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Round 5: Wrap Up

Spoilers Included. So if you have missed an update do not read this (unless you want).

ROS Events From Round 5:

  • Death 1: Amin Sims met and unfortunate end.  He was home alone and suffered a heart attack.  He did not have any family.
  • Pregnancy:  Sharon Crabtree and Mark Schmidt are expecting a bundle of joy.  The two teenagers have made no future plans as of yet.
  • Death 2: Is still in the works and is scheduled to happen during round 7. I know that is a long time away.  But it that is the only way to make the story a little more interesting.

Round 5 Birth, Aging, Move-ins and Death(Non-ROS):

  • Armando Cox moves into the Hale household
  • David Hale becomes and adult
  • Kenneth Tyson marries Maria Flores and moves to Oasis Valley
  • Charles McDaniel becomes a toddler
  • Kellie Gregory marries James Wilson (and become Mrs. Kellie Wilson) and moves to Oasis Valley
  • James and Kellie Wilson have a baby boy, Jason Wilson
  • Damon Crabtree expired of old age
  • Jennifer Crabtree becomes an elder
  • Susan Schmidt becomes an elder

College (the following people will be attending Sim State University in Round 6):

  • Patricia Vincent
  • Janet Hale

Misc Updates to Site:

  • Residential Directory
  • Census Bureau

Round 6 ROS:

  • Party: Invite 8 guest
  • Get Demoted
  • Win The Lotto

*These are not as exciting as the ones from Round 5.  I like Round 5 ROS much better.


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Narrator: Susan Schmidt

Round 5: Summer

What happened to the time?  I swear that George was in diapers only a couple of years ago.  And now I have gray hair.  Thank god for skin cream and makeup.

The lack of wrinkles seem to be the only thing going right.   I thought things couldn’t get worse when the stove caught fire.  But no that was just the start of the summer of doom.  Robert finally brought his girlfriend over to meet me.  And then calmly announced that they were engaged.  Yes, engaged.  Never mind the fact that they just graduated high school.  And get this.  they are going to get married on his birthday.  Great.

But wait, it gets better.  While trying to relax and enjoy the day off by watching the boys play video games.  Mark very casually stated that he was going to be a father.  A FATHER!!!!  and the mother is Sharon Crabtree.  Why Me?!

What’s a hardworking under appreciated, loving, stressed out, unlucky mother of three teenage boys (only one of which is saine) suppose to do?  I certainly don’t know.  So, I decided to try to go with the flow and just smiled and cooked.  When Robert came home with Ella (and all her belongs) an gave her the wedding ring in the middle of the kitchen while I was preparing dinner.   I smiled and continued to cook.

When Jennifer and Sharon Crabtree came over for dinner.  And Sharon had to run to the bathroom to empty her stomach.  I smiled and gave thanks that Robert directed most of the conversation.

When Jennifer demanded that Mark work at the grocery for free to help pay for all the baby’s expenses.  Even though that would force to to close  down the bakery for the fall.  Because Robert and Ella were going on an extended honeymoon. And George wanted to go to college and had to focus on school in the fall, so he would be to busy with his studies.  Not considering the fact that it is impossible to find people willing to travel to Oasis Valley for a job that pays so little, so I will not be able to hire anyone to take his (Mark) place.  I just smiled and agreed.

But really, inside I was crying.  Why Me?!  First my husband and youngest son die, now this.  When will it end.


  • Poor Susan. It seems that the sim gods hate her.  I feel asleep while loading Just Desserts.  When I woke up all the kitchen equipment had been burned down and George was dead.  Luckily, I had a recent save of the game.  So, I just re-installed it.  I don’t think she could have survived losing George (even though he is not a major player in the storyline, yet.)
  • I really like writing first person it gives so much more freedom
  • I really didn’t want my playable sims to mate among each other until at least generation 4.  But this is okay.  It’s just one family.  Hopefully, ROS will not throw another wrench into my plans.

