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Season: Winter
In this post:Dorain Kauker, Allyn Kauker, Kenneth Tyson, Teresa Flores-Tyson, Jose Flores-Tyson

Kenneth had been coming to the house everyday for weeks.  Trying to prepare them all for this moment.  He knew that one day he would have to step back into the role of father.  He just never expected it to come so sudden of fast.  Never expected it to happen like this.

How could one expect something like this.  Elevators just didn’t crash.  It almost never happened.  The one time it did it took the life of a child, someone’s father, and even a grandmother.

He would have thought that by now he would have gotten use to the unexpected happening to him.  But everytime it happened it was a shock to his system.  It stopped his heart and like the most powerful earthquake imaginable it knocked his world off it’s axis.

Never to be the same again.

“Are you sure?”  He couldn’t seem to stop asking that question even though their answer was always the same.

Allyn and Dorian looked at each other.  Knowing that Kenneth did not mean any harm.  He just didn’t know what else to say.  They knew, he knew from experince that all the condolences in the world would not make their pain go away.

He was trying to offer them an out.  A way to back away from their plans.  A way to lessen their pain and the childrens pain.  They had looked at it from every angle and had come to the same conculsion each time.

“We love them like they were are own.”  Dorian explained again.  His voice deep with plain.  “But we have to go.”

“Kenneth, we are not doing this to hurt them.”  Allyn voice was pained.  Kenneth hate himself for bring up the subject again.  “But the memories here in this house.  This town.  Of Cephus.  Of Maria.   Are two much for me.”

He hadn’t expected that the mention of her.  This was about them and their son but of course her memory would still be there.  Their family photo hang proudly behind his back.

“I know.  I just…”  He paused not sure where to go from here.

“I just want you to know that you’ll always have a home here.  If you decide to come back.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll go get the children. So, they can say their goodbyes.”


  • Have you ever written an update and looked at and then realized that it needed to be changed?  Then after analyzing it for days you realize that you don’t now how to change it?  This was that update for me.  I have been looking for this for a couple of day and I wanted to change something but couldn’t figure out what.  So, I gave up and pushed published.

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Season: Winter
In this post: Dorian Kauker, Allyn Kauker, Teresa R. Flores-Tyson, Jose C. Flores-Tyson, Cephus Kauker

Dorian couldn’t decide if he loved his schedule or hated it. Morning time seemed to be the worse part of the day in a house full of children.  No one wanted to wake up for school.  The boys always argues when told to brush their teeth.  For some reason that he could not grasp, the bathtub would always leak when it was his turn to use it.

The saving grace for working in the on Saturday afternoon was the fact that he got to take care of the important things.  Cephus had his last counseling session in Eaton and as was custom he was going to take him.  The social worker would drop to an weekend recreation program where Dorian would pick him up after work.

Allyn wasn’t good a handling these types of things.  She worried about the kids way to much.  Asked so many questions the counselor said that she was looking for problems that weren’t there.  Cephus was fine and had adjusted to his new family much better than expected.


She almost missed the sound of the phone ring.  They kept meaning to buy one for the second floor but like other non-esstenitals it got pushed to the bottom of the list or completely forgotten, until that moment when she was rushing down the stairs trying to catch it.

“I’m coming.  I’m coming.”  Allyn said like the person on the other end could hear.

They had heard the ringing downstairs.  They knew that Allyn went down to get it.  She had said she would be right back.  Then nothing.

“I’m going down to check on her.”  Teresa grabbed her teddy bear from the bed.  She felt uneasy and needed it reassurance.

Jose looked scared, something was making them both scared.  Neither could put their finger on it.

“Wait here, I’ll be back”

“Teresa.  I don’t…. I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Teresa headed down the stairs, her footsteps much lighter than normal.  She didn’t know why but she felt that she shouldn’t make her presence known.  At the third step she came to a sudden halt as what sounded like a sob broke through the air.

Was Allyn crying?

