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Season: Fall
In this post: Angelica Alexander, James Wilson, and Kellie Wilson

Coming back to Oasis Valley hadn’t been a choice she wanted to make but she was out of options. Her friends had been nice enough to let her crash at their place when Dennis had first got arrested and she was too embarrassed to show her face around Oasis Valley. Now that her pregnancy was showing their hospitality was starting to wane.  None of her friends had children of their own and started tp act like being pregnant was a contagious disease spread through the air.

That’s how she found herself  back in  Apple Common getting out of her best friends car in front of the house she use to share with Dennis.  She didn’t even know what to expect when she opened the door.  She hoped that the DA hadn’t thought that she had abandoned the tiny structure and removed all the items.  For a second she second guessed the reason that she left the house, a little embarrassment wasn’t bad for anyone.  Angelica thought bad at her life and all the times she ended up embarrassed over some guy.  She should have been use to it now.

She opened the mailbox hoping to find only bills, even if her bank account was still frozen the DA not willing to release her funds until after the auction and everything was settled.  Angelica  opened the door, struggling with the stack of letters in her hand.  She pushed open the door, the air in the room stale for lack of ventilation.  Her eyes roamed the area, delighted to see everything right where she had left it.  They hadn’t  cleared the furniture out yet.

There was an envelope sitting in the middle of the couch, her name neatly written on the front in permanent marker.

Dear Ms. Alexander,

You were originally informed that the property was to be confiscated by Winter of this year.  As planned all property in the house will be put up for auction this Winter.  We plan to have the auction in the middle of the season.  You will be given advanced notice of the date and time.  So you can have adequate time to prepare.

Please note all items on the list on the next page are consider property of the City of Eaton.  If items are lost, stolen, or damaged you will be responsible for their replacement cost.


Darcy Merrick,

Secretary, Eaton District Attorneys Office

Of course, things would get worse, that was just the kind of life she was having.


Angelica woke up from her nap with a craving for an ice cream sundae. but a quick glance at the clock told her it was too late to go to Crabtree’s for the snacks. There was also the fact that her feet were swollen twice their normal size, she didn’t have a car and Crabtree’s was a long walk from her home. Deciding to forgo ice cream she headed down stairs and grabbed the phone, settling on Chinese.  Not caring that paying the extra for delivery to Oasis Valley will drain her bank further.  She then dialed the Wilson’s.

“Hey, Kellie.  It’s Angelica Alexander. Ummm…..”  She paused nervous, hating to have to ask for help. “Dennis told me to call.”

Kellie was not surprised to her Angelica on the other line.  Dennis had phoned her house collect a couple of days before and called in the favor she owed him.  “Yes, Dennis called early.  We know all about it .  James and I will be over in a few, we were just waiting for your call.”

Angelica waited in the quite living room, trying to plan out what to say.  What to ask for.  She hated asking for help, it always made her feel weak and she hated feeling weak.  The doorbell rang making her jump,  she opened the door please to find the delivery driver on the other side.  She was grateful that it wasn’t the Wilson, pleased that she would have more time.  “Don’t worry about it.  I’ll take care of it.” a deep voice bashed her hopes.

She looked down the street and saw James and Kellie Wilson headed her way.

While James paid for the food, Angelica and Kellie talked in the living.  Kellie watched Angelica face as they made small talk, looking for any indication that they other woman knew something.  Dennis had ensured her that Angelica knew nothing, that her secret had been safe with him.  Kellie didn’t trust him at all and watched Angelica every little move.

The sound of the door slamming as James entered the house interrupted their conversation.  He sat the food on the kitchen counter, walking over to Angelica barely taking the time to greet her before he bent forward and started talking to her belly.

“James, leave her stomach alone and come eat some of this Chinese food.  She ordered enough to feed an army.”

They sat in silence, eating their meal and watching television.  Angelica was having a hard time figuring out how to ask them for help, tactfully.  Her normal mode was  blunt but the Wilson’s were a nice suburban family a breed she had never dealt.”

She reposition her chopsticks in her hand.  How did she tactfully ask for help?  What did she ask for?

James was out when Dennis had called, Kellie informed him of the conversation.  At least the part where Dennis had knocked up Angelica and the girl was having a hard time.  The first thing out of James mouth was  “Maybe, she just needs a place to stay while she gets back on her feet.  She can stay in our spare room.”  Which Kellie had fully anticipated, knowing her husband and his feeling towards Dennis.

