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Susan decided that she needed to do something to honor the passing of her son (James) and husband (William).She decided to go though a period of mourning and to wear all black. To finish up the look she tied her hair back into a very conservative bun.

Suan also tried to engage the boys more. Robert was either in his room playing music or out with his friends. George sat on his bed and scared at old photos of his dad and twin brother (James). Mark on the other hand had become angry and would stomp around the house or do nothing but play video games all day. Susan tried to play video games with Mark but she was unfamiliar with the controls and he would get mad and yell “Your not as good as Dad”

Robert was really grateful for his friends. They seemed to understand that he needed to be detracted. They either would make sure to invite him out or go to his house to hang out. Mary McDaniel was the most understanding of them all. Maybe because her mother had several miscarriages and she was familiar with family pain.

Virgina and Susan had been acquaintances for sometime. When William and James died Virgina was nice enough to call the young widow so that she would have a friend to talk to. She even invited Susan to lunch on afternoon.

Susan: It’s hard. Especially raising three boys on my own.

Virgina: They are all pretty close to being teenagers. Aren’t they? I say when they become teens leave them alone. They’ll pretty much raise themselves.

Susan was a little confused and shocked.

Virgina: I say what you need to do is start dating again and soon. Forget mourning. Your husband died not you. Live and have fun, while your still young and hot.

George: Your birthday is soon.

Mark: Yeah, so.

Mark’s attitude about becoming a teenager was un-thrilled. The whole idea bored him and to prove it he declined both a part and a cake. Susan was hurt by this rejection but respected Mark’s wishes.

Robert’s found a new destruction. Something that required way more time than friends, a girlfriend. Ella Ryder was wonderful, she listened intently while he talked about his father and brother. And she wasn’t jealous when he decided to spend time with his friends even the female ones.

Susan was worried. Robert was never home even more so now that he had a girlfriend. George seemed even more lonely now that Mark entered high school and Mark had turned into a rebel. It seemed to her that just when the family was about to make it and enjoy life. The happiness was taken away. And to top it off she now owned a piece of land that she couldn’t even give away. As she sat and contemplated what to do about her kids and the land. She decided that she would start to follow her dreams and hope for the best. Susan was going to open an eat in bakery.


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William was excited, he was now a rich man. His kids were in an exclusive private school and his wife would never have to work again. He had enough money to be able to lots of things now. And he had decided not only to get into shape but to also to become a business owner. He wanted to open an entertainment store. Sell books, movies, cds, video games, the works.

William tried to explain his idea to his wife, Susan. But Susan thought that William should do something more practical with the remaining money. Who would come all the way out to Oasis Valley to buy a newspaper or video game. Susan did not only think the idea was bound to fail but she knew that if William opened this store she would be the one working their with him. And she had just begin enjoying lying around in the sun and socializing.

Robert was enjoying his teenage year. He was really popular, especially with the girls. So, when his father interrupted him while he was on the phone he was none to happy. William then had the nerve to tell him to put on a suit, they were going to meet with the contractors for the new store.

Robert tried to fake his excitement as his father described his ideas to the head contractor. But it was hard, he rather had been in the pool or playing his bass. Not talking about floor plans

William: We’re going to sell books, cds, and even video games.

Patricia: Really. That’s cool because now I won’t have to go all the way to the cd for that stuff.

Robert was kid of embarrassed when his parent jumped into the hot tub with him and Patricia. But Patricia was polite and sounded interested as his father went on and one about the new store.

One evening Robert informed Susan that the hot tub was not getting hot. Susan told William to call a repairman in the morning. But William insisted that he could do it himself. After cutting a few wires and replacing them with new ones, he decided to test out his handy work. When he clicked the power switch sparks flew up and ignited his swim trunks. He was instantly engulfed in flames.

The twins, James and George, were in the pool and saw their father catch fire. George ran into the house to call emergency services. James not sure what to do, ran to help William. William tried to get James to stand back. But James did not listen and found himself on fire too.

Susan was exhausted and devastated. Even though emergency crews had arrived in enough time to put out the fire that had consumed James. He stilled died at the hospital. William died before the crew could even get to the house. Susan decided it was best to appear strong for the boys. So, she would hide in the shower so they could not hear her cry.

George on the other hand could not control his sadness and cried all the time.

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Patricia was excited to be a big sister. Her mommy had not delivered the baby yet. But Patricia was sure that she would enjoy having a little sister. The only problem that Patricia could foresee was that now her mother was too tried to do almost anything and her father, Craig, had worn that it could get worse. Her mother’s lack of energy forced her to read her own bedtime stories, yet she was happy to show off how smart she was.

LaKisha knew that being pregnant was interfering with her personal time with Patricia, so she tried to get as much sleep during the day as possible. But even with her daytime naps it was still hard to collect enough energy to even get excited when Patricia was reaching the final level on her favorite video game.

LaKisha thought that she maybe should workout a little less. But she did want o loss her baby weight fast and the doctor said that the delivery would be easy if she was in good physical shape.

