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Season: Winter
In this post: Victoria Hale, Dominique Keyes, Tiffany Keyes

It amazed her, the little things that seemed to through her day into a downward spiral.  The day would start out nicely, well nicely as possible since she received the call that Anton had died in an elevator accident.  Dominique would get out of bed determined to make this day different, better than the last.  It never worked as planned, something always ruined it for her.  She knew that somewhere the gods were having fun at her expense.

Today, had started out like all the rest.   Dominique was determined to finally take her mother and sisters advice and try to move forward with her life.  As they said, she was the only parent Tiffany had.  She had to pull herself together.

Breakfast was cooking on the stove, Tiffany was upstairs getting ready for school. Everything was going great, exactly like she planned.  She was setting the table when she happened to past a calendar on her way to the kitchen to get the glasses.

It hit her like a blot of lighting.  It had been a month.  A whole month.

Dominique barely made it through breakfast.  She put on her best happy mommy smile as she packed Tiffany off to school.  Then she headed into the house to call Mildred and notify her that she wouldn’t make it into Half Cafe this morning.  After getting off the phone with Mildred, she called her job to tell them she wouldn’t make it into the office this afternoon.

Instead, she headed to her room and took up a position that had become way to familiar over the past few weeks.


Victoria was getting the feeling that maybe she had failed her children in a very fundamental way.  When Dewayne had died all those years ago, she completely lost it.  Had become completely unglued at the seams.

As she watched Tiffany get off the bus, she wondered if she would have even shown a small amount of strength, back all those years ago would she have found herself in the position she was in now.  Waiting at the top steps to greet her grieving grandchild while her mother spent another day in bed “resting”.

“Where’s Mama?”

“Upstairs, taking a nap”


Yes, again.

Victoria patted the cushion next to her and waited for Tiffany to settle in.  Dominique should have been the one seating here comforting this child.  But because of her negliagnce her daughter couldn’t cope.  Maybe, if in those weeks after Dwayne’s death she hadn’t locked herself up in her room, her daughter wouldn’t be doing the same thing now.

“Mama’s sad because daddy’s never coming back?”

She hadn’t expected that, didn’t know how to answer.  Didn’t want to answer.  Her granddaugther had asked a question and so she answered the only why she knew how.


“But, I miss daddy too and I don’t sleep all day.”  The confusion, the pain, were all there.  In the voice and face.

She drew her close and held on.  Held on to Tiffany as tight as should have held on to Dominique all those years ago.

Victoria said the only thing that came to mind.  “I know baby, but your mama needs just a little bit more time.


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Season: Winter
In this post: Victoria Hale, Dominique Keyes

When the phone stared ringing Dominique had at first decided to ignore it.  Today was her day off.  The first day off that she had had in months.  She never thought her husband, Anton’s little coffee shop would have turned out to be so much work for her.

She wondered how she did it sometimes.  Holding three jobs, no four jobs.  Wife, mother, secratory, and coffee shop manager.  She was exhusted and determined not to let anything interrupt the only piece of alone time she had been granted in a long time.

She let the phone ring and go to voicemail.  Making a mental note to listen to it after lunch.

Only to have it ring again, five minutes late.  She let it go to voicemail.

Like clockwork, five minutes later it started up again.

This time she answered.  Who ever was at the other end was determined to get her attention.

Dominique doesn’t remember calling her but her mother is there.  She heard her call out her name from the bottom of the steps.  She couldn’t find the strength to answer.  She just hoped that she would know where to look.

The sounds of Victoria footsteps on the stairs, let her know that her mother was getting closer.  She silently urged her on, hoping that some special psychic mother-daughter connection would let her know how desperate she was for her warm, stable touch.

Her appearance in the room was like a valve being released.  No words were needed.  Just the soft swish of her jean covered thighs rubbing together and the muffled sound of heels meeting the carpet.

Dominique squeezed her eyes tightly together.  Trying to hold back the tears.

I must be strong.  I must.

Her senses wee on overload.  The shifting of the bed as her mother sat upon it, upset her balance making her sit up taller and straighter to keep from tilting over.  The sound of her mother’s breathing was like church bells right in her ears.  The feel of her loving arms wrapping around her body felt like a vice grip, squeezing her tight.

That was the final straw.

The tears began to fall.

