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The Next Move

Season: Spring
In this post: Mark Schmidt, Susan Schmidt, Amanda Schmidt, Lucy (?)

Mark sunk down as deep as he could into the hot bubbly bath.  He wasn’t normally a bubbles type of guy but he knew before even getting out of bed that he would need it. Lucy had said that bubble baths always help her relax, prepared her for the day.  Today would be difficult for him.

He sunk down further into the tub and rested his head against the back.

Mark  decided to walk over to Just desserts and start with the easiest person on his list, his mother.  The fresh spring air, the smell of the trees and blooming flowers reinforced the idea that moving back to Oasis Valley had been a great idea.  The congestion and noise in Eaton made it hard to just simply enjoy nature.

Walking into Just Desserts he found Susan, his mother, standing over the kitchen sink, head down and shoulders slumped.

“Hey, mom.” He said.

He could tell that he startled her when she jumped a little before turning around. “Mark, surprised to see you here.”

“Yeah.  Decided to stop by and see how things are.”


“I can tell.  You look like you could use a rest, let’s have a seat.”

They sat and talked about everything and anything.  The business, his job, the children.  Then she turned the conversation to his relationship with Lucy.

She was digging, politely asking him about the status of their relationship.

“Lucy is moving in.”  He stated simply.

“Ohhh… Moving in?”  Susan sounded slightly disappointed.

“Hoping for more?”


“Not yet.  Moving in seems to be the next logical step.  After that…”  Mark throw up his hands and shrugged his shoulders.

“You take your time.  No hurries.”  She smiled and patted his hands.

They stood and he prepared to leave.

“See you at the dinner next week, Mom.”

Telling his mother had been the easy part.  He wondered if he should have left the bubble bath for later, closer to the dinner time.  Cooking wasn’t doing anything to calm, it was making him even more nervous about telling Mindy about Lucy moving in.  With all the things changing over at her mother house, he didn’t know how she would take him announcing that Lucy was moving in.

The smell of pork chops burning drew his attention back to task at hand.

The kitchen was way to small for the three of them to sit together.  He took his customary seat in the living room allowing Lucy and Mindy talked at the table.  He took the opportunity to listen to them.  They seemed to get along.  He was just hoping that the relationship that they had formed would be enough and that Mindy would not freak out when he delivered the news.

They were seated playing a heated game of SX3 when he blurted out “Lucy is moving in.”

Neither Lucy or Mindy stopped playing for a minute he thought he hadn’t spoken the word out loud.

“Okay.”  Mindy said simply.

That had been much easier than he had expected.


  • It seems that both Sharon and Mark decided it was time to move on with their lives and enter into serious relationships.  I feared that they would never find someone who they were compatible with but they did.  

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ROS Events From Round 8:

  • Death By Murder: Teresa Flores-Tyson was killed in a car crash.
  • Demoted Lose One Days Pay: Curtis Vincent
  • BBQ Party: Robin Duffy


  • Christine Lee Saunders (Parents Emily and Mildred Saunders)
  • Lisa Raye Saunders (Parents Emily and Mildred Saunders)
  • Andrew Michael Crabtree-Carr (Parents Joe Carr and Ruth Crabtree-Carr)
  • Brian Arthur Hernandez (Parents Dennis Hernandez and Angelica Alexander)
  • Eric David Murray (Parents Brent and Janet Murray
  • Maria Flores-Tyson died due to car accident.
College Students:
  • Nyack Oduya and Meadow Thayer are completed their sophomore year.
I normally post this information in a separate section of the blog but now I am going to included it in the Round ReCap to make it easier to find.
Total of 64 Residents of Oasis Valley.
By Age
  • Elders: 9 (14%)
  • Adults: 32 (50%)
  • Young Adults: 1 (2%) Meadow Thayer doesn’t count because she is not a resident of Oasis Valley
  • Teens:3 (5%)
  • Children: 10 (16%)  I was so shocked by this number I had to go back and double check
  • Toddlers: 2 (3%)
  • Infants: 7 (11%)
By Gender:
  • Male: 30 (47%)
  • Female: 34 (53%)
Random pieces of Information that I found interesting.  
  • There is an average of 2.67 sims in each household.
  • There are a total of 24 households in Oasis Valley (I didn’t count how many were playable and NPC).
  • The largest household consist of 7 sims and belongs to The Schmidt family and contains 3 generations.
  • The smallest households have 1 sim each.  There are 9 of them.

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Season: Summer
In this post: Kenneth Tyson, Teresa Flores-Tyson, Jose Flores-Tyson

Kenneth tried to make himself comfortable.  This was the first time ever that the children had come to see him.  They had never seen the center and did not know the full truth reason that he was there.  Kenneth wanted to cancel the visit, his counselor reminded him that this was one of the steps needed for a full complete emotional recovery.

