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Season: Winter
In this post: Jennifer Crabtree, Sharon Crabtree, Tyson Dawn, Mindy Schmidt, Jason Wilson, Chris Merrick, Josh Merrick

Things in Mindy life were moving at warp speed.  Everything seemed to be happening to fast, changing without notice or her consideration.  The only thing that she knew for certain was that the adults in her life were going crazy.  That was the only explanation, the only reason that her mother would all the sudden announce that Tyson was moving in.

The only one that seemed to think that craziness was the only reasonable explanation for her mothers actions was her.  None of her closest friends seemed to agree.

“Well, how else do you explain it?”

“It’s simple, Amanda.” Jason was the only person that called her by her full name.  Everyone called her Mindy expect when she was in trouble.  Jason was the only other person that insisted on calling her by her full name, he called everyone by their full name.   Sometimes, she had a hard time telling when he was being condescending.

Maybe he just had a major personality flaw, which is was what Chris suggested.  That Jason had a problem relating with people his own age.

“She’s in love.  She wants to move forward with her life.  You didn’t really believe that your mother would pine for your dad forever?  Did you?”

“You know, Mr. Smarty Pants.  Sometimes you can be a real ass.” Chris said not giving Mindy a chance to respond.

“What?”  Jason sounded confused.  Mindy could tell by the look on his face that he was searching for the reason that anyone would be offended by what he had said.

“Not everyone has a television family like yours, Jason.”  Josh snapped.

“I’m only stating the truth.  Statistically speaking, couple who become parents while teens don’t make it.  It’s almost inevitable that they would break up.  Add in a kid and the odd that they will stay together after 5 years is almost null.”

The sound of Jason’s alarm going off interrupted any further conversation.  It was their warning that the school bus with the little kids should be showing up in about 10 minutes.  That it was time to put on her babysitting hat and watch her cousins Becky and Danny.  It was now her job to watch them every Tuesday and Thursday while their mother helped out at Just Desserts.

Mindy watched from the boys make their way home on foot from the bottom of  front steps of her porch.  She sat quietly and waited for the bus.  Tapping her feet and trying not to think about the fact the in less than one week Tyson was going to move in.  That in less than five days she would have to get use to not only sharing her house but also her mother with another person.  She never realized how accustomed she had gotten to it being just the two of them.  Adding a third person into their space just seemed unnatural.

The sound of the bus pulling up jolted her out of her musing.   She jumped up from her spot on the step and made her way to the bus to greet the twins.

Danny award her effort by running pass her barely mumbling a barely audible  “Hi.”

Becky followed him at a normal pace stopping to reach out for a hug.


“Are you nervous?”

“Nervous about what?”  Mindy answered, they had been silent at the table all night.  Not a word passing between them.

Sharon had been cleaning the house nonstop, clearing invisible spider webs from the corners.  Lamenting the fact that there furniture was not of better quality even though it had served their purpose well for years.

Mindy wondered if her mother was more worried about what the matriarch of the family, Jennifer, than about Tyson.  Tyson had seen the house a couple of times before and still wanted to move it.    She had a feeling that her mother was more nervous about what her grandmother would say about Tyson than what Tyson would say about the house.

And since she can’t fix Tyson, she is fixating on the house.

“Mom, you have done everything that you can.  Grandmother is going to love Tyson and she is has been her plenty of times.

“Not nervous about lunch with Mom.  About Tyson moving in?”

“Oh.”  Mindy tried to come up with something to say that would be reassuring for the both of them.  “No.”


Jennifer pulled Mindy into a tight hug, holding her close she whispered low enough only for her to hear, “Don’t worry.  You can always come stay with us.  I don’t know that silly child of mine is thinking.”

Mindy cringed.  The glance that Tyson throw in their direction indicated that he had heard what Jennifer had said.  Not that Jennifer cared, she had not made any effort to lower her voice.

“You know sometime, Sharon.  I really worry about you.  You barely know this guy.”

