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Round 7 Wrap Up

Spoilers Included. So if you have missed an update do not read this (unless you want).

ROS Events From Round 7:

  • Face Biggest Fear: Carol McDaniel biggest fear was the death of Michael McDaniel (sorry Michael).
  • Become a Witch: Sharon Crabtree
  • PMS Strike Annoy next Walk By 5 Time:  Janet Hale

Round 7 Birth, Aging, Move-ins(outs) and Death(Non-ROS):

  • 6 new CAS move in families: Smallwood, Hardy, Alpough, England, Darwin, Bridgehall
  • Mindy (Amanda Paige) Schmidt become toddler
  • Jason Wilson becomes child
  • Teresa Rosita Flores-Tyson becomes a toddler
  • Jose Carlos Flores-Tyson is born
  • Angelica Alexander (downtownie) moves in with Dennis Hernandez
  • Daniel Thomas Schmidt and Rebecca Claire Schmidt are born to Robert and Ella Schmidt
  • Peggy Crabtree, George Schmidt, Randy London, Genet Oduya all graduate college and move to Eaton


  • This round was not that busy.
  • If anyone knows where I can find good home lots for a metro area please let me know.  I want to revamp Eaton and the house and community lots that I wanted (from VJ Development) I couldn’t download.  I have looked into Plasticbox (MTS2) but I think I want to save those homes for something else.

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Round 7:Winter

Members of Household: Peggy Crabtree, Randy London, Genet Oduya, George Schmidt

Both Peggy and Randy were having second thoughts.  At the time it seemed like a great idea to move George and Genet in wtih them.  They all got along fairly well in the dorm but living in an apartment together was a whole different story.  Almost every night Peggy had a complaint about them.

Peggy’s main problem was George.  His “friend” Kay was always over and with her came an annoying cheerleader.  George and Kay would leave her downstairs and disappear up to his room.  When they came down, they wouldn’t even bother to put on clothing.

Genet was a little bit more respectful.  Demios did spend the night sometimes but they were quiet and never came out of the room in their underwear.

Randy just kept reminding himself that graduation was near.  Just a few more months and he would be a college graduate.

He and Peggy both couldn’t wait to graduate.  Peggy couldn’t wait to start her career as a lawyer.  While Randy just couldn’t wait until they could live together in the open.


  • On that note Round 7 is officially over.  I will post a review of the round tomorrow.
  • Peggy and Randy will move into an apartment together in Eaton, while doing some traveling in the Spring and Summer.
  • Genet will move back in with her parents in Eaton
  • George will move into the same apartment building that Peggy and Randy will live in.

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Winter Surprises

Narrators: Ella Schmidt and Susan Schmidt

Round 7: Winter

Members of Household: Susan Schmidt, Robert Schmidt, Ella Schmidt

Narrator: Ella Schmidt

This past winter has been crazy hectic.  First off Susan decided I should start coming into Just Desserts to help out.  I had been just been preparing dishes here at home and Susan and Robert would deliver them to the store in the morning.  Now Susan felt that I should get more hands on experience.  Since as she put it she’s old and might die any day now, I’ll need to know the basics to help Robert run the bakery.  All I really want to do in the bakery is cook, Robert can run it by himself or hire employees.  Besides, I have enough on my plate with being pregnant.

Susan assured me it would be easy like eating a Sundae on a warm sunny afternoon.

Boy, did she lie.  It wasn’t that the job was hard.  It was that the smell of the baking sugar and spices made me hungry.  It was ahrd no to stick my fingers in the batter and lick them.  I wasn’t eve showing yet and my appetite was insane.

If being pregnant and working were enough.  The house is haunted.  I really thought I was seeing things when the red man floated by.

Robert assured me that no, I wasn’t crazy.  The red man was the ghost of his father who had died in a fire years before.  He told me the ghost was harmless but angry and mostly caused loud noises in the middle of the night.

What have I gotten myself into.  If Robert weren’t so sweet and talented and prefect, I would have ran out the door when I saw the ghost for the first time.  But we have such good times together.  How could I ever leave him?

If I left who would take car of poor old Max?  I’m the only one that gives him his bath.

