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Round 8 Recap

Spoilers Included. So if you have missed an update do not read this (unless you want).

ROS Events From Round 8:

  • Dumping: Robin Duffy dumped Ramin C.
  • Flu: Susan Schmidt gets sick
  • Job Well Done:  I think I forgot to do this one

Round 8 Birth, Aging, Move-ins(outs) and Death(Non-ROS):

  • I lost all my notes about this round.  Which makes me so mad but that how it goes when you move.

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Sweet Harmony

Season: Spring
In this post: Susan Schmidt, Robert Schmidt, Ella Schmidt, Amanda “Mindy” Schmidt, Daniel “Danny” Schmidt, Rebecca “Becky” Schmidt, Justin James “JJ” Schmidt, Joseph “JW” Schmidt, Sharon Crabtree

Susan rolled over and opened her eyes. The first thing her eyes connected with was a picture of her grandchildren. She could not believe it, she had five grands kids, now that Robert and Ella just had another set of twins, Justin James and Joseph William. She looked at the picture of the oldest three, Mindy, Danny and Becky, with pride.

She reluctantly sat up and throw her legs to the side of the bed. She inhaled deeply and stretched tall. Who would have thought being a grandmother would be so exhausting.

She had thought that once Danny and Becky were born things would fall into an easy routine. She had twins, she knew what to expect. Boy, was she wrong. After Danny and Becky were born they were forced to take a hiatus from Just Desserts. The twins demanded so much attention. At least two of them had to be up when the twins were awake.

Susan was looking forward to re-opening Just Dessert at the end of Spring but Ella announced she was pregnant with twins again and the dream vanished. There never seemed to be enough of anything, space, energy, people or hours in the day to keep up with two sets of twins. Sometimes Robert wouldn’t even change out his PJ’s. Since his time now consisted of cycles of sleep and childcare.

Then there was Mindy. Sharon dropped off Mindy a couple of times each week after school. It was a schedule Susan refused to have interrupted. She didn’t want Mindy to feel left out, so she insisted she stop by even when the house was incomplete chaos.

In fact she was glad Mindy stopped by, after Mark broke things up with Sharon. Susan was afraid she wouldn’t let Mindy visit as retaliation. But Sharon hadn’t and earned extra points in Susan book. Susan still didn’t know what Mark was thinking when he broke up with Sharon. He was too cowardly to tell her himself. Instead, he let Robert to tell her.

Since Mindy and Sharon seemed to handle everything well. Susan didn’t call Mark out on his actions. Instead, she enjoyed her grandma time.

the only thing that got in her way was a “little cold” as she called it. Her doctor said at her age she should take it easy. She tried to take his advice but it was hard to sit in her room all day. Even with the computer and phone that Robert moved in her room. But since she didn’t want the kids catching it she suffered by herself.


  • Susan actually has the flu via ROS.  I am trying to make her relax so she doesn’t die.
  • This house was really chaotic.  I don’t think that I have ever in all my years of playing TS2 have had a family have two sets of twins under the child stage at the same time.  I figured out it’s all because of Ella family benefit, I forgot that I had given her the twin bonus.  When I check with the pregnancy scanner she was only having one.  Then out popped two.  I was sort of pissed, I only wanted them to have one child and try again later.  I was  afraid when this happened at the end of the play session.

  • Danny and Becky aged to kids at the end of the round.

  • Justin James and Joseph William aged up to toddler.  I checked in TS2 Enhancer and Danny and JJ are clones as is Becky and JW.  I use the bat back and it does not seem to be working or I am using it wrong.

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Hear Me Out

Season: Spring
In this post: Craig Vincent, LaKisha Vincent, Curtis Vincent, Laura Brass, Carol McDaniel, Jenner Crabtree

Warning kind of long

“I really wish you could talk Curtis into going to college” LaKisha stated, as she hook Laura’s hand.

Curtis had decided not to follow in his older sister’s foot steps and attend college. His parents were disappointed, well mostly LaKisha was disappointed. Craig, his father, didn’t share his opinion on the subject but Curtis had a feeling that his father didn’t really mind all that much.

“Are you really sure about this.” Laura asked. “You know your consular said that even though your grades are not great and graduation is just around the corner. You might still qualify for university. Why not just fill out the application and see what happens?”

