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ROS Events From Round 8:

  • Death By Murder: Teresa Flores-Tyson was killed in a car crash.
  • Demoted Lose One Days Pay: Curtis Vincent
  • BBQ Party: Robin Duffy


  • Christine Lee Saunders (Parents Emily and Mildred Saunders)
  • Lisa Raye Saunders (Parents Emily and Mildred Saunders)
  • Andrew Michael Crabtree-Carr (Parents Joe Carr and Ruth Crabtree-Carr)
  • Brian Arthur Hernandez (Parents Dennis Hernandez and Angelica Alexander)
  • Eric David Murray (Parents Brent and Janet Murray
  • Maria Flores-Tyson died due to car accident.
College Students:
  • Nyack Oduya and Meadow Thayer are completed their sophomore year.
I normally post this information in a separate section of the blog but now I am going to included it in the Round ReCap to make it easier to find.
Total of 64 Residents of Oasis Valley.
By Age
  • Elders: 9 (14%)
  • Adults: 32 (50%)
  • Young Adults: 1 (2%) Meadow Thayer doesn’t count because she is not a resident of Oasis Valley
  • Teens:3 (5%)
  • Children: 10 (16%)  I was so shocked by this number I had to go back and double check
  • Toddlers: 2 (3%)
  • Infants: 7 (11%)
By Gender:
  • Male: 30 (47%)
  • Female: 34 (53%)
Random pieces of Information that I found interesting.  
  • There is an average of 2.67 sims in each household.
  • There are a total of 24 households in Oasis Valley (I didn’t count how many were playable and NPC).
  • The largest household consist of 7 sims and belongs to The Schmidt family and contains 3 generations.
  • The smallest households have 1 sim each.  There are 9 of them.

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