Kellie studied the younger woman from the moment she opened the door.  She didn’t trust that Dennis had not told Angelica all about their past or the favor she owed him.  As she watched Angelica the other woman’s  body language confirmed that Dennis had told her nothing.  That the other woman was struggling even to ask for their.  Angelica’s body language was stiff and unsure, her eyes refusing to look directly at either James or Kellie.  

Kellie launched into a speech.  She explained that she and James were about to offer up their guest room.  But with a baby on the way the space would be way too cramped.  Instead, Angelica and the baby would need their own place.  She told Angelica that she would help get her into a home.  She would even wave her normal commission.  On top of that they would act as cosigners (if need be) and if she needed any furniture, Angelica could have the bedroom set in there used guest room.

“You would do all of that for me.”  Surprised by the generosity of the couple.

“Of course.  It’s not your baby’s fault Dennis got himself in such a bad mess.”  James chimed in.


  • This update was originally scheduled for yesterday but I needed to do some editing to make it coincide more with the last update.  It takes me longer to edit than it takes me to actually write.
  • Angelica will be moving into a new home just in time to have the baby.  Kellie is going to wave her normal fee and with the little bit of money that Angelica has saved she will be able to purchase the home, a little bit of furniture and stay home with the baby (with the help of the Welfare Career).

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Season: Fall (Mini-Update)
In this post: Dennis Hernandez, Angelica Alexander

Dennis Hernandez was spent most of his days stuff in his small cell in the special housing unit.   Prison officials fit that he would be safer there than with the general population, since the other inmates considered him a snitch.  He didn’t mind it so much expect that the days seemed to melt into each other.   Dennis had given up hope that someone would visit him, not that he had many friends that would pass the prisons visitor approval process.  When he first got there he had hoped for a visit from James Wilson or Patrick Bridgehall, since they were his closest non-felony friends.  He quickly gave up that hope as the weeks passed and the only people who visited lawyers turning to get him to give up more information. 

He was laying in his bed reading a book when a guard came to his door and announced that he had a visitor.  He looked at the guard ready to refuse the visit but he wanted to stretch his legs.  He stood up walked to his cell door and turned his back, letting the guard slip the handcuffs on him to start his long journey to the visitors center.  When he saw Angelica sitting at the cheap visiting room table thought th barred glass doors, he was stunned.  He hadn’t seen her since the day they took him away in handcuffs.

Dennis spent several moments  just looking at her in wonder.  Of all the people that he had hoped to visit him, she had never crossed his mind.  When he turned himself in, she was barely talking to them even though they lived in the same house and slept in the same bed.  Dennis had thought that she had moved on with her life and forgot about him.  That was what he expected of her,  what they had was not deep or long-term.  They had an unspoken agreement, they filled each others needs, when things got to rough they could split.  No harm, no foul.  Angelica would go her way and he would go his. 

He was the one to break that agreement by committing crimes, by having a checkered past.  He never told her about it and therefore put her in danger.  She had a right to be anger and he understood.  But for a moment he got excited, excited to see someone who knew him before the bright orange jumpsuit.

“What are you staring at?”  Her voice soft but angry not wanting the guard keeping watch to overhear.  “Admiring your handy work?”

Dennis looked her over, trying to find some clue about what had caused her cold demeanor.  He had thought that with the time her anger would subside, hah thought that was what had brought her to visit him.  That she was no longer angry.  “Handy work?  What handy work?  What are you talking about?

“The table must be blocking your view.  Let me stand so you can see.”

She rose from the chair resting her hands on the table, using them to help her hoist her increased bulk from the chair.  Angelica decided to move slowly, will her body decided to move slowly.  She wasn’t used to being this big or her stomach protruding from the rest of her body at such an awkward angle.  She watched his face as his eyes traveled down her body at her slow reveal.  Angelica noticed that his eyes lingered on her chest, which also had grown. 

When she finally got out of her seat she walked to the side of the table.  Turning sideways so that he could get a good view.  She tried to wear clothes that hid her condition as much as possible.  “See, what you did?  Or did you just think that I had gotten fat.?”  Angelica arms were moving wildly.

“See, the gift you left?  Are you happy now?”

