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Household: University Round 7:Fall

Members of Household: Peggy Crabtree, Randy London, Genet Oduya, George Schmidt

Peggy: I know its part of growing up and college life but she is paying for half my education.  I just can’t tell her, she wouldn’t approve.  And if she stopped paying for school what would I do?

Randy: You could be like the rest of use and take out loans.

Peggy: Why are you being such a hard ass about this, Randy?  My mom can’t find out about us living together.  She would stop paying for school and I don’t want to take out any more loans.

Randy didn’t bother to respond.  They had this conversation many, many times before.  Each time he was disappointed in Peggy’s complete inability to stand up to her mother.

Randy did understand where Peggy was coming from.  She didn’t want them to be bogged down with debt when they graduated college.  But her relationship with her overbearing mother, Jennifer Crabtree, was beginning to worry him.  He was just hoping that when they finally get married, not that he has asked yet, Peggy would be able to cut the umbilical cord.

Peggy:  What are you thinking about?

Randy: I was thinking that maybe we should ask George and Genet to move in with us next year.  Since we have the two empty bedrooms upstairs.

Peggy was pretty sure that Randy was not thinking about George, Genet or empty bedroom.  But she didn’t want to press her luck by pushing the subject and causing another argument.  Why couldn’t life and relationship be simpler?  Like her Rubik circle, basic, easy to understand and figure out.

Why couldn’t life be more like sex?  Exciting and enjoyable, without any problems and complications.  Sex was easy and basic.  Relationship were not.  Relationships had too many variables and personalities to deal with.  life should be more like sex.

When Randy finally approached George about moving in with he and Peggy, George was ecstatic.  While some girls, like Kay, weren’t picky about where they romanced.
Others were.
There was one particular girl, well actually woman, that he wanted to impress, Demi.  Demi, is older, 4 year older to be exact and had graduated from the university.  She now was a campus security guard.  They had met after someone complained about him putting soap in the fountain.  He was able to charm his way out of a citation and into a date.
Demi is different from the other girls he knew.  WHile Kay was hot, fiery and passionate.  Demi is more dignified.  Being around her changes how he acts.  Even the simple act of playing pool makes him somehow feel more mature.
And he finds himself doing things he once thought cheesy.  Like cuddling on the bench under the stars.
He wondered if this was how Randy felt about Peggy? and Genet about Demios?
  • I decided to move Genet and George in with Randy and Peggy because I hate playing to separate university households.  It makes it feel to long.
  • I really like George and Kay together but he has better chemistry with Demi.  We’ll see where they game leads him.

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Round 6 Wrap Up

Spoilers Included. So if you have missed an update do not read this (unless you want).

ROS Events From Round 5:

  • Sports Party: Invite 8 Guest (Dennis Hernandez)
  • Get Demoted  (Maria Flores-Tyson)
  • Win the Lotto (Forgot to do).

Round 5 Birth, Aging, Move-ins(outs) and Death(Non-ROS):

  • Allyn Thomason move in to a house on Apple Common
  • Mildred Hale moved to Eaton
  • Anton Keyes married Dominique Hale and moved in to Oasis Valley
  • Lencho and Nyack Oduya moved into Oasis Valley
  • Kimberly Duffy moved to Eaton
  • Mark Schmidt moved out of Oasis Valley to join military
  • Mark Schmidt and Sharon Crabtree had a baby girl Amanda Paige Schmidt
  • Maria Flores-Tyson and Kenneth Tyson had a baby girl Teresa Rosita Flores-Tyson
  • Mary McDaniel died in a plane crash
  • Janet Hale and Patricia Vincent graduated college and moved back to Oasis Valley
  • Charles McDaniel became a child
  • Sharon Crabtree and Mark Schmidt became adults
  • Curtis Vincent and Nyack Oduya became teens
  • Jason Wilson and Amanda Paige Schmidt became a toddler


  • This round was much busier than I originally thought.

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Round 6: Fall

Dennis: I’m telling you man this is the best job in the world.  All I have to do is go to some restaurant, then write about it.  Then a check come in the mail.  To top it all off girls dig writers.

Dennis Hernandez loved bing a restaurant guide writer, maybe more than he loved being in a crime ring.  The work was easy and non-time consuming, not to mention legal.  In fact he got to do one of his favorite tings while working, date.  And all he need to do was to turn in one article a month to receive a huge check.

The lack of actually having to go to work and answer to a boss left a lot of times on his hands to think.  One of his thoughts was to host a party.  There were never parties in Oasis Valley.  In fact, the town was pretty dull.  He invited everyone he knew in Oasis Valley.  Since they had nothing else better to do all of them showed  up.

