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Susan Schmidt believed that her boys were behaving properly.  And for the most part they were. at least in front of her.

In reality, the boys were far from well-behaved.  Mark was prone to sneaking out at night and going to clubs.  He was far to young to get into night clubs legally but that did not stop him.  He even brought a friend with him.

Mark wasn’t thee only one getting out of hand behind his parents back.  While Susan was at the bakery preparing for the upcoming week the boys decided to invite a few female friends over.

Mark and Sharon Crabtree spent private time on the couch.

Robert and Ella Ryder disappeared into a bedroom.

George and Peggy Crabtree played a nice innocent game of chest.


And that folks is the end of round 4, finally.

In the upcoming round it will be summer.  The first time that I have ever used the hack that allows for summer vacation.  I will post a link to that latter.

I also pulled for ROS this round.  I allowed myself a little bit of leeway for completion.  But they will generally start in the right round and finish in the second round.  The three scenarios are:

  • Death
  • Pregnancy
  • Death

The first death is going to be pretty easy.  The second one, not so much and it will take three rounds to complete. Because I have to fit it in properly.  But anyways that is what you have to look forward to in round 5.


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Susan Schmidt was finally to think that things were settling down.  Susan even had time to do a little shopping with her best friend, Virginia Duffy, they just went to the grocery store but still.  Susan gushed on and on about how helpful the boys were becoming.  Now that her bakery, Just Desserts, was open the boys had stepped up to the plate.  Virginia on the other hand talked all about how happy she was that her girls were now adults.

The week had been good for Susan.  George, her youngest son, was proving to be a great server and kept the kitchen clean while she cooked.

Mark was trying to be helpful at the register but was worried he would do something wrong and bankrupt the business before it even got its foot off the ground.

Susan was shocked to find out Mark was failing at school.  She paid a lot of money to give him a good education and he was letting it go to waste.  They had a very long conversation about his future and responsibility.  He hit the books hard.

Her relationship with Caleb Samuels was moving along nicely as well.  She was till worried about he age difference, but he did not complain.  The boys knew their mother was seeing someone but showed no interest in meeting him,.  Susan only saw him either when the boys were gone or when they met in the city.


I really need to give the downtown area a name.  I can’t just keep calling it the city.  That sounds so generic.

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James Wilson was beginning to think that moving to Oasis Valley was the best decision he had ever made.  He had a steady secure military career and a great girlfriend, hopefully one day wife.  The only problem that he ever experienced was from a stray dog determined to prevent him from receiving his mail.

James was seeing more and more of Kellie Gregory.  Partially because she lost her job but also because they decided to be exclusive.  They were pratically living together as it was.

Kellie’s feelings for James were not as deep as his feelings were for her.  Of course she did not mention that to him.  Ever since that botched murder and the break up of the crime ring her future had been really insecure.  She had been searching the web to find ways to encourage James to pop the question (she didn’t know how close he actually was).  The most common answer given was pregnancy but she wasn’t sure she was read or even wanted a baby.

Kellie was feeling such pressure to secure her future, her former crime boss was expressing interest in the house that she was currently using.  He had let her stay there rent free, well almost rent free, but now that it wasn’t business as usually he wanted it back.  Finally the stress was too much and when she saw Darcy Lee talking to James she snapped.  Kellie felt so threaten by Darcy’s presence she didn’t hear Darcy quite clamly and happily say that she was engaged to be married.

Kellie decided pregnancy would have to be the solution.

Luckily for her she didn’t have to try too hard.


I love how Kellie and Darcy are arguing and James is looking like “How interesting.  Your arguing about me.” and Damon Crabtree is playing piano in the back.

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New Addition

No one was more disappointed by Carol McDaniel’s doctor prescribed bed rest more than her daughter, Mary McDaniel.  She understood that her mother was consider old and her pregnancy was high risk.  She just missed the time that they spent together.  Her father, Michael, was busy driving back and forth to the hospital or working on the farm and so they did not get to see each other often.

Carol was disappointed too and a little angry also.  She had argued with the hospital staff almost everyday about leaving the hospital to celebrate Mary’s birthday, only for the day.  And when they finally relented it was too late.  When Carol got home Mary had already blow out of the candles and entered adulthood.  Mary tried to tell her mother she understood but Carol could see how hurt Mary really was.

Mary: We named him Charles, doesn’t that sound Princely. Charles McDaniel.

Peggy: That’s a lovely name

Peggy Crabtree had stopped by the McDaniel’s Family Farm under the pretense of buying for veggies for dinner.  Really her mother wanted her to check if Carol had the baby yet and if all was well.  It seemed like a nice honest gesture of concern by Peggy wasn’t the least bit fooled.  She thought her mother wanted to hear some gossip, maybe Jennifer was wondering if the kid was missing an arm or something.

Mary was not the only one excited about baby Charles.  Carol and Michael could not help looking at him in wonder.  The long wait was well worth it.


It took forever to get her pregnant.  And every time she did she would have a miscarriage no matter how green her bar was.  I finally had to give them fertility treatments using Inteen.  I am also happy they had a boy, I wanted the name to pass down.  I already have to find interesting ways to pass down the Crabtree, Flores, and Duffy family name.

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Empty Nest

Most mothers would have been shocked if they came home to find out that their children had left without saying goodbye.  Virginia Duffy is not most mothers and enjoyed coming home to an empty, silent house.

