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Susan was exhausted, both mentally and physically. After the death of her husband and son she did not think that life could get any worse. But the powers that be were trying to prove her wrong. The boys were losing their minds. And now that she had decided what to do with the land left to her by husband, the workers couldn’t get anything right. She was left cleaning up after their messes.

When Virginia called and said that she found a nice guy for Susan, she didn’t complain she needed something (anything) to take her mind off the shop and her kids. Caleb Samuels, the guy that Virginia set her up with, was a little young but he was pleasant company. The dinner conversation made her forget to be stress.

The afternoon before her date she had a horrible argument with Mark. She was always arguing with Mark. Since the accident he had been doing poorly in school. She couldn’t understand what he was spending his time doing holed up in his room. But he refused to talk to her. When she tried to talk about college he just throw his hands up and stated that after high school he was done. No more school for him.

Susan had wished her troubles ended with Mark. But Robert who was always a sensible child was now giving her problems too. He didn’t think she was aware of the fact that he had a girlfriend. He never mentioned her but she heard him on the phone with her a lot. She even him get in the car with her when he was suppose to be sleep in his bed. Susan did not mention his sneaking out to Robert because she just didn’t want anymore yelling.

Of course she didn’t tell Caleb any of this. If her best friend (Virginia) didn’t want to hear it, why would he? After such a nice dinner Susan regretted having to back to her chaotic life. But she had a bakery to build and construction workers to supervise?

Even William was determined to cause her problems.

The Schmidt household is having issues, major issues. I have to send Robert on dates just to make him happy. But Marks issues are the worse.

That looks like it hurts.


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The Shoulder

James was not only there to provide a distraction to Michael in his hour of sorrow but he was also there for his best friend, Darcy Lee. Darcy had called James on the phone crying because she had just lost her job. James agreed to meet up with her after work so they could have a few drinks and she could take her mind off things.

James was happy to see Darcy laughing, he knew how much her job had meant to her and how down she was to have been let go. So what if she was laughing at his horrible bowling. At least she was laughing.

After bowling they decided to get something to eat and have a few drinks. Between the two of them they had a whole bottle of champaign.

Maybe they had to much to drink. Because while James was calling them a cab, she kissed him. He didn’t mind the kiss, not that he was thinking clearly in the first place. Never the less he kissed her back.

Neither James nor Darcy really remembered what happened next. Darcy woke up in the middle of night. James was sound asleep right next to her. They did not have any clothes on. Darcy gathered her things, quietly walked down the stairs and called a cab.

James woke up not to long after Darcy had left. He knew that whatever had happened the previous night was a total mistake. He only hoped that his friendship with Darcy would survive.

Darcy on the other hand thought that it was time for a whole life makeover. New look, new career and new friends.

This is the first time that any of my sims have dug up a treasure chest

All my male sims seem to love this workout out fit. It drives me nuts.

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Carol was trying not to get overly excited. The doctor said the baby looked fine. But her hopes had be bashed so many times before. Michael and Carol talked about it and decided that Carol would relax while Michael handled the farm and the store. So all she had to do all day was lounge around the house and sometimes go outside for walks of fresh air.

It was hard running the store and taking care of the farm almost completely by himself. But the most important thing was that the baby was healthy. But the family debt would not take care of itself. Michael never mentioned to Carol how expensive the fertility treatments were or how much the family owed on the farm. She already had enough to worry about.

Carol, Michael and Mary were excited. Carol was further along in this pregnancy than any of the others since Mary’s birth. They even knew that Carol was going to have a girl.

Carol had been throwing up more than normal lately. And while turning down the bed one night she felt a deep stabbing pain in her stomach. She quickly tried to wake Michael, who had been sleeping deeply after another busy day. Michael called an ambulance.

Carol was happy to have friends. LaKisha Vincent stopped by the house and listened as she babbled through her tears. LaKisha felt sorry for the McDaniel’s she knew how much they were looking forward to having a the baby. Jennifer Crabtree called and offered her sympathies. Carol was happy that Jennifer had not offered to stop by with LaKisha.

Michael also found relief with friends. He did not know James Wilson that well but James came into the store a couple of times and they had hit it off. When James called and invited Michael over, Michael jumped at the chance to get out of the house.

Mary on the other hand found comfort not in friends but in music.


I was really hoping that Carol’s pregnancy would end well. Her and Michael are old so with inteen it is harder for her to get pregnant. I had to use fertility treatments to get her pregnant this time. I don’t know she had a miscarriage. Most of her bars were in the green. Maybe it is her age.

