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Season: Spring
In this post: Randy London, Peggy Crabtree, Jeremy London, Sharon Crabtree-Carr, Louise Sims, Jennifer Crabtree, Ryan Crabtree-Carr

Narrator: Peggy Crabtree

My mother always said that getting an education would make things easier. Sometimes I get a strong desire to march up to her front door, waltz right in without knocking “Mom, you were wrong.”

I wouldn’t do that of course. No one ever tells my mother, Jennifer Crabtree, that she is wrong. Ever. It would be a waste of time and oxygen because she would never believe it. The fact that we cannot afford a car or a sitter to watch Jeremy while I make the trek over to her house also hinders me from carrying out my plans.

No, instead, I glaze out the window while burping Jeremy thinking about the satisfaction I would get from telling my mother that she is wrong, while simultaneously trying not to envy my neighbors and their lack of student loans.


Things would have been easier if Randy hadn’t gotten demoted. I know deep down he is sad about it but his ability to remain calm about the demotion makes me want to scream.

When I questioned him about the demotion, he “I haven’t been working my hardest. I’ve been slacking. In intelligence there is no room for laziness. Someone is always ready to take your place.”

I had to hold myself back from slamming my book into his face.


There aren’t too many people that I can talk to with about this. Sharon motto in life lately seems to be “everything will fall into place”. I know she will listen to my problems but her carefree attitude is to relaxed for my taste. I need someone who will offer me opinions other than “Do worry so much”, “When one door closes another one opens”.

Ruth on the other hand would be great but she has a nanny and doesn’t have to change diapers if she doesn’t want to. Ruth only works because she wants to keep the business in the family. No way would she understand what its like to only be able to afford to furnish half of the house. I don’t really feel comfortable about explaining my financial hardship to someone who hasn’t been their before, even if she is my sister.

It would just make me feel worse to complain to her, even thought it is not her fault.


My mother would be no help either. I could just hear her nag “You should have married someone with more than just ambition maybe a full bank account or better yet, a trust fund.”

No, I keep my mouth shut and pretend everything is better than good when she comes over.


The only person that knows how I feel is Louise Sims and only because her husband manged to blow their entire life savings on “investments.” I almost chocked to death when she told me he blow $50.000.


Sometimes, I wounder if I could go back would I change anything. Maybe instead of “shacking up” with a boy with dreams and empty pockets, I should of listened to my mother and married a boy with a trust fund that could afford hire a maid to wash the windows for me.


While a maid and a nanny sounds nice, I can’t picture life without Randy or our little Jeremy.


I doubt that some trust fund baby would dance on the front porch after dinner.



  • I try and make my sims pay for college which is not turning out as well as I had hoped.  Some sims like Randy and Peggy can barely afford to pay their bills and their college loan (just like in RL)
  • Randy and Peggy have a two story house but because they are so poor can only afford to buy enough to furnish the first floor.  Hopefully by the time Jeremy is a child they have enough money to move into the second floor and for him to have his own room.

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Season: Spring
In this post: Amanda “Mindy” Schmidt, Sharon Crabtree, Mark Schmidt

Mindy felt silly, like a child, standing in the mirror practicing faces. She was no longer a little girl barely tall enough to reach her father’s belt buckle. She was now a teenager and if her friends could see her now the would tease her until the end of time.

Sighing, she tried again. Making her eyes as wide as possible, furrowing her brows and trying to make her smile appear nervous.


“Mindy! Breakfast is ready.” Sharon’s shout from the kitchen interrupted her posing.

Mindy stuck out her tongue at her reflection in the mirror. She acknowledge the fact that no matter how pathetic she managed to lock she was still in trouble. If the mail had not been so reliable and her report card had gotten lost maybe she would have been off the hook. But the chance the school would have not informed her family of her bad grades were probably slim to none.

Breakfast was a silent ordeal, meals had been since Thursday night when her mother had checked the mail. Mindy tried to keep her mind from wondering what kind of punishment was going to be dealt out to her.

Silence was never good. Right?

“Tyson and I are going to take the dogs to the vet.” Sharon’s announcement broke into her musing.