He felt restless and moved to the common room.  The center was actually a house and the silence was making him nervous.  Protocol for meetings like this was families would show up and the patients would leave.  It would just be the patient and their family alone.  The counselor a block away in case of an emergency.  He sat, trying to control nervous pacing.

He heard a car pull up and door slam.  Voices reached his ears muffled by the windows and walls.  Kenneth mind conjured up images of his counselor soothing Allyn’s fear.  She had expressed heavy doubt about the meeting.  Fearing that the children would come away traumatized.

He waited, rubbing his sweaty palms on his legs.  He was scared to, scared that Teresa and Jose would not look at him the same.  Kenneth feared that once they found out the truth.  Once they found out he cracked, they would lose faith in him.

The door opened drawing his attention away from his worries.  He watched as Teresa slowly crossed the room to the couch.  Her face somber, her eyes uncertain.

“Hi, Daddy.”  Her voice wasn’t as cheery as the day they met after school.

He smiled, as he watcher her sit next to him.  “Hi, Teresa Rosita.”  Using her full name, keeping his voice light and calm.

Jose followed Teresa slower more cautious.  His eyes taking in everything.  The beige worn caret, pale green walls, and plants sitting under the window sill.

“Don’t be so nervous, son.  This is not bad.  This is good,  no worries.”

“Daddy, why are we here?  Why are you here?”  Teresa questioned.  The question and her voice made him question his decision.  Maybe this wasn’t the right place, the right time.

He had hoped for a little time before they started in on the heavy stuff.  Teresa’s question throw him for a loop.  He had forgotten how observant children were, of course, they would pick up that this meeting was important.  They picked up on the nervousness and fear from the adults around them.

“Is this about Mommy?”  If he hadn’t been listening, if the house hadn’t been so silent Kenneth would have missed Jose’s question even though the boy was sitting next to him.

The question hit him in the gut.  They never talked about her, the wound still tender.  Kenneth hadn’t planned on tackling that, now.  He felt his calm slip, he struggle to keep his control.

Kenneth did the first thing that came to his mind he stalled.  “It’s warm outside, lets have this talk outside.”  He didn’t wait for a response, he rose from the couch and escorted them outside.

He lead them to the center of the yard and motioned for them to have a seat. Giving himself more time to collect his thought, choose his words.

He didn’t know where to began.  He opened his mouth and shit it, and then opened it again letting the words flow in the order they came out.  He didn’t leave anything out, hoping they would understand, hoping that he was saying the right things.  Praying in the end that all the pieces would fit together.

When he was finished, not knowing what else to say, what to do, he watched and waited.  He could see tears running down Joses face, he wanted to hug and tell him everything was okay but he didn’t he waited for a sign, some indication that  his comfort would be welcome.  Teresa didn’t look at him or Jose.  She kept her eyes on the  grass, her brows down mouth tense.

The suspense was killing, his lee were cramping.  He stood, not knowing what else to do.  His motion was a catalyse, Teresa stood too.  Their eyes locked, her arms opened up towards him.  He leaned down and wrapped her into his arms.  No words were needed or exchanged.

Jose followed her lead after wiping his tears away.  He smiled up to Kenneth, his arms open and welcoming.

The rest of the visit went smoothly.  They laughed and joked and played.  His conselor was right he would know what to say when the time came.  Teresa and Jose didn’t seem tramatized, they seemed happy, relieved.

When his alarmed sounded, indicating the end of th visit he was disappointed.  He led them inside to wait for Allyn to show up.

“When are you coming home, Daddy?”  Teresa snuggled close to him.



  • I wanted to use the two pictures below but the didn’t fit in.  Teresa and Kenneth look very sweet here.  Two of my favorite pictures from this play session.

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Season: Summer
In this post: Jennifer Crabtree, Ruth Crabtree-Carr, Holly Green, Sharon Crabtree, Randy London, Peggy Crabtree, Mindy Schmidt

Staring down at his pancakes, Robert tried to convince himself that things weren’t  as bad as they appeared. Yes, the family finances were a mess, and some very hard decisions had to be made. Things could be worse they weren’t completely destitute, still this talk was one he never thought he would have to have.

“What’s wrong, Rob?” Ella was the only person that shorten his name.

He looked at her, chewing the inside of his cheek, trying to decide the best approach.  “We can’t afford to send the kids to Pennington in September. Well we can afford it, but if we sent them to Pennington we might not be able to afford to send any of them to college.”  there he said it and it sounded harsh to his own ears.

Ellas eyebrows drew together, her eyes questioned him.

“The store isn’t doing well at all.  I always knew it wasn’t bringing in tons of money.  I never knew how little until Mom got sick and I had to do the books.  The story doesn’t even cover our daily living expenses.”

Ella didn’t argue, she nobbed and silently chewed her food.