“Mother, really.  We’ve been together for two years.  If I don’t know him by now then I’ll never know him.

Jennifer started to speak but Sharon cut her off again.  “I’m a big girl, Mother.  I know what I’m doing.  Have a little faith in me.”

Jennifer couldn’t help but worry about Sharon.  Sharon had always been her most impulsive child, running off  on a whim to do whatever caught her attention.  Jennifer was convinced that was how Sharon ended up with Mark Schmidt.  His bad boy appearance and sad eyes drew her attention.  Sharon got carried away.  So, far away that she shocked her parents when she announced she was pregnant.

Now years later she finds herself sitting across from Sharon’s new boyfriend, she couldn’t make herself believe that impulsive child was now a responsible women. Sure Tyson’s travel stories were exciting but was he ready to take care of her daughter and granddaughter?

“I wish you would think about this more, Sharon.”

“Mother.  He is moving in.  It’s already settled.  For once, can you have a little faith in me?”


  • I had so much fun editing this one. Before editing it I thought that it was missing something.  Hopefully, whatever was missing has been found.  
  • Sharon is finally moving on.  I was trying to wait for her to roll the want to marry Tyson.  She hasn’t rolled it yet but based on her personality I thought him moving in would be prefect.  Maybe marriage will come next.
  • Mindy doesn’t have the much longer in the teen stage, but there is a lot going on with both sides of her family at the moment.  So far, she is holding up well.  Hopefully, she can keep it up?

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Mr. Goody Goody

Season: Fall

In this post: James Wilson, Kellie Wilson, Jason Wilson, Mindy Schmidt, Darcy Merrick, Joshua Merrick, Christopher Merrick

There was once a time when Kellie thought the suburban housewife life was boring and stupid.  If anyone would have said that she would end up spending her days cleaning house, visiting neighbors and talking to the dog, she would have laughed in their face.  Her life was meant for adventure and excitement.  Not for meal planning and PTA meetings.  Kellie watched the dog chew on his rubber bone and reflected on how much her life had changed.  She was no longer trying to stay ahead of the law.  Now she was Mrs. Wilson, military wife and suburban mom, waiting for son and husband to come home.

It was no longer her job to scout people out.  To watch them and learn their weakness.  It was no longer her job to exploit them and the law for her own personal gain.

Now her job was more law-abiding but just as hard.  Try cheering up a man who spent most of his adult life in the military after he gets demoted for making a bad decision.

Or cheering on an overly ambitious college bound teenager when all you want to do is hold him tight and never let go.

No, the life she led now was not boring or stupid.  It took planning and work to keep it all together and get a fresh, hot meal on the table every night.


Jason would never have guessed that his mother had a criminal past.  If someone would have even implied it he would have laughed.  His life was very ordinary.  His parents were ordinary.  The did ordinary things, like dinner with friends.

He gladly followed their lead.

After school, he would change out of his uniform do his homework, then walk to the Merrick house to hang out. They called him Mr. Goody Goody because he went home first to do his homework and change out of his uniform.  Instead, of being like Mindy, how brought clothes with her and changed at the Merrick house.

Jason, didn’t mind the name.  It just cemented the fact that he was ordinary, or boring as they called it.  He liked his life that way, orderly and predictable.  Everything nicely planned out, going according his plan and schedule.

It may have annoyed his friends, when their parents used him as a point of comparison.  He worked hard, he had plans.  His was starting his senior year and headed to college.  He wanted to work in Education once he graduated university and only hard work would get him to his goal.  He had no time to screw up.  Mindy, Joshua and Christopher were younger, had more time to correct any low grades on their report cards.

Jason made sure never brag about his achievements.  He tried to keep them to himself, especially when around his friends parents.  He hated the look that would come into their eyes when his scholarships were mentioned.  They always looked ashamed of their own lack of achievements.

