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Dark Period

Season: Fall
In this post: Hailey England, Thea Hardy, Ella Schmidt, Malcolm Kane, Mateo Byrant,

Hailey couldn’t believe that she had let the whole thing with Malcolm get her down. In fact there was a whole period were she had refused to date, not trusting her own judgement in men.

Her friends had been instrumental during what she liked to call her “dark period”.  Thea Hardy had suggested that she use her position at the paper to investigate him.  She did and was shocked by what she found out.  She called Thea first thing the next morning and told her friend everything she had found out.

“It’s 7am on a Saturday.  Why didn’t you call me last night or stop by after work to talk?”

“Oh, I didn’t want to disturb you and Jace.  I didn’t know what the two of you have planned for the evening.  Since you sound like you were still asleep, I take it the night went well.”  Hailey paused to take a breath, before rushing on “I want all the details.  Well, not now but when you wake up fully.  And of course when he is gone.  Maybe we can do lunch.  I love that way that sounds… Let’s do lunch.”

Hailey took the time during the “dark period” to concentrate on work and making friends.  There had been rumors flying around the office that Lady Gossip was going to retire from her weekly gossip column in the next couple of years.  Hailey wanted her job and the easiest way to get it was by being in the know.  She made a point to have lunch with Ella Schmidt at least once a month, whenever Ella could escape the bakery and her four children.  Ella’s family was the second richest in Oasis Valley.  They weren’t high society but Hailey liked Ella simple nature and it was easier getting closer to the Schmidts than it was the Crabtress.

Ella was the first person to encourage Hailey to start dating again, “I was luckily.  I met Robert in high school and knew off the bat that he was the one.  I sometimes wish I hadn’t gotten married right out of high school.  Don’t get me wrong I love my family but 4 kids can be rough.  Enjoy it while you have it.  Date and be merry.”

She went of several dates with different men but her favorite was Mateo.  She had interviewed him for a column in the sports section.  He didn’t seem to mind too much that she knew nothing about soccer.  He ended up calling and asking her on a date after the interview appeared in the paper.

They had fun but she was determined not to repeat the same mistake twice.  Instead of thinking that he might seriously be interested in her, she filed their date in the fun box.

She was happy with the way her life was progressing.  Her career was picking up, her friends were fabulous and she was dating again.

She was even more pleased with herself when Malcolm came bu and she was able to brush him off easily.  Honestly, not interested in anything he had to say.


  • Hailey England is another one of semi-playable characters.  I wanted to wrap her story up with a nice neat little bow before I take her out of the blogging rotation.  If you frequent N99 you have seen a little bit of a preview into what she is up to in Round 10.

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Season: Winter
In this post: Hailey England, Malcolm London