The hairs on the back of her neck stood at attention.  She didn’t want to go any further.  Another sob and a sniffle broke the silence.

Maybe, Jose had been right.  Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.

“Cephus, Cephus, Cephus, Cephus.”  Teresa heard Allyn repeating over and over.  As harder louder sobs came out.

Teresa turned and headed back up the stairs.

“What does that mean?”

Teresa petted the fur on the teddy bear, wondering if she really should be the one telling him this.  “He’s dead.”

“Don’t say that, Teresa.”

“He is.”

“You can’t know for sure.”

Teresa looked at her brother over the bears head.  She felt bad now,  he would’t even look at her.

“I can”  She said before cuddling the bear to her chest.


  • Cephus is the first of two sims that are going to die this round.  All with the thanks of ROS. 
  • I really hated doing this because even though Ally and Dorian are just minor characters I really wanted them to have and Happily Ever After type life.  I could just see them as model parents and grandparents.  Based on how I think of them, I doubt that they will adopt or have more kids.
  • This death also made me feel bad for Teresa and Jose.  They really have suffered the last couple of rounds and now this.  Jose and Cephus were best friends and I thought of there relationship as brotherly.

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Seemed Normal

Season: Fall
In this post: Dorian Kauker, Allyn Kauker, Kenneth Tyson, Teresa Flores-Tyson, Cephus, Kauker, Jose Flores-Tyson

Kenneth listen while Dorian told him updated him on everything the kids had been up to in the last couple of weeks.  The stuff that the children wouldn’t say him during their weekly visits or during their family counseling sessions.  The stuff that they didn’t want him to hear.

He could understand why Dorian was worried.  Jose moods seem to flash as quick as lightening.

From anger.

To gentleness.

Or the fact that Teresa seemed really attached to her teddy bear and cat.

He tried to explain to Dorian, that these emotions were normal, part of the process.  The counselor had told them to kept things that seemed out of  character.  That it was good that the kids were letting the them out.  Releasing the emotions instead of keeping them bottled up. Ready to blow at any moment.

He had a feeling that no matter what he said, what the counselor had told him Dorian would still be concerned.  That’s why he felt comfortable with leaving his kids with Dorian and Allyn in the first place.  They were good, caring people.  Allyn was Maria’s best friend.

They had been so engrossed in their converstation, they missed the sound of the school bus pulling up front.  The sound of Jose running feet brought their conversation to an end.

“Daddy!”  Jose said reaching up for a hug.

“Are you staying for dinner?”  Teresa asked much calmer than her younger brother.

Yet, they seemed normal to him.


  • I am really trying to flush this story out a little more.  I hated the fact that I had to kill Maria off, so I hate the idea of dealing with her death in the usual Maxis way.  Just a few tears and no lasting effect.
  • There are plans in my head about how this will all pan out for Jose and Teresa.  I am just hoping that they will corporate with me.

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Season: Summer
In this post: Kenneth Tyson, Teresa Flores-Tyson, Jose Flores-Tyson

Kenneth tried to make himself comfortable.  This was the first time ever that the children had come to see him.  They had never seen the center and did not know the full truth reason that he was there.  Kenneth wanted to cancel the visit, his counselor reminded him that this was one of the steps needed for a full complete emotional recovery.

He felt restless and moved to the common room.  The center was actually a house and the silence was making him nervous.  Protocol for meetings like this was families would show up and the patients would leave.  It would just be the patient and their family alone.  The counselor a block away in case of an emergency.  He sat, trying to control nervous pacing.

He heard a car pull up and door slam.  Voices reached his ears muffled by the windows and walls.  Kenneth mind conjured up images of his counselor soothing Allyn’s fear.  She had expressed heavy doubt about the meeting.  Fearing that the children would come away traumatized.

He waited, rubbing his sweaty palms on his legs.  He was scared to, scared that Teresa and Jose would not look at him the same.  Kenneth feared that once they found out the truth.  Once they found out he cracked, they would lose faith in him.

