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Cold Black Heart

Season: Winter
In this post: Virginia Duffy, LaKisha Vincent, Cael Mason, Robin Duffy

Author’s Note: This ended up being much longer than I wanted it to be. You have been warned.

Virginia warmed up her hands by the fire.  It probably wasn’t as cold as she felt but at her age her body temperature was really off wack.  It was always either too cold or too hot.

It was the price she had to pay for getting old.

She snorted to herself, “I’m not old.  I’m vintage.”

Old was what you called people like her neighbor and once best friend LaKisha.  Who was anxiously planning her daughters wedding.  Wondering how long it would take the girl to get pregnant and make her a grandmother.

Virginia felt a strange twitch in her chest at that thought.  Thinking back to the excitment in LaKisha’s voice as she speculated about her future grandkids.  If you let LaKisha tell it she had been waiting for this moment forever, for her children to have children.  If you let LaKisha tell it, it was feather in her cap.  An indication that she had been a good parent.

Stepping away from the fire, she headed to her bedroom to change into her yoga clothes.  She refused to let her mind travel back to the past.  If there was one thing life had though her it was never to look back.  It always hurt a little bit too much.

But this night the past seemed to be chasing her.  As she pulled the sports bra over her head her mind congered up images of  what her room looked like before.  When they, her and Kimberly and Robin, had first moved in.  When the bunk beds they shared took up most of the space.  When the walls were painted dark purple.

“This is all your fault, LaKisha Vincent.”  She accused, fully changed into her workout clothes.

She mad her way back to the livingroom and the fireplace.  Prepared to leave the past behind with the help of yoga.

As she started her nightly rountine, she promised herself she would not let LaKisha”s excitement let her think of what ifs.

What if she had been a better mother?

What if Kimberly would have lived?

What if the baby had lived?

What if? What if? What if?

She signed, giving up.

“Fucking old bitch.”  Virginia cursed, sticking up her middle finger towards LaKisha’s house as she headed to her computer room.

But the computer offered no escape either.  The first news story that popped up was had to do with the investigation into the faulty elevator that had killed two of her neighbors.

For weeks, she had avoided all talk of news of the incident.    The boy lived next door, since his death the house had gone quiet.   She could hear the school bus pull up in the morning but the afternoon noise of children running around was absent.

The man lived right next to the boy, that house had been a lot busier.  Cars pooling up at all hours of the day.  Mostly family, coming to consul the grieving widow.

The past was stalking her, she was sure of it.  It was finding a way to work it’s way into her everyday life.  Banging on the lock that she had sealed tightly shut  over her heart and brain.


 The rest of the week went fabulously.  The past had been safetly locked away, again.  She made sure of that by avoiding LaKisha and the dead people families like the plague by indulging in her favorite past time, dating.  Lots of it.  At least once everyday, sometimes twice.

Normally she liked to meet her dates in Eaton, to keep herself out of small town gossip.  Not that it helped much, she was sure that the whole hood knew more about her “guest” than she did.  That’s why she had left the small town life as soon as she had been old enough to hop on a bus by herself without being asked any questions.

Her date, this time insisted that they meet in Oasis Valley.  He said he wanted to see it, never had a reason to drive out that way and seeing her would be the prefect excuse to head across the bridge.

Something told her to protest more but she didn’t.  Just the thought of sampling on of Susan Schmidt’s tasty little desserts made her mouth water and she agreed.

Only to find herself run smack did into another reminder of her past.

Virginia barely had time to introduced Robin to her date.  When Susan, interuppted and showed them to a seat outside.  Virginia was sure that Susan’s timing was just a coincidence but she was sure that an angel somewhere had pulled some strings for her and done her a huge favor.

For a normal person the sight of their daughter wasn’t enough to ruin a date but Virginia would never call herself normal.  And Robin’s appearance was like a thunderstorm at a wedding.  Am instant mood changer.

“Are you okay, Viriginia?  Your a little quite today.”

She didn’t answer what could she say really.  That the sight of her daughter ruined the day for her.  No, no one would understand that.  She barely understood it herself.