“Ms. Alexander, we are going to have to ask you to lower your voice and sit down.”  A voice commanded from the corner of the room.  Dennis and Angelica glanced at him.  Both of them forgetting that they were not alone,  that the guards were watching their every movement.

Her shoulders slumped, she sat.  “What am I suppose to do, Dennis?”

“Do?”  Dennis asked, emotions running rampt, his mind trying to come to turns with the fact that he would be a father.  Him.  He never thought about kids, in fact he never even planned to have them.  He had enjoyed the bachlor life, when he was free.

“Yes.  I lost my job because the reporters were showing up everyday and my boss couldn’t take it anymore.  I can’t even support myself right now.  How am I suppose to support this?” She pointed to her stomach glancing down.  Than raised her head and waited for his answer.

“Don’t worry.  I got this.  I’ll call in a few favors and there is always James.  He is a good guy, he would never let a woman and child go without if he could help it.  We go way back.  I’ll give James or Kellie a call.  They help you.”  He hoped when he called Kellie would answer so that he could reminder her of their little bargain and tell her to expect Angelica’s phone call.

“Why would they help you or me? We’re trash.  Why would they taint their reputation helping us?

“As I said James is a good guy and we go way back.  Besides Kellie owes me a favor.  I’m the one that hooked her up with James.  If it weren’t for me they would never have gotten together.”

Angelica as way beyond skeptical.  Sure she knew that Dennis and James had been friends a long time ago but that was before.  Before it all went to hell and he got arrested.  Why would they help her, they didn’t even know her.  So what, if he played matchmaker and introduced them?  That didn’t mean anything.  She was tired and she could feel her shoes getting tighter.  She wiggled her feet, hating what pregnancy was doing to her body, she could even go half the day without her feet swelling up.  “I have to get out of here.”

He stood, coming to the side of the table.  Ready to help her stand but she waved him off  shaking her head.  The looked at each other for a minute, his eyes focusing on her stomach where his baby nested.  “Can’t I at least get a hug?”  He pulled her close and whispered into her ear. “Don’t worry, I got this.


  • When I orginally wrote this months ago, I had every intention on making it short.  And it was shorter until I started editing it.  I fully blame NanoWriMo for this.  Because of NanoWriMo, I am trying to take all my writing endevours a little bit more seriously and that includes updates to Oasis Valley.  I like the edited version better anyways, the first draft was not as good.
  • I had Dennis impregnant Angelica on purpose.  I was scared that if he didn’t have a baby now than he never would.  He is one of my orginal CAS and I have a strong desire to see them procreate.  Even if that means I have to step in and do it myself.
  • Something that I did learn after forcing the pregnancy was that ACR had an option to allow unmarried couples to try for a baby and I had it turned off.  I did not know that was the reason why my unmarried couple that lived together never tried.  Why didn’t someone tell me? 
  • Baby Hernandez is due this Winter.  I am about a round ahead in actually game playtime so I know the sex and name of the already.  I aged the baby up and am very pleased with the why it is going to look as an adult.

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Season: Winter
Members of Household: Dennis Hernandez, Angelica Alexander

The house was pretty tense for the next few weeks.  Dennis tried to get ANgelic to sit and talk with him.  He wanted her to know that he hadn’t left her completely alone and the Kellie Wilson would help her out.  Of course, he wasn’t going to tell her that he was blackmailing Kellie but since Angelica was now avoiding him, she heard none of it.

When the day for him to surrender himself finally arrived he had thought of running.  Which he only entertained briefly.  He knew that running would only make things worse.  When the doorbell rung, he stated to ANgelica “I’ll get it”.  Not that she was talking to him.  He was disappointed to see DA Smallwood at the front door.  He had hoped that she would forget him and give him at least one more day of freedom.

“All set?” Shirleen, aka DA Smallwood, questioned a little too cheerfully.

“Give me one moment to change” Dennis said trying to drag it out as long as possible.

“No problem.  That will give the girls time to discuss with Angelica how everything is going to work.”  If he wasn’t already in enough trouble and owned a gun he would have shot her right between the eyes.  Why did she have to sound so smug?

Peggy Crabtree was the one left to explain how the seizure of the property and bank account was going to work.  “I know this is hard for you but we are going to try to do it as quickly as possible.  The state has already put a hold on all the accounts and today we will take an inventory of everything in the house.  Everything should be finished by the winter after next, approximately one year from now.”

