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Season: Winter
In this post: Victoria Hale, Dominique Keyes, Tiffany Keyes

It amazed her, the little things that seemed to through her day into a downward spiral.  The day would start out nicely, well nicely as possible since she received the call that Anton had died in an elevator accident.  Dominique would get out of bed determined to make this day different, better than the last.  It never worked as planned, something always ruined it for her.  She knew that somewhere the gods were having fun at her expense.

Today, had started out like all the rest.   Dominique was determined to finally take her mother and sisters advice and try to move forward with her life.  As they said, she was the only parent Tiffany had.  She had to pull herself together.

Breakfast was cooking on the stove, Tiffany was upstairs getting ready for school. Everything was going great, exactly like she planned.  She was setting the table when she happened to past a calendar on her way to the kitchen to get the glasses.

It hit her like a blot of lighting.  It had been a month.  A whole month.

Dominique barely made it through breakfast.  She put on her best happy mommy smile as she packed Tiffany off to school.  Then she headed into the house to call Mildred and notify her that she wouldn’t make it into Half Cafe this morning.  After getting off the phone with Mildred, she called her job to tell them she wouldn’t make it into the office this afternoon.

Instead, she headed to her room and took up a position that had become way to familiar over the past few weeks.


Victoria was getting the feeling that maybe she had failed her children in a very fundamental way.  When Dewayne had died all those years ago, she completely lost it.  Had become completely unglued at the seams.

As she watched Tiffany get off the bus, she wondered if she would have even shown a small amount of strength, back all those years ago would she have found herself in the position she was in now.  Waiting at the top steps to greet her grieving grandchild while her mother spent another day in bed “resting”.

“Where’s Mama?”

“Upstairs, taking a nap”


Yes, again.

Victoria patted the cushion next to her and waited for Tiffany to settle in.  Dominique should have been the one seating here comforting this child.  But because of her negliagnce her daughter couldn’t cope.  Maybe, if in those weeks after Dwayne’s death she hadn’t locked herself up in her room, her daughter wouldn’t be doing the same thing now.

“Mama’s sad because daddy’s never coming back?”

She hadn’t expected that, didn’t know how to answer.  Didn’t want to answer.  Her granddaugther had asked a question and so she answered the only why she knew how.


“But, I miss daddy too and I don’t sleep all day.”  The confusion, the pain, were all there.  In the voice and face.

She drew her close and held on.  Held on to Tiffany as tight as should have held on to Dominique all those years ago.

Victoria said the only thing that came to mind.  “I know baby, but your mama needs just a little bit more time.


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Season: Winter
In this post: Victoria Hale, Dominique Keyes

When the phone stared ringing Dominique had at first decided to ignore it.  Today was her day off.  The first day off that she had had in months.  She never thought her husband, Anton’s little coffee shop would have turned out to be so much work for her.

She wondered how she did it sometimes.  Holding three jobs, no four jobs.  Wife, mother, secratory, and coffee shop manager.  She was exhusted and determined not to let anything interrupt the only piece of alone time she had been granted in a long time.

She let the phone ring and go to voicemail.  Making a mental note to listen to it after lunch.

Only to have it ring again, five minutes late.  She let it go to voicemail.

Like clockwork, five minutes later it started up again.

This time she answered.  Who ever was at the other end was determined to get her attention.

Dominique doesn’t remember calling her but her mother is there.  She heard her call out her name from the bottom of the steps.  She couldn’t find the strength to answer.  She just hoped that she would know where to look.

The sounds of Victoria footsteps on the stairs, let her know that her mother was getting closer.  She silently urged her on, hoping that some special psychic mother-daughter connection would let her know how desperate she was for her warm, stable touch.

Her appearance in the room was like a valve being released.  No words were needed.  Just the soft swish of her jean covered thighs rubbing together and the muffled sound of heels meeting the carpet.

Dominique squeezed her eyes tightly together.  Trying to hold back the tears.

I must be strong.  I must.

Her senses wee on overload.  The shifting of the bed as her mother sat upon it, upset her balance making her sit up taller and straighter to keep from tilting over.  The sound of her mother’s breathing was like church bells right in her ears.  The feel of her loving arms wrapping around her body felt like a vice grip, squeezing her tight.

That was the final straw.

The tears began to fall.

