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Farewell Oasis Valley

Hello Followers,


As some of you might already know (from twitter and N99) I have decided to no longer play the Oasis Valley Neighborhood.  For awhile now I have wanted to start over but my attachment to my sims prevented me from doing that.  The two main reason for leaving Oasis Valley behind are 1) new computer 2) poor preparation.

1) The computer that houses Oasis Valley is one a computer that is over 7 years old (might be closer to 10 years old).  It still runs Window XP and takes forever to load just the basic windows programs.  My “new” computer is only about 3 years old and I use it for everything.  I was getting tired of switching back and forth just for the sims.

2) By poor preparation I am referring to Oasis Valley.  Oasis Valley originally started out as a Prosperity Hood and morph as I began to play and encounter other play styles for different simmers.  All together it made Oasis Valley very disjointed and things (like ages) were just out of wack.  I am sure that I could have fixed some of these things but with working the night shift and a wacky sleep schedule I just did not have the motivation.


I am not leaving The Sims Community.  I have decided to start over with a more “complete” and hopefully make it what I imagined Oasis Valley to be.

The new blog is conwayislesims.wordpress.com It’s currently empty but please follow it.  I plan to start updating with progress reports in the next couple of days.

Thanks for Everything,



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Playable NPCs

In my ranking system post, here, I described how I rank my sims and their families.  This is just the a post to show off family photos and introduce some of them.  I will update it every couple of rounds.

Hardy Family

Thea Viola Hardy

Merrick Family

Darcy Merrick, Joshua Darren Merrick, Christopher Ward Merrick

Smallwood Family

Todd Ike Smallwood, Shirleen May Smallwood, Nathaniel John Smallwood

Alpough Family

Zachary Darren Alpough


Marylena Samuels, John D. Samuels, Crystal L. Samuels


Sara Simmons, William Simmons


Veronica Oduya, Oratilwe Oduya, Genet Walterson, Deimos Walterson


Nyack Oduya, Amanda Carlson, Lencho Oduya

Missing Photos:

  • Bridgehall Famiy: Patrick Bridgehall
  • Darwin Family: Fairfax Darwin
  • England Family: Hailey England

There are a number of other Playable NPC families in my game.  Most of them are connected to the main Playable Families and are included in the family ancestry page.  I won’t start updating them in this section until I come up with a system that I like.

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Anniversary Events

As I posted before Oasis Valley’s 2 year anniversary is going to be officially celebrated in October.  When I first started this I was really bad at keeping note, so I don’t know the exact day and month I started this blog.  I just vaguely remember that it was in the fall of 2008. 

I originally started Oasis Valley over at freewebs.com but found that to be kind of a pain.  I am really enjoying the freedom of having a wordpress blog.  It’s great and allows me to pre-schedule post and all that jazz.

Excuse the rambling I am really excited. 

 I was having a hard time deciding how to celebrate two years of Oasis Valley.  I wanted to do something special, time-consuming, and frustrating.  Yes, I wanted it to be hard because I like my life difficult but I am proud that I have had a hood for 2 whole years without deleting it and starting all over.

Now on to the fun part.  When Oasis Valley started there were originally 9 families.  I created little vague backstories for each family and thought that the were really creative.  During the month of October I am going to expand on these backstories. 

 I originally got this idea from BlackCat over at Richmond Sims.  I really admire how she connected the past, present and future of her sims in some of her recent post.  I am going to borrow the idea from here and other blogs.

In all I hope to do 4 expand backstories.  I have already decided to do the Hale story.  Since they are reproducing like rabbits and all.  

I’ve decided to let my readers pick the other 3 families. Original backstories can be found here

I am going to put up a poll and everything.

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New Ranking System

Just because I like things nice and complicated sometimes.  I have developed a three-tiered ranking system for my sims.  This system basically ranks the sims by how important I think their household is and how much blog/playtime they will get.

The three ranks (in order of importance):

  • Full Playable
  • Semi-Playable
  • Playable NPC

What each rank means:

  • Full Playable: Playable sims are sims that are fully playable and are update regularly in the blog (every round).  Playable sims make the world of Oasis Valley thrive (at least in blog form).  Oasis Valley is based on of their stories and lives.  Most of the playable sims originate from the Founding CAS.  When Oasis Valley was first created there were 9 CAS families created. Most (if not all)  playable sims were either created in CAS as part of one of these families or were born into the families after they were created.
  • Semi-Playable: Sims in this category may or may not have their own post depending on how their stories develop.  Semi-Playable sims are more likely to get “mini-updates” rather than the full-bodied version.  Semi-Playable  sims are sims that were either a) Playable than moved out of Oasis Valley b) Moved to Oasis Valley after its founding.  Semi-Playable sims are more like a supporting cast.
  • Playable NPCs: Playable NPCs are the last level of playable characters.  Theses sims are usually sims that either moved out of Oasis Valley or were partners or friends of Oasis Valley residents and showed up in the storyline. They mainly live nice normal lives and hopefully provide breeding material.

There are ways to move up and down each rank.  I won’t list them all but here is my “official” rules regarding Full Playables:

Becoming a Playable:   To become playable a sim most either be

  • a) born into a playable family
  • b) marry into a playable family
  • c) have an interesting enough story to move up through the ranks and become playable.

Being Demoted:  A playable sim can be demoted to a lower ranking level either:

  • a) moving out of Oasis Valley
  • b)being boring.
  • c) moving out of the main family household (on a case by case basis)

Moving Out of Oasis Valley:  Once a playable sim moves out of Oasis Valley (ie. into Eaton) They become a playable NPC.  If they return to Oasis Valley  they can either:

  • a) Stay a playable NPC
  • b) become Semi-Playable
  • c) Return to Playable status

Yes, I realize that I have just given myself one more thing to track but I am hoping in the long run it will cut down between when I play a house and when I blog about it.  I am currently in just starting Round 9 here on the blog but have already started Round 10 in-game.  I would like to shorten that spacing just a little bit.

FYI: Marylena Samuels from the Wilson’s last post is a Playable NPC.  She lives in Oasis Valley but there will be very little if any updates on her.

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I figure that it is about time for me to update the family photos in the Ancestry.  I am going to do update each section as I finishing posting each families whole update.  For example, the Crabtree hasn’t been updated yet.  That is because I haven’t finished playing each household in that family unit.  I still need to play both Sharon and Peggy’s houses as well as the Schmidt houses (because Mindy is both a Crabtree and Schmidt).

Since I am backed in my updating. Today I only have one household, the Wilsons.

I have also updated their family tree.

On another note.  I think my second year blogiversary  is coming up.  I can’t remember when I started but I know it was in the fall, years ago.  I really wish back then I would have kept better track.  But I was lazy and unorganized (not much as changed).  Looking back at my oldest pictures that I still have on my computer, the date is 09/14/2008.  So, that makes Oasis Valley like two years old, three days ago.

That being said, I will have decided that the anniversary of Oasis Valley is October 1st.  I want to do something special, but I can’t think of anything right now.

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