They sat there, for hours or minutes.  It didn’t matter, time had no importance. Victoria held her oldest child tight, trying to soothe her pain.  Knowing that she was working in vain.   Dominique tried to control the tears, to stop their flow.  Hand gripped tightly on her knees barely keeping in the sobs.

Victoria finally let go.  Not because she wanted to but because she realized how much time had really passed.  Tiffany should be returning from her aunts house at any minute.

She stood by the window and stared at the lake not that far away.  She could see that same lake from the porch of her house.  And just like she had many times before, her daughter was now searching that same lake for strength.

Widowhood was the one thing that Victoria had hoped she and her children would never have in common.  At least, not in her lifetime.


  • Anton Keyes is the second (and final) ROS death this round.  Again, I hated killing him off.  I didn’t have any plans for the Keyes family but I thought that they were just adorable together and hated taking him away from his wife and daughter.
  • On the other hand it makes for a great storyline.  I have no idea what I am going to do with Dominique now.  Anton was on the top level of the business track and they are deeply in debt because of the house and the business he just brought.
  • No pictures of my favorite, Tiffany, this time.

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Season: Spring
In this post: Victoria Hale, Dominique Keyes, Mildred Saunders, Emily Saunders, Janet Murray, Jean Hale, Stephanie Saunders, Elizabeth Saunders

“Your grandmother and aunts are coming over for lunch tomorrow.” Mildred lectured.

Stephanie rolled her eyes she had heard it all before, the ‘best behavior in front of  company lecture’ was old.  She almost knew it by heart  “But they’re family.  They know how we are.”

“I don’t care.  Best behavior.” Mildred snapped.


The next day Stephanie and Elizabeth only stuck around long enough to greet everybody before escaping to the backyard.

“We should have went to the cafe and helped Uncle Anton out. ” Elizabeth said between bubble blows.  “A least we would have made some cash.”

Stephanie didn’t respond.  She was hoping that her twin would shut up so she could hear what they talking about in the kitchen.  The window was open and she knew they were talking but their voices were to low for her to make out the words.

“David is moving out.”  Janet couldn’t believe that her brother was moving out on his own.  She had always figured he would live with their mother until the day he married.  She never understood why he hadn’t moved out sooner, Victoria and David didn’t have the greatest relationship and he was a successful bachelor.  She couldn’t understand how he was have success dating once he told women that he lived with his mother.

“He says that it’s about time he left the nest.”  Jean said, hopping that her sister made dessert.  The baby in her belly seemed to crave sweets,  “But I think he’s doing it so that I could move back in before the baby is born.”  Jean was not so secretly happy that her brother was moving out.  When her mother had offered her the spare bedroom, she was relieved.  She couldn’t imagine living in Dominique and her family with her baby.  It just seemed so desperate, but the spare room was so tiny she doubt that her bed and the babies crib would fit.  Davids departure worked out perfectly for her.

Everyone had the own opinion about Jean’s “situation”,  Janet and Dominique had been very verbal about what they considered Jean’s immaturity.  They both at some point asked her the same question  “How could a  woman who could not even afford to pay rent on her own place allow herself to get pregnant?”   Jean readily admits that she had irresponsible but not everyone waited to have children until they married.  So what if she and Abijheet weren’t in a relationship?

Victoria could’t decided if she was happy, or disappointed.  She was happy every time one of her children announced they were expecting and the same proved true for Jean.  On the other hand she was disappointed that Jean didn’t seem to have a plan.  Instead, she waited for others to make decisions for her.  Resulting in David “deciding” to move out in order for Jean and the baby to move in.

Her sister, Mildred, and her wife, Emily, didn’t share their opinions.  Most likely because they weren’t married when Emily gave birth to Elizabeth and Stephanie.  There was also the fact that all four of their daughters were modern scientific wonders, having two biological mothers thanks to Dr. Lillard and his now closed fertility lab.

Emily tried to change the mood by not changing the topic of conversation. “Dominique, I bet your excited about opening the coffee shop.  Half Cafe is such a cute name.”

“I just can’t wait until it’s finally opened.  I’m just happy that David and Brent are helping Anton put the finishing touches on the place today.  I couldn’t do another day of setup without killing the man.  Husbands and wives should never decorate together.