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Summer Nights

Narrator: Mark Schmidt

Round 5: Summer

I was expecting this summer to be rather dull.  My mother forced my brothers and me to work at the bakery.  It was sort of boring and we weren’t even getting paid.  I did get to meet Maria’s new husband.  I personally did not know Maria but have seen her around and she is hot.  He is lucky.  I would never thought that she would go for such a cheese ball.  The glasses were laughable.

But things got interesting really fast.  Mom got destructed and caused a huge fire.  Robert was able to get the fire extinguisher and put it out.  It appears that the construction company did not install a fire system.  Go figure with all the money Mom paid to have this place built that’s the least they could have done.  But anyways, no one was harmed and we shut down for the rest of the day.  To clean up the mess that the fire caused.

But word of the fire spread and people were reluctant to visit the bakery.  And so business got real slow, real fast.  We spent most of time either fooling around or escaping the heat outside by playing cards in the bakery.

The summer wasn’t a total bust though.  I did get to spend sometime with Sharon Crabtree.  She’s about a year older than me and her Mom totally hates me.  So, when have to sneak around and be secretive.  But that is the best part, and it was all in good fun, nothing serious.  We even had this system worked out.  At night when out parents were in bed we would signal each other.  Sharon would stand in her bedroom window pretending to play the violin and I would act like I was talking on the phone in the hallway.

When I saw her we would meet outside.  Sometime I would be able to borrow a friends car and we would head to Eaton (Downtown).  I would have the be very careful.  The car was very old and prone to backfire.  But it never did, at least on us.  The town is so small the backfire probably would have woke everyone up.

The care never backfired but the sneaking out did.  One night, Sharon announced she was pregnant.  At first I thought she was kidding but then I realized she was telling the truth.



Sharon pregnancy is brought to you courtesy of ROS and Inteen.  The Crabtree house pulled unexpected pregnancy but when I planned it out Sharon was the only one close enough to someone else to get pregnant.  And besides it would have been boring if Ruth got pregnant by Joe Carr.  I would have just made them marry right away and that would have been the end.  But Sharon and Mark do not share that strong of a chemistry so I can play with there relationship for awhile.

We’ll see what happens.

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Narrator: Jennifer Crabtree

Round 5: Summer

This week had started off normal.  Me, Damon, and the girls headed off to the store early in the morning to prepare for the day.  Since it is summer and the girls do not have to go to school.  We (Damon and I) decided that they should work full-time at the grocery.

I was a little worried about leaving the gardener, Leo, alone.  It’s not like we have never left him at the house by himself before and I was not worried that he would steal anything.  The real problem is that I think he has been slacking off lately but still charging us the regular price.  I hate dishonest help, especially when I pay them so well.

But back to what is important.  Things were going normally.  My birthday was coming up and Damon had given me a lump of cash to use all to myself.  Of course, that wasn’t the most important part of our conversation.  We really were discussing Ruth’s new boyfriend.  We had not met him yet.  But from what Ruth told me, he help build Just Desserts (Susan Schmidt’s business) right after he got of of college.  I was a little concerned about the age different,  Ruth can be so immature at times.  But at least she got herself a college graduate.

Ruth invited this Joe Carr person over for dinner.  Honestly, I was not that impressed when I finally saw him.  He seemed kind of sloppy.  Not the business man type at all.  But with more can I expect from Ruth.  She was such an odd child and apparently the oddity has not worn off, yet.  I mean really, the least he could have done was wear proper shoes and a button down shirt.  He was meeting the parents and should have at least cared to make a good impression on us.

The shock of Joe’s appearance mush have hit Damon really hard.  Because the next thing I know his time was up.

I was not ready for this, really.  I just became elderly myself and was planning to spend some of my golden years with Damon.  We had not even brought the cute little vacation home on the beach as planned yet.  I don’t think , I am ready to be a widow.  I knew Damon would go before me but not this soon.  The neighbors were really nice and called and offered their condolences.