The door opened drawing his attention away from his worries.  He watched as Teresa slowly crossed the room to the couch.  Her face somber, her eyes uncertain.

“Hi, Daddy.”  Her voice wasn’t as cheery as the day they met after school.

He smiled, as he watcher her sit next to him.  “Hi, Teresa Rosita.”  Using her full name, keeping his voice light and calm.

Jose followed Teresa slower more cautious.  His eyes taking in everything.  The beige worn caret, pale green walls, and plants sitting under the window sill.

“Don’t be so nervous, son.  This is not bad.  This is good,  no worries.”

“Daddy, why are we here?  Why are you here?”  Teresa questioned.  The question and her voice made him question his decision.  Maybe this wasn’t the right place, the right time.

He had hoped for a little time before they started in on the heavy stuff.  Teresa’s question throw him for a loop.  He had forgotten how observant children were, of course, they would pick up that this meeting was important.  They picked up on the nervousness and fear from the adults around them.

“Is this about Mommy?”  If he hadn’t been listening, if the house hadn’t been so silent Kenneth would have missed Jose’s question even though the boy was sitting next to him.

The question hit him in the gut.  They never talked about her, the wound still tender.  Kenneth hadn’t planned on tackling that, now.  He felt his calm slip, he struggle to keep his control.

Kenneth did the first thing that came to his mind he stalled.  “It’s warm outside, lets have this talk outside.”  He didn’t wait for a response, he rose from the couch and escorted them outside.

He lead them to the center of the yard and motioned for them to have a seat. Giving himself more time to collect his thought, choose his words.

He didn’t know where to began.  He opened his mouth and shit it, and then opened it again letting the words flow in the order they came out.  He didn’t leave anything out, hoping they would understand, hoping that he was saying the right things.  Praying in the end that all the pieces would fit together.

When he was finished, not knowing what else to say, what to do, he watched and waited.  He could see tears running down Joses face, he wanted to hug and tell him everything was okay but he didn’t he waited for a sign, some indication that  his comfort would be welcome.  Teresa didn’t look at him or Jose.  She kept her eyes on the  grass, her brows down mouth tense.

The suspense was killing, his lee were cramping.  He stood, not knowing what else to do.  His motion was a catalyse, Teresa stood too.  Their eyes locked, her arms opened up towards him.  He leaned down and wrapped her into his arms.  No words were needed or exchanged.

Jose followed her lead after wiping his tears away.  He smiled up to Kenneth, his arms open and welcoming.

The rest of the visit went smoothly.  They laughed and joked and played.  His conselor was right he would know what to say when the time came.  Teresa and Jose didn’t seem tramatized, they seemed happy, relieved.

When his alarmed sounded, indicating the end of th visit he was disappointed.  He led them inside to wait for Allyn to show up.

“When are you coming home, Daddy?”  Teresa snuggled close to him.



  • I wanted to use the two pictures below but the didn’t fit in.  Teresa and Kenneth look very sweet here.  Two of my favorite pictures from this play session.

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Season: Winter
In this post: Dorian Kauker, Allyn Kauker, Kenneth Tyson, Teresa Flore-Tyson, Jose Flores-Tyson, Cephus Kauker

The ringing of the phone startled Dorian, he sat down his morning paper and went to answer it wondering who was calling at such an early hour. They normally never received calls in the morning. In fact, the morning was one of the quietest times in the house, the only time of the day where he could sit back and relax with the sound of children laughter, angry, or tears. Will there was when the boys were asleep but by than he was too tired to read the paper.  By than all he wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep.

He had been worried that the call was from the station and they needed him to come in early, he enjoyed his morning breakfast with his family.  It was almost like he had always dreamed.  Early mornings with the wife and kids, expect two of the kids weren’t his and were holding out hope that their father would return soon.

He answered the phone with a “Good morning”.  Dorian hadn’t expected the voice on the other end.  Kenneth only called at night, after dinner right before bedtime.  He listened and answered at all the right moments, before ending the call with a “Have a nice day”.