Narrator: Susan Schmidt
I almost lost the ability to talk when Robert called me from the hospital and announced that Ella had twins.  Twins, can you believe it?
The doctor told her that she was only having one, a little girl.   But they came home with the two cutet little bundles of joys, Rebecca Claire and Daniel Thomas.
I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.  I was somehow able to contain myself and let the new parents enjoy their growing little family.
I didn’t have to wait for long because Ella and Robert disappeared when it was time for diaper duty.
I didn’t mind though  because I felt that I missed out on so much with little Mindy, even though she is only across the street.  The twins also help to feel the void that I have felt since both Mark and George have been gone.  I miss them so much.  I can’t believe all my children are grown.  I sometime wonder what little James would have been like if he had not died in the fire.
George even brought his girlfriend over for a small Christmas dinner.
She is really nice girl.  So, smart and polite.  I was really impressed with her.
Hopefully. this means more grandbabies in the future.  I hope they wait to after they until after they graduate.
  • The game hates me.  When I originally played this round Ella had only on child, the girl, Rebecca Claire.  When I started up the house, I checked with pregnancy scanner to make sure she still was pregnant.  She was and it said that she was having only one baby.  I don’t know when the game decided to change it to twins but that was not what I was expecting.
  • Ella’s LTW is to have 6 grandchildren.  My plan is for her to have three children, so each of those kids can have two.  So, she’ll get her 6 grandbabies.  Hopefully, ACR doesn’t foil my plans.
  • I almost forgot to add in George’s visit that is why it is shoved in the end and so short.
  • There is one more update and then the round will be over.

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Narrator: Patricia Vincent

Round 7: Winter

Members of Household: Craig Vincent, LaKisha Vincent, Patricia Vincent, Curtis Vincent

I can honestly say that I never thought that I could be the recipient of nepotism but I think m dad pulled some strings at the architecture firm that he works at and not only to help me get my job but also get a really good position.  My boss says that I started off so high up because of my college degree, but I am a skeptical.  I won’t complain because I could be like Janet Hale, jobless.

To pay dad back for being so wonderful, me and mom went in and brought him a car.  It was parked out front when we got home from work and to say he was surprised is an understatement.

I was really hoping that the car would make him more welcoming to finally meeting Leo but I was wrong.  Right before we were all set to climb in the car and head to Eaton to meet for dinner, dad cried stomach ache.  I was going to call him out on his “illness” but my mom stopped me and whispered “Give him time”.  When we got to the diner, I couldn’t tell if Leo was sadden or relieved to find out my dad was a no show.  I think he was relieved.

Dinner went well (even with dad missing).   I was shocked about how polite Curtis was.  I didn’t think my little brother had it in him.  He didn’t snarl, frown, or make rude noises or comments when Leo talked about the environment and the importance of planting trees around industrial centers.

Mom was her charming self as usual.  I wasn’t really worried about her in the first place.

Dad was conveniently sleep when we arrived home, so we could not tell him about dinner.  But I can always count on Curtis to keep things interesting.  During breakfast the next morning he blurted out: “Mom, don’t you think Leo and Patricia will make cute babies”.

Dad wasn’t entertained.

He was even less entertained when Leo showed up later that week for dinner.  I have to say that I was real worried because dad would only stare at Leo when I introduced them.  He didn’t offer to shake his hand or anything.

Things didn’t get any better over dinner, either.  I don’t think mom could handle the tense because she spent most of the time in the kitchen, checking dessert.  And I know Leo was uncomfortable by the way he kept shoving food in his mouth so he wouldn’t have to talk.

I was really hoping that dad and Leo could get along but dad is being impossible.


  • I don’t know what happened to Craig during the Eaton dinner outing.  He refused to get in the car and they left without him, which is weird because I set it up as an outing for fun and the message appeared that everyone would show up.  But he wouldn’t get in the car.
  • As you can see Craig aged up to elder this round.  LaKisha will be an elder next round.  Most of my founding CAS that were adults when I started will age up in the next couple of rounds.  It is kind of sad really because that means that they will die.
  • I was really worried about Curtis this round because he got the flu and I have realistic sickness installed/  Luckily he got over it quickly with a little rest and a missed day of school or work.  I don’t know what I would have done if he had died (he is my favorite).
  • LaKisha gets an electric shock and Craig is worried about her..

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Friday Nights

Round 7: Winter

Members of Household: Lencho Oduya, Nyack Oduya

Lencho could only stop and stare.  Nyack was raking up the leaves without being asked.  It wasn’t that Nyack was a bad kid or anything but what teenage boy voluntarily rakes up leaves.  His parental instinct automatically went on guard.