Mindy waited for the other shoe to drop.

“Your dad will stop by later to discuss your grades with you.”



Mindy waited for her father’s arrival. The time seemed to move at a snails pace. So slowly, that she changed the batteries of her wall clock to hopefully speed it up. Only to realize the clock was fine, the batteries didn’t need to be changed.

She groaned out loud and sank to her bed. Silently, praying that this wasn’t going to be as bad as the knots in her stomach indicated.

“Amanda” Mark shouted from the front yard.

She didn’t hear any anger in his voice. Her body automatically did what it normally would do when her father announced his presence.


“Daddy!” Mindy could help keep the excitement from coming out in her voice. It didn’t matter to her why he was there or that she saw him at least twice a week or talked to him almost every night. Seeing him always excited her. Like when she was a child.

“Mindy.” Mark responded before pulling her into a hug.


It start off simple with a “Really, Amanda? D’s” and a disbelieving look on his face.


There was no screaming or shouting. No threat of eternal grounding. Just a stern lecture on the importance of education laced with a hint of disappointment.

Which was enough to make her wish that he had spanked her. She wanted to cry, to blame someone else for her failings but really it was her own fault.


“Your mother and I have talked about it. You’re going to summer school. We expect better from you from now on.”


“Really, honey. We know that you can do better.”


His response had been more positive than negative but why did she feel even worse than before?


  • I love the fact that even teenage sims run out to great parents when they appear on the lot.  It is such a cute interaction.  I even have several adult sims that do it when their parents stop by, the biggest culprit is Dominique Keyes when her mom Victoria Hale comes over from a visit.
  • Amanda’s grades sucks.  Before I started playing Oasis Valley, my sim kids always had good grades.  But now they only do their homework when they roll the want and since Mindy almost never rolls the want her homework is backed up.

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Season: Spring
In this post: The Whole Schmidt Clan

“What do you think this family meeting is about?”

“Your guess is as good as mine, George.”  Mark answered.  He had been asking himself that all week.  Between running back and forth from Eaton to Oasis Valley to move Lucy’s stuff his week had been exhausting.  Then came his mother’s cryptic call about a family meeting.


“We never have family meetings.”  George voiced his thoughts.  “You don’t think this about Kay being knocked up?”


“What?”  Mark questioned, lining up his shot.  “You’re joking, right?”

“No.  I’m serious.”  George watched as Mark hit the que ball sending the yellow ball slowly towards it target hole.


“Did you tell mom?”  Not knowing what else to say to his little brother.

“Nope.  Not yet.  I  was waiting for the right time.  What do you think about me dropping the baby bomb at the meeting?  Maybe during dessert?”


Robert told her not to worry and Ella tried but as she chopped and diced preparing the food for the family meeting she couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. No matter how hard they tried or how many hours they put in, Just Desserts seemed bound to fail.

Oasis Valley just didn’t have enough people to support a speciality business like a dessert only shop. It seemed that Robert and Susan had finally came to that conclusion also with her even having to voice her opinion.


She listened to the excited chatter that drifted through the open windows as her brother-in-laws and their girlfriends arrived.

She could hear them ask the question she had asked several times before “What’s this meeting about?”

Robert always answered the same way.  “Let’s wait until the family meeting.”

Her stomach gave a nervous flip.  This couldn’t be good.


Susan was the last one to sit at the table.  Mentally noting the seating arrangement.  Her three sons opted to seat together, with Robert between George and Mark.  She and the other women, Ella, Kay and Lucy, sat on the other side.  Robert directly across from her.

She tried not to think about the empty chair and the fact that James and William should be seated at the table with them.  Or the fact that if William had been alive they would probably not be having a family meeting of this magnitude.

Instead, she tried to focus on the present.  Not the past and what should have been.  She tried to focus on the words coming out of Robert’s mouth as he update everyone on the family’s finances.


As Robert laid it all out on the table she could not help but think about how she had failed them all.  She doubted that Jennifer Crabtree would ever have this talk with her children.  Jennifer probably made sure that all their futures where financially secure.  Even if she had not agreed with their life choices.