“Who was that, dear?’  Allyn asked him as he walked into the kitchen.

“Kenneth.”  He paused preparing himself of the questions he knew she was going to ask.  When she remained silent he continued.  “He wanted to know if he could come over.  When the kids get out of school.  I invited him to dinner.”

“Tonight?” She never turned around, just kept stirring the omelet batter

“Who to diner, Uncle Dorian?”  Teresa’s had a habit of startling him, she was much quieter than the boys.  Jose and Cephus made it a point to announce their arrival by bouncing down the stairs.

“Kenneth, your Father.”

Dorian couldn’t remember the last time he seen her smile so wide, or her eyes light up so bright.  His heart broke more, the Flores-Tyson children had been through a lot in the past couple of years.  It had been a long time since Jose or Teresa had seen their father in person.

Teresa talked more at the breakfast table that morning than Dorian or Allyn could remember her talking in all of last month combined.  She was the silent one, keeping everything in, never letting anything out.  This morning she was a chatter box, no she was a nagging.  Teresa lectured Jose on being on his best behavior, when their father arrived.  She warned that his and Cephus loud ways might scare Kenneth away and he would never want to come back.

Allyn tried to keep her tone light when she said.  “Teresa, dear.  I’m sure your father will welcome the noise.  It’s rather quite were he is now.”

She snapped her mouth shut, realizing she had almost gone too far.  The last thing she wanted to do was remind them that their father was in a rehabilitation center, recovering from the accident.  At least that was what they lead them to believe.  Thinking it was much easier than letting them knew that he was really in an Impatient Counseling Center,  his grief forcing the doctor to put him on heavy medication and strict counseling sessions.


Teresa could barely contain her excitement on the bus ride home.  The bus driver threats to write a detention slip did not stop her from jumping out of her seat and running to the door of the bus before it made a complete stop.  Hoping that her daddy was there waiting for them.

He wasn’t but Allyn and Dorian were there waiting as was custom, with arms open  to welcome them home from school.

Jose and Teresa sat on the couch in the living room, running to the window and taking a peek outside every time they thought they heard tires traveling down the street.

“Maybe, my dad heard wrong and he is coming tomorrow.” Offered Cephus when an hour had passed and no taxi had arrived.

Cephus wanted Kenneth to show up, for his friends sake, but the wait was killing him.  He rather play hide and seek instead of wait and was about to suggest a game when the sound of a car slowing down reached them.

Teresa was the first one out of the door, yelling “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” at the top of her lungs before finally launching herself into Kenneth’s arms.  She held on tightly, only letting go when he pulled away to have a good look at her.

Jose arrived at a slower pace, remembering his sister’s warnings during breakfast and wanting his father to be happy to see him.

Dorian watched the reunion from the top of the front steps only interrupting because Jose didn’t have on a coat.  “You’re just in time, Kenneth. Dinner is ready.”

Kenneth, Teresa, and Jose took their time following Dorian into the house.  Arriving to the dinning room as Allyn sat down the last bowl of chicken soup. Once settled, Dorian noticed how Jose and Teresa choose to seat next to Allyn instead of their father.  Needing her warm presence to soother their excited nervous energy.

The children kept up a constant flow of chatter about friends and school.  Filling Kenneth in on everything that he missed since the last time they talked on the phone.  When the meal was over Allyn and Dorian ushered Cephus upstairs to give them private time.

There was so much Kenneth wanted to say to them but words escaped him.  He settled for just cheering them on as they battled each other on a racing game.

When Allyn came down the stairs and tapped her watch indicating bedtime a wave of regret washed over him.  All the things he had planned and rehearsed on the ride over were left unsaid.  They would have to wait until the next time he could get a pass to leave the center.  At least he got to enjoy hearing them talk and he could see for himself that they were doing as well as Dorian and Allyn had said.

They said their goodbyes.  Jose making him promise to come home soon, before giving him a kiss goodbye.