The moment finally arrived and of course it was during the middle of the night. Craig jumped out of bed, woken up by his wifes pained screams. He ran to the phone and called an ambulance, mentally making a note to save money for a car. Patricia rushed to her mothers sided, scared and not fully understanding that her mothers was in labor and the baby was coming.

LaKisha, Craig, and Patricia all agreed taht the late night commotion was well worth it. Especially when less than two days later both LaKisha and baby Curtis were allowed to come home from the hospital. Patricia was a little disappointed to have a baby brother but she got over it when he giggled at her.

Craig did not want Patricia to feel left out now that Lakisha was spending most of her time either sleep or with the baby. Curtis needed much more attention than Patricia did when she was a baby and LaKisha found herself exhausted from the late night feedings and diaper changes. So, it became Craig and Patrica’s little ritual to throw the softball around and then do homework.

Patricia’s birthday finally rolled around. The Vincent’s decided to celebrate it quietly. LaKisha was disappointed that they could not afford to put LaKisha into a private high school. Patricia on the other hand was just excited to be in high school and be able to hold Curtis without her mother hovering over her.

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LaKisha Vincent was amazed at how much little Jean Hale could talk. She had said hi to the Hale’s when she had passed by them at the checkout stand and now she was getting a slow blown description on the upcoming birthdays of two of her older sisters.

Victoria: Jean, please stop giving Mrs. Vincent the full run down on our family tree.

Jean: But Mama…

Victoria: Do what I say. Besides I am sure she wants to finish her shopping so stop.

Jean: Yes, Mama.

When Jean and Victoria got home, Dominique was reading on the couch and Janet was still trying to complete her homework. Victoria handed Dominique some money and informed her that when she and Mildred went on their outing downtown, she (Victoria) wanted her to pick out something nice for herself and her sister (Janet) to celebrate their birthday. Victoria could have done it herself but she had so much work to do around the house and she just did not have the time after work to go shopping (she wanted to be home at least before the kids went to sleep).

Dominique was excited to finally be able to get sometime to unwind. All her time was either spent at school, work, or studying. It was rare that she got time to relax. She did not really mind all the stuff she had to do. Because she knew in the end that it would pay off, and that with the little money she had sat aside she would be able to get her own place. Mildred on the other hand was just glad to be out of the small cramped house. While waiting to be seated at a table Mildred and Dominique talked about their future. Dominique was making plan to instate a social life once she had enough money to move out on her own. There were just too many people in the house for her to get any kind of privacy. Mildred fully agreed with Dominique regarding the lack of privacy and started to formulate a plan to convince Dominique to let her move in with her when she leaves.

Janet was excited that she was finally fully a teenager and her mother made it home just in time for her birthday. Mildred and Dominique had found her a really cool kimono at a store in the city. Victoria did like the kimono, but Janet loved it so she kept her mouth shut. Victoria knew that Janet wanted to travel and see foreign countries but since the family was just barely making it the kimono was the closest she was going to get.

Dominique celebrate her birthday quietly. Victoria had to stay at work late. Janet stayed after school to study and David was out with friends. So, Mildred and Jean watched as Dominique blow out her birthday candles.

Dominique: Ha Ha Ha. No more school for me.

David: Ha Ha Ha. Yeah but you are an adult woman that has to share a room with her mother. And now I get my own room. Since mama thinks I am too old to have to share a room with a girl.

Dominique did not like sharing a room with her mother, even though she had been doing it since Jane started school. But since she did not have an enough money to put a down payment on a new space yet she had to deal with it. To let go of some of her frustration Dominique mad David rake up the leaves when he returned home from school.

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Robin: Can you believe it? My sister thinks that I look plain. She wants to give me a makeover.

Mary: Well at least you get to spend time doing a little sister bonding.

Robin: We’re as close as sisters can get. I think she is just looking for an excuse to meet up with that freaky looking boy that goes to our school.

Mary *with a shocked look*: She likes him?

Robin: Yep. She has already met up with in the city once. She left the house while mom was on one of her dates.

Robin was not happy with Kimberly for using her to meet up with some boy. Kimberly tried to convince her that she really did need a makeover. But Robin was not buying it. Robin new Kimberly was looking for a reason to make a trip to the city and deciding out of the blue that she (Robin) needed a makeover was a prefect excuse.Robin would never admit it out loud to anyone but she thought that Kimberly took a little bit too much after their mother, Virginia. Apparently, Robin was not the only one suspicions of Kimberly’s motives. When both girls work up early in the morning and had breakfast ready for their her, after one of her overnight visits at Amin’s, Virginia was a little on guard and ready to defend her dates till the death. With that attitude in mind Virginia was shocked when Kimberly asked for some money to help Robin pick out some new clothes and readily agreed.

Kimberly was really proud in the way that her sister looked in the clothing that she had picked out. Robin had been really stubborn when they first walked into the store and refused to try on anything that she deemed either too short or showing to much cleavage. Getting really frustrated Kimberly throw a pile of clothing at Robin and told her to try it all on. While Robin was in the dressing room putting on the first outfit Kimberly ran outside to use the pay phone before her sister could notice her absence. Robin hated the first outfit she tried on, but Kimberly liked it and not receiving an answer from her call was in no mood for Robin’s modesty issues.