As she listened to Robert tell his brothers that there was money left but not nearly enough.   that her baby, Just Dessert, was wasting away and that the house was eating up what little money there was left.  She could only sit there in silence like the rest of them.

She wanted to tell herself that if William had lived everything would have been different but that was a lie.  Neither one of them knew how to properly manage money.  When they had won the lotto the first thing they did was quit their jobs and brought a big house, followed by putting their children in private school.  Instead of investing, planning and saving.

Robert’s voice stopped, causing her to look up and throw him a reassuring smile.



Robert patiently waited while the others gathered their thoughts.  He knew there would be a lot of questions.  He would answer as best he could but most of it would depend on chance.

“What does that all mean?” Mark was the first to ask.

“Basically that there is a way to salvage things.”  He answered.


“After much research and talking to a few people.  I have come up with a plan.  The lotto money wasn’t invested properly at the start.  First thing is to put what is left to good use in a high interest bank account.  The interest from that alone should be enough to cover the upkeep of this house.”

He had spent hours, days and week on his plan.  Confident that it would work.  If he could get them to agree to it.


He continued. “Just Desserts, needs to be restructured.  I was thinking of making it speciality restaurant.  That way we could focus on one thing.  It would draw more people and we’d make more money by charging for servings.  Right now people, even tourist, are buying the pies and leaving.  Mom’s spending way to many hours baking to keep up with what little demand there is.”

Susan nodded her head in agreement.


“We probably won’t reap the rewards, but our children should.  When they are older.”

” So, little Georgie should be able to go to college?”

Georges question threw everyone off.  Until Kay gave a shocked gasp and scold him.  “This isn’t the time to make that announcement.”


Robert let the new permeate his brain.  His little brother was going to be a father.

He finally said.  “Hopefully at the very least.  Little Georgie will at least be able to put a down payment on a house.  All the child will have a trust fund and money will be added periodically.  You have the option to add to your kids funds, also.  The house and business will be included.  It’ll be passed down from Schmidt to Schmidt.  The residents will  be in charge of the trust funds.  Apparently, that how all the rich people do it.”

He waited for someone to object.  When no one did he pushed back his chair signalling the end of the meeting.

Everyone followed his lead, the women crowding around George and Kay excited about the prospect of a new baby.

Mark caught up with him in the kitchen.  “I’m so happy I’m not the oldest.”  He joked before pulling him into a hug.  “Do what you think is best.  I’m behind you 100 percent”



  • The Schmidts have not been to good about handling their money.  My initial plan was for Just Desserts to make the bulk of the income and for Susan and Robert to run it.  But I fell asleep on night playing the lot and lets just say things did not turn out well.  Just Desserts has yet to recover.
  • I am really excited about George and Kaye having a baby.  George is the last of the Schmidt boys to have a child.  Since, George is a Pleasure sim and Kaye is Romance,  I don’t think they will be having a boat load of children.
  • While the family was having the meeting Mindy was babysitting her little cousins.


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Season: Spring

“Ready to be a big brother?”  Michelle Richardson asked Ian as she lifted him out of the crib.

Michelle, husband Cody, and little Ian, are expecting a new addition to the family this fall.


“Do you think he can hear me?”

“What makes you think it’s a boy?”

Peter and Louise Sims are due in the summer.


Genet Walterson spent the whole ride home from the hospital reading up on motherhood.  Her husband Demios assured her that they would be model parents to their new son Ayokunle Dexter Walterson.


  • Only non-playable NPCs are having babies at this time.  My playables don’t seem to be fertile.

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Season: Winter
In this post: Jennifer Crabtree, Sharon Crabtree, Tyson Dawn, Mindy Schmidt, Jason Wilson, Chris Merrick, Josh Merrick

Things in Mindy life were moving at warp speed.  Everything seemed to be happening to fast, changing without notice or her consideration.  The only thing that she knew for certain was that the adults in her life were going crazy.  That was the only explanation, the only reason that her mother would all the sudden announce that Tyson was moving in.

The only one that seemed to think that craziness was the only reasonable explanation for her mothers actions was her.  None of her closest friends seemed to agree.