  • I updated the Flores-Tyson family page with a current Family Photo.  Maria is not in the picture because she died before the end of the round, which is when I took all the pictures.   But I couldn’t resist getting a picture of the whole family together before I offed her. *Excuse the bad Photoshopping.*
  • I debated about which photo to use as the official on.  It was between the one above or this one.

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The Phone Rings

Season: Fall
In this post: Kenneth Tyson, Maria Flores-Tyson, Dorian Kauker, Allyn Kauker, Teresa Flores-Tyson, Jose Flores-Tyson, Cephus Kauker

Maria and Kenneth sat at the dinning table, alone.  It was a rare occurence and they both savored the moment.  For the first time in weeks the house was empty of active children, Teresa and Jose were eating dinner at the Kauker’s house.  To celebrate Kenneth had made salmon another rarity for them, since the kids refused to eat fish.

“We should go on a date.”  Kenneth stated after trying to remember the last time they had done anything alone.

“Us?”  Maria questioned the idea sounding enticing.

“Yes, us.  I’ll set it up.  We can stay the night in Eaton.  I’m sure Dorian and Allyn will watch the kids.”

“You haven’t even asked them yet.”

“Of course they will.  We’ll just have to return the favor, when they want a night on the town.”


“You mean I’m stuck with the boys all by myself.” Teresa said, her face falling.

“No, you won’t be by yourself.  You can invite the Saunders girls over if Allyn is alright with it.”

“No, they go to their grandma’s house.  It’s to late to ask.”  Teresa voice took on a low whiny tone.

“We’ll Allyn will be here with you.”  Maria said trying to appease her.

“Not the same.  She old.”

Jose decided to out in and try to make his sister feel better.  “You can play cops and robbers with Cephus and me.”

Teresa let out a huge breath, tossing a pointed look in her mother’s direction.


Kenneth tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, debating the wisdom in going back into the house and pulling Maria out.  He had started the care five minutes earlier and was getting tired of the wait.

He heard the front door slam shut, his hopes soaring.  He turned and looked in the direction of the house hoping to see Maria walking down the steps to the waiting car.

For a minute he saw nothing.  His hopes dashed but as he continued to glance at the front door he saw what appeared to be little feathers floating in the air.

He snapped his head forward pretending not to notice.  He considered himself officially off duty.  Dealing with whatever Jose and Cephus had gotten into was now all on Dorian and Allyn.


Allyn couldn’t understand how the act of preparing for bed could be so noisy.  It sounded like a herd of elephants had been let loose up stairs.  She stared at the food waiting to be prepared in front of her and tried to convince herself to go upstairs and tell the boys to settle down.

A loud thump convinced her.  She would stay in the kitchen and let Dorian handle the boys.  She listened for the sound of his shoes on the stairs.  Smiling as she heard the heard him reach the top.

Dorian had finally gotten Jose and Cephus to settle down and do a quieter activity after allowing them thirty more minutes before it was lights out.  On his way back down stairs, he checked on Teresa, who was quietly reading a book.  His stomach grumbled as the smell of frying bacon scented the air.  Her probably should have eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner instead of waiting until the kids were sleep to eat.

The phone started to ring right as he passed it.  He picked it up, expecting it to be either Maria or Kenneth, checking up on the kids.

“Hey, Dorian.  It’s Ramin.”  The voice on the other end said after he picked up.

“What’s happening, Ramin?  Don’t tell me you guys need more help tonight.  I’m here helping my wife keep these children from tearing down the house.  I can’t come in tonight.”

Ramin cleared his throat, unsure of how to precede. “It’s not that, Dorian.  If only it was something that simple.  It’s about the Mr. and Mrs. Tyson.”

Dorian listened without commenting.  Taking each word in, trying to process them.  Trying to make sense of them.

“…. The car was struck on the side.”

“… He has been flown to the trauma center.”

