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It’s All Good

Members of Household: Zachary Alpough
Featured in Post: Zachary Alpough, Patricia Vincent, Fairfax Darwin, Robert Schmidt, George Schmidt

Zachary is hoping that this time it’ll be different.  He had tried many times to talk to Robin but she is great at avoiding him.  She seems to change her running schedule right when he had it figured out.  Robin almost never answered his calls and when she did she always rushed him off the phone.

As he listened to the phone ring he promised himself that this would be the last call.  If she didn’t answer he promised himself he would move on.  Finally after ten rings and she still didn’t answer, he signed.  It was time to give up.

“I feel caged.” Zachary stated to Patricia.  Zachary and Patricia had met at work.  In fact, she is his supervisor but her personality is so laid back and easy going they became friends, fast.  When he had invited her over originally it had been just to watch a game on television and eat some pizza.  Now he finds himself sitting on the floor spilling his guts.

“You should just move on.  She obviously doesn’t want your support.  She seems determined to handle this situation on her own.  You should move one, she has a man.  Remember, the cop?” Patricia questions.

“I haven’t forgotten about Ramin but I thought we had something special”  Zachary frowns and pull fibers out of the carpet.

“You did before.  When her sister was alive and expecting.  Now her sister and the baby ae gone.  That kind of tragedy has away of making people reorganize their priorities.”  Patricia pauses unsure of how she should state her next round of advice  “her new priorities don’t include you.  Move on, hang out with the boys.  Do anything or something.  Date and find someone else.”

Zachary sat in shock he had told himself the same thing she just sad over and over again.  Somehow, hearing it from another person, hurt just a little bit more.  She was right and he knew it but he wished she was wrong.


“What about her?” George asks

“Dude, not so loud”  Fairfax scolds.  “Whatever happened to being subtle?”

“No, not her.  SHe could win a fight against a sumo wrestler,”  George says, turning his attention back to the game.  “Did you see those arms?”

“Hey, my agent got me an interview for this movie.”  Fairfax said trying to change the subject.

The poker game ends shortly afterwards.  Robert decides it time to head home,  he has a family at home waiting for him.  Fairfax shares a taxi with him deciding to go home and study his lines.
George followed a girl to the karaoke machine, and Zachary finds himself with nothing to do.  He heads to the bar to order a drink, maybe a drink would help him boost his confidence and propel him back into action.  He is shaken by how his Robin’s reject has shattered his foundation.  Determined to repair the damage, he turns to the red head sitting across from him and ask “So, have you lived in Eaton long?”

She quickly turns him down.  She doesn’t even bother to answer his question, which he can admit to himself was a pretty weak opening line.  She just draws way back in her seat and says “Not interested.”

When did he lose his fame?  Never in his life had he had so much trouble with  women.  He couldn’t wait until this rough patch was over.


After being shot down at the bar, Zachary decides it its best to get back in the game.  What better way to do that then the internet?   He sets up a profile on a dating sites and beings the hunt.  He meets a lot of women but only one really holds his interest.  He has such fun talking with her that he invites her to dinner and bowling.  When she finally arrives at the diner, he is impressed and so is she.

Bowling goes well but dinner is even better.  Zachary feels an instant connection with her.  It’s not all cerebral.  There is an equal amount of intellectual interest mixed with lust.  He can even hear his heartbeat drum in his er when she causally reaches over and caresses his hand.

Zachery is rather pleased with himself.  His first date since Robin and it was good.  He didn’t think about her at all the whole time or as he pulled his date into his arms for a goodbye hug.

  • I can’t remember her name but she was a Garden Club elder that I aged down when I found out the two of them had such a high chemistry.

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Round 7: Spring

Members of Household: Zachary Darren Alpough

Zachary felt cheated.  When he answered the ad in the paper the representative had said Oasis Valley was a growing town with lots of potential.  Apparently what her definition growing and potential where different than his.

She had also said that Kellie Wilson would be there to greet him when he arrived.  Maybe the lady was new to the job and didn’t know what was going on.  Because the town didn’t look like it was growing but almost deserted and now one was there to greet him when he arrived.  Mrs. Wilson didn’t stop by until later that night, and she only stayed a few minutes.  Long enough for him to sign the appropriate forms and than she was gone.

The next day didn’t get any better.  Before he left his home state he had a job lined up.  When he called to report in and to find out when he could start working, a emotional receptionist told him that the company had just filed for bankruptcy.  He was devastated he had sold very thing he had to move out here and only had a little money left from the home loan he had taken out.  If he didn’t find a job some he would be out of money and probably on the streets.

Thinking that his luck couldn’t get any worse he applied for the first job he could find in construction.  He never thought in college that he would have to restore to manual labor.  He spent a lot of money on his degree and now he was using it to lay foundation and paint walls.

His first day at work was a bust.  His legs, back, and arms ached from carrying heavy bricks around all day.  After taking a nice hot shower to soothe some of his muscles he headed down to Just Desserts for a treat.  Another disappointment.  While the place was nice, the selection left much to be desired and he could find anything he wanted or liked.  He tried to hide his disappointment because the owner was standing right next to him.  He was unsuccessful.

Zachary then decided to try a few spots in Eaton.  The first night club was dead.

The second one had a lot of people but they were all old.  It would have been nice if someone would have informed him that it was old peoples night in Eaton because he would have stayed home.  He did me nice lady and was kind of ashmaded to admit that she was  hot because she was old enough to be his mother.


  • When I originally placed this round when I would send sims to Eaton the community lots would either be populated by elder sims or the garden club.  I had to take out all my hacks and keep reloading and closing out the game until I found out which one it was.  It took me about two days because I didn’t have the time just to sit all day and do it.
  • Zachary is sim that I found at Insim. He doesn’t quite look like the original because I took out most of the custom content and changed his style.  His facial features are still the same.  When I was looking up the link I was surprised they were the same sim.  I like mine better, to me he is more masculine.

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