update at least twice a week.  Most of the time I fail (like last week) but I twice weekly updates is my prefered method.  It keeps me motivated to both write and playing the game.  Hopefully it keeps the readers interested too.

That being, I have decided to try NanoWriMo, this year.  So, for the whole month of November I will hopefully be writing a novel.   That will take up a bulk of my time and energy. I am trying to pre-post updates.  That will take a lot of work on my part since I only have about two updates handwritten out right now.   When I did my calculations that would mean 14 updates pre-scheduled  to get me from now until the last week of November.

The likelihood that I will be able to accomplish that is slim.  I also have to work on at least on of the anniversary updates and start the second for November.  The third I am planning for December.

In order to achieve at least some of my goals, there will be some weeks with only one update.  If I alternate between one and two updates, that lowers the amount to 10 updates between now and the last week in November.  Which still seems like a lot.

What does this all really mean?

That from now until December updates will be posted either on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  One to two times weekly.  The next update will be the Hale update on this Wednesday coming Up.


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