Someone had told her that the prospect of death could make a person re-evaluate their whole life.  If the last few days of her life were any indication that person was a right.  The dead kid and the dead man had not even been hers, yet she found herself looking at her past.  Wondering how people would remember her once she was gone.

The only person that would probably even give her passing a second thought would be the only child she had left, Robin.  She wondered if Robin would have the same reaction to her death that she had to her own mothers:  a slight ping of regret for what could have been but nothing more.

She sat there in the dark with a glass of tea in her hand and let the memories that she had locked away escape their person.  She remember the promises she would make to her doll when she was a little girl.  To be a better mother to her doll than her mother was to her.

Where had that little girl gone?

When had that little girl been replace with the women that was sitting alone in her house with only a glass of tea and a fire to keep herself company?


Cael and Robin had been watching the nigthly news when the phone had first rang.  Robin looked at the clock to check the time.  Wondering who would call them after ten o’clock at night.  Cael glanced at her indicating that he wasn’t expecting a call either.  He turned back to the television ignoring whomever it was.

Robin got up to check the call id, having no intention to actually answer it.  Whoever it was could call back at a more respectable time.  She was just curious to see who it was.

She had thought that she had read the number wrong.  Virginia never called her, something had to be wrong.

“Robin speaking”

The voice on the phone did not have the confident tone that she had come to expect when talking to her mother.  “Can you come over?”

That question shocked her, Virginia never invited her over.  “Now?”

“Yes, now.”

She didn’t know what she was expecting to see when she arrived at her mother’s house.  But all kinds of crazy thing ran through her mind.  She didn’t knock, just let herself in.  She found her mother in the kitchen.

To an outsider Virginia Duffy would have looked like the picture to health, but Robin could tell that something was wrong.  Maybe it was the set of her shoulders or the tears in her eyes.  But Robin could tell that at this moment Virginia needed someone and she had turned to her.


  • This update ran away from me.  When I had initially wrote it, it had gone in a completely different direction.  There was pictures for everything.  But somehow when I sat down and to edit, Virginia decided to go emo on me.  I am don’t like her like this at all.

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Mending Fences

Season: Winter
In this post: Virginia Duffy, Robin Duffy, Cale Mason, Patricia Vincent, Curtis Vincent

Robin didn’t know what made the idea pop into her head.  If it was the approaching winter holiday season or just the fact that she was happy for the first time in a long time.  The idea had planted itself in her brain and she couldn’t shake it.  She normally avoid all contact with her mother, Virginia.  In years since Kimberly’s death she couldn’t get over the anger she felt, even now.  Now, she understood her own anger.  Had embraced the fact that her mother seemed not to be affected by the death of her oldest child and was a very lackluster parent to both of her children.  Somewhere deep down inside, Robin was hoping that this dinner would extinguish the flames of her anger.  And maybe than she could more on as well.

“I really don’t know if this is going to be a good idea.” Robin told Cale.

“It’s a great idea.” Cale’s voice came out warm and reassuring.  His hand reaching across the table to softly caress hers.

“You said you wanted to move on.  You said you wanted to make things better.  This is a start.  You’ve come a long why so far.”  Cale had turned into counselor mode.  Sometimes she hated that voice, his counselor voice.  It reminded her of when she was weak.  It reminded her of the day she chopped off all her hair in her tiny bathroom.  She preferred the boyfriend voice.  It was more loving, a lot less patronizing.

“I’ll make the call when I get home.”


“Dinner tonight with The Bombshell, eh?”

Robin had a feeling she knew how he was talking about but decided to ask anyways, “The Bombshell?  Who’s The Bombshell?

“Your mom.”

She’s old enough to be your mother, Curtis.”

His brows lifted “And?”


“She knows I invited a few friends but I didn’t tell her who or what my relationship with them is.”

Patricia stopped washing the dishes and turned to Robin in surprise.  “Does she know anything about him? Does she even know that you have a boyfriend?”

“No, she doesn’t know anything about him or that I have a boyfriend.  At least I don’t think so.  We don’t have a normal mother-daughter relationship like you and your mom.  We don’t talk.”

