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“Your grandmother and aunts are coming over for lunch tomorrow.” Mildred lectured.

Stephanie rolled her eyes she had heard it all before, the ‘best behavior in front of  company lecture’ was old.  She almost knew it by heart  “But they’re family.  They know how we are.”

“I don’t care.  Best behavior.” Mildred snapped.


The next day Stephanie and Elizabeth only stuck around long enough to greet everybody before escaping to the backyard.

“We should have went to the cafe and helped Uncle Anton out. ” Elizabeth said between bubble blows.  “A least we would have made some cash.”

Stephanie didn’t respond.  She was hoping that her twin would shut up so she could hear what they talking about in the kitchen.  The window was open and she knew they were talking but their voices were to low for her to make out the words.

“David is moving out.”  Janet couldn’t believe that her brother was moving out on his own.  She had always figured he would live with their mother until the day he married.  She never understood why he hadn’t moved out sooner, Victoria and David didn’t have the greatest relationship and he was a successful bachelor.  She couldn’t understand how he was have success dating once he told women that he lived with his mother.

“He says that it’s about time he left the nest.”  Jean said, hopping that her sister made dessert.  The baby in her belly seemed to crave sweets,  “But I think he’s doing it so that I could move back in before the baby is born.”  Jean was not so secretly happy that her brother was moving out.  When her mother had offered her the spare bedroom, she was relieved.  She couldn’t imagine living in Dominique and her family with her baby.  It just seemed so desperate, but the spare room was so tiny she doubt that her bed and the babies crib would fit.  Davids departure worked out perfectly for her.

Everyone had the own opinion about Jean’s “situation”,  Janet and Dominique had been very verbal about what they considered Jean’s immaturity.  They both at some point asked her the same question  “How could a  woman who could not even afford to pay rent on her own place allow herself to get pregnant?”   Jean readily admits that she had irresponsible but not everyone waited to have children until they married.  So what if she and Abijheet weren’t in a relationship?

Victoria could’t decided if she was happy, or disappointed.  She was happy every time one of her children announced they were expecting and the same proved true for Jean.  On the other hand she was disappointed that Jean didn’t seem to have a plan.  Instead, she waited for others to make decisions for her.  Resulting in David “deciding” to move out in order for Jean and the baby to move in.

Her sister, Mildred, and her wife, Emily, didn’t share their opinions.  Most likely because they weren’t married when Emily gave birth to Elizabeth and Stephanie.  There was also the fact that all four of their daughters were modern scientific wonders, having two biological mothers thanks to Dr. Lillard and his now closed fertility lab.

Emily tried to change the mood by not changing the topic of conversation. “Dominique, I bet your excited about opening the coffee shop.  Half Cafe is such a cute name.”

“I just can’t wait until it’s finally opened.  I’m just happy that David and Brent are helping Anton put the finishing touches on the place today.  I couldn’t do another day of setup without killing the man.  Husbands and wives should never decorate together.

“I can’t wait either.”  Mildred chimed in.  Anton and Dominique had offered her the position of assistant manager.  Anton couldn’t leave his executive position at the clothing company and Dominique didn’t want to give up her position as a secretary at Eaton’s city hall.  Instead, Dominique would work part-time and Mildred would run the store when she wasn’t there.

“I’m just happy you accepted the position, Mildred.  I swear, Anton didn’t think this out all the way.  Men!”

The rest of the lunch went by smoothly.  All the talk either centered around the kids of Half Cafe.

When lunch was over, Mildred was relieved.  She just wanted to go back to her nice quite drama free life.

“Don’t worry, Ma.” Jean will be fine.”


  • I didn’t know sims could be crossed eyed but Mildred is.  Every time I play her house or get a close up of her I get distracted by her eyes.  They make it hard to get a good picture of her.  I’ve tried changing her hairstyle and everything.  Unfortunately, that is the only hairstyle that works with her face.  She is not the pretty sister.
  • How is it possible to cheat when you make up the rules?  I don’t know but I did it (again).  Stephanie had a could that I didn’t take care of fast enough,  when the Grim Reaper came I paused the game and debated with myself if I should try to save her.  My rule is that there is not pleading with Grim, if a sim dies, they die.  But once again I broke my own rule.

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This is the first birth announcement since I have started the new aging and time system.  So, this is exciting (at least for me).  You will notice that I do one thing different from some of the other bloggers.  I will only do pregnancies and births these post.  No birthdays.

I  tried to think of a cute name to title all the birth post.  But couldn’t instead I thought of the Babyface song “The Day”.

It was like falling deep in love
I heard the angels cry above
I felt a blessing straight from god
The day that you gave me a son

Janet Murray (formerly Hale)feels huge. She knows that her stomach could be bigger or that she could have been like her sister-in-law and carrying twins. She feels somewhat lucky but still can’t wait for  her due date this winter.


One warm fall afternoon Emily Saunders and her wife Mildred Saunders (formerly Hale) arrive home after picking up their twin girls from school.  At first she thought she just had to use the toilet really bad and rushed into the house without even closing her car door.  Then she realized after the firs contraction that she was in labor.

The Saunders welcomed into their family twin girls, Christine Lee and Lisa Raye.


  • Christina and Lisa are clones of their older sisters Stephanie and Elizabeth.  I have the bat box and use it often to randomized genetic but apparently I am doing it wrong.  If anyone knows the secret please pass it along to me.

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Double Whammy


Round 7: Summer

Members of Household: Mildred Hale, Emily Saunders

Mildred: No, no, Mom.  I’m fine.  We have everything.  I don’t need you to tell me how to put a diaper on.

When the first sharp pain came she froze, remote in hand.  All she could think about was, I’m not ready maybe if I ignore it, it will go away.  But labor pains don’t just go away they retreat for a minute maybe two or ten but they don’t go away.  When after four minutes of waiting it happened again she slowly turned off the television and headed to the phone, too scared that sudden quick moments would tear something.

Mildred couldn’t believe all the pain and trouble she went through to give birth, she couldn’t also believe that if she had to do it all over again she would.  Stephanie Renee (aka Stef) and Elizabeth Lori (aka Beth) Saunders were worth it.   She was a mother now and their little precious lives were in her hands.

For once she gained a new apprication for her mother.  If not for Victoria taking it upon herself to drop by and check them on them, she would never had a chance to rest.  Already she felt she was going to drop down dead.  Three days without sleep, two impatient infants and dirty diapers to change, it was all overwhelming even with Emily’s help.  When she heard the knock out the door and her mothers voice it was like hearing a choir of angels, rescue.

Victoria wasn’t the only one that stopped by to help.  Jean and Janet also came at their mother’s urging.  Victoria told them that babysitting the twins would be an excellent chance for them to practice their mothering skills.  What Victoria was really hoping to do was plant a seed in their heads.  After a couple of hours, a couple of bottle, and watching  with fascination as Stef tightly closed her eyes and grunted only later to realize that she was leaving a gift in her diaper; Janet wasn’t sure she wanted kids now.  Yes, they were cute but they seemed to be even more attractive when they were someone else’s.

It was on one of those occasion when Victoria had so generously offered up her grand mothering services that Mildred proposed to Emily.


  • The Hale Saunders household is in Eaton, normally I wouldn’t do an update on them but I just wanted to show off my first set of natural twins, in this version of the game.  Of course they are not identical but oh well.
  • Also today I learned a very important lesson.   Never just shut down your computer using the power button.  I got frustrated last night and just held down the power button until my computer shut off.  When I wake up and turned it back on all my stuff had disappeared.  I was so scared, luckily a quick system restore worked wonders.  I will never do that again.

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