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Long Lost Friend

Season: Winter
In this post: Craig Vincent

If someone ever asked what made Craig do it, he wouldn’t have been able to answer.  It started out as a mild curiosity, a popup ad on the computer.  A click.  A filled out registration form.  A profile and a then a picture.

A random bout of boredom, he told himself.  He just wanted to see what was out there.

The he received a message, followed by another.

There was nothing wrong with responding, it was just over the internet.

Besides it made him feel good.  Made him feel young again.

That was were it was suppose to end, harmless flirting through the computer screen.

Until he received an invitation; short and brief.


Let’s meet over dinner.  My treat.


He stared at the screen only for a second.


Love to.


Craig never once thought about canceling.  He had forgotten what the feeling of new romance felt like.  Back in the day he had been a wild one.  Before LaKisha, the daughter, the house in the boondocks, and the son.  This feeling that had been lost for years, and he wasn’t sure that he wanted to let it go.

“Craig?  You look just like your picture.”


A touch.

A hug.

He welcomed that feeling like a long lost friend.


  • Finally, some interesting drama in the Vincent household.  This family has been pretty plain since the start of the hood.
  • Craig’s primary aspiration is Romance.  For the last couple of rounds he has had the generic want to date and woohoo.  I figured that since they were directed specifically for LaKisha that he wanted to go outside his marriage for romantic interaction.

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Helping Hands

Season: Winter
In this post: Craig Vincent, Leo Deppiesse. Patricia Vincent, Curtis Vincent

“Really, Dad? Really?” Curtis questioned as he watched his father pull a book from his jacket pocket.

“First you make us walk here because you don’t want to waste gas.  Now you pull out a book.  What the hell?”

“Shut up , Curtis.”  Craig warned reading the same sentence for the fifth time.

“I don’t think I have ever seen you read a book.  Let alone while walking.”

“Shut up, Curtis.”

“I don’t think you are making the statement you think you are making.  If you’re going for the whole ‘I disapprove of you marrying my daugther’ vibe.  Maybe you should have brought a gun.  Not a book.”

“For the love of all that’s holy.  Shut up, son.”

When Patricia had asked him to help Leo to set up their future home he had said yes.  He didn’t wanted to spend time with his future son-in-law, but he had a hard time saying no to his little girl.

He closed the book that he had been trying to read on the walk over.  Curtis was right it was kind of silly.  Taking the steps as slowly as possible, he came to the front door and opened it.  Not bothering to knock.

“Oh, for crying out loud.”  Craig stopped in his track taking in the scene before him.

“Curtis was right.  I should have brought a gun.”

Leo hid the jump rope behind his back as quickly as possible.  This is not the way he had planned it.  Today was suppose to be the day he bonded with his future in-laws but instead he got caught jumping rope in his empty house like a little girl.

“Jumping rope is good for the cardiovascular system.”  Leo said by way of explaination.

“Yep and it also make you look like a little bitch while you’re are doing it.”  Curtis joked patting Leo on the back as he surveyed the little one bedroom cottage.

“Whatever”  Craig grumbled before heading towards the single bedroom.  “Let’s change and get his over with.”

While Curtis and Craig changed, Leo set up the paint cans.  He and Patricia had searched dozens of stores and home repair centers before they found just the right decor for their new place.

“Where is the beer, Leo?”  Curtis asked heading for the fridge in his work clothes.

They had a few beers.  Then started painting and putting up wallpaper. While the conversation was limited, Leo did welcome the help.  Craig’s years of experience in construction make everything go by quickly.

They stopped only for lunch and a few more beers.  While Leo checked to se if the movers where on their way with the funiture.

They had told him they weren’t far away but after hours of waiting and nothing more to do.  Curtis and Craig baled on him.  Not an hour after they were gone the funiture movers showed up dropping the contents of his new house on his lawn before speeding away.

“No overtime .  Sorry, man.”  The driver of the truck said when he tried to complain.


Leo had told her, the house was not quite ready for her to see.  Her father and brother had avoided her questions when she asked.  Worried, she stopped by and decided to take a look for herself.

“You just couldn’t hold your horses?”  Leo smiled when he answered the door.  “Could you?”

From the doorway, it looked good.

From the inside, it looked great.

From the bedroom it looked even better.

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Any Excuse

Season: Fall
In this post: LaKisha Vincent, Patricia Vincent, Leo Deppeise 

There was nothing that annoyed Patricia more than when clients stood over her.  Professionalism dictated that she squash the urge to yell at them to back up and stop violating her personal space.  Professionalism dictated that she smile up at them and pretend that her heavy flora perfume wasn’t choking her.

Professional also dictated that she not yell at the bosses youngest son for playing computer games on full volume during work hours.  Nepotism was part of the business world, keeping her cool just proved she was professional.