They sat there, for hours or minutes.  It didn’t matter, time had no importance. Victoria held her oldest child tight, trying to soothe her pain.  Knowing that she was working in vain.   Dominique tried to control the tears, to stop their flow.  Hand gripped tightly on her knees barely keeping in the sobs.

Victoria finally let go.  Not because she wanted to but because she realized how much time had really passed.  Tiffany should be returning from her aunts house at any minute.

She stood by the window and stared at the lake not that far away.  She could see that same lake from the porch of her house.  And just like she had many times before, her daughter was now searching that same lake for strength.

Widowhood was the one thing that Victoria had hoped she and her children would never have in common.  At least, not in her lifetime.


  • Anton Keyes is the second (and final) ROS death this round.  Again, I hated killing him off.  I didn’t have any plans for the Keyes family but I thought that they were just adorable together and hated taking him away from his wife and daughter.
  • On the other hand it makes for a great storyline.  I have no idea what I am going to do with Dominique now.  Anton was on the top level of the business track and they are deeply in debt because of the house and the business he just brought.
  • No pictures of my favorite, Tiffany, this time.

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Strong Word

Season: Winter
In this post:Jean Hale, Abhijeet Deppiesse, Adam Deppiesse

Jean could hear them in the kitchen going about their normal morning rountine. It was childish really, to have to stand by the door and listen to to them.  She knew their routine, they were old.  Their day was almost always pretty much the same.  Home and work.  With visits with the grandchildren in between.

Today, was different.  Today, she had plans.  Today, she needed to make sure they were out of the house.

She turned back around and headed into Adam’s make shift nursery.  It wasn’t want Jean had wanted for her son but what choice did she have.  Baby Adam was an accident, a road bump in the carefree, responsibility free life she had planned.

She leaned over his crib and massaged his soft round belly.  Jean loved her little road bump and wished that she had planned better.  For him mainly.  If it was just her she could have coped.

Today, she hopped things would start to change.

Whispering softly as not to be heard in the front room “Daddy is coming over today.”

Such a strong word.  Five letters long.  Yet, it held so much weight.


The carpool pull up, the horn honked.  Jean continued to slowly rub Adam’s stomach as she listened to the click of the front door.  Her sign that they were finally alone.

“See you later, Jean”  her mother yelled.  “Don’t forget nap time is at noon.  We need to get him on a schedule.”


The sound allowed her to pull all her attention to the little boy looking up at her with sleepy eyes.


She didn’t remember her.  He was gone when she was just a baby to young to remember.  The only thing she had left of him was pictures and stories.  The pictures were starting to fade and the stories were few.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

Her mother and sisters had told her over and over again that she had fucked up.  Of course they didn’t use those words, they were much to nice for that.  The message was still the same though.   Here stood the man that had fathered her child.  Here he stood, after not bothering to come to the hospital to welcome his son into the world.  After months of not calling to see if he was okay.

Today, here he stood.


The creeping sensation that they had been right, that she had fucked up began to make her spine tingle.

He was late for the first meeting with his son.  Her son.  Their son.

She motioned him into the house.  Wondering what had she done.  Maybe she should try to go this alone.  Her mother had done it with five kids.  She was sure she could do it with one.  They would help her.  Her mother, sisters, Armando, and even David,  her brother who claimed he was allergic to child but spent all night putting up Adams crib and brought her a safe car to drive.

Jean walked him to the back of the room, wondering what romantic ideas so clouded her vision that she did not hang up the phone when she had heard his voice.

Abhijeet made it into the room before she did.  She stopped by the door and watched as he carefully lifted Adam from the crib.  Once again realizing how little she knew about him.

Did he have other children?

Those were the questions she did not ask.  Their “relationship” had not been that deep.  They would meet at a club, drink, dance, drink so more.  Then take the party back to his place.  If they were feeling adventurous, they would hit the road, leaving the nightclubs of Eaton to drive back to sleepy Oasis Valley.   Where they would sneak into her bedroom at Dominique’s house.  He would be gone in the morning before anyone was awake.

This man, was her sons daddy.

“It’s not that much different form holding my friend’s kids.”


Wanting to snatch her child from his arms she walked over to them.  She had invited him her.  Let him in.  Now she had to deal with it.

Deal with a man, who couldn’t see how special it was to hold his own child in his arms.  It’s wasn’t like holding some friend’s “kid” or a niece or nephew.  Holding your child was different.  Special.  Magical.