“He just got another scholarship.” Mindy said when Ms. Merrick asked them how school was doing.  Mindy had no problem bragging about Jason’s achievements, she didn’t mind if Josh and Chris would hear it once they left.  She was hearing it everyday from both of her grandmothers.  She wanted someone to share in her pain.


“Your going to lose, cupcake.  We owe you one for the other night.”  Josh teased.

“Shut up, Joshy. ”  Mindy warned concentrating on the pins trying to line up the ball.

“You know the rules, sweetheart.  No mentioning Mr. Goody Goody’s achievements in front of the Moms.  You are now banded from Casa de Merrick.”


Yes, his life was ordinary.  He went to school, did his homework, and hung out with friends, and then went home to study some more.

“Don’t you have a paper due tomorrow?”

“Mr. Wilson, lighten up.  Your not a school teacher, yet.  Learn to live a little.” Mindy never took her eyes off the pinball.

Ordinary just the way he liked it.


  • Nothing much happens in the Wilson house.  So, I tried to focus more on Jason.  But Jason is just like his parents, boring.
  • Jason should be going to university next round.  I couldn’t decide if I should send him early, this round. He is smart enough.  In the end I decided to hold him back a little so he has the opportunity to get more scholarships.
  • I am always envious when I see other people’s teens and all the stuff that they do.  My teens normally just go to school and work.  They never really do anything or go anywhere.  I am trying to change that a little.  So, I am creating groups of friends.  This is the first group.

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Season: Fall
In this post: Angelica Alexander, James Wilson, and Kellie Wilson

Coming back to Oasis Valley hadn’t been a choice she wanted to make but she was out of options. Her friends had been nice enough to let her crash at their place when Dennis had first got arrested and she was too embarrassed to show her face around Oasis Valley. Now that her pregnancy was showing their hospitality was starting to wane.  None of her friends had children of their own and started tp act like being pregnant was a contagious disease spread through the air.

That’s how she found herself  back in  Apple Common getting out of her best friends car in front of the house she use to share with Dennis.  She didn’t even know what to expect when she opened the door.  She hoped that the DA hadn’t thought that she had abandoned the tiny structure and removed all the items.  For a second she second guessed the reason that she left the house, a little embarrassment wasn’t bad for anyone.  Angelica thought bad at her life and all the times she ended up embarrassed over some guy.  She should have been use to it now.

She opened the mailbox hoping to find only bills, even if her bank account was still frozen the DA not willing to release her funds until after the auction and everything was settled.  Angelica  opened the door, struggling with the stack of letters in her hand.  She pushed open the door, the air in the room stale for lack of ventilation.  Her eyes roamed the area, delighted to see everything right where she had left it.  They hadn’t  cleared the furniture out yet.

There was an envelope sitting in the middle of the couch, her name neatly written on the front in permanent marker.

Dear Ms. Alexander,

You were originally informed that the property was to be confiscated by Winter of this year.  As planned all property in the house will be put up for auction this Winter.  We plan to have the auction in the middle of the season.  You will be given advanced notice of the date and time.  So you can have adequate time to prepare.

Please note all items on the list on the next page are consider property of the City of Eaton.  If items are lost, stolen, or damaged you will be responsible for their replacement cost.


Darcy Merrick,

Secretary, Eaton District Attorneys Office

Of course, things would get worse, that was just the kind of life she was having.


Angelica woke up from her nap with a craving for an ice cream sundae. but a quick glance at the clock told her it was too late to go to Crabtree’s for the snacks. There was also the fact that her feet were swollen twice their normal size, she didn’t have a car and Crabtree’s was a long walk from her home. Deciding to forgo ice cream she headed down stairs and grabbed the phone, settling on Chinese.  Not caring that paying the extra for delivery to Oasis Valley will drain her bank further.  She then dialed the Wilson’s.

“Hey, Kellie.  It’s Angelica Alexander. Ummm…..”  She paused nervous, hating to have to ask for help. “Dennis told me to call.”