Curtis liked it when she worried about him, she would bite her bottom lip and make the cuties face. He smile, “Have a seat and I’ll tell you all about my plan.” He gestured to the floor.

He waited until she was settled and took a seat across from her “I have a plan…. I am going to own a whole slew of night clubs.”

“Don’t laugh” He pouted, when Laura smiled and let out a little giggle when he told her his dream.

”Like my dad said . It’s going to be a hard curved road but I can do it. You just wait and see”


”How does it feel to join the old ladies club?” Carol asked as LaKisha opened the door.

”It’s not that bad. At least now I get discounts on clothing every Wednesday.” LaKisha responded.

LaKisha had invited both Carol McDaniel and Jennifer Crabtree over for lunch, as a little belated birthday/girls gathering. She had spent her actual birthday at home having a nice quite family dinner.

They sat and ate lunch together catching up on the latest gossip and happenings. It had been such a long time since the last time they all were together. There was never a moment of silence throughout the whole meal.

As they were sitting on the couch LaKisha remarked, “It seems like just yesterday they were playing with toys. Now all of them are adults. Except your Charles, Carol.”

”I can honestly say that I am happy to have survived the teenage years” Jennifer commented “I thought I would expire after that whole Sharon incident.”

“Charles has been a dream. Mary was one, too. I never had a problem with either of them.” Carol said leaning over to knock on the coffee table hoping not to jinx herself.

“Patricia was a dream, also. But that Curtis was and still is difficult.” LaKisha put in, pausing to think about how different her two children are. “I don’t know what goes through that boys mind sometimes”

”I will say this” Jennifer offered. “Curtis wasted a perfectly good education. Some children would love to get into Pennington Academy. Yet, Curtis is barely graduated and didn’t even bother to apply for college. He wasted my recommendation, they may never trust my judgment again.” Shrugging her shoulders with a huff.

There was a long awkward silence before Carol “Now matter what anyone says a book can’t teach you parenting. No matter how many books you read and kids you have. It will always come down to trial and error.”

LaKisha nodded in agreement.

Jennifer frowned.


The house was quite. Lately, quite had become its normal state. All of them worked but when they had free time, Patricia and Curtis preferred to spend it in Eaton.

Curtis was spending his time taking side jobs as a DJ. Now that he graduated from high school, he was able to DJ in clubs that had served liquor. He still worked at Crabtree’s because he needed the cash but djing would keep him on what was the hot and allow him to see how successful clubs operate.

That left Craig and LaKisha at home alone must night.

“She was being a really good friend when she recommended Curtis for Pennington. A nightclub owner. Have you ever heard of a sillier thing. Where is he going to get the money to do that? He’s sure not going to earn it working at Jennifer’s. Her friendship is golden but not that golden.”

“That’s not fair. I’ve listened to Curtis’s plan and it seems doable. I think you need to be a little more supportive.” Craig said coming to his son’s defense.

”I am being supportive. I’m supporting our son in being realistic.” LaKisha countered. “Who is going to give a kid who barley graduated high school a loan?”

Craig decided not to answer her question. Instead, he began shoveling food in his mouth. Hoping to get dinner over as soon as possible.

They got up from the table and headed in two separate directions. She headed to the living room to catch up on her reading, he to the computer. They seemed to be doing that a lot lately, heading in different directions.


Patrica was blissfully ignorant of her parents predicament. Instead, she was having dinner with Robin Duffy. Robin had asked her to dinner to make amends for her attitude.

“It’s so nice to relax after a hard days work”

”I just wanted to apologize for how I reacted when you stopped by my place.” Robin said, pausing to sip her water.

“No, need to apologize. I didn’t take it personally.”

“I do need to apologize. I reacted badly and took my anger out on you. I consider you as a friend, More than just my supervisor. And I should have treated you act of kindness better.”

Patricia was relieved that Robin apologized. She regretted that day when she stopped Robin’s housing, feeling as if she had butted her nose where she was wanted. To know now that Robin it as an act of kindness, relieved her mind.

With the apology they enjoyed their dinner. Just talking and catching up.


Back at the house, LaKisha pasted Craig on the way to bed. It was pointless to ask if he was going to join her because it became his habit to stay up into the wee hours of the morning on the internet.

She laid on her bed fully clothed. Listening to Craig tap way at the keyboard and reflected, on her life, career, children, and marriage. And couldn’t but there was a accurate handbook somewhere to tell her what to do.