Dennis quickly realized that his house was a bit too small for all the people now in it.  There were not enough seats and people had to stand in the kitchen.

It would have been easier to enjoy the party if the only problem was the lack of space but his new neighbor, Allyn Thomason, was getting on his nerves.  Not only was she standing in front of the television.  She also asked a lot of silly questions.

Allyn: So, that’s a touchdown, right?  When they hit the ball out of the stadium?

Dennis gave up on trying to watch the ball game and decided to mingle.  Well, not exactly mingle.  More like flirt with Virginia Duffy.  They were enjoying themselves.  Neither Dennis or Virginia thought about how her girlfriend, Sara Simmions, would feel about their actions.

But they should have because as soon as she was able to push her way through the crowd, Sara let her feelings show.

After that spectacle, Dennis quickly called an end to the party.  What was the point of watching two girls fight if there wasn’t mud or oil involved?  Later that night his trash can was knocked over.  He thought he heard a laugh right before he heard the can hit the concrete.

Dennis: I was just flirting with her, Claudia.  Who would have thought her girlfriend would have gotten so upset.  Women!

Claudia suggested that Dennis invite Sara over and apologize.  He was resistant at first but when he woke up and found his paper missing and garbage can turned over, again, he decided it was worth a shot.

Dennis: I really don’t feel that I should have to apologize.

Sara: What!?

Dennis: But I’m tired of picking up garbage every morning.

Sara is shocked that Dennis doesn’t see any problems with his actions.

So, she makes sure he understands what she thinks about his apology.


  • The party is a ROS.  Normally, I wouldn’t throw a party but this was kind of fun.  I loved the drama.
  • Dennis and Virginia didn’t flirt autonomously.  I directed that action.  I just wanted to see what would happen and I am sort of bored with Virginia and Sara’s relationship.  So, we will see what the fall out is next round.
  • I love the little house on Apple Common but they are way to small for parties and such.
  • I’ve decided not to post Dennis Hernandez Family tree til later.  Because (1) I’m lazy and (2) he is the only sim out of my original three single sims (Maria and James being the other two) that is still unmarried.  So, his tree hasn’t changed any, yet.

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Round 6: Fall

Allyn Thomason was a little worried.  Make that very worried.  She just lost her job and brought a new house.  Somehow those two things just didn’t go together.

She was able to find a job.  But working fast food wasn’t the same as being a substitute teacher.  In fact it was a step down, a huge giant leap down.  Because of cut in pay she was forced to take a side job sewing.  Even her favorite pastime was work now.

To top it all off her best friend, Maria, was now married with children and she was still single and searching.

Everything, absolutely everything seemed to be going wrong.

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Narrator: Maria Flore-Tyson

Round 6: Fall

I really love our new house.  It is big but really cozy. There are three bedrooms and a decent size yard.  So, when the baby comes there will be plenty of room for it to run around and if we are blessed we have enough room for more children.

It’s great having a husband that is a chef.  Whenever I have cravings I can depend on him to whip me up something tasty.

It wasn’t all daisies and roses.  Allyn stop by to tell me that the school board was making some cuts.  She had lose her job outright and rumor had it that when I returned to work, I would be getting demoted.  I am just thankful that Kenneth has a good job.

The day that we had been waiting for finally had arrived.  I knew that labor pains would be bad but I never expected how bad.  I was  home alone and barely was able to reach the phone.

In the end it was all worth it.  I cried when I held Teresa Rosita in my arms.  Kenneth was so happy that he forgot to take pictures at the hospital.  But that’s okay, we finally got to bring her home.  She is such a sweet thing.

And Kenneth will do almost anything to make her laugh.

I think that Kenneth would be content with just Teresa but I think a little boy would be a prefect way to round way to round out our little family and it looks like I just might get my wish.


  • WoooHooo. Maria finally has her baby, now she’s got the family she always wanted.  The baby’s full name is Teresa Rosita Flores-Tyson.  Yes, it is a mouthful.  But I wanted to somehow preserve the Flores name but still give the baby her father’s name and hyphenate it seemed the easiest way.
  • The one good thing about the Flores-Tysons is that the family is small.  It makes it much easier to complete a family tree. I apparently didn’t do a comparison picture of the Flores (now Flores-Tyson) family.  But it was just Maria at first anyways.

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Family Times

Round 6: Fall

Caleb: Your wonderful babe.  I knew I could count on you.

Marylena: What now?

Caleb: Now it’s time to lay low for a little while.

Marylena: Why did you help Kellie?