“One year?” Angelica said with growing dread.  She thought things would go faster.  That she would be able to get the little they were letting her keep and get out of dodge quickly.  She thought wrong.

“Yes, you should get your portion in about a year”  Peggy felt sorry for the woman but she was just doing her job.

What am I suppose to do until then?” Angelica could feel herself getting angry and was surprised to look down and fin herself poking the young lawyer in the chest with her finger.

“You can stay in the house until then but, of course, you can’t take anything out or sell anything.  Everything must stay here”  Peggy answered, trying to ignore the fact that Angelica had poked her in the chest.

“What about money?”  This time she was able to keep her hands to herself but instead of poking she ended up pointing.

“Our records indicate that you have a legitimate form of employment so money shouldn’t be an issue.  You’ll just have to live off that.  After Darcy puts down the video game controller, she will help you fill out the necessary forms.”

As Angelica was filling out the paperwork, Dennis finally made his way downstairs and out the front door.  He thought that it was more than a little inappropriate for Shirleen and Peggy to already be performing a celebratory dance.  At least they could have waited until his taxi had left.  Maybe he should be happy.  They could have handcuffed him and put him in the back of a squad car.  But still did they have to dance?


  • The last and final part Dennis little melodrama.  There are still a few loose ends that I need to tie up.  But you won’t be seeing that much of Dennis Hernandez from now on.  He will become a playable NPC.  I downloaded a jail for MTS2 to place him in.  I haven’t quite decided what to do with Angelica.  I don’t know if I should make her ad playable NPC (since she was a townie) or just have her keep Dennis’s spot as playable.
  • Just a little background.  Peggy Crabtree is an assistant attorney to Shirleen Smallwood (the DA).  She wants to be an environment lawyer but until she earns her stripes she is working in the public sector.  Darcy Merrick is the secretary.   She is best friends to James Wilson (but doesn’t know Dennis) and is a playable NPC.
  • I just realized I never actually stated who Dennis was going to testify against.  I might have hinted at it in earlier post but I never actually stated it.  So, in the spirit of trying to keep thing a little coherent.  I am not going to tell you.  You’ll see later in Round 9, maybe.

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Season: Winter
Members of Household: Dennis Hernandez, Angelica Alexander

Dennis had been avoiding everyone since the night of the poker game.  As judgement day got closer and closer, life began to get harder and harder to deal with.  First it had been the phone calls.  They had started off as the childish prank type.  Someone calling at all hours of the day and night than hanging up just as he or Angelica answered.

He thought it would go away and they would get bored and stop.  It didn’t, instead it escalated. The once silent hang ups were replaced with a whispered voice making not so thinly veiled threats like “snitches get stitches”.  That is what led him into seclusion at first, the phone calls.

James was another reason why he went in self-induced hiding.  It wasn’t that James intended to force Dennis to hide out but James kept stopping by to talk to him.  It was mostly catch-up, how are you doing conversations but they still had away of making Dennis feel guilt.  The first couple of times he opened the door but after a while he would hide upstairs and wait for James to give up and leave.

There was two people that he wished he could avoid but couldn’t. The first was  Shirleen Smallwood.  She had a tendency to check up on him often.  She was afraid that he would disappear or change his mind about testifying.  He should have told her he wasn’t going to run or change his mind.  He had decided it was time to pay the piper.  Dennis didn’t tell her that instead he let her worry.  Her worrying made him feel powerful, he had so little power left and he refused to let his hold on her go. So, he answered the door every time she stopped by and smile when she questioned if he was still going to testify.

Angelica was the second, he couldn’t avoid her because they lived together and the house was so small.  She hadn’t done anything to him but he felt like he let her down.  Only he hadn’t made any promises to her,yet, and she didn’t even know that he had let her down.  Dennis knew that he should have told her about his “little situation” a longtime ago.  Instead he waited, waited to the last minute and now he was about to announce it at dinner about a week before he was going to be sent to the slammer.  It felt all felt awkward and uncomfortable, he hoped he didn’t look as nervous as he really was.

“Okay, Dennis spit it out”  Angelica said glancing at him. Apparently he did look as nervous as he felt.