“How do you plan to introduce him?  Mom, I would like you to meet, Cale, my boyfriend and former grief counselor.  I bet she will have a problem with his age.”  When Robin called her and invited her to dinner, Patricia had a feeling that she was walking into something but she hadn’t asked.  Like a good friend she just said yes, without questioning.  Knowing that if Robin asked her to dinner and invite her mother that her friend would need her support.  At times like these she wished she was such a good friend

“It’s not like she is going to care.  She dates men your brother’s age for goddsakes”

Patricia tried not to roll her eyes.  “I know you and your mother don’t have a… conventional relationship.  I know that your mother doesn’t discriminate according to race, sex, or age.  But Robin all parents care.  No parent wants this type of information sprung on them.  You can’t just say ‘Thanks for coming to dinner and her is my boyfriend.”

A knock sounded at the door, cutting their conversation short much to Robins relief.  She knew Patricia was right at least a little.  She still couldn’t see that Virginia would have a problem with Cale.  She personally wouldn’t tell her mother that Cale use to be her counselor, Patricia would spill the beans, and Cale wanted to keep that information on a need to know basis.  As, far as Robin was concerned her mother was one of the people who didn’t need to know.

She let Cale in and they exchanged a passionate kiss, not embarrassed that Patricia was standing in the living room looking at them.

Patricia felt awkward about their display of affection but masked her feelings behind a polite smile.  Right now Robin need her support, nothing more, nothing less.  When they finally broke apart Robin started frying the burgers on the stove.  Patricia and Cale made jokes about how Robin considered hamburger a good meal to serve to dinner guest.  Passing the time, waiting for Virginia’s arrival.

When a knock at the door came, they froze like children just being caught playing with matches.  Robin  sat the plate of burgers on the counter, wiping her hands on a towel before rushing to answer the door.

Cale and Patricia watched as Robin and Virginia greeted each.  They didn’t hug or kiss like normal mother and daughter instead they gave each polite distant smile.  Exchanging hellos and how are yous.

Since Virginia and Patricia lived directly across the street from each other, the was no need for Robin to make introductions. Patricia had known the Duffys all her life, at one point Virginia was Patricia mother’s best friend.  Virginia greeted her in the same manner as she had greeted Patricia, as an old acquaintance, as some who wasn’t quite a friend.

“Virginia, I would like you to meet my boyfriend, Cale.”

Virginia looked Cale over throughly.  Taking in all his features from the full gray of his combed back hair, the neatly tied tie, to the the polished tips of his shoes.  She enjoyed his nervous smile and glances in Robins direction.  Virginia knew that Robin thought that she didn’t know anything about Cale but she did.  In fact she probably knew more about Cale than Robin did.  She made it a point to find out about her daughter’s boyfriend. Not that she would admit it to anyone.  No one needed to know that she called in a favor and did a background check.  No one needed to know that it had came out clean.  And she would never let on that she knew that Cale and Robin met while he was her grief counselor.

Virginia reached out and shook Cale’s hand before offering a polite “How are you doing?”  She didn’t pay attention to his response.  No matter what the background check said, she would still be suspicious.  Suspicious of a man his age dating a woman her daughters age.  Virginia quickly shut down that thought, she had slept with men younger than Robin.  But therein lay the difference.  They had just slept together, not dated.  There was a difference a huge difference.

“Well, dinners ready.”  Robin stated a little too loudly as she went to the kitchen to get the burgers.  Trying to break up the awkward silence as the question Cale had asked her mother went unanswered.

Dinner was mostly eaten in silence.  Every now and then eyes would connect and nervous smile would be exchanged.  The tension was thick, a knot had formed at the bottom of Robins stomach.  This was a bad idea,  I knew it.

Virgina left the house a quickly as possible after dinner was finished.  Not caring if she came off as rude.  She just had to go.  She didn’t like the fact that her daughter was dating a man that age.  She didn’t like the fact that her daughter was dating her former counselor.  Virgina also knew that she didn’t have a right to butt into Robin’s affairs.  She hadn’t been much of a mother to her when she was growing up.  Instead, of making things between them worse, she decided it was best that she leave early.  Passing on dessert.