I can’t believe that I have not update in over a month.  I am ashamed of myself.  I had the time but just got lazy.  Sorry, folks.

Just so that you know.  Damon’s death was not a ROS that I pulled for this round.  It was really just time for him to go.  My first nature (old age) death, so far.   I want to say that I am going to miss him but I really am not.  His character was not that big to me.  Maybe because he started off as an elder.

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… And Baby Makes Three

Round 5: Summer

James Wilson was planning a special surprise.  Evey since Kellie Gregory told him that they were excepting, he had been thinking of popping the question.  When Maria told James about her surprise engagement to Kenneth, he got an idea.  But before he executed his idea he wanted to run it pass a friend, and called Darcy.  He was happy when she came over and helped him refine his surprise.  He thought that she might still harbor hurt feeling from the time that Kellie yelled at her.

Jame and Darcy decided that it would be best for him to meet Kellie at a restaurant in Eaton, around lunch time.  Just to keep everything casual so as not to give the surprise away.  Little did either of them know that Kellie was not only hoping but expecting Jame to pop the question, and soon.  He was just that predictable.

Kellie made sure to look totally surprised as James place the ring on the table.  Even though this was what she semi-wanted and fully anticipated.  She decided to play along for James sake.

Kellie and James decided that she should move in with him soon.  She needed a place to stay since her boss was basically kicking her out.  It was hard being pregnant and packing boxes.  It seemed every other minute she had to run to the bathroom and avoid tripping over boxes at the same time.

Caleb Samuels: Hey babe,  I hear you are getting married.  Never thought of you as the marring or mothering type.

Kellie: What do you want, Caleb?  Remember you were the one to break things up.  The organization and us.

Caleb: It’s business, darling.  If that last job hadn’t gone wacky, we would still be where we were left off.

Kellie: Where we left off!!  If I was so important to you, you wouldn’t be kicking me out now.  I needed somewhere to go and James is a safe guy.

Caleb: I plan to make it all up to you.

Kellie: Make it up?!! How?!!

Caleb: You know that the city urban planning committee is starting some serious developing in Oasis Valley.  Yep, my favorite little interior decorator is on the committee.

Kellie: So, what does that have to do with me?

Caleb: Well, I’m going to give you and Sg. Dull a down payment on your future.

Kellie: Oh.  How generous of you. Thanks.  *eyes roll*

Caleb: There are so many other ways you can thank me, love.

While Kellie was not excited about the prospect of moving out to the middle of no where a plan began to form.  And that plan was good enough to make her present a genuine smile when James placed the wedding ring on her finger.

Kellie walked to Strawberry Way daily to supervise construction on her new home.  The frequent walks not only help her meet some of OV’s residents but also made her labor go by fairly easy and quick.  Jason Wilson was such a healthy baby she got to take him home the next day.


Even though Kellie is evil and manipulative.  I love her.  She makes James so much more interesting.  I hate to have him married to Kellie, since he is one of my favorite male sims but he needs something to spice up his life.

Caleb is a character to.  He is having relations with several of my sims.  If you don’t recognize him, he is Kimberly Duffy’s current boyfriend and Susan Schmidt’s boy toy.  Susan and Kimberly don’t know about each other or Kellie.  So, I wonder how long he is going to be able to keep that up.

I love CC because Maxis stuff is just not cute all the time but they don’t mix all the time (especially when there is a hack involved).  I think the pants are Maxis and the top is CC.  I have the pregnancy wear anything hack and when Jason was still in the womb this is how Kellie’s clothes looked.  It made it hard taking decent pictures.

And a closer look at baby Jason.  I think he is going to look just like James.  He already has his nose (skintone and eyes of course because they are CC).

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Private School

Round 5: Summer

Curtis Vincent was pretty sure that his dad was busy typing a report for work.  That had to be the reason or Craig would have yelled at him to stop jumping on the bed a long time ago.