Kellie was not surprised to her Angelica on the other line.  Dennis had phoned her house collect a couple of days before and called in the favor she owed him.  “Yes, Dennis called early.  We know all about it .  James and I will be over in a few, we were just waiting for your call.”

Angelica waited in the quite living room, trying to plan out what to say.  What to ask for.  She hated asking for help, it always made her feel weak and she hated feeling weak.  The doorbell rang making her jump,  she opened the door please to find the delivery driver on the other side.  She was grateful that it wasn’t the Wilson, pleased that she would have more time.  “Don’t worry about it.  I’ll take care of it.” a deep voice bashed her hopes.

She looked down the street and saw James and Kellie Wilson headed her way.

While James paid for the food, Angelica and Kellie talked in the living.  Kellie watched Angelica face as they made small talk, looking for any indication that they other woman knew something.  Dennis had ensured her that Angelica knew nothing, that her secret had been safe with him.  Kellie didn’t trust him at all and watched Angelica every little move.

The sound of the door slamming as James entered the house interrupted their conversation.  He sat the food on the kitchen counter, walking over to Angelica barely taking the time to greet her before he bent forward and started talking to her belly.

“James, leave her stomach alone and come eat some of this Chinese food.  She ordered enough to feed an army.”

They sat in silence, eating their meal and watching television.  Angelica was having a hard time figuring out how to ask them for help, tactfully.  Her normal mode was  blunt but the Wilson’s were a nice suburban family a breed she had never dealt.”

She reposition her chopsticks in her hand.  How did she tactfully ask for help?  What did she ask for?

James was out when Dennis had called, Kellie informed him of the conversation.  At least the part where Dennis had knocked up Angelica and the girl was having a hard time.  The first thing out of James mouth was  “Maybe, she just needs a place to stay while she gets back on her feet.  She can stay in our spare room.”  Which Kellie had fully anticipated, knowing her husband and his feeling towards Dennis.

Kellie studied the younger woman from the moment she opened the door.  She didn’t trust that Dennis had not told Angelica all about their past or the favor she owed him.  As she watched Angelica the other woman’s  body language confirmed that Dennis had told her nothing.  That the other woman was struggling even to ask for their.  Angelica’s body language was stiff and unsure, her eyes refusing to look directly at either James or Kellie.  

Kellie launched into a speech.  She explained that she and James were about to offer up their guest room.  But with a baby on the way the space would be way too cramped.  Instead, Angelica and the baby would need their own place.  She told Angelica that she would help get her into a home.  She would even wave her normal commission.  On top of that they would act as cosigners (if need be) and if she needed any furniture, Angelica could have the bedroom set in there used guest room.

“You would do all of that for me.”  Surprised by the generosity of the couple.

“Of course.  It’s not your baby’s fault Dennis got himself in such a bad mess.”  James chimed in.


  • This update was originally scheduled for yesterday but I needed to do some editing to make it coincide more with the last update.  It takes me longer to edit than it takes me to actually write.
  • Angelica will be moving into a new home just in time to have the baby.  Kellie is going to wave her normal fee and with the little bit of money that Angelica has saved she will be able to purchase the home, a little bit of furniture and stay home with the baby (with the help of the Welfare Career).

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Loose Ends

Season: Fall
In this post: Shirleen Smallwood, Todd Smallwood, Nathaniel Smallwood, Kellie Wilson

Warning: Lots of text, few pictures.

Curiosity and spite propelled her there. Kellie knew she should have probably just left well enough alone. She tried, she really did, tried to keep her mind occupied by reading the newest bestseller. It wasn’t until she realized that she had read the same line 4 times that she gave up.

Kellie grabbed her keys and headed to the door, barely taking the timeout to yell “I’m going for a walk” to James and Jason.

She didn’t have far to walk. Just about a block down the street. Not even enough time to convince herself to turn back around and go home.

“Sorry to bother you. I was just taking a walk and thought I’d stop by and say hi.”