  • I decided to focus this Vincent update of LaKisha. At first it was Curtis because he is my favorite. But LaKisha was demanding to be in the center. Maybe because more of the Vincent updates surround either Patricia or Curtis.
  • Curtis didn’t have a want to go to college but I had a desire to see what he would look like as a young adult. So, I decided to make him a guinea pig and see if I could get YA to work in my hood. So far so good. I’ll have to wait until I play the house in the next round to see if he stays that way.

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Try Again

Season: Spring
In this post: Leo Deppiesse, Joe Carr, Patricia Vincent

Leo spent hours hunting down the prefect suit.  Something that would look profession and still fit his limited budget.  He search almost every store in Eaton before he found something somewhat appropriate.  It was a three-piece suit, not as business formal as he wanted, but with his struggling bank account it would have to do.

Leo headed home by foot his mind a frenzy of thoughts.  He had so much riding on tomorrows meeting., he couldn’t imagine what would happen if things didn’t go his way.  Well, actually he could and the thought sent chills of dread down his spine.  His whole future was riding on this.  He thought about inviting Patricia over to keep him company but quickly dismissed that idea.  He needed to relax, get his mind totally prepared for the next day and Patricia would be just a distraction. A pleasant distraction but a distraction he just couldn’t afford.

The next morning he woke up and jumped straight in the shower.  His confidence high, his mind mostly at ease.  The night before he went over his plans in the mirror, memorizing every detail.  The location of every flower, every tree, every single blade of grass.  The hot jets of water running over him help release the little bit of anxiety that he was feeling.  Today would go well, very very well.

Leo arrived at the proposed site for the new park.  He got there early so he could scoop the area, one more time.  Making sure his proposed plan was prefect.

“My plan is very simple.  Nothing extravagant.  The edges will be surrounded by hedges.  Low enough to see over but high enough to offer a barrier between the sidewalk traffic and park visitors.  A pond with a few decorative fish will be the center piece.   There will be an abundance of flowers to offer fragrance and splashes of color.   I have chosen to make the park tie in with Oasis Valley’s current natural habitat by planting trees that are local to the area.”

“It doesn’t sound that interesting”  Joe Carr said once Leo stopped laying out his plans.

“Once you see it laid out on paper.  You can see how beautiful, the basic simplicity of the plan is”  Leo responded.

“Why don’t you lay the plan out here on the ground and I’ll have a look at it.”

“I didn’t bring it with me. I could email it to you.” Leo said, not willing to admit he hadn’t drawn it out.  He had every detail stored in his head.  That’s how he worked.  He never drew anything out.

“Fine. Fine”  Joe said clearly annoyed. “But a bit of advice.  When your meeting a potential client they don’t want to hear your description they want to see it laid out.  On paper.  Next time be better prepared.  It’s sloppy.  Makes a bad impression.”

“What do you mean? You didn’t bring the plans with you?” Patricia questioned, shocked by what Leo had told her.

“Well, I normally keep everything in my head.  I have it all mapped out.  I know where every plant goes.”  Leo was tried of defending his actions.

“But in the corporate world that’s not good enough” Patricia should know.  Richardson and Son, the company she work for would be in charge of building the park.  In fact, Leo was competing of a position in their landscape division.

“I know that now.  I have been up all last night and this morning working on them.”  Leo stated heading to the kitchen to get dinner.  “I’ll get the food and you set the dishes.  That’s again for letting me borrow your drafting table.”

“Patricia don’t work. Him the plans and he will love them.”  His voice laced with worry and excitement.  “I’ll get the job and then we can start planning our future.”

After dinner Patricia decided not to stay the night but head back home to Oasis Valley.  She had a lot on her mind.  It seemed that she and Leo had been planning their future, forever.  And now that they were the closest they had ever been to him finding a real career, he was not taking things seriously.  She really hope he got the park design job because they could not live off his salary as a gardener and she knew that his pride wouldn’t stand for her being the primary bread-winner.

  • It is about time for Patricia and Leo to get married.  But Leo doesn’t really have a career.  So, I decided to put him in a little competition for a bid to design a park in Oasis Valley.  If he wins than he get a job in the Architecture field.

