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Remember Me and You

Season: Fall
In this post: Nyack Oduya, Meadow Thayer, Bailey Acker

Author’s Note:  My university students are playable NPCs.  It was mentioned in an update long time ago, that Nyack and Meadow had broken up.  This is a follow up to that update.

He doesn’t know what made him do it.  He would never had pegged himself for that type of guy.  He prided himself on being honest, the way his father had raised him.

Maybe it was that fact that she was always around and he could never seem to get away from her.

It could have been because Meadow and Bailey seemed to be on a mission to flaunt their relationship in his face.

Not seeming to care that before there had been Meadow and Bailey.  There was a Meadow and Nyack.  That she had been his girl first.

Nyack was sure that Bailey was rubbing it in his face.  Rubbing in the fact that he had stolen his girl.  He pretended not to be bothered and like he really didn’t care.

In fact, he didn’t.  They had grown apart, had not been destined to be with each other.

They had said they would stay friends.  As a friend he didn’t refuse her when she knocked on his door and asked for help.

As a friend, he leanded down and pressed his lips against hers.  When she turned her head up and look at him with those deep blue eyes.

And as a friend, he reminded her what it was like when there was a Nyack and Meadow.  A Meadow and Nyack.

Maybe his self image took a dive for his deception but his pride got a boost out of knowing that while she was laying with Bailey, she was thinking about him.


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Season: Summer
In this post: Lencho Oduya, Amanda Carlson, Nyack Oduya

Lencho pulled his son, Nyack, in close and held him tight.  He knew it was silly to miss him.  He had seen the boy over winter break and talked to him weekly over the phone.  He just couldn’t help himself, probably because he was a single parent and it had been just him and his son for so long.  Just the two of them.  When Nyack was away at school he missed him and when he was home for breaks Lencho wanted to spend as much time as possible with him.

Lencho led Nyack into the kitchen were they could eat and catch up.

“How’s Meadow?”  He inquired, curious about Nyack’s girlfriend.  Nyack hadn’t mentioned her lately during their phone calls.

“We broke up.  We decided that it would be best if we go our separate ways for now.”

That bit of information had not been revealed during their weekly talks.  Lencho wondered when it had happened and why Nyack hadn’t told him sooner.  Before college Nyack use to tell him everything.  Now it seemed that he was editing his life.  Only telling him bits and pieces.  He thought back to when he was Nyack age,  he did the same thing, only told his parents certain things leaving out details.  It should not have hurt but it did.  Lencho knew that this was the natural progression of all parent and child relationship but he still didn’t like it.

“It really wasn’t working out.  She wants to do more social things and I like to study.  We were growing apart.”  No more details just a vague explanation

Later that night he expressed his dismay to Amanda, his live in girlfriend.

“When did that happen?  When did we grow so far apart?”

“I think you are taking it a little to personally.  He is a grown man now, there are things he doesn’t want his daddy to know.  Things that you should know.  Babe, he’s a grown man now.  He’s gotten a taste of independence.  Just think of all the things the two of you can do now that he is older.  Like this camping trip you have planned.”

“Speaking of which.  Are you sure you don’t want to come.”

“I’ll pass”

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  • I just wanted to do one more update on Lencho and Nyack Oduya before I regulated them to the realm of  semi-playable.  These two never give me any problems which is sort of sad.  I like them so much but they are just so boring.  I couldn’t even bring myself to do a proper university update.  Even though a lot of drama happened between Nyack and Meadow.

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Season: Winter
Members of Household: Lencho Oduya, Nyack Oduya
In this post: Janet Hale, Jean Hale, Emily Saunders, Elizabeth Saunders, Stephanie Saunders, Tiffany Keyes

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this” Nyack comments, concentrating packing the snow just right.

“This just might be the last time we get to do something like this.” Lencho countered. Wanting to prolong this moment, the time he was spending with his son, his only child, as long as possible. “You’ll start college in the fall and then be really to cool to spend time with your old man.”