Glancing at the clock, she hoped that lunch time would arrive soon.  She didn’t think she could take much more of Richardson & Sons today.  The boss, employees, clients were all annoying her today.

Everyone of them, except Leo.  Patricia caught glimpses  of his red shirt as he worked at one of the drafting tables.  She wondered how he was coming along with the garden plans for Mr. Richardson’s new house in Oasis Valley.

She sat down her pen and headed to the drafting stations.  Just to check on the plans, not to escape the sounds of blasting firearms coming from the computer next to her..

“Your mom will be here in a minute.”  He hadn’t believed her, when she said she told him she was checking on the plans.  She had seen them earlier in the day, and they were almost exactly the same, Leo had only made minor changes to the foliage.

“It’s still hideous and pink.  And we still have to take credit for it.” He half joked as Patricia looked through the plans on the bosses new wife, Ana, insisted the draw up.  A huge pink monstrosity that everyone joked about when the boss and his sons weren’t around

Leo watched her as she looked over the plans.  Using this moment to stretch his legs and give is butt a rest.  He felt like he was becoming attached to the chair, he had been sitting on it all day.  “Your mom is here.”

She dropped the plans and ran out the door.  Grateful to finally be able to make her escape.

Leo watched the two women from his window view before sighing and turning back to his work.  Wishing he had an excuse to cut the day short, he really had stuff to if he wanted to finish Patricia’s surprise on schedule.

They were suppose to head to lunch first but somehow her mother talked her into stopping by the dress shop first.

“Stop complaining, Patricia.  Clothing stores close earlier than restaurants and it is on our way.   Besides, you want your stomach as flat and empty as possible when trying on wedding dresses.

Try on dresses, she did.  For hours.

Until the sells girl finally told them the store was closed, the first store.  The only store they had time to look in.  They walked to a restaurant nearby for dinner.

“We’ll just have to keep looking.” LaKisha said, taking a final look at the menu.

“How about tomorrow.  I can leave work early.”


  • After staring jealously at other people’s sim weddings. I decided to do a proper one this time.  I am even going to try to do it on a community lot.
  • I also created a career lot, Richardson & Sons is for all the Architects.

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Season: Summer
In this post: Craig Vincent, LaKisha Vincent, Curtis Vincent

They hadn’t been out as a family in a long time. When she had first suggested they have dinner in Eaton on a Friday night, Curtis complained.  Stating “But Friday is prime dating time, mom.  What about Sunday morning brunch”.

“If you spent a little less time dating and more time focusing maybe Jennifer Crabtree wouldn’t have suspended you for a day without pay.

That shut him up fast and got him to agree.  It  didn’t stop his annoyed expression but at least he refrained from commenting during the drive or and once they were seated at a table.

The primary reason for the family dinner was LaKisha fustration by the lack of communication in the family.  It seemed that everyone had a secret, even Patricia.  How had always told her everything, after her talk with Curtis she had suddenly gone mute.  Patricia claimed that Curtis refused to tell her anything.  LaKisha wanted to believe her, but nothing else explained the guilty look that crossed her daughters face everytime she looked at her.

She decided to start the conversation, since it seemed like no one else would.  “Anything exciting happening?”

After a moment and silence and head shaking, Craig spoke up “Curtis and I brought a business.”

His statement was met with silence, even Curtis didn’t comment.  He looked out the window like something fasitnating was happening beyond the glass.  LaKisha and Patricia were saved from trying to formulate a response by the arrival of their food.  After the waiter left they exchanged shocked glances.  Each of them pleading with their eyes for the other to say something.

“We’re opening a video arcade.  We figured that when the kids that live in Oasis Valley become teens they are going to need someplace to hang out.”  Curtis looked at Particia for reassurrance, not couragous enough to look in his mothers direction.  Patricia avoided looking back at him, at lost of what to say or think.  She was sure that they were planning a trip for LaKisha not throwing money into a business.  A video arcade was not the surprise she was expecting.

“And you two didn’t think to consult me before you invested my retirement money into a video arcade in the middle of nowhere.”  LaKisha kept her voice, trying not to draw unwanted attention to their table, but they all could hear the anger coming through.

Patricia tried to break the tension by saying the first thing that came to mind.  “Leo and I are getting married.”

Craig didn’t seem to hear her declaration as he explained himself to his stunned wife.  “LaKisha, honey.  It’s for our future.  For the kids future.  It’s something that can be passd down from generation to generation.  A constant source of income.  Wait… What did you say, Patricia?”

“Congratulations, Patty.  You have won the Most Shocking Announcement of The Night Award.  Your prize is a slice of cheesecake courtsey of the father-of-the-bride.”  Curtis joked signalling the waiter for the dessert menu.


  • LaKisha didn’t get the Far East vacation she wanted but she is now the proud owner of a Video Arcade called X Games.  Doesn’t she sound excited.
  • I thought I took more picture of the lot but I didn’t here are two.  They don’t really show the layout of decor but they are the best pictures that I have.