“No bother at all. Come in, we just started dinner.” Shirleen stepped back, opening the door wider.

Dinner went as expected, conversation mostly centered on their children and the new park opening in a week.

At one point little Nathaniel even blurted out, “I’m about to get a little brother.”

“Nathaniel, what did we say?” His father Todd said with a warning in his voice.

“Todd, don’t be so hard one him.” Shirleen interrupted. To Kellie. “We’ve been thinking about adopting, since the Kaukers had such a good experience. Not definite yet. Nathaniel is just excited.

Dinner ended and Shirleen walked Kellie to the door.

“You know, I feel bad for her.”

“Who?” Kellie questioned, knowing the answer already but playing innocent. Watching Shirleen’s face as her eyes looked across the street.

“Have a minuter?” Shirleen answered slowly closing the door and gesturing to the living room.

“Marylena. That’s who, I feel sorry for. Sure Caleb Samuels is a bad man but his wife and children didn’t deserve the punishment they got. Being forced out of the city, in seclusion to escape the press.

Kellie listened politely. Not pointing out the Marylena owned one of the most expansive houses on the block and was waiting for Caleb’s old car to get out of impound so she could drive around.

“Then only to realize that you moved across the street from the DA that handled his case. I’m sure the poor dear is just happy the case is officially closed.

“Officially closed?” Kellie felt the excitement build up.

“The city has decided not to go further. We know there are others involved with the crime ring. Two guys couldn’t have pulled it all off by themselves. Dennis and Caleb aren’t talking and they’re the only ones that know most if not all the people involved.. So, the DA’s office has decided to give up since it appears that the ring has disbanded and the public is satisfied with the outcome.”

“Well, it’s getting late I should leave.” Kellie rose from the couch. “Good luck on your adoption. If you decide to do it. And see you at the park opening, if not sooner.”

She walked out the door, eyes straight forward, locking on the right front window of Hamilton’s house. She could see a shadow back quickly away and smirked.

Everything from now on should be smooth sailing.

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What They Do

Season: Summer

In this post: James Wilson, Kellie Wilson, Jason Wilson (14), Charles McDaniel

“Are you sure you want to go to Pennington?” Charles questions. His mom had sent him over to the Wilson’s’ with fresh fish caught earlier that day in their pond.

“It’s way better than Eaton High. Besides a private school like Pennington academy will make my college application, that much more impressive.”

Charles was impressed by Jason’s ambition. College was never on the books for him, not only because his mom couldn’t afford to send him but also because he didn’t want to go.

Charles left and Jason headed into the house to prepare for the arrival of the headmaster.

James was out in the front yard making sure everything was tidy, when he arrived.

“We’re headed to Asia, for about a week.” James said, trying to make sure the headmaster knew how much they cared about their sons development.”

The headmaster seemed impressed overall. He assured Kellie that the school would call and inform them of their decision as soon as they made their final selections.

“What if we miss the call?” Jason was anxious and impatient to know his Pennington Academy results.

“The headmaster knows we’re on vacation, Jay. Either he’ll leave a message or call back.”

(The rest is picture spam and some text)

“He’s growing up so fast” Kellie was worried, not about if Jason got into private school but about him growing up.

“That’s what they do. Grow up.” James replied, wiping sweat from his forehead.

“Did you see them? They were falling all over each other.”

“Kellie, honey, that’s what teenagers do. They flirt.”


  • This was a completely want based update.  Jason had the want to get into private school and James had the want to go on vacations.
  • Besides Kellie’s little side drama the Wilsons are a pretty bland family.  They are all knowledge sims and mostly want to skill all the time.
  • None story related nerd stuff.  I just learned how to change the font color in WordPress.  I am super excited.

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Back & Forth

Season: Summer
In this post: Kellie Wilson, Marylena Samuels

Her days were all pretty much the same. After sending her husband off to work and her son off to school, she pretty much had the day to herself. Ever now and then she would have to go show a house but her days were predictable.