Kimberly snatched the outfit out of Robin’s hands and ran to the cash register to pay for the items. She was pissed. The whole reason that she planned the trip was to meet up with Jonah. Robin did need some new clothes, but Kimberly had only mentioned that so she could have a reason to come to the city. Jonah was suppose to meet them at the store and when he hadn’t shown up, she called him. He did not answer his phone. Kimberly couldn’t wait to give him a piece of her mind. Robin noticed the quick change in her sister’s mood and decided it was best to call a cab while Kimberly paid. Secretly, Robin was sort of thrilled that Johan did not show up. Kimberly tried to hid the fact that he was the real reason for the trip. But Robin new better. Especially when she poked her head out of the dressing room and saw Kimberly talking on the pay phone through the stores big front window.

Robin could her her sister arguing on the phone while she did her hair and makeup in the bathroom. It wasn’t that she did not want her sister to have fun, Robin just did not being used. Unfortunately, she realized that Kimberly would probably never learn her lesson.

Kimberly: How could ou stand me up!?

Jonah: I did not want to watch you and your sister shop. I had better things to do.

Kimberly: Better things to do!? I called you while my sister was in the dressing room. We could have left soon after she had finished. You did not even answer you phone/

Jonah remained silent on the other end. Girls digged the silent treatment.

Kimberly: When are yo ever going to be able to date a girl like me again? (she slammed the phone back on it cradle with saying goodbye to Jonah on the other end).

Robins was glad when Mildred came over. With her sister stomping around the house and her mother never home the house was not fun at all. Mildred was a great friend, a little selfish, and listened to all her problems or a game of kicky bag. The only time that she interrupted was to ask for a recommendation on where to buy her sisters, Dominique and Janet, a nice but cheap birthday present.

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Carol: Thanks for coming to the opening day.

LaKisha: No, problem. I need to get some fresh fruits and vegetables. With a baby on the way, I want to start eating healthier.

Carol: Your expecting how exciting!!

Carol was excited for LaKisha and her news. But at the same time she was feeling a little sad that she was not expecting a baby also. Carol tried to keep a smile on her face and not wallow in her own self pity.

LaKisha: On the phone you mentioned wanting to talk to me about something.

Carol: Oh, yes. Jennifer Crabtree wanted to know if you would like to go to lunch one day soon.

LaKisha: That sound nice. I would love to join the two of you. You are going too? Aren’t you?

Carol: Of course. I would never stick a friend alone with Jennifer.

LaKisha: What’s the matter with her? I have met her husband and kids at the grocery and they seemed nice enough.

Carol: The kids are great. But Jennifer and Damon are a little on their high horse. Jennifer has a habit of making compliments and insults at the same time. It is kind of disconcerting. Especially for someone who is not use to it.

LaKisha and Carol headed into the store. They spent several minutes looking of the fruits that talking about LaKisha’s pregnancy. LaKisha was really impressed with the work that the McDaniel’s had put into their little fruit stand. She felt kind of guilty bring up her condition but she was excited. Her and Craig were not planning to have another baby, but it would nice to have a little one in the house. Patricia was fast approaching her teenage years and LaKisha was going to miss having a child around. Carol was not to good about masking her hurt look when LaKisha had announced her pregnancy and LaKisha noticed it. So, when Craig joked about LaKisha getting suckered in to an afternoon of terror with Jennifer. All LaKisha could master was a little laugh and weak smile.

LaKisha: I know Jennifer may just be a little snotty. But think about all the connections that she has.

Craig: She is way out of our league, LaKisha. We are never going to be as rich as that woman and her family.

LaKisha: I know, honey. But think about what she could do for the children if she really likes use. We might even be able to get her to write a recommendation for Hills Dale Academy.

Craig: How do you expect us to afford Hills Dale Academy? It ain’t free or cheap.

LaKisha: Maybe there are scholarships or something. Stop being so negative. Think of the children. All I have to do is be nice. If nothing comes from it than no harm done.

Craig: Other than wasting an afternoon.

LaKisha decided to postpone the lunch until sometime after the baby was born. It was really hard for her to find the energy to do the basics around the house. It took Craig almost a week to get her to agree to go to the City for a family dinner. Maybe he was tried of her burning food and messing of the food. Craig even convinced LaKisha to go bowling before they headed out for dinner. Patricia had never been before and Craig had promised her that they would go as a family. Once the baby was born. It was going to be hard for them to get out the house, especially for a night on the town.

LaKisha: Did you see, Kimberly all up on that boy?

Craig: Leave it alone, LaKisha. That is Virginia’s child, she needs to take better care of them.

LaKisha: Do you even think she knows. Kimberly is way to young to act like that. And that boy looked like trouble.

Craig: Sometimes, I think that you are blind. Virginia is your best friend. You know what she is like. What could you expect from her children.

LaKisha: I think that I am going to tell her when we get home. Ginny has a right to know what her daughter is up too.

Craig: Do you really think she cares? LaKisha, You give her way too much credit.

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Playing Nice

Some how I lost the writing for this post.  I really wish I knew what I did with it.  But I can’t find it or remember what it was about.

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