  • Robin and Cale have official started to date.  I like  all the romantic partners of my playable sims to at least meet the parents.  It seems like the normal thing to do.  So, when Robin rolled BBQ Party ROS, I set up a meeting between Virginia and Cale.  She doesn’t own a grill and it was winter.  Instead, I had her make hamburgers.
  • Dinner really didn’t go that well.  Virginia and Patricia don’t seem to like each other.  All their conversations ended up with negative relationship points.  Cale and Robin kept quiet and just looked on.

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Season: Fall
In this post: Virginia Duffy

Last time on Confessions of a Cougar, I talked about all the advantages of being single.  The fun to be had enjoying life unattached.  I talked about things like sex, gifts and flirting.

Today’s lesson will be about the pitfalls of dating.  I’m not saying this to scare anyone away from the single life but I believe in being honest.  How unhonest would it be for me to present just the joys without the drawbacks.

It’s not all late nights and romance.

Sometimes the same preson that surprised you with a romantic dance in the middle of the street after a hards day work.  Can end up being the same obnoxious bastard that turns on the televison at 3 am to cheer at the sports playback.  Waking you up from you sleep, instead of going home and enjoying their own televison.

There is also the possibility that someone you have been courting might not feel the same way as you do.  It sucks being told lets be firends but it happens.  Just smile and move on.   No mater how tempting it is to tell them to “Get the hell out,” maybe.  Try always to be nice.  You never know when “friendship” can lead to more.

There is also what I call “The Curse of the Emotionally Needy.”  Everyone who has dated enough has ran into this curse.at least once.  The curse takes the form of a lover who just needs a lot more emotionally than you’re willing or able to give.  They want you to be avaiable always.  They want to talk for hours about their problems while you listen quietly and allow them to cry on your shoulder.  When all you want to do is have sex and kick them out.

The emotionally needy need to be let down easily or they end up, The Stalker.  The Stalker isn’t always someone you know, sometimes it can be a stranger but the The Known Stalkers is the worse.  With the know Stalker, it’s harder to go to the police and report them.  Unless, of course, the relationship was horrible in the first place.  But when the relationship was good and the person was nice you, there is a tendency to let it slide.  You don’t want to get them in trouble because you knew them before they exposed their stalkerish tendency.  So, when you see them randomly walk by your house even though they live in another city and don’t own a car, you let it go.

Even neighbor can be a problem.  They have a tendency to nose around in your business, wanting to know what you are doing and who you are doing it with.  I get this mostly from people I know, the ones who have been married “happily” for years are the worse culprets.

For some these “risk” outweigh the “gains”.  For those of us are strong, the “risk” make it more unpredictable, exciting, and worthwhile.

I never said dating was for the week at heart.


  • Sara Simmons really does walk by Virginia’s house  a lot, she even has a want to be her friend.  I guess she is ready to forgive Virginia for dumping her all those years ago.  Or maybe she is a little bit crazy and regretting the fact that they broke up and wants to get back together with her.  I don’t really blame her, since Virginia is Sara’s highest chemistry, that I have been able to find so far.
  • Craig Vincent also walks by a lot even though he only lives across the street and could easily just look out his front window to spy.  I think he is a little bit jealous.  He is also a romance sim but I never fill his romantic wants, other than the general woohoo one.  I like his wife too much to let him cheat.  So, he is living vicariously through Virginia.

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Season: Fall
Members of Household: Robin Duffy

Robin stared at the burned dinner and tired to decided if it was some kind of omen or just a failed attempt at a new meal.

It couldn’t be an omen because she was just going to cut off some loose ends.  Do something that she should have done a long time ago.

The door bell rang and she reluctantly went to get it.  Maybe this wasn’t a good idea she thought.  Maybe I should leave it alone.  Instead she gathered all her courage and answered the door.

“so, you’re finally talking to me” was Zachary’s first comment.  Robin just turned around and went into the house.

“You look hot as a baldy”  After that comment she was sure that this wasn’t a good idea.

“Just come in and sit at the table your letting the warm air out. It is Fall you know.”

She waited until he was comfortable and preoccupied.  Zachary didn’t seem to find the food too burnt.  Maybe it had something to do with him being single and therefore not picky about his meals.