Lencho knew he couldn’t keep his son with him at all times.  He understood that one day Nyack would have to grow up and become a man but he didn’t expect that day to be looming over him.  One day, almost 7 months from now, Nyack, would be heading to college and living his own life.  Lencho decided that he should move on with his life as well.  Instead of suffering through a horrible case of  “empty nesters syndrome”.  He and Amanda were getting pretty serious and spending a lot of time together.  She was helping him through the whole transition.

“Do you think I’m over reacting”  Lencho questioned.

“Slightly”  Amanda answered honesty “College is part of growing up.  He is not moving on, he is moving forward.”

“Moving forward.  I like the sound of that” Lencho responds looking at Amanda.  She always say just the right thing.  Moving forward sound less depressing than moving on.

“when you were in college did you ever think that once you graduated you would end up dating guy like me?” Lencho asked after they placed their order.

“Like you?” Amanda asked back.

“Yeah a guy who can barely afford to take you out and buy you flowers at the same time.”

Lencho couldn’t help but to ask.  He could never understand why a woman like Amanda would go out with him.  A woman with a college degree and VP of an advertising firm would want to date him.  He couldn’t understand what she would see in a middle aged struggling single father with a college aged son.

“Don’t do this, now” Amanda plead “Please, don’t spoil this for me.  For us.”

The rest of the dinner was rather silent; each of them caught up in their own thoughts.  He regretted bring up the question and what it did to their date.

“I’m sorry”  Lencho murmured as they hugged goodbye.

“I’m with you because I think your prefect for me.”  Amanda whispered in his ear.


Nyack shared none of his fathers apprehensions about the future.  He was looking forward to it, college sounded like a great adventure.  An escape from Oasis Vally.

It was even better that his girlfriend, Meadow, was joining him.

They made plans and talked about all the things they would do once they got there.

“It sucks that they don’t have double occupancy rooms.”  Meadow remarked snuggling closer to him.

Nyack pulls her into his lap and say “After freshman year we can get an apartment together”


“Dad” Nyack was getting frustrated “Stop worrying.  College is months away.  I’ll be fine.”

“I’m not worried”  Lencho countered “I think we should just have a plan ready…. in advance.  What if something goes wrong… you get hurt and need me?”

“Don’t you have a date with Amanda or something?”  Nyack asked, turning back to his homework.


  • Nyack and Meadow are going to college during Round 9.  I don’t think I will post updates of their college years unless something really interesting happens.  I am not a fan of playing University and never have had much fun doing so.  I do enjoy reading other peoples University years, though.
  • I want Amanda and Lencho to get married and for him to have move kids.  He hasn’t rolled the marriage want yet.  He is a fortune sim (I think) and my fortune sims never roll marriage wants.

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Friday Nights

Round 7: Winter

Members of Household: Lencho Oduya, Nyack Oduya

Lencho could only stop and stare.  Nyack was raking up the leaves without being asked.  It wasn’t that Nyack was a bad kid or anything but what teenage boy voluntarily rakes up leaves.  His parental instinct automatically went on guard.

Nyack knew he probably did a little too much when he looked up and was the guarded expression.  But when he had the idea it sounded good at the time.  Thankfully Lencho was just so happy that Nyack asked to hang out in Eaton after school, that he said yes.  For a minute he thought his son was about to ask for a car, which they couldn’t afford, they barely had furniture.

Nyack was happy when his father said yes.  A bunch of his classmates were meeting up after school to hang out and have fun.  He hadn’t had a chance to hang out and have fun since his cousin Genet, left for college.  He missed playing pinball.

The night wasn’t all about pinball.  The establishment was showing old black and white alien movies on the television and a bunch of them had gathered around to watch.  They had a ball laughing about the horrible costumes and special effects.

The night had went fairly well, no major incidents until he ran into Curtis Vincent.  Nyack and Curtis weren’t friends, all Nyack knew about Curtis was that he lived in Oasis Valley, worked at Crabtree’s, and went to private school.  He was shocked about how rudely the other boy acted when he suggested they share a cab together on the way home.

Curtis: Kid, I don’t know you.  You could be some crazed teen serial killer.  Get lost, weirdo.