“Well, how else do you explain it?”

“It’s simple, Amanda.” Jason was the only person that called her by her full name.  Everyone called her Mindy expect when she was in trouble.  Jason was the only other person that insisted on calling her by her full name, he called everyone by their full name.   Sometimes, she had a hard time telling when he was being condescending.

Maybe he just had a major personality flaw, which is was what Chris suggested.  That Jason had a problem relating with people his own age.

“She’s in love.  She wants to move forward with her life.  You didn’t really believe that your mother would pine for your dad forever?  Did you?”

“You know, Mr. Smarty Pants.  Sometimes you can be a real ass.” Chris said not giving Mindy a chance to respond.

“What?”  Jason sounded confused.  Mindy could tell by the look on his face that he was searching for the reason that anyone would be offended by what he had said.

“Not everyone has a television family like yours, Jason.”  Josh snapped.

“I’m only stating the truth.  Statistically speaking, couple who become parents while teens don’t make it.  It’s almost inevitable that they would break up.  Add in a kid and the odd that they will stay together after 5 years is almost null.”

The sound of Jason’s alarm going off interrupted any further conversation.  It was their warning that the school bus with the little kids should be showing up in about 10 minutes.  That it was time to put on her babysitting hat and watch her cousins Becky and Danny.  It was now her job to watch them every Tuesday and Thursday while their mother helped out at Just Desserts.

Mindy watched from the boys make their way home on foot from the bottom of  front steps of her porch.  She sat quietly and waited for the bus.  Tapping her feet and trying not to think about the fact the in less than one week Tyson was going to move in.  That in less than five days she would have to get use to not only sharing her house but also her mother with another person.  She never realized how accustomed she had gotten to it being just the two of them.  Adding a third person into their space just seemed unnatural.

The sound of the bus pulling up jolted her out of her musing.   She jumped up from her spot on the step and made her way to the bus to greet the twins.

Danny award her effort by running pass her barely mumbling a barely audible  “Hi.”

Becky followed him at a normal pace stopping to reach out for a hug.


“Are you nervous?”

“Nervous about what?”  Mindy answered, they had been silent at the table all night.  Not a word passing between them.

Sharon had been cleaning the house nonstop, clearing invisible spider webs from the corners.  Lamenting the fact that there furniture was not of better quality even though it had served their purpose well for years.

Mindy wondered if her mother was more worried about what the matriarch of the family, Jennifer, than about Tyson.  Tyson had seen the house a couple of times before and still wanted to move it.    She had a feeling that her mother was more nervous about what her grandmother would say about Tyson than what Tyson would say about the house.

And since she can’t fix Tyson, she is fixating on the house.

“Mom, you have done everything that you can.  Grandmother is going to love Tyson and she is has been her plenty of times.

“Not nervous about lunch with Mom.  About Tyson moving in?”

“Oh.”  Mindy tried to come up with something to say that would be reassuring for the both of them.  “No.”


Jennifer pulled Mindy into a tight hug, holding her close she whispered low enough only for her to hear, “Don’t worry.  You can always come stay with us.  I don’t know that silly child of mine is thinking.”

Mindy cringed.  The glance that Tyson throw in their direction indicated that he had heard what Jennifer had said.  Not that Jennifer cared, she had not made any effort to lower her voice.

“You know sometime, Sharon.  I really worry about you.  You barely know this guy.”

“Mother, really.  We’ve been together for two years.  If I don’t know him by now then I’ll never know him.

Jennifer started to speak but Sharon cut her off again.  “I’m a big girl, Mother.  I know what I’m doing.  Have a little faith in me.”

Jennifer couldn’t help but worry about Sharon.  Sharon had always been her most impulsive child, running off  on a whim to do whatever caught her attention.  Jennifer was convinced that was how Sharon ended up with Mark Schmidt.  His bad boy appearance and sad eyes drew her attention.  Sharon got carried away.  So, far away that she shocked her parents when she announced she was pregnant.

Now years later she finds herself sitting across from Sharon’s new boyfriend, she couldn’t make herself believe that impulsive child was now a responsible women. Sure Tyson’s travel stories were exciting but was he ready to take care of her daughter and granddaughter?