She enjoyed the predictability. After watching the drama unfold with Dennis Hernandez and Caleb Samuels, she was happy to have her freedom, her routine Kellie could barely look at her past and believe that she enjoyed the fast life. Luckily, she learned her lesson without losing a thing.

“I always knew you were trash but I never actually expected to catch you rolling around in the dirt.” The feminine voice interrupted her routine

“What do you want, Hamilton?” She hated when her workouts were interpreted, especially by hussies like Marylena Hamilton.

“It’s Samuels.” Marylena threw back.

Kellie couldn’t believe her ears. She had read in the paper that Caleb had a wife and kids. Not once did it cross her mind that Marylena would be the wife.

“Stupid enough to take it and keep it.” Kellie enjoyed watching Marylena turn her back on her. She even heard her suck in her breath.

“I didn’t come here to argue with you, Wilson. The only reason I’m standing here is because I need a new place.” Marylena hated that she had to deal with Kellie. She didn’t have any choice in the matter though, so she sucked it up.

“The city getting to hot for you?” Kellie could help taunting the other woman.

“Just show me what you have available, Wilson.” Marylena said throwing her hands up in frustration.

Kellie really wanted to tell her to get loss but showing and selling Oasis Valley homes was her job. That didn’t stop her from taking her time showering and changing. While Marylena waited outside in the front yard.

The first house Kellie took her to see was a spacious two bedroom.

“Show me the next place.” Marylena said, getting tired of Kellie’s presence.

“The only other house that we have will probably be out of your price range.” Kellie couldn’t figure out what it was about Marylena that rubbed her the wrong way. “You know, with the police taking all of Caleb’s money and worldly possessions.”

“Just show me the next place.”

The only other house that was available was just next door. Marylena made sure she walked in front of Kellie. She didn’t want the other woman to see the toll that the back and forth was having on her.

“This just might be it”

“You haven’t even seen it, yet. How do you know its the place.” Deep down hoping that this was the place Marylena wanted.

“This is actually a great house. Nice and spacious. Plenty of room for the little spawn to run around.” Now really trying her best to sale Marylena on the house. “You neighbor across the street are a very nice professional couple. They have a son. Right next to them is a lesbian couple and their daughters.”

“This is prefect, I’ll take it.” Marylena said when they finished the tour in the attic.

As Kellie walked back to her house she couldn’t help but smile. She had just sold Hamilton a house right across the street for the lawyer that put her husband in jail. Priceless.


  • Kellie and Marylena really don’t get along with each other ingame.  I have had them interact several times and their relationship scores are still in the low 30s.  I think it is because they both slept with Caleb Samuel and even though they don’t know for certain.  They are pretty sure he was sleeping with them at the same time.   In a nutshell, it’s all about jealousy.
  • The house Kellie sold Marylena is right across the street from Shirley Smallwood.  Shirley was the DA that was responsible for sending Dennis Hernandez and Caleb Samuels to jail.  It’s sort of a cruel joke, for Marylena to have to look at Shirley’s house everyday and vice versa.  The lesbian couple is Emily Saunders and Mildred Saunders (formerly Hale).  Emily is currently pregnant with another set of twin girls.
  • On a side note Marylena Hamilton cleans up really nicely.   When she is a NPC she just looks horrible but with the right outfit, makeup and a nice hair cut, she ends up beautiful.

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Don’t Get Caught


Members of Household: James Wilson, Kellie Wilson, Jason Wilson

Featured in Post: James Wilson, Kellie Wilson, Jason Wilson, Dennis Hernandez, LaKisha Vincent, Charles McDaniel

She heard the footsteps walking up the stairs onto the little porch but thought nothing of it.  It was probably just the paper boy dropping off the morning collection of magazines and newspapers.   She didn’t even bother to take a peek out the window to make sure.  She just continued about her daily chores.