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Dominique: He’s great you guys are going to love him.

Janet and Mildred had patiently sat through a 30 minute speech about what a great guy Anton Keyes was. The rest of the family had retired early and they (Janet and Mildred) wished Dominique would shut up so that they could continue to watch the movie

Upon meeting Anton, Victoria thought that he seemed like a nice guy. Dominique had invited him over to celebrate Jeans birthday with the family.

Jean was excited to finally become a teenager. She would be in the same school as her sister and brother. and they would stop making her leave the room when they talked about “grown up” stuff.

At dinner Anton engaged Mildred in a conversation about his work and asked her a lot of questions about school. Mildred quickly informed Anton that she hated school and that if any Hale was going to college it would be Janet (who loved school). Dominique agreed that Janet learning about foreign place and even took to painting pictures in Asian style.

While Mildred, Dominique, and Anton chatted, Victoria gave Jean a birthday makeover. Before they could make the big reveal Anton had already left. Claiming that he had to get up early for work.

Even though Anton enjoyed his time at the Hale house he had made plans for the evening and did not want to break them. Besides his other plans knew about his girlfriend, Dominique, and didn’t seem to mind.

Anton liked Kimberly because she was fun and spontaneous. She was not as straight laced as Dominique. Kimberly didn’t mind having late night dinners a a noisy club. The prefect girl to party with. While Dominique was the prefect girl to marry.

Kimberly didn’t care that Anton had a girlfriend. He was someone to party with. Being with Anton meant that she didn’t have to argue with her mother about when she was moving out.

Anton was the prefect distraction.

I really think that Jean is the best looking Hale. At first I thought that Dominique was going to be the pretty sister, but Jean aged so nicely. I don’t know what to say about Kimberly she is starting to turn out like her mother. Let’s hope that if she gets pregnant she has better parenting skills. I really did not intend to have a love triangle between the three but sometimes things just workout that way. Oh, well.

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Married Ladies Luncheon

LaKisha was so happy when Craig got home. Not that her lunch with Jennifer was a completely unbearable , but the woman was a little stuck up for LaKisha’s taste. Seeing Michael made some of her misgivings go away.

To further release some stress LaKisha thought that it would be a good time to take Patricia shopping. It had been a long time since they had some quality mother-daughter time together.

It took a lot of pushing and convincing but LaKisha got Patricia into a skirt. Patrica was an athlete by nature and felt that the skirt was a little too short and a little too tight. But her mother like it so much, she let her buy it.

Craig readily agreed to watch Curtis and Patricia while LaKisha was on her lunch date with the ladies.

LaKisha had asked Carol to invite Mary over to keep Patrica company. She had also invited Jennifer’s girls over too. But Jennifer said that they were busy helping out at the store after school. Patrica and Mary knew each other from school. Mary was older but did not mind Patricia’s excited non-stop chatter about the new room her dad was building for her in the basement.

When Carol arrived at the house Lakisha noticed that she looked a little pale and withdrawn. LaKisha was worried that Carol’s disposition was a bad omen on the rest of the day but she tried to seem happy and excited as she talked to Jennifer and tried to engage carol in the conversation.

Jennifer: Are you okay, dear? You looked positively ill in the car on the way here.

Carol: Yes, I’m fine. My stomach is just a little uneasy. I should be better after a bite to eat.

LaKisha: The food here is suppose to be really good.

Jennifer: I hope so, because normally I would never step into a place of gambling.

LaKisha: Umm. I think they only gamble at night.

Jennifer: It doesn’t matter. A lady must be conscious of her reputation at all times. A place like this could tarnish it.

Carol and LaKisha passed a looked between each other,to lose for words.

Jennifer: That’s way I do not let my girls socialize with those Schmidt boys, such terrible reputations at the school. You two should be careful about letting them around your girls.

LaKisha was finally happy when the meeting was over. Jennifer’s voice dominated the whole conversation and Carol remained silent throughout most of the ordeal. But there was a there was a surprise waiting for her when she got home that evening. Mary had talked Patricia into trying on her new clothes, changing her hair and putting on make-up.

It is really hard to remember the personalities of all my sims. I am going to have to come up with some kind of tracking method. I think that Patricia’s new look is so much more flattering than her old one. It makes her look more girly.

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Model Family

Jennifer was concerned. Ruth expressed no desire to go to college. She had said that she would rather run the family business. But it was done with so little enthusiasm that Jennifer had serious doubts. Dinner at the Crabtree house had become a tense affair. Jennifer would constantly ask Ruth and Sharon about their future plans and often times get vacant looks. Then the girls would direct the conversation to their father.