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Season: Summer
In this post: Leo Deppiesse, Patricia Vincent

“I know the outside is not great. The view of the water compeletly makes up for it and it was pretty cheap.” Leo said listing all the fine points ofthe cottage he had recently purchased.  Gauging Patricia reaction as he pointed out each feature.

“This is the prefect little place for a young professional starting out.”  Patricia surveyed the space, judging if Leo’s stuff would fix.   It would, he didn’t have a lot.

“You haven’t seen the bedroom, yet.”  He took her hand and pulled her through the bedroom door.”

Patricia turned in circle, visualizing a double bed right below the window.  “This place is the prefect size for….”

“Us.”  Leo completed her sentence.

“We’ve talked about this already, Leo.  I’m not shacking up with anybody.  Even you.”  Patricia let go of his hand and took a step back.

“I’m not asking you to shack up with me.  I’m asking you to be my wife.”

Patricia hugged him, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck.

“You’re right, this is the prefect little place for us.”


  • Patricia and Leo finally get engaged.  I try to wait until my sims roll the engagement/marriage want but it is so hard.  It seems that none of my sims want to marry.  I think I am going to have to come up with a new system.

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Season: Summer
 In this post:  Craig Vincent, LaKisha Vincent, Patricia Vincent, Curtis Vincent

LaKisha could here them whispering from the bathroom as she brushed her teeth. She turned for the tap water in to get a better listen,  their voice were to low, barely audible in bathroom.  Lately, the frequency of Craig and Curtis whispered conversations started to increase, if either she or Patricia came in the room they would instantly fall silent or try to change the subject.

She waited until she heard chairs scrape against the hard wood floor of the dinning room. She listened for the sounds of chest drawers opening in her room, sound for Craig preparing for work before leaving the bathroom and approach the door to Curtis room.

Trying to appear bored, not wanting to come off as too curious, LaKisha inquired, “What are you two planning?”

Curtis demeanor was mercuric, constantly changing in a flash,  this time was no exception.  His once relaxed shoulders hunched and his hands landed above his hips.  “Nothing, mom.  Can’t we just talk without you having to know everything.”

“Don’t get so defensive, Curtis.  I was just asking”


Patricia didn’t know how she let her mother talk her into this.  She tried not to pry in her brothers affairs.  If he wanted her to know he would tell her.  She was just as curious as her mother to know what was so sensitive that neither her father or her brother would mention it to them.  Her mother’s insistence that she prob Curtis for information caused her anxiety.  Patricia had trouble approaching Curtis at times, his mood was unpredictable and while she handled it better than her mother, she still had a hard time predicting how he would react.  Her best weapon was to get him to relaxed, when he was relaxed he was easier to deal with.

Once the game was finished they head to the cafe for burgers.

“Theses burgers are awful.  Why did I let you talk me into eating here?”  Curtis covered his mouth, pretending to gag.

“Because your lost, wimp, and the winner gets to pick the meal”  Her tone joking and light, matching his. Patricia watched him between bits of burned burger.  She was  to hungry care that it was burned to a crisp.  Patricia had spent most of the morning hatching her plan, skipping breakfast.

“What are you and dad planning?  Are you planning some kind of surprise for mom?” Patricia watched a surprised look come over his face.

“What?  What makes you think that?”

“Well….  You and dad have been really secretive lately and you won’t tell us what you are planning.  Are you planning something for their anniversary?  Maybe that trip to the Far East that she keeps hinting about?”

“No, no we’re not.” Patricia watched him, trying to make eye contact.  He refused trying his head every which way, but in her direction.

“If you say so.”


  • This is the first of three post in a three part Vincent update.  I tried to do it in two parts but the cut off was more natural in three.  As a result, each update will be pretty short.  It was the only way I could do it.  This family was really busy this round.
  • Have I every mentioned that Curtis his at the top of my favorite list.  I love him.  I don’t know if it is because he was my first born in game character or what?  But if he appears on a community look.  I will pause the game and take a picture of him.

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Hear Me Out

Season: Spring
In this post: Craig Vincent, LaKisha Vincent, Curtis Vincent, Laura Brass, Carol McDaniel, Jenner Crabtree

Warning kind of long

“I really wish you could talk Curtis into going to college” LaKisha stated, as she hook Laura’s hand.

Curtis had decided not to follow in his older sister’s foot steps and attend college. His parents were disappointed, well mostly LaKisha was disappointed. Craig, his father, didn’t share his opinion on the subject but Curtis had a feeling that his father didn’t really mind all that much.

“Are you really sure about this.” Laura asked. “You know your consular said that even though your grades are not great and graduation is just around the corner. You might still qualify for university. Why not just fill out the application and see what happens?”

