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Season: Fall
Members of Household: Patrick Bridgehall

Patrick was perfectly aware of the fact that it was almost the end of fall and that most people would not have dared going swimming at this time of year.  The chill didn’t bother him, he and surfed in some of the coldest waves in the country.  Besides, Eaton and Oasis Valley were experiencing unusually warn weather this week and he wanted to enjoy it since by moving to the area he and to give up surfing.

After he took a nice leisurely swim Patrick got out of the poll and headed to the showers.  He hated the smell of chlorine, at times like this he really missed living by the ocean.

When his shower was finished he called a cab to take him to the club.  Anton and Dennis were going to meet him there.  He could have walked or taken a bus.  But the buses were unreliable at best and no one walked in Eaton.

As he was getting out of the taxi, his cell phone rang.  “It’s me, Dennis.  We’re going to be a little late, kid.  Save us a good table.”

“I thought you were going to save us a good table”

“I put our name on the list.  It’s kind of packed in there”

“Stop showing off and deal” Anton stated.  As he watched Patrick do card tricks with the deck.

“What’s the hurry or are yu just jealous of my skills?” Patrick taunted.

“No he’s not jealous.  He’s in a hurry.  You know he has to be home by 8:30 to read ‘Good Night, Moon'” Dennis joked.

“Not everyone can be a carefree semi-bachelor like you, Dennis” Anton replied.

Dennis looked down at the table and stated “I haven’ been carefree in a minute and I’ll be a full-time bachelor soon.” Both Anton and Patrick caught the suddenly melancholy tone in Dennis’s voice.  They exchanged sidelong glances.

“What’s eating at you, dude?” Patrick asked.  Not use to hearing that tone in his friends voice.

“Nothing and everything.” Dennis was tired and just wanted everything to be over and done with.  “All I have to say,kid, is this.  Be careful of what you do when your young because karma is a bitch.  And one day when you’re an old man like me she just may catch up to you and bite you in the ass when you’re not looking.”

“Seriously, Dennis.  What’s wrong with your?”Anton spoke up after Dennis stopped speaking, “Can we do anything to help?”

“No, to both questions.  Ignore me” was his response.

Eager to get the conversation headed to a lighter note, Patrick chipped in “Your regretting letting Angelica move in? Aren’t you?  No more half-naked girls running about the place at all hours of the day or night.”

Wanting to change the subject and regretting starting in the first place Dennis simply nodded his head and focused on his cards.

“Before we end this delightful little conversation and start playing some serious poker” Anton said “Have fun while your young.  Get it all out of your system early.  Especially the fast girls.  They are great when you are young.  They like to party and have fun.  But when you become an old man like me and our buddy, Dennis over there.  Sometimes you just want to go home and have  a nice meal waiting for.  The fast ones will be to busy partying to do it.  But the good girls will always take the time to make sure your belly is full.”

“Listen to your friends, son.  They know what they are talking about.  Take it from an old bag like me”  The old lady sitting in the fourth chair chimed in.  Up until that moment they had forgotten she was even there.

After the poker game was over they all climbed into the same cab and headed back to Oasis Valley.  Patrick was about to close his door when he heard Dennis  shout out “Hey, kid.  Let me tell you something”  Patrick turned back around and walked toward him.

“Just don’ forget what I said tonight, okay. I know it doesn’t make sense now but it will someday soon.  Also, remember what Anton said about the good girls.”  Dennis patted him on the shoulders and was about to turn around a leave but stopped in his tracks and added “Here’s another little gem.  Sometimes wolves wear sheep clothing.”

Patrick was confused, he didn’t understand where Dennis mood was coming from or what he was trying to get at.  Before he could think of anything to say in return Dennis had already walked to his home and closed his front door.


Patrick was still confused a few days later, when he went on a date.  He kept looking at his date and wondering. Wolf or sheep? Good girl or Fast girl?

Even when they were doing things that were suppose to be fun, the conversation he had with Dennis and Anton kept coming back and made it hard for him to enjoy himself.  He just hoped that his date couldn’t tell he was distracted and took it personally.


  • Dennis just hijacked Patrick’s update.  I don’t know how that happened.
  • My male sims have decided that the best place to have a intellectual decision is at the poker table.  I don’t know if this is sims imitating real life or if it just means that I need more community lots in my game.
  • I sat down to write it and this is what I ended up with.  I guess you can say that this is part 1 in a 2 or 3 part series.  I haven’t decided how long the series is going to be.  If I do a 2 part series the next update is going to be a long one.  If I do a 3 part series. The 2nd update will be “normal” size and the 3rd will be short.  Decisions? Decisions?
  • I am horrible at naming post.  So I know that the title of this update makes no sense what so every.  I started to do like several other sim bloggers and steal my titles from song names.  This tittle is courtesy of Shawnna.

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Mini Update

Round 7:Summer

Members of Household: Patrick Matthew Bridgehall

For the second time this summer Kellie was regretting her job.  First, she had to deal with some D-list actor, who didn’t know it and now the blond.  To bad he was such a stereotypical surfer boy, how he graduated college was beyond her comprehension.

Kellie may not have liked Patrick’s laid back attitude by Dennis Hernandez thought the kid was refreshing.  A little on the naive side but a good guy.  Patrick reminded him of James Wilson when they both (Dennis and James) were younger.

It could have been this reminder of James that compelled Dennis to take Patrick under his wing and show him around Eaton and Oasis Valley.

Patrick was happy for Dennis’ guidance, being a very social person he was worried that he would not make friends in the area.  A worry that was completely ungrounded.  Since he could find something in common with almost everyone.

Patrick M. Bridgehall was enjoying Oasis Valley very much, indeed.

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