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Season: Fall
Members of Household: Fairfax Randell Darwin

Fairfax woke From an unpleasant night of sleep with one thing on his mid.  His career.  IT wasn’t going like he had planned.  Over the summer he had an audition for a movie.  That didn’t pan out.  Now he found himself sitting on the edge of his bed trying to decide what to do next.

He decided first to jump in the shower and have a bite to eat.  He would need all his energy for the showdown. he was going to have with his agent.  It didn’t matter that he could only talk to his agent over the phone since there was a six hour driving distance between them, they were going to have it out.  He finished his breakfast and dialed.

When his agent finally picked up, he let into him.  He didn’t stop until he finished saying everything he had to say.  He was pleasantly surprised when at the end of his ran his agent said “I have the prefect role for you.  It’s another commercial but it will be played all over the nation.”

Fairfax was beyond angry when he opened the package.  It was embarrassing, so silly.  He refused to wear it and quickly called his agent and told him so.

The response on the other end wasn’t encouraging.  “You signed the contract, Darwin.  Now you have to do it or they’ll sue the pants off you.  You said you wanted national coverage.  So, I gave you national coverage. Enjoy the french fry suit, buddy.

After finishing the french fry commercial, Fairfax decided a good way to cheer himself up was a date. He called a girl who was a fan of his work and they agreed to meet up at a local bar for dinner.

She listened intently to all his stories. She was prefect, giving him the ego bust he need.  While he talked he forgot about the french fry costume and was able to enjoy himself.

When dinner was over he tried to get Fangirl to stay and do some dancing.  In truth, he was trying to avoid going home and starring at the box that the costume had arrived in.  He hadn’t thrown it out yet figuring he could ship it to his agent with a rude letter attached.  Instead the fast food company asked for it back when the shoot ended.  Taking with it, his plans.

Fangirl declined his invitation, she had a test the next day and needed to go home to study.

The night did end on a high note, as he was leaving the club he spotted a young lady while walking past near the bar.

Her head was turned away from him when he spotted her.  He walked up to her and introduced himself.  She had no idea who he was but that was okay with him, not everyone was a fan.  They exchanged numbers and he promised to call her soon so they could get to know each other.


  • There wasn’t much going on for Fairfax in this round.  He has managed to keep himself fairly drama free.  All he wants is to get married and have children.  Which is fine by me,  I just have to find him the right mate.

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Mini Update

Round 7:Summer

Members of Household: Fairfax Randell Darwin Narrator: Fairfax Randell Darwin

My agent has duped me.  When We talked about moving to the area, I thought I had been very clear.  I wanted a place were I could raise a family, yet experience a full social life.  This little suburban town is not the place.  It maybe the prefect place to have children  but there are no people.  I didn’t become an actor to just move to the middle of no where with nothing to do.  I tried to explain this to the real estate lady but of course the country bumpkin couldn’t understand.

I tried to connect with some of the local but apparently they don’t watch television or go to the movies.  Not that there is a theater here.  But still, I’m all over the television, I would have at least expected them to see one of my commercials.

Even the young cashier didn’t seem to know me.  In fact he wasn’t very nice at all.  I understand, being a man of the world.  I would be mad too if I was raised here.  He didn’t seem to appreciate my comment when I voiced it.

It wasn’t all bad, my agent did get something right.  I had a car pull up to my front door to take me to the set and drop me off, everyday.

Also, some of my fans were able to find me.  It would have been easier if I was located in Eaton.  I never get tried of hearing how how I am.

I also never get tired of handing the flattery out to my lovely more deserving fans.


  • Fairfax is another sim that I got from the web.  His appearance pretty much stayed the same, he is even wearing the same outfit.

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