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Kid Sister

Season: Fall
In this post: Shirleen Smallwood, Todd Smallwood, Nathaniel Smallwood, Arianna Smallwood, Tiffany Keyes
No matter how many times they asked him, his answer was always the same.  He was fine with them adopting a kid.  In fact, he thought that it would be cool to be an older brother.  He only wished they stopped worrying so he could enjoy his television show.

A sister had to be more entertaining than a parrot, even a talking parrot.

From the living room window he watched the van pull up across the street and stop.  They had asked him if he wanted to come outside and welcome her home, but their nervous energy had worn off him.  He shook his head no and had taken a seat in front of the window.  Now regretting his decision. The van was blocking his view.  If  he was this nervous he wondered how she felt.

Arianna had visited a number of times but now she would live here permanently.  Nathaniel knew he would be scarred if he was in her position.

But she seemed happy as she gave them all hugs.

It turned out that little sisters were not better than parrots.  Arianna turned out to be a huge brat.

Taking every opportunity to make fun of him behind adults back.

Inviting their annoying friends over to laugh and giggle too loud, while he tried to do his homework.

Laugh at him as he did his chores.

His parents didn’t believe him when he told them she was a little devil.  Instead, they scolded him and sent him to his room.

Arianna may have fooled them but he was watching her closely.


  • The Smallwoods (playable NPCs), were winners on this rounds ROS of adopting a child.  I was happy that they picked it.  I was planning on them adopting anyways, since Todd, the father, is a family sim.
  • Arianna is too cute.  I hope she keeps her looks when she ages up to teen.
  • Nathaniel grow up to a teenager, but there wasn’t a place to put that in this update.
  • I also decided to grow up Chloe (child townie).  I was really hoping that she and Nathaniel would have some type of chemistry.  I wanted to play match maker.  But I think they just might end up being only friends.


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Loose Ends

Season: Fall
In this post: Shirleen Smallwood, Todd Smallwood, Nathaniel Smallwood, Kellie Wilson

Warning: Lots of text, few pictures.

Curiosity and spite propelled her there. Kellie knew she should have probably just left well enough alone. She tried, she really did, tried to keep her mind occupied by reading the newest bestseller. It wasn’t until she realized that she had read the same line 4 times that she gave up.

Kellie grabbed her keys and headed to the door, barely taking the timeout to yell “I’m going for a walk” to James and Jason.

She didn’t have far to walk. Just about a block down the street. Not even enough time to convince herself to turn back around and go home.

“Sorry to bother you. I was just taking a walk and thought I’d stop by and say hi.”

“No bother at all. Come in, we just started dinner.” Shirleen stepped back, opening the door wider.

Dinner went as expected, conversation mostly centered on their children and the new park opening in a week.

At one point little Nathaniel even blurted out, “I’m about to get a little brother.”

“Nathaniel, what did we say?” His father Todd said with a warning in his voice.

“Todd, don’t be so hard one him.” Shirleen interrupted. To Kellie. “We’ve been thinking about adopting, since the Kaukers had such a good experience. Not definite yet. Nathaniel is just excited.

Dinner ended and Shirleen walked Kellie to the door.

“You know, I feel bad for her.”

“Who?” Kellie questioned, knowing the answer already but playing innocent. Watching Shirleen’s face as her eyes looked across the street.

“Have a minuter?” Shirleen answered slowly closing the door and gesturing to the living room.

“Marylena. That’s who, I feel sorry for. Sure Caleb Samuels is a bad man but his wife and children didn’t deserve the punishment they got. Being forced out of the city, in seclusion to escape the press.

Kellie listened politely. Not pointing out the Marylena owned one of the most expansive houses on the block and was waiting for Caleb’s old car to get out of impound so she could drive around.

“Then only to realize that you moved across the street from the DA that handled his case. I’m sure the poor dear is just happy the case is officially closed.

“Officially closed?” Kellie felt the excitement build up.

“The city has decided not to go further. We know there are others involved with the crime ring. Two guys couldn’t have pulled it all off by themselves. Dennis and Caleb aren’t talking and they’re the only ones that know most if not all the people involved.. So, the DA’s office has decided to give up since it appears that the ring has disbanded and the public is satisfied with the outcome.”