“I wish you would think about this more, Sharon.”

“Mother.  He is moving in.  It’s already settled.  For once, can you have a little faith in me?”


  • I had so much fun editing this one. Before editing it I thought that it was missing something.  Hopefully, whatever was missing has been found.  
  • Sharon is finally moving on.  I was trying to wait for her to roll the want to marry Tyson.  She hasn’t rolled it yet but based on her personality I thought him moving in would be prefect.  Maybe marriage will come next.
  • Mindy doesn’t have the much longer in the teen stage, but there is a lot going on with both sides of her family at the moment.  So far, she is holding up well.  Hopefully, she can keep it up?

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Cold Black Heart

Season: Winter
In this post: Virginia Duffy, LaKisha Vincent, Cael Mason, Robin Duffy

Author’s Note: This ended up being much longer than I wanted it to be. You have been warned.

Virginia warmed up her hands by the fire.  It probably wasn’t as cold as she felt but at her age her body temperature was really off wack.  It was always either too cold or too hot.

It was the price she had to pay for getting old.

She snorted to herself, “I’m not old.  I’m vintage.”

Old was what you called people like her neighbor and once best friend LaKisha.  Who was anxiously planning her daughters wedding.  Wondering how long it would take the girl to get pregnant and make her a grandmother.

Virginia felt a strange twitch in her chest at that thought.  Thinking back to the excitment in LaKisha’s voice as she speculated about her future grandkids.  If you let LaKisha tell it she had been waiting for this moment forever, for her children to have children.  If you let LaKisha tell it, it was feather in her cap.  An indication that she had been a good parent.

Stepping away from the fire, she headed to her bedroom to change into her yoga clothes.  She refused to let her mind travel back to the past.  If there was one thing life had though her it was never to look back.  It always hurt a little bit too much.

But this night the past seemed to be chasing her.  As she pulled the sports bra over her head her mind congered up images of  what her room looked like before.  When they, her and Kimberly and Robin, had first moved in.  When the bunk beds they shared took up most of the space.  When the walls were painted dark purple.

“This is all your fault, LaKisha Vincent.”  She accused, fully changed into her workout clothes.

She mad her way back to the livingroom and the fireplace.  Prepared to leave the past behind with the help of yoga.

As she started her nightly rountine, she promised herself she would not let LaKisha”s excitement let her think of what ifs.

What if she had been a better mother?

What if Kimberly would have lived?

What if the baby had lived?

What if? What if? What if?

She signed, giving up.

“Fucking old bitch.”  Virginia cursed, sticking up her middle finger towards LaKisha’s house as she headed to her computer room.

But the computer offered no escape either.  The first news story that popped up was had to do with the investigation into the faulty elevator that had killed two of her neighbors.

For weeks, she had avoided all talk of news of the incident.    The boy lived next door, since his death the house had gone quiet.   She could hear the school bus pull up in the morning but the afternoon noise of children running around was absent.

The man lived right next to the boy, that house had been a lot busier.  Cars pooling up at all hours of the day.  Mostly family, coming to consul the grieving widow.

The past was stalking her, she was sure of it.  It was finding a way to work it’s way into her everyday life.  Banging on the lock that she had sealed tightly shut  over her heart and brain.


 The rest of the week went fabulously.  The past had been safetly locked away, again.  She made sure of that by avoiding LaKisha and the dead people families like the plague by indulging in her favorite past time, dating.  Lots of it.  At least once everyday, sometimes twice.

Normally she liked to meet her dates in Eaton, to keep herself out of small town gossip.  Not that it helped much, she was sure that the whole hood knew more about her “guest” than she did.  That’s why she had left the small town life as soon as she had been old enough to hop on a bus by herself without being asked any questions.

Her date, this time insisted that they meet in Oasis Valley.  He said he wanted to see it, never had a reason to drive out that way and seeing her would be the prefect excuse to head across the bridge.

Something told her to protest more but she didn’t.  Just the thought of sampling on of Susan Schmidt’s tasty little desserts made her mouth water and she agreed.