Craig was not oblivious to his son’s action as he appeared.  But he had a report to finish, so he pretended not to hear Curtis giggling as his jumped up and down on his bed.

But life was not all play and no work for Curtis.  Jennifer Crabtree was suppose to come over one night and talk to his parents about sponsoring his entry into Percy Eaton Academy.  He was beginning to get tired with all the lessons on manors that his sister, Patricia, and mother, LaKisha, were giving him.  To top it all off, Patricia then wanted to lecture him on what to talk about.  Why couldn’t she just hang out with her friend, Janet Hale.

The meeting with Jennifer went well.  Curtis made sure to up his charm.  And Jennifer was impressed with his manners and the food.

Jennifer: I will be happy to report to the admissions committee that Damon and I will sponsor Curtis.   Eaton Academy is a great opportunity for little Curtis.  But I am sure I don’t have to tell you that Craig or LaKisha wouldn’t have come to me about sponsorship.  Damon and I have never sponsored a child before, so it will be nice to see how Curtis does.  I really hope he goes all the way to college.  It would be embarrassing if he didn’t.

The Vincents celebrated Curtis’ acceptation to Eaton Academy by spending a family day in Eaton.

All together the day went well.  But while at the park, the fish were only biting for Curtis.

Craig and Patricia brought home matching father-daughter boots.


I really wanted Curtis to go to private school but I hate playing the head master.  So, I decided to put LaKisha’s friendship with Jennifer to good use.

Patricia Vincent and Janet Hale are going to college in the next round.  That is why Janet Hale is over the Vincent house.  I wanted them to get to know each other before I moved them into the dorms.

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Narrator: Dennis Hernandez

Round 5: Summer

I can fully understand how and why I got involved with this woman.  But I cannot understand what lead me to introduce her to James.  That’s a lie.  I wanted the power and prestige that went along with being part of Eaton’s biggest crime ring.  So, when she asked for an introduction I did it.  And look what t got me, a might possibly (make that am) an accessory to murder.  And on top of that, the nicest most innocent guy I know has fallen in love with the boss’s second in command.  Something told me to stay in bed today but now that I am up and outside.  I have to listen to my former boss and James current girlfriend, Kellie, talk.

Thankfully, she didn’t talk for long and I was able to escape with few brain cells still left.  I know she thinks that I am stupid and that is good.  That is how I want it.  I am waiting for this chic, Angelica, to show up.  But for some reason she is late.  Normally, I would have just went home.  But Kellie practically lived on Apple Common now and I didn’t want to take the chance of running into her for a second time today.  So, instead I decided to hang around and take a ride on the dance sphere.

Finally Angelica showed up.  What’s up with this guy, first she come late.  Then she has the nerves to come looking like a mess.  I know she wasn’t attractive when I met her.  But I thought that she would at least put in some effort.  I tried to play nice though.  Claudia was busy tonight so I couldn’t ditch Angelica for her.

Then to top it off when we went to dinner she order an ice cream float.  Not as a dessert but as her main meal.  If she keeps eating like that not only will she be ugly, she will also be fat.

I didn’t openly complain (at least not that much) because she paid for both our meals and even came back to my place for a night cap.

But thank god that Claudia was free later in the week.  I don’t think that I could survive another evening with bad hat girl.  I really liked Claudia she is an adventurous girl and know the difference between dinner and dessert.

I am still trying to think of a way to warn James about his girl.  But how exactly do you tell someone that you were involved in a crime ring with the girl that you hooked them up with.  And not only was she in the crime ring but she was the second in command and helped kill someone.  And you know this because she called you to be the getaway driver.  That was hard.  It’s doesn’t help matters that James is always so happy and talks about her constantly.


I really liked writing this entry.  It brought out Dennis attitude much better than I could have hoped.  This is the type of person that I think he is when I play him in the game.  It is nice to be able to finally convey him that why to you guys.

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