“Well, it’s getting late I should leave.” Kellie rose from the couch. “Good luck on your adoption. If you decide to do it. And see you at the park opening, if not sooner.”

She walked out the door, eyes straight forward, locking on the right front window of Hamilton’s house. She could see a shadow back quickly away and smirked.

Everything from now on should be smooth sailing.

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The Voice

Round 8: Spring

Members of Household: Shirleen Smallwood, Todd Smallwood, Nathaniel Smallwood

Featured in Post: Shirleen Smallwood, Todd Smallwood, Nathaniel Smallwood

Todd looked at the phone.  Something had to give, the phone calls had been going on for months.  As all hours of the day and night.  No one ever said anything but as Shirleen got deeper into her case, the phone calls came more often.  He was beginning to really worry.

He tried to put a smile on his face.  Shirleen and Nathaniel were in the kitchen and he didn’t want to worry them, especially since the day had just started.

“Mom, what am I wearing today?” he heard Nathaniel ask.

“Your clothes are laid out on your bed” Shirleen replied.

He wouldn’t ruin their day by mentioning the call.  Nathaniel as always was excited about school and Shirleen had her case to focus on.  Maybe once the criminals were locked safely away, the calls would stop, and his family could go back to normal.


When he got the call at work that his tree on fire, he was more than concerned.  They were burning his tree now?  Or was it the lightning?  It was spring and in this area it storms were bad this time or year.  He had heard thunder and lightning off and on all day.  But what if it was an escalation of the wordless threating phone calls?

As he pressed his back into the wall, Todd could not help but visualize the tree burning in his yard.

As they sat down at the table, Todd tried to get over the fact that Shirleen was taking the whole situation so lightly.  When the calls had first started she was the one that suggested that they call the police and have police car pass their house more often.  He had thought she was overacting at first, but now he was not so sure.  Now with the tree almost burning down in the yard, he thought she would be more frantic.  Instead, she was calm.
“It was probably just like the police said, lightening.”  Shirleen tries to reassure him that everything was okay.
“How could you be sure?”  Todd countered, “It could be another threat”
“Relax, the police will be out and about more frequently now” Shirleen answered.  “Remember I was the one who suggested extra patrol in the first place.”
“I know, I know.”  Todd said, staring in at the menu.  “I should have listen. How can you be so relaxed and calm?”
“Because I know by the fall, this will all be over.” Shirleen replied. “I also have faith that the police will keep us safe.  Just relax and try to enjoy dinner”
  • I am so happy that the tree started burning down. It provided an excellent story.
  • I have realistic sickness installed in my game. Why is the cold so deadly?  I sent Shirleen to work with the cold and when she came home she almost died.I had Todd save her (even though I have a no pleading with Grimmy rule) because I don’t think a cold should kill a sim, especially since she only had it for one day.   The whole thing was very traumatic for poor Nathaniel.
  • I probably could have and should have used this as part of the story and I had every intention to but when I was writing this update. It just didn’t cross my mind.

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Round :7 Winter

Members of Household: Shirleen May Smallwood, Todd Ike Smallwood, Nathaniel John Smallwood

Kellie Wilson tried to greet every new member to join Oasis Valley at their new home but since she already met the Smallwoods early she felt that it would be a wasted walk around the block.   Instead she rung them on the phone.  Todd pretended to pay attention and tried to keep her on the phone as long as possible.  He hated unpacking and didn’t want to help the movers.

The Smallwoods settled into the house nicely.  Todd and Shirleen decided since Nathaniel would be school age soon to have a nursery.  All the rooms were fully furnished, which made space tight.


Todd: You got them?

Shirleen: I think we have all the information we need to take them down.  Our case would be better for the mastermind if we had an informant.

Todd: Wow, this is going to be big,

Shirleen: Biggest bust in history.  We solve a murder and put a slew of criminal off the street.

Todd: I thought crime rings covered their backs very well.  How did you find the evidence.

Shirleen: All you need is one slip up.  And they slipped up.

Shirleen was excited.  She had been the DA for years and never had such a huge case come across her path.  She made sure everyone understood how important winning this case was even her secretary, Darcy Merrick.  Prosecuting big time criminals was an art.  She wanted to make sure everyone crossed colored in the lines and followed the rules, so that the bad guys served their hard times.


  • Another short update. Since this family is new nothing much now.  But I have plans for them (well at least Shirleen).

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