“I know I haven’t handled this whole thing in the best manner” She paused, trying to find a way to figure out how to say what she needed to say politely “I know how you feel… about me.  And if things were different.  If I were different…”

He jumped up before she could complete her sentence.  “This is not one of those ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ deals.  Is it?  Because if it is, than save your breath.  I already know it’s you.  There is nothing at all wrong with me.  But your touched in the head.”

“I am not crazy.  I’m grieving.  I just tried to be nice and end things properly and you have to go and be a jerk about it.   You weren’t worth the time and effort.  Or the guilt that I have been carrying around lately.”

They faced off.

“GET OUT!!!!!” Robin shouted pointing to the door.


Ramin rung the doorbell like he did every time he stopped by.  They had been together forever, or so it seemed and yet they still didn’t have keys to each others places.  Instead, he had to wait outside until she opened the door and pray that his throbbing back would not give in.

She made dinner like always.  First, she served him than herself.  It had become a routine. Almost like they were an old married couple.

But this was like every other dinner where they each would give a rundown of their day.  Instead of sitting in front of the television watching a show and telling him about work she said “We should see other people.”

He was shocked, that wasn’t what he was expecting.  In fact he had planned to pop the question, soon.  He could only cover his face and whisper “Why?”

Her response was simple and final. She didn’t want to repeat the same mistake twice, with Zachary she had been too soft.  With Ramin she would be tougher.  “Because it’s time.”

After she heard his cruiser roll down the street she headed upstairs and fixed a bath.  She felt bad, and guilty. Real guilt.  It didn’t go as she planned.  She had wanted him to put a fight, instead he just accepted her decision.  It was no different thing anything else in her life right now,  nothing was going as she had planned.  As she soaked and let the warm water sooth her skin she couldn’t help but think, that maybe she was being a little bit drastic.  Maybe she shouldn’t have broken things off with Ramin.


  • Robin picked this rounds Dumping ROS.  I am not too disappointed that her and Ramin broke up.  I was sort of dreading having his ugly genes infect Oasis Valley.
  • I try to hook my Sims up with people they have the highest attraction to whenever possible.  Robin and Ramin only had a two bolt attraction at the time of the breakup.  After they broke up and I made him playable they jumped to three bolts.  I hate when my Sims do that.
  • While I was playing Robin’s house she came down with the cold.  Me being a dumb ass, I sent her to work.  It’s just a cold right.  Not when you have Realistic Sickness installed in your game, a cold becomes deadly.  I exited without saving because I don’t think a cold should kill Sims after just one day.  But Virginia did walk by was Robin was dying and I got this gem of a picture.  *Who knew that Virginia had a heart.

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Season: Fall
Members of Household: Robin Duffy

Patricia Vincent dreaded her task but she was the one assigned to do it so there was no backing down.  Her boss said the first step in moving up in the architectural firm was to show you know how to deal with “difficult” situations and she wanted to move up the corporate ladder therefore the task was hers.  She took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell.

“We know you are going through a difficult time right now.”  Patricia started her speech, she hated to use the word difficult, it couldn’t possible come close to describing what Robin must have been going through at the moment.  Patricia just wanted to get it all over with.  “Junker and Company fully understand if you need to take sometime off to fully cope with your grief”

“I don’t need time to cope with my ‘grief'” Robin forcefully declared almost cutting Patricia off before she had finished. “I’m fine. I can still do my job.  Everything is fine.”

Patricia was shocked and sadden by the venom behind Robin’s response.  She was shocked because she hadn’t expected such a negative reaction and sadden because Robin sounded as if she was trying to convince herself that everything was fine.  Patricia hadn’t prepared for this type of reaction and didn’t know how to respond.  She reached an arm out to comfort Robin but took one look at her face and decided against that course of action.

“Well…. If you need anything at all.  You know my number or just stop by the house.”  She turned around and left, feeling as if she had failed at her task.


When she picked up the phone to call him it was just for reassurance.  She wanted to talk with someone who knew what it was like to lose someone special.  Besides he was her “mentor” and had said she could call him at anytime.

