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Season: Winter
In this post:Dorain Kauker, Allyn Kauker, Kenneth Tyson, Teresa Flores-Tyson, Jose Flores-Tyson

Kenneth had been coming to the house everyday for weeks.  Trying to prepare them all for this moment.  He knew that one day he would have to step back into the role of father.  He just never expected it to come so sudden of fast.  Never expected it to happen like this.

How could one expect something like this.  Elevators just didn’t crash.  It almost never happened.  The one time it did it took the life of a child, someone’s father, and even a grandmother.

He would have thought that by now he would have gotten use to the unexpected happening to him.  But everytime it happened it was a shock to his system.  It stopped his heart and like the most powerful earthquake imaginable it knocked his world off it’s axis.

Never to be the same again.

“Are you sure?”  He couldn’t seem to stop asking that question even though their answer was always the same.

Allyn and Dorian looked at each other.  Knowing that Kenneth did not mean any harm.  He just didn’t know what else to say.  They knew, he knew from experince that all the condolences in the world would not make their pain go away.

He was trying to offer them an out.  A way to back away from their plans.  A way to lessen their pain and the childrens pain.  They had looked at it from every angle and had come to the same conculsion each time.

“We love them like they were are own.”  Dorian explained again.  His voice deep with plain.  “But we have to go.”

“Kenneth, we are not doing this to hurt them.”  Allyn voice was pained.  Kenneth hate himself for bring up the subject again.  “But the memories here in this house.  This town.  Of Cephus.  Of Maria.   Are two much for me.”

He hadn’t expected that the mention of her.  This was about them and their son but of course her memory would still be there.  Their family photo hang proudly behind his back.

“I know.  I just…”  He paused not sure where to go from here.

“I just want you to know that you’ll always have a home here.  If you decide to come back.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll go get the children. So, they can say their goodbyes.”


  • Have you ever written an update and looked at and then realized that it needed to be changed?  Then after analyzing it for days you realize that you don’t now how to change it?  This was that update for me.  I have been looking for this for a couple of day and I wanted to change something but couldn’t figure out what.  So, I gave up and pushed published.

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Season: Winter
In this post: Dorian Kauker, Allyn Kauker, Kenneth Tyson, Teresa Flore-Tyson, Jose Flores-Tyson, Cephus Kauker

The ringing of the phone startled Dorian, he sat down his morning paper and went to answer it wondering who was calling at such an early hour. They normally never received calls in the morning. In fact, the morning was one of the quietest times in the house, the only time of the day where he could sit back and relax with the sound of children laughter, angry, or tears. Will there was when the boys were asleep but by than he was too tired to read the paper.  By than all he wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep.

He had been worried that the call was from the station and they needed him to come in early, he enjoyed his morning breakfast with his family.  It was almost like he had always dreamed.  Early mornings with the wife and kids, expect two of the kids weren’t his and were holding out hope that their father would return soon.

He answered the phone with a “Good morning”.  Dorian hadn’t expected the voice on the other end.  Kenneth only called at night, after dinner right before bedtime.  He listened and answered at all the right moments, before ending the call with a “Have a nice day”.

“Who was that, dear?’  Allyn asked him as he walked into the kitchen.

“Kenneth.”  He paused preparing himself of the questions he knew she was going to ask.  When she remained silent he continued.  “He wanted to know if he could come over.  When the kids get out of school.  I invited him to dinner.”

“Tonight?” She never turned around, just kept stirring the omelet batter

“Who to diner, Uncle Dorian?”  Teresa’s had a habit of startling him, she was much quieter than the boys.  Jose and Cephus made it a point to announce their arrival by bouncing down the stairs.

“Kenneth, your Father.”

Dorian couldn’t remember the last time he seen her smile so wide, or her eyes light up so bright.  His heart broke more, the Flores-Tyson children had been through a lot in the past couple of years.  It had been a long time since Jose or Teresa had seen their father in person.

Teresa talked more at the breakfast table that morning than Dorian or Allyn could remember her talking in all of last month combined.  She was the silent one, keeping everything in, never letting anything out.  This morning she was a chatter box, no she was a nagging.  Teresa lectured Jose on being on his best behavior, when their father arrived.  She warned that his and Cephus loud ways might scare Kenneth away and he would never want to come back.