The doorbell startled her out of her routine.  She tried to take a subtle peek out the window but the visitor had moved out of range.  She gave up trying to see who it was and walked to the door.  Maybe it was LaKisha coming over for a morning espresso or someone interested in one of the three remain prefabricated homes.

She would have never guested or expected it to be him, Dennis Hernandez.  Dennis and James had once been best friends but over the years the friendship had waned.  So, she was kind of shocked to see him and was about to tell him that James was at work when he stated, ‘we have business to discuss” while still looking down the street not even bothering to turn around when he spoke to her.

Kellie doesn’t answer him or invite him in.  She just slowly turns around and heads to the espresso machine.  Working the bttons and pulling the knobs.  Giving herself a minute to collect her composure.  Business?  What business did htey have to discuss? Their business had concluded years ago.  Before the birth of Jason and the boring security of family domesticitivity.

“Quite the little Stepford wife, you’ve become”  Dennis jokes.  As he watches her prepare the drinks.

Again, Kellie didn’t respond, she just turned her back to him and headed for the table.  When did he become so aggressive?  So cocky and snarky?  Where was the over confident dofus she had met years ago.  More importantly where was the women she had once been?  The go getter, ready for anything, take action girl.

“Hello, anyone home?”  once again interrupting her thoughts.  “Old age must be getting to you.  Let’s get down to business.  I don’t have all day.”

She tried to gain control over herself… over the whole conversation “I don’t know what you are talking about, Dennis.  We have no business.”  She knew when the words left her mouth that they sounded weak and had tried to gain just slipped out of her hands.

Kellie sat with a horrified look on her face as Dennis laid his cards on the table.  The DA had found out about the crime ring and had linked it, and Dennis, to a murder.    The DA had offered him a deal and he was going to take it.   The only question that was left was who was he going to take with him to prison.

“I have nothing to offer you” Kellie replied “We’re up to our necks in home loans”

“I love James,  he is like a brother to me.  So, I’m not asking for money, at least not now.  I have a friend who is going to need some help very soon.  I want you to help.”

“Help with what?” Kellie questions.

“Whatever, is needed.  You help and I make sure that James, Jason and the DA never find out about you last profession.  At least not from me”


Kellie was unnerved by her talk with Denni.  She hadn’t realized until that moment how much her “normal” life had come to mean so much to her.  She couldn’t bear it if something were to happen and Jason and James found out about her criminal past.  She didn’t want either one of them to carry the burden of her crimes.  What would Jason’s friends think if they knew his mother was a criminal.

Kellie thought she was doing a good job of hiding her worry.  But James sensed something was wrong and took her out on a surprise date.  LaKisha Vincent agreed to come over and watch Jason.

“What’s wrong, babe?” James asks.

“Nothing,” Kellie tries to reassured him “Nothing at all”.

“If it was anything serious.  You would tell me.  Wouldn’t you?”  He questions again, with a uncertain look in his eye.

“Of course” she replies reassuring him, again, and lying at the same time.

He reaches over and their hands touch.  For that moment everything was all right.  Dennis and his threats were briefly forgotten.


  • Kellie came out as a more sympathetic character than I was hoping for.  I just started writing the update and it got away from me.  Maybe it is her age that is making her soft, like Dennis said.  She will be an elder in round 10 (if my notes are correct) and maybe her personality is changing with her age.
  • Dennis is morphing too.  He has decided to shed the stupid, image and show how smart and deceiving he can really be.  Maybe it is the reality that he is facing a lot of years in jail.
  • Jason aged up during this round.  But as always somehow it just didn’t fit into this update.  The more I look at this custom skintone the more I hate it.  I can’t wait for it to get breed out of the bloodline.   Also, Jason looks so much like Kellie, I was hoping he would favor James a little more.
  • Random Outtakes: When I sent James and Kellie to Eaton for dinner I caught this little gem.

Yes that is Dennis Hernandez’s live in girlfriend Angelica Alexander making out with Brandon Lillard.

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