Damon was aware of the tension in the house. He also had the same fears about the future of his girls. He couldn’t understand were they had gone wrong. The girls all of the sudden lacked focus and motivation. To clear his mind Damon took up running. Most of the time he would run at night, usually right after dinner.

Ruth and Sharon didn’t understand their parents concern. They figured they had lots of time to decided what they wanted to do with their future. They had spent was much of their life being the perfect kids they now just wanted to relax a little. Besides, their parents were rich (and owned the towns only all purpose grocery store) and it wasn’t like their parents would kick them out of the house. It would cause too much of a scandal and their parents hated scandels.

From the corner of her eye Jennifer saw Ruth putting Sharon into a headlock. She wanted to scream at them to stop. But that would not have been a lady like thing to do. The girls need all the exposure to lady like behavior they could get. And Jennifer did not want her current customer Susan Schmidt seeing her acting like anything but the model of lady hood. Jennifer expressed her sympathies for the passing of both James and William. She planned to open a bakery, in Jennifer’s mind it was too soon to open a business her son and husband had not been died for that long.

Jennifer tried to influence Ruth and Sharon to think more of their future by introducing them to children she felt were appropriate. Jennifer liked Mary McDaniel, she helped her father on the farm, could play the piano, and was an all around nice girl. Jennifer was excited when Sharon said that she and Mary were going downtown for lunch. She hoped that some of Mary qualities would rub off on Sharon.

Jennifer: I just want my girls to meet people of good moral fiber.

LaKisha: Yes, it is important to expose children to good values.

Jennifer: Exactly. You would be surprised about the way children act these days. Why, even at the private school my girls attend, the standards have dropped.

LaKisha inwardly signs and wonders when it would be polite to make her escape.

Jennifer. Well anyways. I did not invite you over to complain. I wanted to set up a time where we could get together and go out, along with Carol of course.

LaKisha: I’m off on Wednesdays. We could meet up then and go downtown for a bite to eat.

Jennifer: Good, we could meet on Wednesday at your house.

LaKisha didn’t know how Jennifer talked her into meeting up at her place but she was glad the lunch was over. She couldn’t imagine how she would get through Wednesday.


It is really hard for me to make Jennifer a snob, because my natural tendency is to make all my sims like each other. But for some reason Jennifer and Susan don’t like each other. I can’t figure out why. Maybe they are trying to make things easier for me.

Sharon and Ruth really are not that focused. They are always goofing off at the store. I have to force them to do things. It is driving me crazy.

I could not figure were to work in Peggy’s transition to teenhood. So, I decided to add it here. She seems to be a little worried about her family also.

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Making A Match

Dewayne Hale Had been dead for a long time. All her children (with the exception of Jean) were either teens or adults. Victoria Hale decided it was time to get her groove back. She had always liked art and decided that she would spend one afternoon by herself exploring downtown art galleries.

While waiting for some coffee Victoria met a man named Armando Cox. They ended up hitting it off really well. Armando knew a lot about art and offered to walk her through the exhibit in order to explain some of the more popular pieces to her. Victoria happily accepted not because she really needed some to explain the art to her but because it had been a long time since she had any male attention.

Victoria was so inspired by her trip to the museum and her discussion with Armando that she decided to go home and try her hand at painting. She had originally brought the easel to keep the kids entertained but was finding it an excellent way to express her creative side and to just relax.

Victoria was not the only one in the Hale house finding romance. Dominique had been spending a lot of time working out. Whenever anyone mentioned the subject she would just avoid it. Stating that it was important to be physically fit.

Dominique was actually trying to make sure she looked good for her first official date with Anton Keyes. Dominique had met Anton while at lunch one day at work. Since then they would meet up at least once a week for lunch. When Anton asked her out on a date, Dominique was happy she had been waiting for him to ask her for a long time.

The date went well. Dominique lest the restaurant feeling sure that Anton would ask her out again.


The Hales were getting a little boring, especially Victoria. So, I decided to send them downtown and see if they could meet anyone interesting. They do and I am happy. I just realized that non of the pics showed Anton Keyes face. But I think that him and Dominique are a decent looking couple. Luckily Victoria is up there in years. So, because of Inteen she probably can’t have anymore children. Therefore I do not need to worry about what Armando looks like, his long nose won’t be missing up the Hale family photo.

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