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Season: Summer
In this post: Thea Hardy, Jace Macarevich

Thea mindlessly washes out Cymoril’s dog bowl. Letting her mind drift to Michelina’s latest letter. Michelina seemed to be enjoying the married life in Italy. For, the first time in a long time Thea felt jealous. She kept telling herself that she had nothing to be jealous of, Michelina had chosen the life of wife and mother. While she had chosen to be a career woman.

Things weren’t so bad. She had met someone, Jace. They had met while she was walking to pickup lunch. He seemed nice enough and when he asked for her number she was flattered. It had been a long time since anyone asked for her number. She refused to count how long it had been since her last date even.

Maybe that’s why she now found herself sitting on the cough, shoving cookies in her mouth. Truing to appease her queasy stomach. The operator at the taxi company said 30 minutes. The closer and closer the clock got to the mark the more nervous she felt. The more cookies she devoured.

The cab ride didn’t help appease her nervousness. The ride was much more ragged than she remembered. She had traveled the same road numerous times, everyday to and from work and never had she felt every crack in the pavement as she did now. As the cab drove closer and closer sweat ran down her back.

Her knees would not stop shaking. She stood outside the bar and took a deep breath. I barely know him. Why am I so nervous? Shake it off. It’s just a date.

Inhale. Exhale. Smile. It’s just a date.

“How was your cab ride from the Valley?”

She exhaled. Jace hadn’t noticed how nervous she was. Thea’s shoulders relaxed. She smiles. “Great, very peaceful. Eaton looks fabulous at night from the bridge.”

“How are you at karaoke? He questions.

“Never tried it before.” She answers.

“First time for everything.

It was all going well. Better than she could have hoped. Jace made her comfortable, helped her relax and enjoy herself.

“Aren’t you a little to young to be here at this time of night?” Jace questions the kid sitting across from them at the bar.

“I’m just eating my cake.” The kid says, obviously irritated by Jace’s attention. “Chill.”

They finish eating, trying to ignore the kid eating cake at the bar across from them. As they were parting ways she reaches out to give him a hug. To thank him for the wonderful time. He pulls her close and kisses her.

When was the last time she had a kiss?


  • Thea is technically a semi-playable. If this were any of my other semi-playable or playable NPCs, this update wouldn’t have happened. But Thea is my badly created self sim (only slightly resemble me) and I have a mild affection for her. I think I might have to make her playable because I can’t see myself not posting an update for her every round. I would feel guilty.
  • Who’s Michelina? Last round I had the bright idea to have Thea write letters to her old college roommate, Michelina. Michelina is now, married with two kids(?) and lives in Italy. I don’t know if her family will ever appear in game. I originally had plans for them to pop up or a visit or forever. I haven’t made a final decision, yet. So, for now I will continue with the story line and see where it goes.
  • The kid at the bar is a playable NPC. He is on of Darcy Merrick’s (Lee) sons. If you remember or most likely don’t remember. James Wilson briefly dated Darcy back in the day before he married Kellie. After they broke up Darcy married and had a set of twin boys with a townie. You’ll most likely see more of him and his brother later.

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Members of Household: Thea Viola Hardy

Featured in Post: Thea V. Hardy, Hailey England

Dear Michelina,

Come stai e il marito? Like my little bit of Italian there?  How does it feel to be living in Italy?  I know when your grandmother left years ago she probably never would have guessed that one of her grandchildren would have moved back.

Me? I am doing well.  I am now living in a small, sparsely populated town called Oasis Valley.  There is not much here in town.  Not far away is a bigger city, Eaton.  I spent most of my time at work, the patient’s and the hospital really keep me busy.  When I am not at work, I am at home relaxing with Cymoril.  Isn’t her carino?

I am also enjoying owning my own home.  It came fully furnished but I had to buy a new couch thanks to Cymoril.

Did you and Giustino buy a house  I love my little home but the up keep is something horrible.  After the winter snow melted the weeds grew in.  I was tempted to call a gardener but the area is just so small.

Almost every house on the block is occupied with young people.  I am not in want for company, if I need someone to hang with all I have to do is walk over to a neighbor’s house.  Most of the are great but some of them take a little getting use too.  The girl next door, Hailey, is really a lovely girl but is way to perky and talkative.  Maybe it is the journalist in her, that makes her talk so much.  I almost groaned out loud when I saw her in Eaton on one of my days off.  She just had to stop me and tell me all about this research company that had created children using the eggs of two women.  I am happy that I was able to keep my groan back or she might not have told me this. Isn’t that fascinating?  Ms. Perky might be good for something besides idle chirping.

I couldn’t help but think about what Hailey told me when I was exploring Eaton.  Actually,  I was visiting a cemetery.  Morbid, no?   But it has some of the best scenery in the city.

Maybe its time for a career change?  Can you see me as a fertility scientist/specialist?

Can’t wait to hear back from you.  Hug hubby for me.

II tu amico,

Thea V. Hardy


  • I know I have been gone of a while but life got crazy really fast over the holiday season. I have spent the last couple of days preparing updates, so I never get this far behind again.
  • I don’t remember if I mentioned this before but Thea is really a self sim.  I imagine her to be somewhat like myself.  Which could explain why she is a little full.  But I love the way she looks even if she is a little plain.  She kind of looks like me in the face but our styles total match.  The only difference is that I would be wearing tennis shoes with the jeans.
  • Since not much is going on in her life at the moment.  I decided to due her updates in the form of letters to a pen pal.

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Round :7 Winter

Members of Household: Thea Viola Hardy

Thea Viola Hard was ecstatic.  When she read the ad in the school paper she thought the deal was too good to be true.  A grantee home loan and a little extra money to spend.  It was true, much to her elation.  Here she was being handed the keys to her very own home.

Thea didn’t waste anytime trying to trying to find a job.  She couldn’t find any openings at Eaton General or a doctors office in Eaton.  She was a little disappointed.  Instead she took a position at a private research firm.

She was really enjoying the small town thing.  At Just desserts the owner delivered her order to her personally so that she could introduce herself.

What she enjoyed more was that Oasis Valley was not that far from Eaton.  It was just across the bridge.  Well, not exactly just across more like 45 minutes away.  The taxi ride was a little expensive.  But Eaton did have gambling dens.

Another plus for living in Oasis Valley was that she could have a pet.  None of the apartments in Eaton allowed pets and the home prices were so high that she couldn’t even consider living there.  But she loved her new dog.

Even when it was not so gentle with the furniture.



  • My first official mini update.  Most of the new residents will be introduced this way.   With many updates.
  • Thea is sort of a self Sim even though she doesn’t look anything like me.  I have decided to only use certain skin tones from now on.  I am using a Maxis Match skin tone that I found at MTS2 (I think).  It is geneticized so that when children are born they can have a wider range of skin colors. There are about four colors in the set that fit with Maxis skin tones.
  • I don’t know what is up with the red windows at Just Desserts.  They should be black but ever since I have installed Apartment Life they have been red. I think a recolor has gone missing.

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