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Season: Winter
In this post: Hailey England, Malcolm London

She didn’t know what made her accept his invitation.  When he had called and invited her over for dinner, she had wanted to say no.  Hailey had been avoiding his calls for weeks. She even refused to listen to his voicemails, opting to delete them instead.  This time, she answered when she saw his number pop up on the little scream.  If someone asked her she wouldn’t have been able to tell them why but she did.  They made idle conversation for a while then Malcolm asked her over to his place for dinner.  Her instant reaction was to say “No” but her mouth and vocal cords betrayed her.  She heard herself say “Yes”, surprising herself.
Throughout the week she plotted out excuses to get out of dinner.  She invented journalism conference, family emergency, and even work assignments.   She would pick up the phone to make her excuse  and then quickly chicken out.  Sometimes dropping handle back into the cradle before even finishing dialing the number and always before the first ring.  Hailey would have never thought of herself as a coward but in this case, with Malcolm, she was.
That’s how she found herself settling into a bar stool watching as he prepared dinner across the counter from her.
Malcolm looked up from the vegetables he was chopping, “I’m shocked that you showed up”
She felt a smile cross her face, the thought that he was doubted she would come pleasing her.   “Really?  You were worried that I would stand you up?”
“Yeah.” He said.  “Ben said you were pissed.  Something about mixed signals.” He shrugged his shoulders, paused and continued “He said I lead you on.  Like I’m a chick or something.”
He looked down into the bowl and slowly stirred. “I really don’t know what he’s talking about.  Than when  I called a couple times and you never got back to me.  I thought that maybe I had done something wrong and you were mad at me.  You know, like Ben said”
He sat a plate in front of her and sat down to eat.  Hailey noticed that Malcolm left one set between them.  What does he think that I can’t control myself?  Does he think I am going to throw my drink in his face or something? She found herself getting upset.  Upset at the fact that he thought she would do something so tasteless.  Upset that the idea had crossed her mind a couple of times before.
Hailey inhaled, trying to decide what to say.  He was waiting for an answer.  Tell the truth or fabricate? “Ben’s right, you know.  You did mislead me.  When you invited me to see and exhibit at the park, made it sound like a date. Just me and you, no one else. Instead,  you pick Ben and her…”
“Marisa”  He interrupted.
“Ben and Marisa. That’s not a date, that’s an outing… a group outing.  You completely ignored the fact that you invited me out on a date.  You were rude to me, leaving me to talk to someone I just met.  You completely ignored me.  I felt so stupid.”
Malcolm gets up and starts clearing the plates.  She waits for his response.  As the silence grows longer and longer, her stomach ties itself in a knot.   Maybe I said too much,  I should have just lied and said everything was okay.
“I was trying to help you out.  Since you’re new to the area and all.  I thought that you might like to meet some people.”
Hailey decided then and there that it was time to leave.  All she wanted was an apology, an acknowledgment to her hurt feelings.  Instead, she got “I was trying to help you out.”  She wanted to scream “I don’t need help.  I can meet people fine.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH”.  She didn’t scream, she got up from the stool and headed to the door.
She was almost to the door before she heard him say.  “Besides you’re really just too good for me.  You don’t want to get hook up with a dude like me.”
Hailey stopped in her tracks, turned around and sat on the couch “Why do you say that?”
“Because you went to college, have a good job and all” Malcolm replied, taking a seat besides her.
“And you don’t have a job?”  She could have sworn she heard him mention work before.
“My job situation is complicated.  A woman like Marisa understands, she doesn’t expect more that I can give.  She understands the life that I lead.”  Malcolm said
watching her face closely.
“Your talking as if you’re a drug dealer or something?” It was meant to be a statement but came out as a question.
“I plead the fifth.”  was his simple response.
Hailey could only look at him questions and concerns showing in her eyes.  Her mind trying to put all the pieces together.  Then it clicked and all the pieces were in place.
“I should go”  She said, stood and headed to the door.
She could feel his eyes staring at her back but she refused to turn around.


  • Title comes from Tweet’s “Iceberg” from the album It’s Me Again
  • I couldn’t just leave well enough alone.  I made both Malcolm Kane playable suspecting that he would add a little spice to Hailey’s life.  After the park, she probably should have just ignored his calls, declined his invitation and moved on with her life.  But I envision Hailey as someone who doesn’t know how to just walk away.
  • ACR does have a way of making stories more interesting.  After what happened in the park, I decided to make Malcolm Kane and Marisa Bennett playable NPCs and to see where this story would lead.  I already knew that Malcolm was in the Criminal career track so that is not a surprise.  What is a surprise is that Malcolm and Marisa have such a low chemistry (only one bolt).  So, because of ACR, Hailey has to suffer and not get her man.  At least for now because who knows what is going to happen in the future.