Nyack knew he probably did a little too much when he looked up and was the guarded expression.  But when he had the idea it sounded good at the time.  Thankfully Lencho was just so happy that Nyack asked to hang out in Eaton after school, that he said yes.  For a minute he thought his son was about to ask for a car, which they couldn’t afford, they barely had furniture.

Nyack was happy when his father said yes.  A bunch of his classmates were meeting up after school to hang out and have fun.  He hadn’t had a chance to hang out and have fun since his cousin Genet, left for college.  He missed playing pinball.

The night wasn’t all about pinball.  The establishment was showing old black and white alien movies on the television and a bunch of them had gathered around to watch.  They had a ball laughing about the horrible costumes and special effects.

The night had went fairly well, no major incidents until he ran into Curtis Vincent.  Nyack and Curtis weren’t friends, all Nyack knew about Curtis was that he lived in Oasis Valley, worked at Crabtree’s, and went to private school.  He was shocked about how rudely the other boy acted when he suggested they share a cab together on the way home.

Curtis: Kid, I don’t know you.  You could be some crazed teen serial killer.  Get lost, weirdo.

As Nyack enjoyed himself in Eaton Lencho sat on the couch and wondered who he became this type of parent.  He never imagined that he would be sitting at home on a Friday night waiting for his son.  When he was younger his Fridays were always packed and fun.  Now he’s Fridays were spent at home alone, waiting on a teenager to arrive safely on his doorstep.  He felt minutes away from requiring a walker to get around.

That is how he found himself doing something he never imagined he’d do, for the second time on a Friday night.  Walking to the phone and calling David Hale to set him up on a date.


Lencho had honestly believed that nothing could be anymore embarrassing than asking someone to find you a date.  He was proven wrong after weeks of talking on the phone, she invited him to a play.  He found himself declining because Nyack was going out with some friends and he wanted to make sure he got home safely.

Amanda: I could wait up with you.

That’s how he found himself greeting her at the curb in front of his house for their first date.

She was a lady and did not laugh when he apologized for the completely lame first date.  In fact, she said she thought the whole situation was completely adorable, she even invented a game so they could pass the time, “Guess What The Teenagers Are Doing?”.  They had loads of fun thinking about their own teenage years while trying to guess what Nyack was up to.  They would have been slightly disappointed because his fun was rated PG.

They were both shocked and disappointed when they heard the cab pull up.  They walked to the window and watched as Nyack got out and headed inside.

Amanda: He looks like you.

Lencho smiles proudly.

Amanda: Well….. I have to go.

He reluctantly help her into her jacket and walked her to the door.  He would have never guessed that David had such good taste.


  • I was tried of Lencho being by himself.  Since my main purpose as SimGod is to make my sims reproduce and populate Oasis Valley, I used the Matchmaker Crystal Ball to find him a match.  I had told myself that I wouldn’t use it again.  But it is so tempting and he is so good looking.
  • I really hope her name is Amanda.  I lost my Round 7 notes and can’t remember her name.  I tried to look her up using TS2 Enhancer but the photos were messed up and I didn’t see one of her.  If her name is not Amanda (and she and Lencho work out), I’ll change it to Amanda.  I really don’t want to do that because I already have and Amanda (Amanda Paige Schmidt) and I try not to repeat names, so it is good that I call Amanda Schmidt Mindy.
  • Curtis hates me.  I tried to make him friends with Nyack so that they could have friends in the neighborhood and stuff for story purposes.  But Curtis is not having it.  He refuses to get along with anyone.  Nyack on the other hand has only 3 nice points but get along great with others.

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Round 7: Fall

Members of Household: Allyn Thomason

Allyn was beginning to settle into her new life.  She still hadn’t been able to find a real career, but she was no longer flipping burgers either.  Now she was waiting tables and that was a giant step up in her book.  Her new job allowed her plenty of time to enjoy her sewing.  She had worked her way up to sewing teddy bears and was wondering what to do with them all when she finished.  Maybe sell them online or something.

One of the joys of living in Oasis Valley was how often Maria was able to stop by.  Allyn loved hearing her stories about Teresa and Jose.  The stories were always funny and heart warming even if they did reminded her of her childlessness.  She was always surprised to see Maria go, the house seemed so empty when she left.

Allyn: It’s time for you to go already?


Realizing that it was crunch time and if she didn’t take some kind of chances now and fast che would be a spinster for the rest of her life.  Allyn singed up for an online dating site.  She had been a little worried when she placed the ad because the dating site had been free and someone told her that free sites had slim pickings.