As Nyack enjoyed himself in Eaton Lencho sat on the couch and wondered who he became this type of parent.  He never imagined that he would be sitting at home on a Friday night waiting for his son.  When he was younger his Fridays were always packed and fun.  Now he’s Fridays were spent at home alone, waiting on a teenager to arrive safely on his doorstep.  He felt minutes away from requiring a walker to get around.

That is how he found himself doing something he never imagined he’d do, for the second time on a Friday night.  Walking to the phone and calling David Hale to set him up on a date.


Lencho had honestly believed that nothing could be anymore embarrassing than asking someone to find you a date.  He was proven wrong after weeks of talking on the phone, she invited him to a play.  He found himself declining because Nyack was going out with some friends and he wanted to make sure he got home safely.

Amanda: I could wait up with you.

That’s how he found himself greeting her at the curb in front of his house for their first date.

She was a lady and did not laugh when he apologized for the completely lame first date.  In fact, she said she thought the whole situation was completely adorable, she even invented a game so they could pass the time, “Guess What The Teenagers Are Doing?”.  They had loads of fun thinking about their own teenage years while trying to guess what Nyack was up to.  They would have been slightly disappointed because his fun was rated PG.

They were both shocked and disappointed when they heard the cab pull up.  They walked to the window and watched as Nyack got out and headed inside.

Amanda: He looks like you.

Lencho smiles proudly.

Amanda: Well….. I have to go.

He reluctantly help her into her jacket and walked her to the door.  He would have never guessed that David had such good taste.


  • I was tried of Lencho being by himself.  Since my main purpose as SimGod is to make my sims reproduce and populate Oasis Valley, I used the Matchmaker Crystal Ball to find him a match.  I had told myself that I wouldn’t use it again.  But it is so tempting and he is so good looking.
  • I really hope her name is Amanda.  I lost my Round 7 notes and can’t remember her name.  I tried to look her up using TS2 Enhancer but the photos were messed up and I didn’t see one of her.  If her name is not Amanda (and she and Lencho work out), I’ll change it to Amanda.  I really don’t want to do that because I already have and Amanda (Amanda Paige Schmidt) and I try not to repeat names, so it is good that I call Amanda Schmidt Mindy.
  • Curtis hates me.  I tried to make him friends with Nyack so that they could have friends in the neighborhood and stuff for story purposes.  But Curtis is not having it.  He refuses to get along with anyone.  Nyack on the other hand has only 3 nice points but get along great with others.

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New Resident

Round 6: Fall

Nyack Oduya was happy to finally have a house of his own.  He loved his aunt Veronica, uncle Oratilwe, and cousin Genet.  But their house was cramped with all five of them living there are once.  The new house in Oasis Valley was big enough for him and his dad Lencho, and had just enough yard space for him to ran around.

Another good thing was now that auntie Veronica was not around, he could have cookies before dinner.  Which was all and all a good thing since his father was a bad cook.

While, Nyack was enjoying country living, Lencho was trying to adjust.  He had been born and raised a city boy and moving to Oasis Valley was a big change.   But he would stick it out as long as his son prospered.

It wasn’t all bad.  He got to catch up with his distant cousin through marriage, David Hale.  Being an athlete, David, always had interesting gossip.  Somethings shocked him, others just made him angry.

Before the Oduyas could really settle into their new home, Nyack become a teenager.  Lencho was shocked by how much he looked like his deceased mother.

The good thing about being a teen was freedom.  Nyack would spend his free time after school with Genet.  She was older than him and was headed off to college but now that he was a teen, she didn’t find him annoying anymore.

Nyack:  No one can tell what the future will hold.  But I really like Oasis Valley.  I don’t plan to leave.  Well, maybe for college.


  • The Oduya Family were from a ROS pull back in round 4 or 5.  The pull was that distant relatives were suppose to move in with the Hales.  I rolled for the family size and the Oduyas were too big for the Hale household.  So, I cheated and moved Nyack and Lencho into Oasis Valley.
  • I was going to combined the Hale and Oduya family tree but decided against it .  I will update it late.

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