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Season: Winter
Members of Household: Lencho Oduya, Nyack Oduya
In this post: Janet Hale, Jean Hale, Emily Saunders, Elizabeth Saunders, Stephanie Saunders, Tiffany Keyes

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this” Nyack comments, concentrating packing the snow just right.

“This just might be the last time we get to do something like this.” Lencho countered. Wanting to prolong this moment, the time he was spending with his son, his only child, as long as possible. “You’ll start college in the fall and then be really to cool to spend time with your old man.”


Lencho knew he couldn’t keep his son with him at all times.  He understood that one day Nyack would have to grow up and become a man but he didn’t expect that day to be looming over him.  One day, almost 7 months from now, Nyack, would be heading to college and living his own life.  Lencho decided that he should move on with his life as well.  Instead of suffering through a horrible case of  “empty nesters syndrome”.  He and Amanda were getting pretty serious and spending a lot of time together.  She was helping him through the whole transition.

“Do you think I’m over reacting”  Lencho questioned.

“Slightly”  Amanda answered honesty “College is part of growing up.  He is not moving on, he is moving forward.”

“Moving forward.  I like the sound of that” Lencho responds looking at Amanda.  She always say just the right thing.  Moving forward sound less depressing than moving on.

“when you were in college did you ever think that once you graduated you would end up dating guy like me?” Lencho asked after they placed their order.

“Like you?” Amanda asked back.

“Yeah a guy who can barely afford to take you out and buy you flowers at the same time.”

Lencho couldn’t help but to ask.  He could never understand why a woman like Amanda would go out with him.  A woman with a college degree and VP of an advertising firm would want to date him.  He couldn’t understand what she would see in a middle aged struggling single father with a college aged son.

“Don’t do this, now” Amanda plead “Please, don’t spoil this for me.  For us.”

The rest of the dinner was rather silent; each of them caught up in their own thoughts.  He regretted bring up the question and what it did to their date.

“I’m sorry”  Lencho murmured as they hugged goodbye.

“I’m with you because I think your prefect for me.”  Amanda whispered in his ear.


Nyack shared none of his fathers apprehensions about the future.  He was looking forward to it, college sounded like a great adventure.  An escape from Oasis Vally.

It was even better that his girlfriend, Meadow, was joining him.

They made plans and talked about all the things they would do once they got there.

“It sucks that they don’t have double occupancy rooms.”  Meadow remarked snuggling closer to him.

Nyack pulls her into his lap and say “After freshman year we can get an apartment together”


“Dad” Nyack was getting frustrated “Stop worrying.  College is months away.  I’ll be fine.”

“I’m not worried”  Lencho countered “I think we should just have a plan ready…. in advance.  What if something goes wrong… you get hurt and need me?”

“Don’t you have a date with Amanda or something?”  Nyack asked, turning back to his homework.


  • Nyack and Meadow are going to college during Round 9.  I don’t think I will post updates of their college years unless something really interesting happens.  I am not a fan of playing University and never have had much fun doing so.  I do enjoy reading other peoples University years, though.
  • I want Amanda and Lencho to get married and for him to have move kids.  He hasn’t rolled the marriage want yet.  He is a fortune sim (I think) and my fortune sims never roll marriage wants.

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Not So Mini: Mini-Update

Season: Winter
In this post: Robert, Mark, and George Schmidt, Sharon Crabtree, Kay Brown

“Are your ready to get out?” George questioned looking up from the pinball machine.

“I guess.” Mark replies with a shrug “I really don’t know what  I am going to do once my military contract runs out and I can be a civilian again.

“Are you sure you don’t want to re-enlist”

“Definitely not. I’m not a career military man material.  I don’t like being told what to do and having others having all the power to tell me to move whenever, wherever they want”  Mark answers look out the window “Those days are almost over, finally.”

“Good, because we have missed you.”  George didn’t look up from his game this time because he didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, even though it really was.

“The tables open, let’s play” They hear Robert call from across the room.  Saving Mark and George from anymore emotionally embarrassing statements.

“We should have played poker”  Mark commented feeling silly playing Don’t Wake The Llama.