Curtis liked it when she worried about him, she would bite her bottom lip and make the cuties face. He smile, “Have a seat and I’ll tell you all about my plan.” He gestured to the floor.

He waited until she was settled and took a seat across from her “I have a plan…. I am going to own a whole slew of night clubs.”

“Don’t laugh” He pouted, when Laura smiled and let out a little giggle when he told her his dream.

”Like my dad said . It’s going to be a hard curved road but I can do it. You just wait and see”


”How does it feel to join the old ladies club?” Carol asked as LaKisha opened the door.

”It’s not that bad. At least now I get discounts on clothing every Wednesday.” LaKisha responded.

LaKisha had invited both Carol McDaniel and Jennifer Crabtree over for lunch, as a little belated birthday/girls gathering. She had spent her actual birthday at home having a nice quite family dinner.

They sat and ate lunch together catching up on the latest gossip and happenings. It had been such a long time since the last time they all were together. There was never a moment of silence throughout the whole meal.

As they were sitting on the couch LaKisha remarked, “It seems like just yesterday they were playing with toys. Now all of them are adults. Except your Charles, Carol.”

”I can honestly say that I am happy to have survived the teenage years” Jennifer commented “I thought I would expire after that whole Sharon incident.”

“Charles has been a dream. Mary was one, too. I never had a problem with either of them.” Carol said leaning over to knock on the coffee table hoping not to jinx herself.

“Patricia was a dream, also. But that Curtis was and still is difficult.” LaKisha put in, pausing to think about how different her two children are. “I don’t know what goes through that boys mind sometimes”

”I will say this” Jennifer offered. “Curtis wasted a perfectly good education. Some children would love to get into Pennington Academy. Yet, Curtis is barely graduated and didn’t even bother to apply for college. He wasted my recommendation, they may never trust my judgment again.” Shrugging her shoulders with a huff.

There was a long awkward silence before Carol “Now matter what anyone says a book can’t teach you parenting. No matter how many books you read and kids you have. It will always come down to trial and error.”

LaKisha nodded in agreement.

Jennifer frowned.


The house was quite. Lately, quite had become its normal state. All of them worked but when they had free time, Patricia and Curtis preferred to spend it in Eaton.

Curtis was spending his time taking side jobs as a DJ. Now that he graduated from high school, he was able to DJ in clubs that had served liquor. He still worked at Crabtree’s because he needed the cash but djing would keep him on what was the hot and allow him to see how successful clubs operate.

That left Craig and LaKisha at home alone must night.

“She was being a really good friend when she recommended Curtis for Pennington. A nightclub owner. Have you ever heard of a sillier thing. Where is he going to get the money to do that? He’s sure not going to earn it working at Jennifer’s. Her friendship is golden but not that golden.”

“That’s not fair. I’ve listened to Curtis’s plan and it seems doable. I think you need to be a little more supportive.” Craig said coming to his son’s defense.

”I am being supportive. I’m supporting our son in being realistic.” LaKisha countered. “Who is going to give a kid who barley graduated high school a loan?”

Craig decided not to answer her question. Instead, he began shoveling food in his mouth. Hoping to get dinner over as soon as possible.

They got up from the table and headed in two separate directions. She headed to the living room to catch up on her reading, he to the computer. They seemed to be doing that a lot lately, heading in different directions.


Patrica was blissfully ignorant of her parents predicament. Instead, she was having dinner with Robin Duffy. Robin had asked her to dinner to make amends for her attitude.

“It’s so nice to relax after a hard days work”

”I just wanted to apologize for how I reacted when you stopped by my place.” Robin said, pausing to sip her water.

“No, need to apologize. I didn’t take it personally.”

“I do need to apologize. I reacted badly and took my anger out on you. I consider you as a friend, More than just my supervisor. And I should have treated you act of kindness better.”

Patricia was relieved that Robin apologized. She regretted that day when she stopped Robin’s housing, feeling as if she had butted her nose where she was wanted. To know now that Robin it as an act of kindness, relieved her mind.

With the apology they enjoyed their dinner. Just talking and catching up.


Back at the house, LaKisha pasted Craig on the way to bed. It was pointless to ask if he was going to join her because it became his habit to stay up into the wee hours of the morning on the internet.

She laid on her bed fully clothed. Listening to Craig tap way at the keyboard and reflected, on her life, career, children, and marriage. And couldn’t but there was a accurate handbook somewhere to tell her what to do.


  • I decided to focus this Vincent update of LaKisha. At first it was Curtis because he is my favorite. But LaKisha was demanding to be in the center. Maybe because more of the Vincent updates surround either Patricia or Curtis.
  • Curtis didn’t have a want to go to college but I had a desire to see what he would look like as a young adult. So, I decided to make him a guinea pig and see if I could get YA to work in my hood. So far so good. I’ll have to wait until I play the house in the next round to see if he stays that way.

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