Caleb: I have a reason for everything I do.  Just trust me on this one.

Sara tried to do a little cleaning up of the yard.  She was enjoying her relationship with Virginia but since Lulu left, she felt that something was missing.  Well not just something.  In fact Sara’s biological clock was ticking and the noise was about to drive her crazy.

Virginia: Your dating my daughter?!

Caleb: Yep.

Virginia: Does she know about you and Susan?

Caleb: Susan and I aren’t…. dating anymore.

Virginia. Does Susan know that?

Virginia wasn’t fooled but Caleb one bit.  But both Susan and Kimberly were grown women and it wasn’t in her to stick her nose in other peoples business.

The family sat down for Thanksgiving and Kimberly and Caleb announced that they were moving in together.  Virginia did not say a word.  But Robin was a little shocked, since her and Kimberly shared a house and she hadn’t mentioned moving in with Caleb once.  Caleb tried to explain to Robin that Eaton was not that dangerous and crime was declining.  Besides, he was there to protect Kimberly is need be.

Ramin couldn’t make it to dinner but did stop by to say hi.  Caleb tried to scope Ramin out and see if he recognized him, since Ramin was a cop and all.  He was trying to be subtle about it but Ramin was a little denser than he appeared.  So Caleb turned the conversation to tennis.  Which none of them played except him.

Not that long after the girls celebrate Thanksgiving with their mother and her girlfriend, Kimberly moved out.  Robin was sad to see her go but she found out very only on the benefits of having the small house to herself.

Kimberly was happy to be away from Oasis Valley.  She loved spending time with Caleb and Eaton offered tons of entertainment within walking distance.

Kim and Caleb may have been enjoying each other a little too much.


  • I love them tiny house but they are so small.  Robin’s room could only fit a twin sized bed.  And with both the girls dating the house was getting cramped with both of them actively dating.
  • I love the walk.  I think this is the first time that I am really noticing it.
  • Ramin Centroski and Caleb Samuels are not in the family photo or the family tree because (1) Ramin in still a NPC and (2) when I took the picture Caleb and Kimberly had not moved in together yet.

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Round 6: Fall

Sara Simmons was beginning to have regrets.  Not that she did not care deeply for her girlfriend, Virginia Duffy, but she had always imagined that one day she would have her own family.  Sara knew, just like everyone else, that Virginia was not the parenting “type”.

Lulu, the black lab, was able to control some of those mothering feelings that Sara was having.  She really enjoyed showering Lulu with attention and affection.

Virginia wasn’t so happy about Lulu’s presence.  To her it felt like having a child all over again.  The final straw came when she caught Lulu riping up her couch with her sharp teeth.

Sara first tried to plead Lulu’s case and even promised to get the dog a trainer.  But when Virginia would not relent  Sara got upset.   Virginia found Sara’s anger very irrational.  It was only a dog.

Virginia tried to keep Sara’s mind occupied on other matters once Lulu was gone.

And as long as Sara was feeling emotional secure Virginia found many ways to exploit the fact that she worked a night shift in Eaton.  On of her favorite extracurricular activities was Dr. Brandon Lillard.  It didn’t bother her on bit that Dr. Lillard was a close friend of Sara’s.

It did bother her when one day, Sara mentioned that Brandon had dropped by unexptectdly the night before.  He didn’t really explain why he had stopped by but Sara said he seemed rather preoccupied and distant.

Virginia hurried and changed the subject.  She was in such a hurry to change the subject that she shocked not only Sara but also herself when she suggested that they hold a Thanksgiving dinner at their house. And that they should invite Kimberly and Robin, along with their boyfriends.  Since neither Virginia nor Sara had ever cooked a holiday roast, Virginia called Susan Schmidt over to help.  Susan was also shocked when she heard about them holding a family Thanksgiving.

Virginia went as far as to go to the girls place and personally invite them.  She got a chance to meet Robin’s beau, Ramin.  Who she thought was fugly but she kept her observations to herself.

Robin was so shocked about the invitation that she called Kimberly, who was on a date with Caleb Samuels.  They found the dinner idea amusing, especially since it came from their mother.

Caleb: Maybe we should tell them at Thanksgiving that we are moving in together.

Kim: Good idea.


  • I’ve never done any holiday celebration since I have had TS2.  So, Virginia is my victim for this experiment.
  • Sara is a family sim so she is having a tough time dealing with not having kids.  Lulu was suppose to make things easier for her.  But Lulu the dog was glitched or something.  I couldn’t get her to eat or sleep in her dog house so I sent her back to the adoption agency.

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