“I promised, Ella good clean fun”  Robert stated, passing out the pieces.  “No bars, no gambling”

“But Don’t Wake The Llama.  We’re kind of old for this, don’t you think?” Trying to convince his older brother that they should go play poker.

“Just enjoy the game. One day when you and Sharon are married. You will realize you are not the boss and sometimes it’s just easier to do as your wife says.  Even when she in not there to supervise.”

“It’d not going to happen.”  Mark says quietly.

“What’s not going to happen?  Your wife telling you what to do?  Said like a single man.  Just you wait and see.”  Robert throws back trying to concentrate on the game.

“Not that, me and Sharon.  Sharon and I.  Wedding Bells.  That’s not going to happen.”  He hated having to say that but he had given it a lot of thought and knew that they weren’t truly compatible with each other.

“What?!”  Robert questioned his voice rising several octaves.

“He said he is not going to  marry Sharon”  George answered for him.

“I heard him”  Robert snapped.  “But why?  Everyone expects it.  She expects it.  Mindy expects it. ”  Robert throws his arms up in frustration.

“You don’t have to remind me of who expects what.  I know. It’s just not going to happen.  Me and Sharon were just rebelling against things and once high school was over we should have separated.  But then Mindy came and things got complicated.”  Mark sighed.

“I know she will be hurt and Mindy too.  It’s for the best.  The best for all of us.”  Mark says “We’re better off as friends”  He crossed his arms looking ready to stand his ground.

“I don’t think you’re being responsible”  Robert said, the tightening up of his brow and thinning of his lips having nothing to do with the game.

The tension between Robert and Mark was getting to George, so he threw in “I’m going to ask Kay to move in with me”

He declaration didn’t do anything to lighten the tense.  No one commented in fact it was like Robert and Mark hadn’t even heard him.   They played the rest of the  game in silence.


“You know he doesn’t mean anything by that.  You know how he gets.  His sense of responsibility.”  George didn’t know exactly what to say but he needed to smooth things over, somehow.  “It’s because of dad and James.  We all handled it a little different.”

“I know, George.  And you don’t have to make excuses for him”  Mark said trying to reassure his little brother that everything was all right.

“You know we will support you with whatever you decide to do, right?”

“I know, little brother.”  Mark answered.


George loved his brothers but was engrossed in his own problems.  Namely his living situation.  He never realized how expensive living in Eaton was and he was finding it difficult to make ends meet.  He refused to ask his family for help.  What kind of man ran to mommy at the first sign of trouble?  His solutions was to ask Kay Brown to move in with him

She accepted gladly.  Wanting to get alway from her family and not being able to afford a place on her own.  Shacking up with George was the prefect solution.


Across town Mark wasn’t having such good luck.  He was nervously guzzling glasses of water as Sharon talked about the new place she and Mindy moved into.  How it wasn’t as nice as her mom’s place but it was prefect for them.  The way she said them made it clear she was including him.  He couldn’t believe how nervous he was.

He tries to start off slowly.  “You know your one of my best friends.”

“Your one of my best friends, too.” She responds.

“And I value your friendship a lot”  Why couldn’t he get it over with?

Sharon turns and looks at him, really looks at him.  Caution flags began to wave in her head.  She finished her meal half heartedly listening as Mark talked.

Finally she couldn’t take anymore.  Pushing her chair back she asked “What are you really trying to say, Mark?”  His nervous smile making it worse.

It was over rather quickly.  Not as quickly as he had hoped.  It wasn’t painless though.   He hoped that she would have felt the same way.   That it was time for their relationship to end but she didn’t.  In fact her face said it all.

As he walked down the steps he hoped she would get over it soon and that they could go back to being just friends.


  • I have always envisioned Robert as the more “fatherly” of the Schmidt boys.  Since he is the oldest and more responsible of the three.  In that light I think that he would be really upset that Mark would not want to make things work with Sharon.  Seeing as how the Schmidt family was thorn apart when William and James died (father and George’s twin brother, respectively).
  • I had to break Mark and Sharon up because their relationship had lasted long enough as it is. First, off they only got together because of an ROS draw. Secondly,  I have a two bolt rule for marriage and they don’t even have one for each other.  In fact Sharon is more attracted to Robert than to Mark.  I have a picture in my mind of  Sharon will respond to the break up, which will have to wait until Round 9.

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