Allyn tried to keep her tone light when she said.  “Teresa, dear.  I’m sure your father will welcome the noise.  It’s rather quite were he is now.”

She snapped her mouth shut, realizing she had almost gone too far.  The last thing she wanted to do was remind them that their father was in a rehabilitation center, recovering from the accident.  At least that was what they lead them to believe.  Thinking it was much easier than letting them knew that he was really in an Impatient Counseling Center,  his grief forcing the doctor to put him on heavy medication and strict counseling sessions.


Teresa could barely contain her excitement on the bus ride home.  The bus driver threats to write a detention slip did not stop her from jumping out of her seat and running to the door of the bus before it made a complete stop.  Hoping that her daddy was there waiting for them.

He wasn’t but Allyn and Dorian were there waiting as was custom, with arms open  to welcome them home from school.

Jose and Teresa sat on the couch in the living room, running to the window and taking a peek outside every time they thought they heard tires traveling down the street.

“Maybe, my dad heard wrong and he is coming tomorrow.” Offered Cephus when an hour had passed and no taxi had arrived.

Cephus wanted Kenneth to show up, for his friends sake, but the wait was killing him.  He rather play hide and seek instead of wait and was about to suggest a game when the sound of a car slowing down reached them.

Teresa was the first one out of the door, yelling “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” at the top of her lungs before finally launching herself into Kenneth’s arms.  She held on tightly, only letting go when he pulled away to have a good look at her.

Jose arrived at a slower pace, remembering his sister’s warnings during breakfast and wanting his father to be happy to see him.

Dorian watched the reunion from the top of the front steps only interrupting because Jose didn’t have on a coat.  “You’re just in time, Kenneth. Dinner is ready.”

Kenneth, Teresa, and Jose took their time following Dorian into the house.  Arriving to the dinning room as Allyn sat down the last bowl of chicken soup. Once settled, Dorian noticed how Jose and Teresa choose to seat next to Allyn instead of their father.  Needing her warm presence to soother their excited nervous energy.

The children kept up a constant flow of chatter about friends and school.  Filling Kenneth in on everything that he missed since the last time they talked on the phone.  When the meal was over Allyn and Dorian ushered Cephus upstairs to give them private time.

There was so much Kenneth wanted to say to them but words escaped him.  He settled for just cheering them on as they battled each other on a racing game.

When Allyn came down the stairs and tapped her watch indicating bedtime a wave of regret washed over him.  All the things he had planned and rehearsed on the ride over were left unsaid.  They would have to wait until the next time he could get a pass to leave the center.  At least he got to enjoy hearing them talk and he could see for himself that they were doing as well as Dorian and Allyn had said.

They said their goodbyes.  Jose making him promise to come home soon, before giving him a kiss goodbye.


  • I updated the Flores-Tyson family page with a current Family Photo.  Maria is not in the picture because she died before the end of the round, which is when I took all the pictures.   But I couldn’t resist getting a picture of the whole family together before I offed her. *Excuse the bad Photoshopping.*
  • I debated about which photo to use as the official on.  It was between the one above or this one.

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I’m Home

Season: Summer
In this post: Dorian Kauker, Allyn Kauker, Thea Hardy, Kenneth Tyson, Maria Flores-Tyson, Teresa Flores-Tyson, Jose Flore-Tyson

“Do you think I should change my hair.?”

Thea glanced at her. “No your hair is fine. Why do you want to change it?”

“I don’t think it’s motherly enough.”

“Motherly? It’s Fine. Your worrying over nothing.”


“What if he doesn’t like us?” Allyn worried.

“He has already met us.” Dorian relied, now use to Allyn’s constant stream of worrying. “In fact, he told the social worker and the judge, that he wanted to stay with us.”

“What if he hates our house. It’s so small and the foster home has a huge back yard. What if he sees our tiny little house and decided he would rather stay in foster care?”

“Allyn, love, stop worrying. He loves us. Yes, our house is small but we’ll get something bigger. Just as soon as some more homes are built. I highly doubt that he will want to go back to foster care because we don’t have a backyard.”

Of course Dorian was right. She knew that she was worrying unnecessarily. The adoption was finalized already. He was their son. Yet, she couldn’t help but worry. She couldn’t sit still, any longer, so she rose from the couch and started to clean. Again. For the third time.