She didn’t know what made her accept his invitation.  When he had called and invited her over for dinner, she had wanted to say no.  Hailey had been avoiding his calls for weeks. She even refused to listen to his voicemails, opting to delete them instead.  This time, she answered when she saw his number pop up on the little scream.  If someone asked her she wouldn’t have been able to tell them why but she did.  They made idle conversation for a while then Malcolm asked her over to his place for dinner.  Her instant reaction was to say “No” but her mouth and vocal cords betrayed her.  She heard herself say “Yes”, surprising herself.
Throughout the week she plotted out excuses to get out of dinner.  She invented journalism conference, family emergency, and even work assignments.   She would pick up the phone to make her excuse  and then quickly chicken out.  Sometimes dropping handle back into the cradle before even finishing dialing the number and always before the first ring.  Hailey would have never thought of herself as a coward but in this case, with Malcolm, she was.
That’s how she found herself settling into a bar stool watching as he prepared dinner across the counter from her.
Malcolm looked up from the vegetables he was chopping, “I’m shocked that you showed up”
She felt a smile cross her face, the thought that he was doubted she would come pleasing her.   “Really?  You were worried that I would stand you up?”
“Yeah.” He said.  “Ben said you were pissed.  Something about mixed signals.” He shrugged his shoulders, paused and continued “He said I lead you on.  Like I’m a chick or something.”
He looked down into the bowl and slowly stirred. “I really don’t know what he’s talking about.  Than when  I called a couple times and you never got back to me.  I thought that maybe I had done something wrong and you were mad at me.  You know, like Ben said”
He sat a plate in front of her and sat down to eat.  Hailey noticed that Malcolm left one set between them.  What does he think that I can’t control myself?  Does he think I am going to throw my drink in his face or something? She found herself getting upset.  Upset at the fact that he thought she would do something so tasteless.  Upset that the idea had crossed her mind a couple of times before.
Hailey inhaled, trying to decide what to say.  He was waiting for an answer.  Tell the truth or fabricate? “Ben’s right, you know.  You did mislead me.  When you invited me to see and exhibit at the park, made it sound like a date. Just me and you, no one else. Instead,  you pick Ben and her…”
“Marisa”  He interrupted.
“Ben and Marisa. That’s not a date, that’s an outing… a group outing.  You completely ignored the fact that you invited me out on a date.  You were rude to me, leaving me to talk to someone I just met.  You completely ignored me.  I felt so stupid.”
Malcolm gets up and starts clearing the plates.  She waits for his response.  As the silence grows longer and longer, her stomach ties itself in a knot.   Maybe I said too much,  I should have just lied and said everything was okay.
“I was trying to help you out.  Since you’re new to the area and all.  I thought that you might like to meet some people.”
Hailey decided then and there that it was time to leave.  All she wanted was an apology, an acknowledgment to her hurt feelings.  Instead, she got “I was trying to help you out.”  She wanted to scream “I don’t need help.  I can meet people fine.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH”.  She didn’t scream, she got up from the stool and headed to the door.
She was almost to the door before she heard him say.  “Besides you’re really just too good for me.  You don’t want to get hook up with a dude like me.”
Hailey stopped in her tracks, turned around and sat on the couch “Why do you say that?”
“Because you went to college, have a good job and all” Malcolm replied, taking a seat besides her.
“And you don’t have a job?”  She could have sworn she heard him mention work before.
“My job situation is complicated.  A woman like Marisa understands, she doesn’t expect more that I can give.  She understands the life that I lead.”  Malcolm said
watching her face closely.
“Your talking as if you’re a drug dealer or something?” It was meant to be a statement but came out as a question.
“I plead the fifth.”  was his simple response.
Hailey could only look at him questions and concerns showing in her eyes.  Her mind trying to put all the pieces together.  Then it clicked and all the pieces were in place.
“I should go”  She said, stood and headed to the door.
She could feel his eyes staring at her back but she refused to turn around.


  • Title comes from Tweet’s “Iceberg” from the album It’s Me Again
  • I couldn’t just leave well enough alone.  I made both Malcolm Kane playable suspecting that he would add a little spice to Hailey’s life.  After the park, she probably should have just ignored his calls, declined his invitation and moved on with her life.  But I envision Hailey as someone who doesn’t know how to just walk away.
  • ACR does have a way of making stories more interesting.  After what happened in the park, I decided to make Malcolm Kane and Marisa Bennett playable NPCs and to see where this story would lead.  I already knew that Malcolm was in the Criminal career track so that is not a surprise.  What is a surprise is that Malcolm and Marisa have such a low chemistry (only one bolt).  So, because of ACR, Hailey has to suffer and not get her man.  At least for now because who knows what is going to happen in the future.

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Be Yourself

Round 8:Fall

Members of Household: Hailey England

Featured in Post: Hailey England

I was on the phone with one of my mentors and she said the way way to make it in journalism is to know people.  Since my next promoting will make me an Obituary Writer I don’t think that being personable will help me out that much.  I want to be not just a good journalist but a great one, after I prove myself by writing about dead people maybe they will start to give me real stories.  My mentor said that to getting to know people involved them having to trust you and a good journalist always get people to trust them.  Why else would they tell them all their business?  The easiest way to get people to trust you is to watch their body language and respond to that.  She said that I already have one advantage by being cute and bubbly.

Bubbly? Me?  I would never described myself as “bubbly”.  Talkative, personable, but never “bubbly”.  I didn’t argue with her because she is my mentor and has given me nothing but good advice so far.  So, I just listened to all she had to say.

I really wish Oasis Valley had more places to go and people to see.  It would be so much easier to get up, get dressed and walk to where I want to go.  Instead of having to call a cab and wait for it to drive me all the way into Eaton.   What’s a girl to do?  What she has to of course.  I got dressed and called a cab then proceed to wait.

The day was nice so I went to the park.  Eaton has this really nice park with a pool.  I love going there when the weather permits.  Being from Florida, I’m just use to warm swimming weather throughout most of the year.  The winter is new to me.