“Spit what out?” He knew he should have just told her his problem to get it all over with but for some reason he couldn’t.  He had been holding it in for so long, now when he had the chance it he could form the words.

“Dennis, I know something is up.  Do you think I’m stupid?  I have been answering the phone and hearing those creepy phone calls too.  I also noticed that you don’t answer the door anymore unless it is for DA Smallwood.  Why does she stop by all the time?”  He always admired that trait in her.  Angelica had an amazing ability to go directly to the point, never taking the scenic route.

He could almost see the wheels in her head spinning as her mind worked out the puzzle “Ohhhh my God! You’re in trouble.  Aren’t you? Dennis, what the hell did you do?”

“I didn’t actually do anything that bad.  I may have gotten involved with the wrong people and I may have driven someone somewhere.  There may have been a dead body found in the place where I may have driven someone.  But that’s it.” He couldn’t understand why he just didn’t tell her the truth, without all the fillers and “may haves”

“You ‘may have’?  Basically you’re an accessory to murder.” Once again taking the direct route. Her voice was calm and that jilted his composure even more.

“That’s what they are charging me with along with several other things.”

“Several other things? Shut up.  Just shut up and eat.” Her voice was no longer calm.  It seemed that all she need was for him to confirm her conclusions before she lost her composure too.

They ate in silence, neither one even attempting to speak.  They were both trapped in their own thoughts, the silence was thick and suffocating.  When he looked around at the other tables, he was envious.  Other couples were enjoying their food, laughing, flirting, having a grand time.  But here they were almost like two strangers, sitting side by side.  As they got up from the table he could have sworn he heard her say “Why do I always pick the losers.”

“You know this all happened when I was younger.  It’s just catching up to me now.  I regret everything I did then.  When I was young, I just wanted to be a part of the game”  He knew that what he was saying didn’t make any sense and may have sounded like excuse but he felt a need to try to explain.

“When is the trial?” She was trying to maintain what little of her composure she had left.  They were in public and she didn’t want to make a scene.  Besides he wasn’t the first boyfriend that she ever had that got thrown in jail.

“There isn’t going to be a trial.  At least for me.”  He let out a heavy breathe.  Now for the tough part.  “I made a deal with Smallwood.  For my help, I will only have to serve a maximum of 20 years with the possibility of parole for good behavior.”

“20 years?” 20 years was such a longtime it took her a minuter to process the number.

“Up to 20 years” He answers, putting an emphasis on ‘up to’.  “Well… 20 year and 75% if everything we have.”

“We? 75%?” Angelica was in shock.  For a minute she sat there and hoped that she was going deaf and maybe heard him wrong.  She had saved up a nice little nest egg before moving in with Dennis.  If she believed him and what he said was true, it was now all gone. She was too young to go deaf, therefore what he was saying was true.  She threw up her hands in frustration.

“Yes… to both questions.   Remember we combined our bank accounts.  The DA’s office said they would have taken it all.  But they’re offering you something so you wouldn’ t be completely penniless.”

“JUST SHUT UP! I’m tired of listening to this. WHY ME?” WHY FUCKING ME?”  She screamed before jumping up from the bench and storming away.

To Be Continued…………………………


  • I have always wanted to write/say that.
  • I have decided to make it a three part series.  With the first part being Patrick’s update and this as the second part. The next and final installment (sort of) will be rather short.  After that I will do a post rehashing all the facts and stuff.

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Round 7: Fall

Members of Household: Dennis Hernandez

It all started out pretty normally.  Dennis was on a combined date-work assignment.  This time he had invited Angelica to go with him.

Things were all going pretty well.  They danced a little, socialized a little and hit the bar up a lot.  Maybe it was the bar that did it.  Dennis was feeling great, carefree and the bartender that night was one of the best.

He doesn’t remember inviting her back to his place or much of what happened when they got there.

All he knew when he woke up was that his head was pounding, his throat was dry, and his stomach was growling.  Dennis slowly climbed out the bed, barely glancing at Angelica and headed downstairs to fix breakfast.  He heard her as she walked into the kitchen to grab a plate but his head hurt to much to think about why she hadn’t left yet.  It was the headache the caused the delay in his reaction when she said “Thanks for inviting me to stay here.  It will save me so much money and I can finally get out of my dingy apartment.”

