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Signs Of Doom: Part Uno

This post is not story related but it does deal with Oasis Valley.  I know the title is a little scary and frankly after some of the problems that I have been having with my game, I am a little frightened.  This probably should be Part Dos, but oh well.

First Sign of Doom: Happened when I was almost finished with Round 8 the first time.  To understand the magnitude of the first sign.  I should give you a some facts.

  1. In Round 8 there are a total of 20 Households (not counting households located  in Eaton).
  2. The Hale (2) household is number 17 on my list.  I play each house in order.

The first sign was a problem with Jean Hale {who resides in Hale (2)}.  I noticed that her character was having issues when I played the Keyes house (number 12).  I would invite Jean over to keep Dominique company and her character would never show up. So, I tried teleporting her over using the SimBlender still her character didn’t show up.  But I could make her selected which means that she was on the lot.

This should have been a giant red flag but I ignored it and continued to play the round.  When I finally got to the Hale (2) house.  Jean was suppose to be sleeping in her bed, but she wasn’t there.  Her temperature gage showed that she was could and not amount of forced error (via batbox), or teleporting would make her show up.  I exited the game and looked up her character file and compared it to the last saved backup copy that I had.  I noticed that her file was a lot smaller.  So, I used my handy backup copy.  But lost the all 16 house already played and  the last 4 house in round 7.

From this I learned how to properly shut off my game and to never move in a playable sim with the propose move in option.    I don’t know of other people having problems with the propose move in option but it was either one or both of those actions that cause Jean’s glitch.  I am guessing the real fault is that I didn’t give my game time to properly shut down all  the applications and stuff before I turned my computer off.  But I am not chancing that again.  So, for now own.  Any sim that leaves on household for another will have to move out using the newspaper (phone, computer) and into the simbin first.  Then I will merge them in the household from there.

Second Sign of Doom:  Happened tonight when I was playing the last house in Round 9, the Schmidts.   It is time for the twins (Daniel and Rebecca) to grow up.  I was playing the house on November 1 and got tried.  But before I went to bed I wanted to see what Daniel and Rebecca would look like, so I aged them up using the cake (they got the one day message).  This is how they looked when I left the game.

I was going to play again on November 3.  I started up the game, entered the house and everything.  Then I changed my mind.  I quit the game the proper way and everything should have been fine.  But tonight, Rebecca looked like this.

What happened?  I did everything properly.  I tried fixing it by aging her to a child and back to a toddler.  It worked but then I got scared. What if something is wrong with her character file?  I exited without saving, copied the storytelling folder.  Then installed my backup.   This time I will only lost 4 houses.  I hope something did not happen to her character file in Round 7 and just decided to show up in Round 8.

There are times that I really would like to start over but I don’t think I have ever played a hood for over a year (I started Oasis Valley this time last year).  I would really hate to lose the sims that I have.  I have become so attached to a lot of them and really want to develop their stories mores.  I am going to be watching for glitches very closely from now on.  Hopefully, I am just being paranoid, especially after what happened to Crystal Bay.


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