“This isn’t something I want to do, El.”  He paused and swrilled his fork in the thick syrup on top of his pancakes.  “My brothers and I went to Pennington.  I wanted my children to go there, too.  We just can’t afford it.  The money that is left is hefty but not enough.  Not enough for Pennington, college, and our retirment.”

“I understand”  He expected her to say more, wanted her to say more.  She didn’t, she just rose from the table and started clearing the plates.


The fight Robert predicted would happen once the times learned they were not going to Pennington, never happen.  Danny and Becky seemed excited about heading to Eaton Elementry in the fall.  Credit for that lay in the fact that the kids attended a summer camp and all the new kids they met would be going to Eaton Elemementy once the summer was over.  Including Beckys new best friend, Tiffany Keyes.

None of Danny’s friends lived in Oasis Valley, which meant that he found himself playing with Becky and Tiffany more than he wanted to.

He thought Tiffany was a brat.  She rubbed it in when she won games.

Becky thought he was jealous and being a spoiled sport.

“No, Becky.  You really shouldn’t hang out with Tiffany once we start school.  She’s mean.  No one will want to be your friend if your friends with her.

“Your mad that you got beat by a girl.”  Becky taunted.

“No, I’m not and she cheated.”

“Right”  Becky said rolling her eyes.


While Danny and Becky spent the summer making new friends.  Robert and Susan spent the summer trying to save the business.  Some days they were there from sun up until sun down.  Some days Robert questioned if their effort was worth it.  Like on those days when customers questioned if the ingredients for the sweets were organic, were the fruits used to make them locally grown.

It was hard running the business with just the two of them.  Robert thought of hiring a nanny to watch Joey and Justin.  While Ella helpped out a few days a week.  Again that was a expense they couldn’t really afford.  That left ella at home watching Joe and Justin.

And waiting for the bus to drop off Danny and Becky.

One or two days out of the week Mindy would come over and watch the kids while Ella helped in the store.

There had been talk of having Mindy help out at the store but she was to young to get a work permit.  Instead, she enrolled in a art program and sometimes chipped in either watching their kids or watching her cousins across the street.  Robert loved when Mindy watched the kids, they loved her and would even clean if she asked them, too.  Which shocked him since he could never get them to clean without a fight

Robert just wanted things simpler.  He wanted to be able to close the spreadsheets and accounting books early enough to read his kids a bedtime story.


  • The Schmidt’s are not broke by any stretch of the imagination.  They have over 100,000 simoleans in their household account.  But Just Deserts is bring in less than 200 per day and their bills are like 800 simoleans each time.  Add to the gardener, repairman (when needed), taxes, college funds, etc.  The money will not last long.  I am sure when Susan dies she is going to want to the money split in between each of her boys, which would be like 33,000 each.  Robert and Ella will have very little in which to raise four kids with.  Private school also cost 2,000 each kid per year.
  • The rest is Schmidt kiddies pic spam.

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Season: Summer
In this post: Craig Vincent, LaKisha Vincent, Curtis Vincent

They hadn’t been out as a family in a long time. When she had first suggested they have dinner in Eaton on a Friday night, Curtis complained.  Stating “But Friday is prime dating time, mom.  What about Sunday morning brunch”.

“If you spent a little less time dating and more time focusing maybe Jennifer Crabtree wouldn’t have suspended you for a day without pay.

That shut him up fast and got him to agree.  It  didn’t stop his annoyed expression but at least he refrained from commenting during the drive or and once they were seated at a table.

The primary reason for the family dinner was LaKisha fustration by the lack of communication in the family.  It seemed that everyone had a secret, even Patricia.  How had always told her everything, after her talk with Curtis she had suddenly gone mute.  Patricia claimed that Curtis refused to tell her anything.  LaKisha wanted to believe her, but nothing else explained the guilty look that crossed her daughters face everytime she looked at her.

She decided to start the conversation, since it seemed like no one else would.  “Anything exciting happening?”

After a moment and silence and head shaking, Craig spoke up “Curtis and I brought a business.”

His statement was met with silence, even Curtis didn’t comment.  He looked out the window like something fasitnating was happening beyond the glass.  LaKisha and Patricia were saved from trying to formulate a response by the arrival of their food.  After the waiter left they exchanged shocked glances.  Each of them pleading with their eyes for the other to say something.

“We’re opening a video arcade.  We figured that when the kids that live in Oasis Valley become teens they are going to need someplace to hang out.”  Curtis looked at Particia for reassurrance, not couragous enough to look in his mothers direction.  Patricia avoided looking back at him, at lost of what to say or think.  She was sure that they were planning a trip for LaKisha not throwing money into a business.  A video arcade was not the surprise she was expecting.

“And you two didn’t think to consult me before you invested my retirement money into a video arcade in the middle of nowhere.”  LaKisha kept her voice, trying not to draw unwanted attention to their table, but they all could hear the anger coming through.