He answered and she felt her tension starting to lower.  Before he could even finish his greeting she started to unload all her emotions on the table.  Every last fear, hope, and regret spilled out of her mouth before she realized what she was doing and she was powerless to stop it.

“Don’t do anything drastic”  The voice on the other end warned “Let’s meet up in a couple of days, on your next day off.  We’ll have lunch.”  She agreed, she needed to get out.  Her tiny house contained too many memories.  “Just remember don’t do anything drastic”

“What do you think I’m going to do”  She questioned.  He didn’t reply.


“I thought we agreed, nothing drastic”  His voice startled her.  She was expecting him but somehow her mind had wondered and she didn’t hear him approach.

“It’s not drastic.  Just something different” Feeling guilty because she knew that shaving her head had been drastic.

“It is drastic.  Not as bad as it could have been but still drastic” Cael said not ready to let her off the hook just yet. “Lets go inside, have a bit and talk.”

They order their food and talked.  She was the one doing the talking mostly. He just sat, listened, and sometimes advised.  For the first time in a long time, she felt that someone was listening, understood and cared.

Too soon it was over and they said their goodbyes.

“Remember don’t do ANYTHING else DRASTIC”  He emphasized as he leaned in to hug her.

She could only smile and answered back “I won’t”


  • I had to break this update into two parts because there is so much going on with Robin right now.  I wanted to get everything in but felt that one post would have been too long and heavy.
  • I really like Robin with a baldy…. I think it is sexy on her.

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Season: Fall
Household Members: Virginia Duffy

Blog Post 1

There are two great things about being single:

  1. Being single
  2. Dating

This two things don’t necessarily go hand in hand but combined together they are the best thing that could happened to anyone.

I hear women (both young and old) go on and on about how being single sucks.  But I have a theory  about these one.

  1. They have been married so long that they forgot what being single is like
  2. They are single and they haven’t figured out the way to take advantage of the situation
  3. Their just emotional dependent nitwits and should be ignored.

I say to those that are single and hate it. Learn to enjoy it and cherish it while you have it.  You never know twenty years from now you could be sitting in mommy playdate wishing you had never married “Mr. Right”, brought the house with the white picket fence and had “Johnny” and “Susie”.

There is a sense of freedom that comes with being single.  Trust me,  I have been in a couple of  “committed” relationships in my time.  I will first confess that I am not the most faithful person to walk the planet.  So, I know what it feels like to pray that when your other half answers the phone it’s not your “special friend”.  The sense of freedom comes from knowing that you can have anyone call you day or night. That you don’t have to have coded conversations when planning late night rendezvous. You can smile, giggle and flirt on the phone openly.

Now that you are single and have your freedom. Express it by dating.  In fact, if your married, joined, attached, or just plain going steady; you should still date.  Dating makes you feel desirable and wanted.  It also makes your date/partner feel wanted and desired.  In my experience they often show their gratitude  by showing up with gift or showering me with complements.  It might be something strange like groceries but at least you know he doesn’t want you to starve.  Besides have you seen the price of milk these days?

ing in a relationship makes surprise visit and gifts difficult.  Think about the confrontation that would ensue if your “friend” showed up unexpectedly and you significant other answered the door.  Or what if they brought you a really expensive necklace?

By being single you don’t have to worry about that.  Your “friends” can come over whenever they feel like and you don’t have to worry about who answers the door. And when your “friend” gives you something you don’t have to worry about hiding it.  Instead, you can show them your appreciation.

One of the drawbacks to being single is getting to know a person. If you’re in a union you pretty much already know that person and their personality. You will know that you partner likes to go into in depth decisions about football strategy or something else equally as boring. But when dating it can be a surprising and disappointing to find out your newest friend is boring.

With a new “friend” you have to suck it up and take the boring, especially if you don’t find out their boring until after you date has started.  When I start a boring date I never leave.  Why?  because of the time and effort I have already put in to get there.  Think about it.  It takes time to shower, get dressed, put on makeup and do your hair.  Why waste your time?  Besides you have already cleared you social calendar for this person.  What else are you going to do with yourself?  Just try to enjoy the rest of the date.