She knew.  She did it everyday.  Several times a day.

It had been special to her since day one.

She sat the sandwiches on the table while he put Adam back in his crib.

Maybe for women holding their own baby was different?

The stories that she heard about her own father would tell her that no for men it was different.  Her father use to pride himself on the fact that he was the only one able to get her to settle down at night.  They would fall asleep on the couch together.  Her in his arms.

Lunch was silent.  Both of them lost in their own thoughts.  When he cleared his throat, her stomach tied in knocks.  Ringing sounded in her ear.  She didn’t want to hear what he had to say. Jean wanted him to leave.  To let her go it alone.

Then he said “I’m not ready to be a daddy, yet.”

She fought to hold back a smile.


  • This is the post on twitter a few weeks ago that I mentioned that I dreaded editing.  In it’s original form it sucked.  This is a drastic improvement.  It’s so much better (believe me).  
  • Jean and Abhijeet’s relationship came about because I had a hard time finding someone to match her up with.  I tried to get them together because I love playing matchmaker.  But in the end, they weren’t ment to be a serious item.  So, Abhijeet is going to end up a playable NPC.

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It was like falling deep in love I heard the angels cry above I felt a blessing straight from god The day that you gave me a son.
Babyface: "The Day"

London Household:

Randy London felt fear grip his body when Peggy had first told him to entertain her mothers and sister, while she got herself and the baby ready.  He didn’t think that he would have found Jennifer Crabtree in a good mood.   If he would have known that all it took to get on her good side was to impregnate her daughter he would have done it sooner.

Their conversation was interrupted when Peggy opened up the bedroom door and announced that her and baby Jeremy Ash London were ready for visitors.

Hale Household:

When Armando Cox first heard his step-daughters, Jean Hale, shout of pain he thought something terrible had happened.  Maybe she had fallen and now she and the baby were in danger.   What he hadn’t expected was her to calm announce that she was in labor and needed a ride to the hospital.

Jean would never admit it to anyone but the first sign of labor pains had frightened her.  She didn’t know if she was ready to be a mother but the arrival of Adam Christopher Deppisse, meant she had little time to prepare.

At least, now she was living with her mother who had done this many times before.


  • Apparently, the game has noticed my abundance of females and has decided to spit out males.  That’s 5 boys in a row.

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Season: Spring
In this post: Victoria Hale, Dominique Keyes, Mildred Saunders, Emily Saunders, Janet Murray, Jean Hale, Stephanie Saunders, Elizabeth Saunders

“Your grandmother and aunts are coming over for lunch tomorrow.” Mildred lectured.

Stephanie rolled her eyes she had heard it all before, the ‘best behavior in front of  company lecture’ was old.  She almost knew it by heart  “But they’re family.  They know how we are.”

“I don’t care.  Best behavior.” Mildred snapped.


The next day Stephanie and Elizabeth only stuck around long enough to greet everybody before escaping to the backyard.

“We should have went to the cafe and helped Uncle Anton out. ” Elizabeth said between bubble blows.  “A least we would have made some cash.”

Stephanie didn’t respond.  She was hoping that her twin would shut up so she could hear what they talking about in the kitchen.  The window was open and she knew they were talking but their voices were to low for her to make out the words.

“David is moving out.”  Janet couldn’t believe that her brother was moving out on his own.  She had always figured he would live with their mother until the day he married.  She never understood why he hadn’t moved out sooner, Victoria and David didn’t have the greatest relationship and he was a successful bachelor.  She couldn’t understand how he was have success dating once he told women that he lived with his mother.

“He says that it’s about time he left the nest.”  Jean said, hopping that her sister made dessert.  The baby in her belly seemed to crave sweets,  “But I think he’s doing it so that I could move back in before the baby is born.”  Jean was not so secretly happy that her brother was moving out.  When her mother had offered her the spare bedroom, she was relieved.  She couldn’t imagine living in Dominique and her family with her baby.  It just seemed so desperate, but the spare room was so tiny she doubt that her bed and the babies crib would fit.  Davids departure worked out perfectly for her.

Everyone had the own opinion about Jean’s “situation”,  Janet and Dominique had been very verbal about what they considered Jean’s immaturity.  They both at some point asked her the same question  “How could a  woman who could not even afford to pay rent on her own place allow herself to get pregnant?”   Jean readily admits that she had irresponsible but not everyone waited to have children until they married.  So what if she and Abijheet weren’t in a relationship?