“I can’t wait either.”  Mildred chimed in.  Anton and Dominique had offered her the position of assistant manager.  Anton couldn’t leave his executive position at the clothing company and Dominique didn’t want to give up her position as a secretary at Eaton’s city hall.  Instead, Dominique would work part-time and Mildred would run the store when she wasn’t there.

“I’m just happy you accepted the position, Mildred.  I swear, Anton didn’t think this out all the way.  Men!”

The rest of the lunch went by smoothly.  All the talk either centered around the kids of Half Cafe.

When lunch was over, Mildred was relieved.  She just wanted to go back to her nice quite drama free life.

“Don’t worry, Ma.” Jean will be fine.”


  • I didn’t know sims could be crossed eyed but Mildred is.  Every time I play her house or get a close up of her I get distracted by her eyes.  They make it hard to get a good picture of her.  I’ve tried changing her hairstyle and everything.  Unfortunately, that is the only hairstyle that works with her face.  She is not the pretty sister.
  • How is it possible to cheat when you make up the rules?  I don’t know but I did it (again).  Stephanie had a could that I didn’t take care of fast enough,  when the Grim Reaper came I paused the game and debated with myself if I should try to save her.  My rule is that there is not pleading with Grim, if a sim dies, they die.  But once again I broke my own rule.

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Fit In

Season: Winter
In this post: Anton Keyes, Dominique Keyes, Jean Hale, Tiffany Keyes, Abijheet Depessisee

Narrator: Jean Hale

When Janet decided to marry Brent, I thought it would be a good idea to move.  The little house on Apple Common was barely big enough for me and her, let alone a third person.  For a minute I toyed with the idea of moving into a little apartment in Eaton.  But the rent in the city is way to high for the little salary I make as a prep cook.   I don’t even make enough for a little studio even with my side job as a reviewer.  I talked to Dominique and she said that I could move in with her, Anton and Tiffany.  They have a four bedroom house and only use two of them.

Living with Dominique and her family is a tab bit better.  Ever since Anton got the idea of opening a coffee shop, they have spent most of their time in the “downtown” area preparing the new building.  That gives me plenty of time to work on my review undistracted.

Dominique and Anton both say they they are happy to have me around.  Still, I can’t help but feel like I’m intruding.  It’s feels akward to sit at a table with them and have dinner.  I always get the feeling that they want to be alone.  So, I eat dinner at the restruant and let them eat by themselves.

I try to keep myself busy.  Mostly, I hang in Eaton.  There is not much to do in Oasis Valley, even with my whole family there.  All my sisters are busy with their partners and kids.  David is busy with his ball career and mom spends most of her time either at work or babysitting the grandkids.

Abhijeet has been a welcome distraction.  My sister, Mildred, says it bad to date somone you work with but me and Abhjieet are just friends.  Besides he no longer works with the paper.  Now he is a police officer, so no conflict of interest there.

Another problem with my current living arrangment is that it makes it hard for me to invite people over.  When Abhijeet drops me off some nights I feel guilty about inviting him in.

It doesn’t help that we have to be quiet in order not to wake my family.

I really need to do something soon.  I don’t know how long I can go on sneaking in at night like a naughty teenager.


  • Jean Hale reminds me a lot of her brother, David.  I can’t figure out what to do with either of them.  She is a pleasure sim and wants to spend most of her time having a good time.  She really doesn’t have that many ambitions.   The relationship with Abhijeet happened because there are not that many sims that I can find that she has a strong chemistry with.  So, I stuck her with him.  I don’t think their relationship will last long but at least she can have a little bit of fun.
  • The Keyes family was really boring this round.  Tiffany grow up and that was about it, she came out perfect.  I think she has a lot of Anton in her, just with fuller lips and Dominique’s eyes.

  • I really had no other place to put this picture but while Jean and Abjiheet were on their date Curtis Vincent decided to hang out downtown.  Whenever I see him on a lot I have to take a picture of him.  He’s just that cute.

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There For You

Season: Fall
Members of Household: Anton Keyes, Dominique Keyes

Dominique hadn’t planned on setting in their new home all by herself.  Yet here she was, her stomach as being as a beach ball, waiting for the furniture company to drop off their new stuff.  Anton had to go to work, according  to him he need to be there everyday if he was “going to make” things happen.