Back to the topic of career advancement and people meeting.  The park turned out to be a great idea.  I met and chatted with a lot of people.  The most memorable being Malcolm Kane.  He’s so cute.

We talked for a bit but with the sun beaming down high from the sky I decided to go for a swim.   I causally mentioned this to Malcolm hoping that he would take the hint to either join me or steal peeks of me in my bikini.

I don’t know if he got a peek or not because by the time I got of the pool he was gone.  So disappointing.

I wasn’t disappointed for long about a week later he called and asked if I would like to go out sometime.  I agreed and we set up a date.  I don’t remember giving him my number at the park but maybe I did.  I can be a little forgetful.


He called me on the phone and said to meet him at a park in Eaton that was holding some sort of art exhibit.  The cab that picked me up in Oasis then drove to his apartment in Eaton.  Again, disappointment, he jumped in the cab with a group of friends.  I thought this was suppose to be a date, just between me and him.

I cringed when I heard him say “You uys are going to love this.  I passed by it the other day and it was great.”

When I got out of the can I noticed her.  She hadn’t said anything the whole ride over but the look she gave me as our eyes met spoke volume “He’s mine”.

We saw most of the park together as a group.  At some point me and the other guy lost Malcolm and his blond.  I decided not to let them spoil my fun.  The guy and I had a great conversation about music.

In the back of my mind I could not help but wonder where they were and what they were doing.  I thought I gave out all the right signals.  Normally men have no problem picking up when I am interesed.  Where did they go?

“Let him go”  I barely heard him.

“Let who go?”  I replied, shocked that my emotions were so easy to read.

“Your face is like a book, kiddo.”  He answered with a brotherly smile.  “Let Malcolm go.   Your to nice of a person for someone like him.  They’re perfect together.  Just file this one aways as making new friends.”

I could have sworn that I played it all off.  When they finally rejoined the rest of the group I didn’t stare at him,  I didn’t touch him, and I talked to everyone, equally.  But somehow she know he and so did she.

When I was in the bathroom I met Dominique, who only lives down the street from me.  The blond came out of the stall and said “He’s mine, bitch.  Leave him alone.”

I was shocked and so was Dominique.


  • I sent Hailey to Eaton to find someone whom she had chemistry with.  In my mind all my Sims should have a partner and be working on having kids in the near future.  When I saw her attraction score with Malcolm I was excited.  I was even more thrilled when he invited her one a date.  But I must have read the pop up wrong and instead he really invited her on an outing.  Malcolm and Marisha autonomously went to the booth together and flirted thanks to ACR.  So, for now he is a no go for Hailey, we’ll see how things progress in the future.

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Round 7: Spring

Members of Household: Hailey Crystal England

Hailey:  You know, that last final was hard but I aced it and here I am.

While Hailey talked Kellie wondered where the off button on the red head was.  She had been talking now stop since her cab arrived and dropped her off. No matter how many times Kellie tried to hint at leaving, the girl would not let her escape.

Hailey was naturally a happy person however the excitement of moving and starting a career in journalism had amplified her happiness.  At Hailey’s first pause Kellie quickly suggested that Hailey walk off some of her excess energy by taking a trip to Crabtree’s Grocery.  There she could stock up on supply and meet some more of the local residents.   To Kellie’s relief Hailey was excited about the opportunity to meet more people and walked off towards Crabtree’s.

Hailey enjoyed the walk to the store.  The fresh air filled her lungs and the sum beamed down at her.  She was grateful for deciding to move to Oasis Valley and had a noticeable bounce in her step.  The locals didn’t seem to enjoy her cheerful attitude and zest for life.

The dreary deposition of the locals didn’t put a damper on her optimism.  She got what she needed and head home to make a quick lunch.

After finish up her meal she called a cab so that she could explore Eaton.  Hailey was only able to catch a glimpse for it on her way to Oasis Valley early that day.  She figured that since she was going to be a hard hitting journalist that she should familiarize herself with the terrain.

Eatonians were more than happy to stop to talk with Hailey.  They didn’t seem to mind her constant long winded rambling or her overly bubbly personality.  Hailey didn’t notice that everyone that stopped to chat with her was male and had a hard time keeping their eyes off her chest.


  • After writing this entry up, I noticed that I didn’t take any close up shots of Hailey.  I would love to take credit for her creation but I download her from Chemical Party.
  • I love Curtis, he is so cute but looks can be deceiving because his personality is horrible.

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