Victoria could’t decided if she was happy, or disappointed.  She was happy every time one of her children announced they were expecting and the same proved true for Jean.  On the other hand she was disappointed that Jean didn’t seem to have a plan.  Instead, she waited for others to make decisions for her.  Resulting in David “deciding” to move out in order for Jean and the baby to move in.

Her sister, Mildred, and her wife, Emily, didn’t share their opinions.  Most likely because they weren’t married when Emily gave birth to Elizabeth and Stephanie.  There was also the fact that all four of their daughters were modern scientific wonders, having two biological mothers thanks to Dr. Lillard and his now closed fertility lab.

Emily tried to change the mood by not changing the topic of conversation. “Dominique, I bet your excited about opening the coffee shop.  Half Cafe is such a cute name.”

“I just can’t wait until it’s finally opened.  I’m just happy that David and Brent are helping Anton put the finishing touches on the place today.  I couldn’t do another day of setup without killing the man.  Husbands and wives should never decorate together.

“I can’t wait either.”  Mildred chimed in.  Anton and Dominique had offered her the position of assistant manager.  Anton couldn’t leave his executive position at the clothing company and Dominique didn’t want to give up her position as a secretary at Eaton’s city hall.  Instead, Dominique would work part-time and Mildred would run the store when she wasn’t there.

“I’m just happy you accepted the position, Mildred.  I swear, Anton didn’t think this out all the way.  Men!”

The rest of the lunch went by smoothly.  All the talk either centered around the kids of Half Cafe.

When lunch was over, Mildred was relieved.  She just wanted to go back to her nice quite drama free life.

“Don’t worry, Ma.” Jean will be fine.”


  • I didn’t know sims could be crossed eyed but Mildred is.  Every time I play her house or get a close up of her I get distracted by her eyes.  They make it hard to get a good picture of her.  I’ve tried changing her hairstyle and everything.  Unfortunately, that is the only hairstyle that works with her face.  She is not the pretty sister.
  • How is it possible to cheat when you make up the rules?  I don’t know but I did it (again).  Stephanie had a could that I didn’t take care of fast enough,  when the Grim Reaper came I paused the game and debated with myself if I should try to save her.  My rule is that there is not pleading with Grim, if a sim dies, they die.  But once again I broke my own rule.

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Season: Fall
In this post: David Hale, Stephanie Saunders, Elizabeth Saunders, Tiffany Keyes, Louise Timberlake

David Hale couldn’t understand why he had such problems with women. His mother, Victoria, claimed he had commitment issues. His girlfriend, Louise, claimed he had mother issues. All he knew was that this past weekend cemented the fact that he had issues with women, period. No matter what age and his life was filled to the brim with them, mother, sisters, nieces, girlfriend. They were everywhere, his only escape was his job as coach of Eaton’s semi-pro basketball team.


It started all on a Friday, when he arrived home after spending a week on the road at tournament. He saw his niece, Stephanie, playing on the porch. His first thought was to turn the car around and head to Louise’s place. He really didn’t want to deal with kids this weekend. He knew without having to be told that girls were there for at least the night, if not the whole weekend. His mother did that often now, since Mildred and her tribe moved back to Oasis Valley and Emily popped out two more.

“Hey, Steph, how was school?” trying to be polite but not really caring.

“Really, Uncle D. On a Friday. You think I want to talk about that place on a Friday. Now way” was her not so polite response before sticking her fingers in her ear.

He didn’t have the energy to correct her behavior instead he headed into the house, weighing the pros of moving out into his own place.

“Hey, Uncle D.” Beth said to him, his hopes of escaping to his room stalled.

“Hey, Beth.” He decided to try another question this time having learned his lesson with Steph. “How are you enjoying your two new sisters?”

“Let’s not talk about those attention thieves.”

He fled into his room. He just couldn’t deal with it, not now with only 3 hours of sleep and back stiff from trying to sleep on the plane.

The girls had spent most of the day playing in the yard but now it was dark and they were inside and making noise. The first fit of giggles barely registered through his deep sleep but the giggles got continuously louder and than were joined by want sound like jumping on the bed.

His eyes opened and he stared at the ceiling.