Of course the house did not stay empty for long.  Virginia and Sara Simmions had been dating for sometime.  Sara had mad several comments about wanting to move out of the big city into a nice quiet suburb.  At first Virginia was hesitant, not only were the girls still there but she was still seeing Amin Sims on occasion.  Once the girls left she figured she could always go to Amin’s house when she wanted to see him.

The first thing that Sara did when she move to Oasis Valley was quit her job at the fast food restaurant and join the police force.  She also went out and got a new hair cut.

Virginia was enjoying having Sara around.  So much so that she did not see Amin nearly as often as she use to.  In fact, Amin was kind of hurt that Virginia did not invite him to move in instead of Sara.  Virginia couldn’t understand his hurt, she had never made him any promises.  Besides she was enjoying Sara’s less demanding nature and they even fell into a quite routine.  Virgina would work on her hobby while Sara would surf the web.

Sara was kind of surprised that people in the town had welcomed her so warmly.  There weren’t any gay couples in Oasis Valley and she thought that the towns folk would be wary of her and Virginia’s relationship.  When she went to Crabtree’s everyone treated her politely, even Virginia’s daughter Robin Duffy.  Sara was surprised that Robin was such a boring person especially when her mother was so interesting.

Robin did not find Sara all the nice or interesting either.  After meeting Sara she called her mother and tried to talk some sense into her.  But Virginia thought Sara was great.  Kimberly Duffy had told her sister that she was wasting her time and tried to concentrate on paying the bills while Robin and Virginia argued on the phone.


I don’t know why this update is so wordy.  When I was writing it in my little  it seemed to flow so much better, now it seems all disjointed.

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Functional Family

Patricia Vincent was a little hurt to find out that Mary McDaniel had a get together and she wasn’t invited.  Yeah, she was not a music person, but she was close to both Mary and Robert Schmidt.  In fact they almost treated her like their little sister (even though Robert went to a different school).  Robert, on the other hand, was happy that he didn’t invite Patricia to Mary’s house.  He didn’t know what to say when Sharon Crabtree took off her bathing suit and he sure did not want to explain that to Patricia.

Robert: But your were watching your brother.  Remember?

Patricia did remember, that she spent that Saturday sitting on the living room floor, trying to teach Curtis a song.  Curtis spent most of the time trying to escape to his toys.  How did that make up for a pool party?

While Patricia was babysitting, Craig Vincent (her father) was hard at work moving her room to the basement.  They had brought the house thinking it would be more than big enough for the three of them.  But now that they had Curtis the two bedroom was a little two small.   Craig was happy to get Curtis out of his room, now he and LaKisha could have a little bit of privacy.

LaKisha: That’s great to hear.

Carol McDaniel: I know I shouldn’t get too excited.  I have been down this road before but this time I have a really good feeling.

LaKisha: We all have our fingers crossed for you.

Carol: Thanks, you guys are the best.  The doctor wants to check me into the hospital for the rest of my pregnancy.  I don’t know about that.  Mary’s birthday is coming up and the farm is too hard to run with three people, it will be just horrible with only two.

LaKisha wanted to be happy for Carol and did not want this pregnancy to end like the last.  She advised Carol to follow all her doctors orders.

Not only did LaKisha had to worry about Carol and her health, but she also had to sit and listen to Jennifer Crabtree brag about her Asian vacation.  Jennifer barely let LaKisha ask any questions and when she finally left she could not help but wonder why she put up with Jennifer’s attitude.

Craig: Curtis! Stop jumping on the bed before you break it.


Doesn’t Curtis have such a devilish little smile.

I love this family they are so “Leave it to Beaver” like.  Nice simple and normal.  Maybe something will happen to shake it up a little.

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Wild Weekend

Mary McDaniel’s parents decided to spend the weekend in the city.  They claimed that they needed so time away from the farm and Carol McDaniel had a doctor’s appointment on Monday.  The whole family suspected that she was pregnant again.  Mary tried to hold down the fort by doing chores that had been neglected.

But once the chores were done, the house seemed rather lonely and the weekend stretched out in front of her.  So, she decided to call a friend.

Mary: Robert, would you like to come over and maybe go swimming or something

Robert Schmidt: Can my brother come?

Mary: Yeah, bring George along too.

Robert: Not George but Mark.

Mary: Umm…. yeah why not.

It wasn’t that Mary didn’t like Mark but his sense of humor was off, in her honest opinion.  ANd he had a way of making everything a joke.  That is why she was mortified when she slip and tumbled down the pool slide, to Mark’s delight.

Mart was beginning to think that inviting Robert over was a bad idea.  Not only did he bring Mark but Mark in turn brought along Sharon Crabtree.  Mary knew how Sharon’s mom, Jennifer Crabtree, felt about the Schmidt family and knew that there would be hell to pay if she found out that Sharon was at her house with the Schmidt boys.

It did not make her feel any better when Sharon took off her bathing suit and jumped into the hot tub with Mark and Robert.

Mary was happy when the food was ready and the other three teenagers got out the hot tub and turned the conversation to music, her passion.


I have no idea why Sharon took off all her clothing (it must have something to do with Inteen).  The boys didn’t seem to mind though, in fact they acted like there was nothing out of the ordinary.  Sharon and Mark have not bolts but they seem like a cute couple and get along great. I am happy that my teens are finally doing something interesting.

Also,  sorry for the lack of pictures but I thought that his deserved it’s on post and I couldn’t fit it in with any of the other stories that I have going on.

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