She had just settled on the couch with a book, when she heard a car stop in front of the house. She froze, the moment she had been waiting for was finally here and she couldn’t seem to remember how to mover her limbs

Dorian was the first one off the couch and out the door. Allyn got up more slowly using the time to put the book away and gather her emotions.

“Welcome Home, Cephus.” Dorian partially yelled emotionally.

Allyn didn’t make it outside. Cephus came running into the house to her and reached up for a hug.

“Mommy, I’m home.” He said into her ear.


Allyn was surprised by how quickly and completely Cephus took over their lives. She couldn’t remember what the house had been like before he arrived. Nigthly, she spoke to Maria and they shared the joys of motherhood.

Maria had kept her family away from the Kauker house in order to give them time to bond with their new son. Allyn had told Cephus all about the Flores-Tyson family and he had been begging her to invite them over so he could play with their son, Jose.

“You look positively radiant.” Maria commented on the warm glow of Allyn’s skin.

“I’ve never been happier.”

While Maria and Allyn were chatting, the children were introducing themselves. Teresa was unimpressed by Cephus and headed into the house. Cephus walked over to greet Jose.

The boys hit if off immediately.

They even found enough space outside to play tag. Dorian and Kenneth kept a watchful eye on them just in case a car came by. Which was unlikely but the wanted the boys to be safe.

They let the boys wear themselves out before Maria and Kenneth decided to head home. But first they had to promise that Cephus could come over to the Flores-Tyson house the next day.


  • The Kaukers are one of my non-playable families.  But I had already had Allyn call the adoption agency at the end of their play session last round and had already decided to do an update about it.  The Kaukers will become important later on this round. That’s the  only hint I am giving.
  • I think Jose and Cephus are going to be the best of friends.  They really did hit it off and both had friends wants for each.
  • I love the read bedtime story interaction.  I don’t use it that often because it doesn’t do much but make great pictures

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Season: Winter
Members of Household: Dorian Kauker, Allyn Kauker
In this post: Dorian Kauker, Allyn Kauker, and Brandon Lillard
It was like a dream come true, this chapter in her life.  She had met a wonderful prince after kissing so many frogs and toads.  Even though they didn’t have a grand wedding, opting instead to go to the justice of the peace, she still felt like a fairy princess.

It didn’t matter that her prince was a little bit past middle age, so was she.  It didn’t even matter that his hairline was receding, he wore it with pride.  All that mattered was that they were in love and when they danced the world felt like it was made just for them.

In reality the world wasn’t made for them and they were living in the real world not a fairy tale.  With real life came worries and problems.

“What if I can’t concieve?.”Allyn’s brow furrowed, tears starting to well

“Don’t worry.  We have options.  We’ll be parents.  I promise.” Dorian said reaching over and rubbing her hand.  Maybe he really was a prince.


Dorian wasn’t a prince, he was a detective having received a promotion just weeks ago.  Everything had seemed to fall into place magically.  First, the wife.  Then the promotion.  Now all he needed was the baby and he, rather they, would have everything they ever wanted.

He was confident that they would have a child one day soon.  His confidence made it possible for him to wake up the morning of Allyn’s test results and go to work.  He was sure that no matter what Dr. Lillard said they would have a child of their own.  He told Allyn not to worry they had been blessed so far and would continue to be, then headed off to work.

Allyn didn’t share Dorian’s confidence. She was worried that the results  would be bad and their dreams would be bashed.  It didn’t help that Dr. Lillard seemed to be procrastinating when she asked him about the results.  His words were “There is no hurry.   Time won’t change the results.  Let’s enjoy lunch, then get down to the nitty-gritty.”

“Have a seat, Mrs. Kauker.” Dr. Lillard instructed almost as if they were in his office and not her living room.

“No… no.  I’m too nervous to sit.” Allyn countered, walking back and forth moving around the little area nervously.

“If you insist.” He said, rubbing his palms on his knees.

“The results, please.” She stopped in front of him, looking at the top of his head.

He looked up at her and simply asked “Have you considered adoption?”


When Dr. Lillard left she curled up on the couch and cried herself to sleep.  He was final in his diagnosis.  She couldn’t, wouldn’t conceive based not only on her age but also abnormalities in her uterus.  She tried to control her emotions but the tears fell and she collapsed on the couch where she eventually slept.