“I can’t even get a decent nights sleep in my own house.” He complained to himself.


The next morning he woke up to the smell of pancakes floating through the air. He could hear his mother talking on the phone through his closed door, “Don’t worry about the girls, they’re a blast. We’ll keep them until Sunday, see you then.”

No breakfast for him; he grabbed some clothes, took a shower and fled to Louise’s apartment in Eaton.

She was waiting for him when he arrived. Of course, he had called to warn her that he was on his way and to get dressed and ready to go when he pulled up. He pulled into a parking space in front of her door and honk his horn. Louise sighed, how rude, he can wait until I finish this article.

Things with Louise didn’t go as well as David had planned. Louise acted moody, like he had done something wrong. She complained about everything. The movie, lunch, his attitude, his manner, the waiter. Everything. Until he finally had enough and said “Let’s call it a day”.

“What’s up with you?” David questioned while heading to the bathroom.

“Quit wasting my time, David” Louise yelled at him as he exited the bathroom.

“Wasting your time?”

“Yes, wasting my time. You said you would marry me. You told me to wait and I waited. Now I’m sick of waiting. Wasting time.”

“Baby, I meant everything I said. But my career is going places. In a minute I could be coaching in the pros.”

“Cut the bullshit and the baby, baby shit.”

“If I keep waiting for you my ovaries will fossilize. You know your not the only man on this planet or even Eaton for that matter. I’ve been good; I’ve waited for you for years. All I get is a promise ring.”

“Well you don’t have to wait for me any longer. I’m done. Keep the ring and congratulations. Your single, now.”

He head for a hotel for the night.


On Sunday he checked out as late as possible. Sure that his mother would have gotten rid of the girls by noon in order to rest. On the way back to the Valley he kept thinking about his break up with Louise. They had been together since high school, no other girl in his life except her, ever. It was a shock to his system how quickly it end, just like that.

He was relieved to see Mildred’s car out front. A sign that the girls were soon headed home. A smile almost touched his lips, then he oped the door and saw all of them in the tiny front room, smiling and have a good old time.

He didn’t bother to speak. He just headed to his room and shut the door, barely drowning out the sound of Tiffany’s high pitched laughter.


  • David Hale has tons of problems with women.  I didn’t have to make that up.  He and Victoria aren’t even friends.  No matter what I do I can’t get their relationship score up.  He has like 20 daily and life time points with her. I tried to get him to talk to his nieces but that ended badly too.  The only women that he gets along with in his family is is sisters.
  • Louise has the want to get married but David never rolls it which is common with my fortune sims.  So, I decided that it was best that they go their separate ways.  I can’t see David wanting to get married anytime soon.  I really hope he doesn’t end up a lifelong  bachelor because I am counting on him to pass on the Hale family name.

  • I love Tiffany.  Tiffany is Dominique and Anton’s daughter.  In game right know she is a child and such a little cutie.  So, even though there was no need to put her in the story.  I did anyways.
  • Don’t worry about Louise,  I think she will be fine.

  • The Hale Family tree will be update later in this round.  This family has broken off into 3 additional households so I need to age those kids up first.  If you go to the N99 forum you have probably already seem it.

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This is the first birth announcement since I have started the new aging and time system.  So, this is exciting (at least for me).  You will notice that I do one thing different from some of the other bloggers.  I will only do pregnancies and births these post.  No birthdays.

I  tried to think of a cute name to title all the birth post.  But couldn’t instead I thought of the Babyface song “The Day”.

It was like falling deep in love
I heard the angels cry above
I felt a blessing straight from god
The day that you gave me a son

Janet Murray (formerly Hale)feels huge. She knows that her stomach could be bigger or that she could have been like her sister-in-law and carrying twins. She feels somewhat lucky but still can’t wait for  her due date this winter.


One warm fall afternoon Emily Saunders and her wife Mildred Saunders (formerly Hale) arrive home after picking up their twin girls from school.  At first she thought she just had to use the toilet really bad and rushed into the house without even closing her car door.  Then she realized after the firs contraction that she was in labor.

The Saunders welcomed into their family twin girls, Christine Lee and Lisa Raye.


  • Christina and Lisa are clones of their older sisters Stephanie and Elizabeth.  I have the bat box and use it often to randomized genetic but apparently I am doing it wrong.  If anyone knows the secret please pass it along to me.

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