Patricia tried to break the tension by saying the first thing that came to mind.  “Leo and I are getting married.”

Craig didn’t seem to hear her declaration as he explained himself to his stunned wife.  “LaKisha, honey.  It’s for our future.  For the kids future.  It’s something that can be passd down from generation to generation.  A constant source of income.  Wait… What did you say, Patricia?”

“Congratulations, Patty.  You have won the Most Shocking Announcement of The Night Award.  Your prize is a slice of cheesecake courtsey of the father-of-the-bride.”  Curtis joked signalling the waiter for the dessert menu.


  • LaKisha didn’t get the Far East vacation she wanted but she is now the proud owner of a Video Arcade called X Games.  Doesn’t she sound excited.
  • I thought I took more picture of the lot but I didn’t here are two.  They don’t really show the layout of decor but they are the best pictures that I have.

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Season: Summer
In this post: Leo Deppiesse, Patricia Vincent

“I know the outside is not great. The view of the water compeletly makes up for it and it was pretty cheap.” Leo said listing all the fine points ofthe cottage he had recently purchased.  Gauging Patricia reaction as he pointed out each feature.

“This is the prefect little place for a young professional starting out.”  Patricia surveyed the space, judging if Leo’s stuff would fix.   It would, he didn’t have a lot.

“You haven’t seen the bedroom, yet.”  He took her hand and pulled her through the bedroom door.”

Patricia turned in circle, visualizing a double bed right below the window.  “This place is the prefect size for….”

“Us.”  Leo completed her sentence.

“We’ve talked about this already, Leo.  I’m not shacking up with anybody.  Even you.”  Patricia let go of his hand and took a step back.

“I’m not asking you to shack up with me.  I’m asking you to be my wife.”

Patricia hugged him, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck.

“You’re right, this is the prefect little place for us.”


  • Patricia and Leo finally get engaged.  I try to wait until my sims roll the engagement/marriage want but it is so hard.  It seems that none of my sims want to marry.  I think I am going to have to come up with a new system.

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Season: Summer
 In this post:  Craig Vincent, LaKisha Vincent, Patricia Vincent, Curtis Vincent

LaKisha could here them whispering from the bathroom as she brushed her teeth. She turned for the tap water in to get a better listen,  their voice were to low, barely audible in bathroom.  Lately, the frequency of Craig and Curtis whispered conversations started to increase, if either she or Patricia came in the room they would instantly fall silent or try to change the subject.

She waited until she heard chairs scrape against the hard wood floor of the dinning room. She listened for the sounds of chest drawers opening in her room, sound for Craig preparing for work before leaving the bathroom and approach the door to Curtis room.

Trying to appear bored, not wanting to come off as too curious, LaKisha inquired, “What are you two planning?”

Curtis demeanor was mercuric, constantly changing in a flash,  this time was no exception.  His once relaxed shoulders hunched and his hands landed above his hips.  “Nothing, mom.  Can’t we just talk without you having to know everything.”

“Don’t get so defensive, Curtis.  I was just asking”


Patricia didn’t know how she let her mother talk her into this.  She tried not to pry in her brothers affairs.  If he wanted her to know he would tell her.  She was just as curious as her mother to know what was so sensitive that neither her father or her brother would mention it to them.  Her mother’s insistence that she prob Curtis for information caused her anxiety.  Patricia had trouble approaching Curtis at times, his mood was unpredictable and while she handled it better than her mother, she still had a hard time predicting how he would react.  Her best weapon was to get him to relaxed, when he was relaxed he was easier to deal with.

Once the game was finished they head to the cafe for burgers.

“Theses burgers are awful.  Why did I let you talk me into eating here?”  Curtis covered his mouth, pretending to gag.

“Because your lost, wimp, and the winner gets to pick the meal”  Her tone joking and light, matching his. Patricia watched him between bits of burned burger.  She was  to hungry care that it was burned to a crisp.  Patricia had spent most of the morning hatching her plan, skipping breakfast.

“What are you and dad planning?  Are you planning some kind of surprise for mom?” Patricia watched a surprised look come over his face.

“What?  What makes you think that?”

“Well….  You and dad have been really secretive lately and you won’t tell us what you are planning.  Are you planning something for their anniversary?  Maybe that trip to the Far East that she keeps hinting about?”

“No, no we’re not.” Patricia watched him, trying to make eye contact.  He refused trying his head every which way, but in her direction.

“If you say so.”


  • This is the first of three post in a three part Vincent update.  I tried to do it in two parts but the cut off was more natural in three.  As a result, each update will be pretty short.  It was the only way I could do it.  This family was really busy this round.
  • Have I every mentioned that Curtis his at the top of my favorite list.  I love him.  I don’t know if it is because he was my first born in game character or what?  But if he appears on a community look.  I will pause the game and take a picture of him.

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