You might get a shock at the end.  When you find that a boring “friend” turns into an interesting “friend”

Earlier in the post I mentioned that one of the perks of dating is that your dates might show up with gifts to thank you for your time and effort.  On top of that they will also times help you out with household chores.  Especially the ones that you have neglected to do.

This leaves you extra time to just relax.  I will be the first to say that I am no spring chicken and if anyone of my “friends” wants to trim my hedges while I sit back in my hot tub and relax.  I won’t argue.  These old bones need a rest sometimes.

The last time I was in a “serious” relationship I quickly found out how boring it can be to see the same person day in and day out.  That is one of the main reason that I broke off the relationship.  I needed more variety and by dating I get lots of it.  Young, old, tall ,short, dark, light, male, female.  It doesn’t matter, I like variety and it is so much easier to obtain when single.

Another thing I crave is spontaneity.  That is another thing that dies when you are partnered.  After the first few months you form and routine and keep doing it day in and day out.  There is nothing like the feeling when you go outside, see something you like and just bring it home without having to worry about the backlash.


  • I love how in this picture Dennis Hernandez mentions his girlfriend.  It’s almost like he is saying “my girlfriend want mind”.  I consider Dennis and Virginia sleeping together as a sort of a prolong to the flirtation that they had a long time ago.  That flirtation helped lead to Virginia breaking up with Sara Simmions (who is now a Playable NPC).
  • It is so much fun to write about Virginia in blog post first person format.  She is the first time that I have really played a romance sim as a true romance sim.  And I am loving it.  Playing adult single elders can be very boring but not her.  Its work and dates.  At one point she had one guy trimming her hedges, while another guy was dropping off flowers (the picture is below).  Only a romance sim could pull that one off.

  • Did anyone else notice how she didn’t even mention the death of her daughter Kimberly.  Not once did she cry or anything about the death the whole time I played her house.  Not one morn animation popped up and I was paying close attention.

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Letters Home


Round 7: Summer

Members of Household: Caleb Samuels, Kimberly Duffy

Hello Robin,

It feels so funny writing to you instead of calling or sending out an email.  I don’t think that I have ever handwritten a letter in my entire life, I fell so vintage.  I just wanted to let you know things are going well here on the island.  Caleb makes sure I get tons of rest.  He loves swimming in the ocean.  I just relax of the beach, looking like a whale.

I think my hormones are getting the best of me.  One minutes I feel that things are absolutely perfect and the next I feel that somethings is wrong.  Things with the baby are going as well as expected, I didn’t think being pregnant could be such a trial.  The doctors here in Ailana are really nice and are taking good care of us.  I think Caleb is really worried though and trying to keep his distance so I don’t get stressed.  But I wish he would stop because whenever he puts distance between us I feel so lonely.

At other times everything between me and Caleb are almost magical.  He can be so thoughtful and romantic.  At moments like that I feel like a queen.

It probably is just the hormones making me silly and sentimental.  I think that this will be the first and last child I will ever have.  Don’t worry about me. We (Caleb, baby and I) are fine and enjoying the tropical weather.  This handwriting thing is really tiring.  I am going to take  a nap and write to you later when something interesting finally happens.

Your  Big Sister,



Dear Robin,

It is with a heavy heart and tears that I write this letter to you.  I honestly wish circumstance were different but they are what they are.   Kimberly went into labor a couple of days ago.  We weren’t expecting the experience to be easy and it wasn’t.  In fact it was more difficult than the doctors predicted.  Unfortunately,  neither Kimberly or the baby girl survived.

Kimberly and the baby will be buried together here on Ailana.


Caleb Samuels


  • Sorry for the lack of consistent updates but my internet connection has been spotty lately.  I have a wireless connection and very now and then it act ups.  This is the first time in about a week and a half that I have been able to get on for longer than thirty minutes.   I am hoping that whatever the problem was it worked itself out *crosses fingers*
  • Why back in round 5 I picked a death ROS, this was the death.  I had a hard time killing her off because I wanted all my CAS to procreate.   I am kind of sad, I had such plan for her and now she is gone.  But I finally completed all of Round 5 ROS’s.  Hopefully in the future they won’t take so long.
  • Ailana is the name that I gave the Island Vacation destination.

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