The sound of the keys rattling in the lock woke her up.  She wiped her hand across her face.  Wanting to hide her disappointment.  But quickly gave up.  Why should she hide her feelings?  Life had poured salt into her lemonade.

That’s how Dorian found her, curled on the couch looking cried out. He gathered her into his arms and held her as she told him everything through bouts of tears.

“No worries.  We’ll just call the adoption agency tomorrow.” He said when she was done. Kissing her tears away.

That night after dinner when they had settled in for the night, she worried.  What if the agency didn’t approve them? What if they said their home was too small? Or they were too old?

Dorian said not to worry and she was trying not to.  A smile suddenly lit her face as she thought of pushing her new daughter on a swing.


  • Allyn Thomason finally got married but because of her age she most likely will not have children.  Her try for a baby percentage is like 9% or some super low number.  They have already called the adoption agency and hopefully will have a new child next round.  They will be the first couple that I have had in Oasis Valley to adopt a child.
  • Brandon Lillard is the hood fertility doctor.  He was the doctor that implanted both Emily Saunders and Mildred Hale with babies.   I am thinking about setting him up with an office and stuff but I haven’t decided yet.  Well, see how everything progresses first.
  • Random Outtake: Why is Allyn bird watching in the house?

  • Question Time:  How do you handle with name changes on your blog labeling/categories? I normally label my post by household name and round number.  So technically this would be post would be under Thomason and Round 8.  But now that she is married and has taken Dorian name I don’t know if I should keep it as Thomason or change it to Kauker or do both?

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Round 7: Fall

Members of Household: Allyn Thomason

Allyn was beginning to settle into her new life.  She still hadn’t been able to find a real career, but she was no longer flipping burgers either.  Now she was waiting tables and that was a giant step up in her book.  Her new job allowed her plenty of time to enjoy her sewing.  She had worked her way up to sewing teddy bears and was wondering what to do with them all when she finished.  Maybe sell them online or something.

One of the joys of living in Oasis Valley was how often Maria was able to stop by.  Allyn loved hearing her stories about Teresa and Jose.  The stories were always funny and heart warming even if they did reminded her of her childlessness.  She was always surprised to see Maria go, the house seemed so empty when she left.

Allyn: It’s time for you to go already?


Realizing that it was crunch time and if she didn’t take some kind of chances now and fast che would be a spinster for the rest of her life.  Allyn singed up for an online dating site.  She had been a little worried when she placed the ad because the dating site had been free and someone told her that free sites had slim pickings.

She could not help but smile when Dorian Kauker showed up in front of Just Desserts and introduced himself as her lunch date.

They had a lot to talk about.  They both were looking for the same thing, marriage and children.  Dorian wanted to recreate the family life he had when he was a child.  A close family, winters infront of the fireplace and summers hiking and fishing as a family.  As he talked she just listened, he was perfect.


Apparently Dorian thought that she was prefect too.  Because he invited her out every chance he got and she gladly accepted. Some of the dates were nice and romantic.  But most of them, the funniest ones, were nice and easy, enjoying each others conversation and company.

Dorian never bored her.


  • Not  much ever really happens in Allyn Thomason’s life.  Hopefully Dorian will be the one for her.  She is old so I don’t think that she will be able to get preggers.  This might be the first sim in my game that has to adopt a child.  During the first incarnation of this round, I had Allyn adopt a child.  She got a little girl by the name Scarlett.  If she adopts again, hopefully she gets the same child.  I really liked Scarlett, she was cute.
  • I have been trying to update all week, but something always gets in the way.  As I write this I am hurrying to push the publish button before my internet freaks out.

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Round 6: Fall

Allyn Thomason was a little worried.  Make that very worried.  She just lost her job and brought a new house.  Somehow those two things just didn’t go together.

She was able to find a job.  But working fast food wasn’t the same as being a substitute teacher.  In fact it was a step down, a huge giant leap down.  Because of cut in pay she was forced to take a side job sewing.  Even her favorite pastime was work now.

To top it all off her best friend, Maria, was now married with children and she was still single and searching.

Everything, absolutely everything seemed to be going wrong.

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