Instead of staring at the empty street in front if the house she decided to head in and see if her mother wanted to come over and keep her company.  The house had come only with the basic, which included a phone which she was grateful for.  As she dialed Victoria’s number she prayed the furniture would arrive early.  So she could kick up her feet and relax.

She was thrilled when her mother showed up with her sister Jean in tow.  Now there were three pairs of eyes to make sure everything got put in the right place and nothing was damaged.  Maybe she could kick up her heels while they do the watching.

Dominique quickly realized that calling her mother was the best thing she could have done.  Victoria took the lead and had everything running smoothly.  All she had to do was sit back and relax.  By the time Anton returned everything was set and Victoria and Jean were heading out the door.

No sooner had Victoria and Jean left than Janet came in with food.

“I know you must be hungry.  So, I brought you an early dinner.  Get the plates and I’ll serve. ” Janet was a blessing since Dominique was tired to cook dinner and Anton was completely hopeless int the kitchen.


Anton and Dominique loved the new place.  It was so much bigger than the tiny house they just left.  Before they could barely be in the kitchen together without bumping into each other.  Now there were three bathrooms to choose from and 5 rooms waiting for furniture.  Now they could lay on the grass and look at the stars and just enjoy their space.

“At least, the nursery is ready” Dominique said inhaling the crisp fall air into her lungs and feeling the baby kick in response.  “Maybe when we have saved a little, I can do a study-music room combo.”

Anton enjoyed this moment.  Laying in the grass talking about their future.  Maybe somewhere in the back of his mind there was a thought or two about Kimberly Duffy.  He tried his hardest to not let those thought surface.  She was the past and they had dated only briefly.  But her death made him appreciate Dominique in a whole new way.  IT made him want to pursue his dreams more.

“See that star.  That’s our star”  He pointed to the night sky.

“It’s the brightest one.”

“Yep” Anton said with a smile.


Anton was esthetic.  Yes, Dominique was across the room screaming her head off as labor pains took over her body but was finally coming.

He couldn’t keep the smile off his faces as he asked “What should I do?”  as loud as he could, hoping that she could hear him over the sound of her screams.


Victoria arrived early to Dominique and Anton’s house after she made a quick trip to the hospital to check on her daughter and newest grandchild, Tiffany Marie.  She made sure everything was prefect and greeted Dominique at the door as Anton got Tiffany.

Dominique and Victoria followed Anton up the stairs as he took baby Tiffany to her new room.  They couldn’t wait to cuddle her and shower her with attention.


  • Anton Keyes and Kimberly Duffy dated briefly (click here and here for old post).  I didn’t want her death to go by unnoticed to everyone except Robin Duffy.  So, I had Anton reflect on it a little since Virginia doesn’t seem that bothered by it.
  • This house is huge.  I didn’t realize it was so big when I moved them in.  It has four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs and 1 full bathroom downstairs.  In addition to that downstairs it has a kitchen, dinning room, living room and 2 extra rooms.  I hope Anton and Dominique plan to fill that house up with kids or else it is going to be a huge waste of space.

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Round 7:Summer

Members of Household: Anton Keyes, Dominique Keyes

Anton had been bot so patiently waiting for Dominique to get dressed.  They were going to Ailana, he couldn’t wait to hit the beach.  He was just about to call her name when she came strutting down the stairs.  He was surprised by her clothing or lack thereof.

Of course he didn’t complain.  He liked the outfits,as long as she wore it in the house.

The first thing they did when they got to Ailana was check in.  The plane ride was excruciatingly slow for Anton.  He couldn’t get the picture for Dominique in her panties out of his mind.

He couldn’t wait to re-enact the couch scene.

After getting some rest they took in a few sights.

Anton tried to warn Dominique but of course she wouldn’t listen.  He tried to pretend that he didn’t know her.

It didn’t work.  The shrine attendant saw them come in together holding hands.  They were quickly kicked out and told not to come back.

Anton convinced Dominique that it would be best to go back to the hotel and continue sight-seeing the next day.  Dominique didn’t act any better behaved then either.

The rest of the trip passed peacefully.

When they got back Dominique felt sick to her stomach.  A quick trip to the doctors revealed that she was  expecting.  The first thing she did was call her mother and invited her over to celebrate.


  • Sorry, for the delay but I have been trying to get everything ready for school and failing horribly.  But that is real life stuff that you don’t want to hear about.  Back to regularly scheduled ups, hopefully.

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