It was the ringing in his ears that made him realize that he most likely heard her wrong.  The fog quickly cleared when she patted his hand and thanked him again.  The breakfast that had been enjoyable just minutes before now felt like lead in his stomach.  He felt his body break out into a cold sweat and his stomach was ready to rebel.  But there was nothing he could do, he now had a live in girlfriend.


Dennis was sure that things could not get any worse.  What could be worse than having a causal girlfriend move in with you?  Dennis found out soon enough that things could and would get worse.

When the knock first came at the door, he didn’t think anything of it.  He even invited the older women in, since the air outside was had a nice crisp fall chill to it.  He regretted being courteous right after the introductions were made.

Shirleen Smallwood: I’m Shirleen M. Smallwood from the Eaton District Attorney’s Office.  I have a matter to discuss with you.

Dennis: So, you’re a DA?  What can I do for you?

Shirleen: We know what part you played in the death of the mechanic.

Dennis: What mechanic?

Shirleen: I would tell you not to play dumb.  But I sure that some of it is not part of your act.  We know what you did.  We have proof and witnesses.

Dennis: If you had what you needed, you would have hauled me in by now.  You need me for something.  I want a deal.

Shirleen: You don’t have a right to make demands.  You’ll get what we give you.

Dennis:  As I said before. You Need Me! or you wouldn’t be here.  Let’s started talking deals.

Shirleen insisted that there was not going to be any deals.  She tried to convince him that the DA’s office did not make deals with criminals.  But Dennis wasn’t fooled one bit.  She needed him and she would be make a deal with him.  When she walked out the door he knew that she would be back, with a deal in hand.  Until she did Dennis decided to splurge on life.  He knew his days were numbered and wanted to enjoy time.  Angelica was excited about taking a vacation and when Dennis announced that it was to the beach she clapped her hands in glee.


They left at the end of the fall.  The snow had just started to fall on the ground.  Angelica was excited about lying on the beach and later bragging to all her friends about how wonderful Ailana was.  Dennis was just excited about getting away.

Angelica: Dennis, why can’t you just enjoy this?

Dennis: I have a lot of stuff on my mind.

Angelica: You’re ruining this for me.  Knock it off.

Which just reminded him of why he didn’t want a “real” girlfriend in the first place, they were demanding and bosses.  If he wanted to worry about the DA he should be able to do it free and not have to worry about his “girlfriend” harping at him.  Karma was starting to kick in.


  • I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk.  I know that it has been a really longtime.  But real life has been a monster.  First, I had tons of internet problems, my connections was spotty (and still is) but now it is a little better.  Secondly, I had to do some major job searching and finally found one.  Now that RL is finally settled I am back to simming and the interweb.  I have missed you guys so much.  I am really backed up on all my reading and have spent most of the day reading up on other’s blogs.
  • As a refresher way back when Oasis Valley was in its infancy Dennis had a job where he had to drive someone out of time.  They stopped at a repair shop.  When he returned home, the front page news announced the repair shop’s owners death (aka the mechanic).  It looks like his deeds may be finally catching up to him.
  • I mentioned awhile back that I had a game glitch and more than one round of game play.  Dennis’ house was one of the ones lost.  I originally move in his other “girlfriend” Claudia Cheshire because she was that best looking of the two.  But I changed it when I played the house again.  I decided to pick the one that he had the most chemistry with.  The only reason that I moved her in is because I plan to use her as a baby making factory.  Dennis needs a child to pass his genes on to.  My sims have no choice but to breed, at least until my neighborhood gets bigger.

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Round 6: Fall

Dennis: I’m telling you man this is the best job in the world.  All I have to do is go to some restaurant, then write about it.  Then a check come in the mail.  To top it all off girls dig writers.

Dennis Hernandez loved bing a restaurant guide writer, maybe more than he loved being in a crime ring.  The work was easy and non-time consuming, not to mention legal.  In fact he got to do one of his favorite tings while working, date.  And all he need to do was to turn in one article a month to receive a huge check.

The lack of actually having to go to work and answer to a boss left a lot of times on his hands to think.  One of his thoughts was to host a party.  There were never parties in Oasis Valley.  In fact, the town was pretty dull.  He invited everyone he knew in Oasis Valley.  Since they had nothing else better to do all of them showed  up.

Dennis quickly realized that his house was a bit too small for all the people now in it.  There were not enough seats and people had to stand in the kitchen.

