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New Ranking System

Just because I like things nice and complicated sometimes.  I have developed a three-tiered ranking system for my sims.  This system basically ranks the sims by how important I think their household is and how much blog/playtime they will get.

The three ranks (in order of importance):

  • Full Playable
  • Semi-Playable
  • Playable NPC

What each rank means:

  • Full Playable: Playable sims are sims that are fully playable and are update regularly in the blog (every round).  Playable sims make the world of Oasis Valley thrive (at least in blog form).  Oasis Valley is based on of their stories and lives.  Most of the playable sims originate from the Founding CAS.  When Oasis Valley was first created there were 9 CAS families created. Most (if not all)  playable sims were either created in CAS as part of one of these families or were born into the families after they were created.
  • Semi-Playable: Sims in this category may or may not have their own post depending on how their stories develop.  Semi-Playable sims are more likely to get “mini-updates” rather than the full-bodied version.  Semi-Playable  sims are sims that were either a) Playable than moved out of Oasis Valley b) Moved to Oasis Valley after its founding.  Semi-Playable sims are more like a supporting cast.
  • Playable NPCs: Playable NPCs are the last level of playable characters.  Theses sims are usually sims that either moved out of Oasis Valley or were partners or friends of Oasis Valley residents and showed up in the storyline. They mainly live nice normal lives and hopefully provide breeding material.

There are ways to move up and down each rank.  I won’t list them all but here is my “official” rules regarding Full Playables:

Becoming a Playable:   To become playable a sim most either be

  • a) born into a playable family
  • b) marry into a playable family
  • c) have an interesting enough story to move up through the ranks and become playable.

Being Demoted:  A playable sim can be demoted to a lower ranking level either:

  • a) moving out of Oasis Valley
  • b)being boring.
  • c) moving out of the main family household (on a case by case basis)

Moving Out of Oasis Valley:  Once a playable sim moves out of Oasis Valley (ie. into Eaton) They become a playable NPC.  If they return to Oasis Valley  they can either:

  • a) Stay a playable NPC
  • b) become Semi-Playable
  • c) Return to Playable status

Yes, I realize that I have just given myself one more thing to track but I am hoping in the long run it will cut down between when I play a house and when I blog about it.  I am currently in just starting Round 9 here on the blog but have already started Round 10 in-game.  I would like to shorten that spacing just a little bit.

FYI: Marylena Samuels from the Wilson’s last post is a Playable NPC.  She lives in Oasis Valley but there will be very little if any updates on her.


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Changes: Time and Aging

Over the next couple of rounds I will be making a lot of changes to the way that I play Oasis Valley.  Some of these changes will not make much difference in my posting but other changes will.

The first change I am making has to do with how I handle time and Aging.


  • Old: Each round was 4 years.  There were 5 seasons each round.  Each household was played for a total of 4 days.
  • New: Each round is 2 years.  There will be 5 seasons each round (unchanged).  Each household will be played for a total of 4 days.

Aging:  Big changes, Huge Changes (short version).

  • Old: Maxis default for all age groups.  Each adult got three drinks for the elixir of life (9 days added to the adult stage). Each elder got two drinks from the elixir (3 days added to the elder stage).
  • New: I used SimLogical to change the length and durations on the lengths of each stage.  There will be no more elixir of life used anymore.

Aging: Detailed Explanation

I decided to changing the age durations for several reason.  First I was really envious of other Sim 2 Bloggers who knew the age of their sims.  Secondly, the teen stage is way to long.  Three, I thought that it would be better for the stories if I knew the exact (approximate) ages of my sims.  That way, it would be easier to make decisions based on age. Also, I want to play young adults in the hood, Curtis was a test sim for young adults in hood.  So, far so good.

The new age groups are as followed :

  • Infant: 3 Days (0 to 2 years old)
  • Toddler: 3 Days (3 to 5 year
  • Child: 7 Days (6 to 12 years)
  • Teen: 6 Days (13 to 18 years old)
  • Young Adult: 4 Days (19 to 22 years old)
  • Adult: 40 Days(19 to 59 years old)
  • Elder: (60 years til Death)

I don’t think that I did my elder years right…. but I will see once I have a sim age up to elder.  So, far I am liking the whole aging thing.  I need to figure out how old my sims are but that will take a little bit of work on my part.  So, for now I am not including ages with updates.

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  • As of round 7: Sims can only marry other Sims that they have at least a two bolt attraction to.
  • In order to marry the marriage and/or get engage want have to be present.  If the want doesn’t show up than the two sims can’t get married.
  • I am trying to restrict the number of playable sims that marry each other.  I am trying to hook all playable sims up with townies and as the town grows than playables can marry.


There is no restriction to whom a sim can date.  It does not matter how many attraction bolts they have.  I think that dating is a great way for sims to get to know each other, gain aspiration points, and stay in the green.  But I do have restrictions on what a sim can do and not do on a date.

  • Sims can not date on a home lot.  All dates must be on a community lots.  Sims can start dates on a home lot but they must then go to a community lot to finish up the date.


I have Inteen and ACR in to make things a little more interesting.

  • For now I am not using any birth control options other than those that come with ACR.  I want Oasis Valley to get bigger as fast as possible.
  • Also, all woohoo that happens in the game has the potential to cause a birth.  With Inteen, I have used the flavor pack that turns off the safe woohoo option.
  • There is no restriction on which sims can procreate together (same sex couple cannot have children, yet).
  • All young adult sims that get pregnant during university/college must drop out.  No pregnant sims in university.  The aging is just too hard to figure out right now.

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In my game every sim must age.  I have a special way of controlling aging in my game.  I try to keep it simple so that I will remember who ages when.  I don’t have my own calender like some people do.  I use the tools in the game to age my sims in the way that I think is beneficial and allows for time to flow smoothly yet fast.  Because if I left it up to myself, my sims would all age really slowly. Now on to aging.


  • Elders get 2 drinks from the Elixir of Life or I use the Sim Blender to give them and additional 3 days (I only use this if they are not in gold aspiration).
  • Elders gets the time that the game allows when they become elders plus an additional 6 days.  I do this because I think that Elders die to soon. And it allows me time to fill their lifetime wants or for them to meet their grandchildren.


  • Adults get 3 drinks of the Elixir of Life for a total of 9 additional days to their life span.  (I think this might change in the future)
  • Adults drink the Elixir at 15 days, 5 days, and 2 days.  They always drink the Elixir after 6 pm.


  • From Teen to YA:  If a sim is going to college they usually leave when they have around 4 days left.  There is some room to wiggle in this restriction which I will describe later.
  • From Teen to Adult: Aging happens on the exact day.  Teens age at 6 pm if they are skipping the YA stage and becoming an adult.  The only teens that do this are the ones that do not go to college.


  • Children age to teens when the 1 day message pops up.


  • Toddlers age to children on the exact day.


  • Babies age to toddlers when the1 day message pops up.

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Time (Obsolete)

Play Style: Modified Prosperity

Seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Duration:  Each season last 5 days and 4 nights.

Days: Each household is in sync according to days.  I use the Day Setter for this.

Rounds: Each round has 5 total seasons.

Hacks Used: To control the length of the seasons, days of week, and time

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