She could not help but smile when Dorian Kauker showed up in front of Just Desserts and introduced himself as her lunch date.

They had a lot to talk about.  They both were looking for the same thing, marriage and children.  Dorian wanted to recreate the family life he had when he was a child.  A close family, winters infront of the fireplace and summers hiking and fishing as a family.  As he talked she just listened, he was perfect.


Apparently Dorian thought that she was prefect too.  Because he invited her out every chance he got and she gladly accepted. Some of the dates were nice and romantic.  But most of them, the funniest ones, were nice and easy, enjoying each others conversation and company.

Dorian never bored her.


  • Not  much ever really happens in Allyn Thomason’s life.  Hopefully Dorian will be the one for her.  She is old so I don’t think that she will be able to get preggers.  This might be the first sim in my game that has to adopt a child.  During the first incarnation of this round, I had Allyn adopt a child.  She got a little girl by the name Scarlett.  If she adopts again, hopefully she gets the same child.  I really liked Scarlett, she was cute.
  • I have been trying to update all week, but something always gets in the way.  As I write this I am hurrying to push the publish button before my internet freaks out.

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Round 7: Fall

Members of Household: Janet Hale

Janet Hale was flustered.  She had been out of college for a whole season now and still had not found a job.  She was applying but no one was calling her back.  What was the point of getting a degree if she couldn’t find a job?

She tried to avoid it.  She really did.  But she was down to her last dollar and couldn’t humble herself to ask her family for money.  Not that applying for social services was not humbling but it wasn’t the same thing as asking for your mother’s or siblings help.  To make matters even worse her case worker was rude.

Janet tried to stay optimistic but everything seemed to go wrong.  Even the weather was wrong.

To top it off someone knocked over her garbage can and the rain soaked through the trash making it a soggy smelly mess.  It was a blessing that the weather had held up and there wasn’t any Fall snow.

When she saw the mess she had wanted to cry.  But somehow she was able to keep the tears from falling.  She thought that she had her emotions under control but when the guy stopped and stared at her, arm deep in trash, and had the nerves to ask for directions she snapped.   Couldn’t he see that she was trying to pick up the trash so that her house would be infected with rats.  His mother would have been ashamed to see him not even offering a lady help but instead interrupting her while she is cleaning up slop.

She let all her pent-up anger and frustration pour out, until there was nothing left.  Afterwards, she felt a weight had been lifted off her shoulder.  Until she saw that she had made the young man cry.


When Brent called that night and invited her for dinner downtown she was relieved.  Her refrigerator was almost bare and she didn’t feel like cooking.  She had really wanted company but was afraid to ask.  Who wanted to hang out with a loser like her?  Then fate answered with the always understanding Brent.

Janet: I know you didn’t invite me here to hear me complain.  But I can’t seem to help it.

Brent: No really it’s okay.

Janet: No it’s not.  I really expected to be going places by now.  Traveling the world, seeing new sights.

Janet: See… See.  I am complaining, again.

Brent: Really, Janet.  You need to calm down.  It will get better.  Just give it time.  Everything just takes a little time.

Brent always knew what to say to make her feel better and give her a little hope.

Brent wasn’t the only person Janet complained to.  Her little sister, Jean, also got an earful whenever she stopped by.  But unlike Brent, Jean felt Janet’s pain.  She was working in fast food, and still lived at home with her mother.
Jean: Maybe, I should move in.  You know…. we’ll help each other out.  I pay half the bills and get to move out of Mamas’.
Janet started to protest.  She didn’t want handouts from her little sister.  No matter how much she needed the help at the moment.
Jean: It’s not a handout.  You help me, I help you.  That’s what sisters are for.
  • Janet’s lifetime want is to become Captain Hero and the job is not popping up online or in the newspaper. I could have just let her pick any of the jobs that showed up but I kind of wanted to use the Social Security career track that I download from InSim. And besides with the way the job market is in RL, this makes the game a little more realistic.
  • I really like the fact that the Hale family is so big.  It makes it much easier to move them in together.  So, I don’t have to play a lot of single sim households.  Now that Janet is home from college Jean finally gets to move out of their mother’s home.
  • Janet Hale picked this rounds ROS of PMS Strike.  When I originally had played this round the first time I forgot to do it.  But thanks to an annoying glitch (which made me lose a round), I got to redo it.

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