Who was Ramin talking about? Not Kenneth.  Not Maria.  It couldn’t be those two.  They had only left hours ago, for a date night.  The cop in him told him that didn’t matter.  But the human side of him, the friend and father, told him that Ramin was mistaken.  That it couldn’t be Maria and Kenneth.  The same Maria and Kenneth daughter was quietly reading a book on her bed.  Or whose son was trying to be quiet, something that went completely against his nature.

“… She died on impact.”

He doesn’t remember hanging the receiver up or walking into the kitchen.  All he knows is somehow he made it to the kitchen.  That she was blissful unaware about the news he had to share.  He held his breath trying to enjoy the moment.  The innocence of it all, the sounds of the boys jumping on the bed, the food cooking on the stove.

Knowing in a moment she would be aware of him standing behind her, knowing that he would have to  be the one delivering the bad news.

The news that would forever alter all their lives.


  • A family photo of the Flores-Tyson family before I killed off Maria.  I just couldn’t end her life without at least attempting to give them a proper family portrait.

  • It was the hardest thing ever for me to kill off Maria Flores-Tyson.  She is one of the CAS that originally started Oasis Valley and I was really fond of her.  Damn ROS.  For a while I debated on if I could really care this out but I forced myself and did it.
  • The Kauker’s will move into the Flores-Tyson house and take care of the kids until Kenneth is released from the hospital.  I have a couple of updates on how the family handles the tragedy planned.

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Round 8:Summer

Members of Household: Kenneth Tyson, Maria Flores-Tyson, Teresa Flores-Tyson, Jose Flores-Tyson

Featured in Post: Kenneth Tyson, Maria Flores-Tyson, Teresa Flores-Tyson, Jose Flores-Tyson

If only she knew then what she knows now.  Would it have changed anything? No but at least she would have been prepared.  She knew raising two kids was going to be difficult; not as difficult as it really turned out to be.

As she got out of bed she reflected on she had learned, so far, from motherhood.

The first lesson was the value of sleep.  It always seemed that at the first crack of dawn, Teresa was up and ready for attention.  She made her needs known loudly without out regards to her sleeping brother in the crib next to her.  It could have been her way of letting them know that not only did she need attention but Jose also need at new diaper, but what toddler takes that into consideration when they wake up in the morning?

The second life lesson was the value of Kenneth.  She loved him with all her heart but she learned to appreciate him more as the raised their two children side by side.  Kenneth’s presence made it possible for both Teresa and Jose to learn to walk, talk and use the potty by themselves.

Kenneth also lessened her work load by taking care of some of the household chores, without being asked.  He saw what needed to be done and did it.  The yard had looked like crap, she was embarrassed about how neglected it had become but on her things to do list, the yard was on the bottom.  Kenneth took care of it on his first day off.

Kenneth was even Teresa’s homework helper on those nights when Maria was so tried she could barely keep her eyes open.  Sometimes she felt guilt, she was the one that work in at a school.  Shouldn’t she be the one that helps her daughter with her homework?

Kenneth was wonderful, great, the best.  She didn’t know how she could have ever took him for granted.

Not all the lessons were happy lessons, she also learned so painful ones.  She wished that she was the only one that had learned this lesson but the children learned it too.  Maria had brought Cutie when she moved to Oasis Valley, Cutie had been her companion through some lonely times.

Maria hadn’t meant to neglect Cutie but with the children and house, somehow the cat fell through the cracks.  It came as a shock when the animal control officer came to collect the animal.

Maria wished that Teresa had been at summer school when cutie was taken but it was the weekend.  Teresa ran to the car in tears pleading with the office to let them keep her.

Jose ran to his room and cried in his pillow.  Kenneth went to console Jose as Maria comforted Teresa.

Yes, motherhood was difficult.  But the rewards were worth it.


  • This has not been a good round for pets so far.  I didn’t mention it in the McDaniel’s post but Charles dog (forgot name) was also taken by animal control because of neglect.  I have a tendency to forget that the pets are there tell it is too late.  Luckily, there are two more households with pets, Wilson and Schmidt.
  • I am so happy that Teresa and Jose are now children. It was hard raising the two of them.  I don’t know why.

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