Only to find herself run smack did into another reminder of her past.

Virginia barely had time to introduced Robin to her date.  When Susan, interuppted and showed them to a seat outside.  Virginia was sure that Susan’s timing was just a coincidence but she was sure that an angel somewhere had pulled some strings for her and done her a huge favor.

For a normal person the sight of their daughter wasn’t enough to ruin a date but Virginia would never call herself normal.  And Robin’s appearance was like a thunderstorm at a wedding.  Am instant mood changer.

“Are you okay, Viriginia?  Your a little quite today.”

She didn’t answer what could she say really.  That the sight of her daughter ruined the day for her.  No, no one would understand that.  She barely understood it herself.


Someone had told her that the prospect of death could make a person re-evaluate their whole life.  If the last few days of her life were any indication that person was a right.  The dead kid and the dead man had not even been hers, yet she found herself looking at her past.  Wondering how people would remember her once she was gone.

The only person that would probably even give her passing a second thought would be the only child she had left, Robin.  She wondered if Robin would have the same reaction to her death that she had to her own mothers:  a slight ping of regret for what could have been but nothing more.

She sat there in the dark with a glass of tea in her hand and let the memories that she had locked away escape their person.  She remember the promises she would make to her doll when she was a little girl.  To be a better mother to her doll than her mother was to her.

Where had that little girl gone?

When had that little girl been replace with the women that was sitting alone in her house with only a glass of tea and a fire to keep herself company?


Cael and Robin had been watching the nigthly news when the phone had first rang.  Robin looked at the clock to check the time.  Wondering who would call them after ten o’clock at night.  Cael glanced at her indicating that he wasn’t expecting a call either.  He turned back to the television ignoring whomever it was.

Robin got up to check the call id, having no intention to actually answer it.  Whoever it was could call back at a more respectable time.  She was just curious to see who it was.

She had thought that she had read the number wrong.  Virginia never called her, something had to be wrong.

“Robin speaking”

The voice on the phone did not have the confident tone that she had come to expect when talking to her mother.  “Can you come over?”

That question shocked her, Virginia never invited her over.  “Now?”

“Yes, now.”

She didn’t know what she was expecting to see when she arrived at her mother’s house.  But all kinds of crazy thing ran through her mind.  She didn’t knock, just let herself in.  She found her mother in the kitchen.

To an outsider Virginia Duffy would have looked like the picture to health, but Robin could tell that something was wrong.  Maybe it was the set of her shoulders or the tears in her eyes.  But Robin could tell that at this moment Virginia needed someone and she had turned to her.


  • This update ran away from me.  When I had initially wrote it, it had gone in a completely different direction.  There was pictures for everything.  But somehow when I sat down and to edit, Virginia decided to go emo on me.  I am don’t like her like this at all.

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Long Lost Friend

Season: Winter
In this post: Craig Vincent

If someone ever asked what made Craig do it, he wouldn’t have been able to answer.  It started out as a mild curiosity, a popup ad on the computer.  A click.  A filled out registration form.  A profile and a then a picture.

A random bout of boredom, he told himself.  He just wanted to see what was out there.

The he received a message, followed by another.

There was nothing wrong with responding, it was just over the internet.

Besides it made him feel good.  Made him feel young again.

That was were it was suppose to end, harmless flirting through the computer screen.

Until he received an invitation; short and brief.


Let’s meet over dinner.  My treat.


He stared at the screen only for a second.


Love to.


Craig never once thought about canceling.  He had forgotten what the feeling of new romance felt like.  Back in the day he had been a wild one.  Before LaKisha, the daughter, the house in the boondocks, and the son.  This feeling that had been lost for years, and he wasn’t sure that he wanted to let it go.

“Craig?  You look just like your picture.”


A touch.

A hug.

He welcomed that feeling like a long lost friend.


  • Finally, some interesting drama in the Vincent household.  This family has been pretty plain since the start of the hood.
  • Craig’s primary aspiration is Romance.  For the last couple of rounds he has had the generic want to date and woohoo.  I figured that since they were directed specifically for LaKisha that he wanted to go outside his marriage for romantic interaction.

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