It would have been easier to enjoy the party if the only problem was the lack of space but his new neighbor, Allyn Thomason, was getting on his nerves.  Not only was she standing in front of the television.  She also asked a lot of silly questions.

Allyn: So, that’s a touchdown, right?  When they hit the ball out of the stadium?

Dennis gave up on trying to watch the ball game and decided to mingle.  Well, not exactly mingle.  More like flirt with Virginia Duffy.  They were enjoying themselves.  Neither Dennis or Virginia thought about how her girlfriend, Sara Simmions, would feel about their actions.

But they should have because as soon as she was able to push her way through the crowd, Sara let her feelings show.

After that spectacle, Dennis quickly called an end to the party.  What was the point of watching two girls fight if there wasn’t mud or oil involved?  Later that night his trash can was knocked over.  He thought he heard a laugh right before he heard the can hit the concrete.

Dennis: I was just flirting with her, Claudia.  Who would have thought her girlfriend would have gotten so upset.  Women!

Claudia suggested that Dennis invite Sara over and apologize.  He was resistant at first but when he woke up and found his paper missing and garbage can turned over, again, he decided it was worth a shot.

Dennis: I really don’t feel that I should have to apologize.

Sara: What!?

Dennis: But I’m tired of picking up garbage every morning.

Sara is shocked that Dennis doesn’t see any problems with his actions.

So, she makes sure he understands what she thinks about his apology.


  • The party is a ROS.  Normally, I wouldn’t throw a party but this was kind of fun.  I loved the drama.
  • Dennis and Virginia didn’t flirt autonomously.  I directed that action.  I just wanted to see what would happen and I am sort of bored with Virginia and Sara’s relationship.  So, we will see what the fall out is next round.
  • I love the little house on Apple Common but they are way to small for parties and such.
  • I’ve decided not to post Dennis Hernandez Family tree til later.  Because (1) I’m lazy and (2) he is the only sim out of my original three single sims (Maria and James being the other two) that is still unmarried.  So, his tree hasn’t changed any, yet.

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Narrator: Dennis Hernandez

Round 5: Summer

I can fully understand how and why I got involved with this woman.  But I cannot understand what lead me to introduce her to James.  That’s a lie.  I wanted the power and prestige that went along with being part of Eaton’s biggest crime ring.  So, when she asked for an introduction I did it.  And look what t got me, a might possibly (make that am) an accessory to murder.  And on top of that, the nicest most innocent guy I know has fallen in love with the boss’s second in command.  Something told me to stay in bed today but now that I am up and outside.  I have to listen to my former boss and James current girlfriend, Kellie, talk.

Thankfully, she didn’t talk for long and I was able to escape with few brain cells still left.  I know she thinks that I am stupid and that is good.  That is how I want it.  I am waiting for this chic, Angelica, to show up.  But for some reason she is late.  Normally, I would have just went home.  But Kellie practically lived on Apple Common now and I didn’t want to take the chance of running into her for a second time today.  So, instead I decided to hang around and take a ride on the dance sphere.

Finally Angelica showed up.  What’s up with this guy, first she come late.  Then she has the nerves to come looking like a mess.  I know she wasn’t attractive when I met her.  But I thought that she would at least put in some effort.  I tried to play nice though.  Claudia was busy tonight so I couldn’t ditch Angelica for her.

Then to top it off when we went to dinner she order an ice cream float.  Not as a dessert but as her main meal.  If she keeps eating like that not only will she be ugly, she will also be fat.

I didn’t openly complain (at least not that much) because she paid for both our meals and even came back to my place for a night cap.

But thank god that Claudia was free later in the week.  I don’t think that I could survive another evening with bad hat girl.  I really liked Claudia she is an adventurous girl and know the difference between dinner and dessert.

I am still trying to think of a way to warn James about his girl.  But how exactly do you tell someone that you were involved in a crime ring with the girl that you hooked them up with.  And not only was she in the crime ring but she was the second in command and helped kill someone.  And you know this because she called you to be the getaway driver.  That was hard.  It’s doesn’t help matters that James is always so happy and talks about her constantly.


I really liked writing this entry.  It brought out Dennis attitude much better than I could have hoped.  This is the type of person that I think he is when I play him in the game.  It is nice to be able to finally convey him that why to you guys.

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