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Anniversary Events

As I posted before Oasis Valley’s 2 year anniversary is going to be officially celebrated in October.  When I first started this I was really bad at keeping note, so I don’t know the exact day and month I started this blog.  I just vaguely remember that it was in the fall of 2008. 

I originally started Oasis Valley over at freewebs.com but found that to be kind of a pain.  I am really enjoying the freedom of having a wordpress blog.  It’s great and allows me to pre-schedule post and all that jazz.

Excuse the rambling I am really excited. 

 I was having a hard time deciding how to celebrate two years of Oasis Valley.  I wanted to do something special, time-consuming, and frustrating.  Yes, I wanted it to be hard because I like my life difficult but I am proud that I have had a hood for 2 whole years without deleting it and starting all over.

Now on to the fun part.  When Oasis Valley started there were originally 9 families.  I created little vague backstories for each family and thought that the were really creative.  During the month of October I am going to expand on these backstories. 

 I originally got this idea from BlackCat over at Richmond Sims.  I really admire how she connected the past, present and future of her sims in some of her recent post.  I am going to borrow the idea from here and other blogs.

In all I hope to do 4 expand backstories.  I have already decided to do the Hale story.  Since they are reproducing like rabbits and all.  

I’ve decided to let my readers pick the other 3 families. Original backstories can be found here

I am going to put up a poll and everything.


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I figure that it is about time for me to update the family photos in the Ancestry.  I am going to do update each section as I finishing posting each families whole update.  For example, the Crabtree hasn’t been updated yet.  That is because I haven’t finished playing each household in that family unit.  I still need to play both Sharon and Peggy’s houses as well as the Schmidt houses (because Mindy is both a Crabtree and Schmidt).

Since I am backed in my updating. Today I only have one household, the Wilsons.

I have also updated their family tree.

On another note.  I think my second year blogiversary  is coming up.  I can’t remember when I started but I know it was in the fall, years ago.  I really wish back then I would have kept better track.  But I was lazy and unorganized (not much as changed).  Looking back at my oldest pictures that I still have on my computer, the date is 09/14/2008.  So, that makes Oasis Valley like two years old, three days ago.

That being said, I will have decided that the anniversary of Oasis Valley is October 1st.  I want to do something special, but I can’t think of anything right now.

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Random Question


So, I am finished playing Round 9 and realized that it has been awhile since I have taken family portraits of my simmies.  In fact the last time I did it was round 6.  Which is a long time considering that each of my rounds last 4 sims years.

When I looked at the Hale’s last family photo.  There are several family members that are now missing.

  • Dominique Hale has married Anton Keyes.  They have a toddler daughter.
  • Mildred Hale has gotten joined with Emily Saunders and as of round 8 they have 2 children ( twins).  The twins (Elizabeth and Stephanie) are already in the child stage and Emily is pregnant with another set of twins.
  • Janet Hale has married Brent Murray.

That’s three spouses and three children that are missing.  The Hale’s are my largest family and I can tell you without spoiling it two much that they just get bigger at the end of Round 9.

The difference in the family size is not that great for one of my smaller families like the Wilsons.

  • At the beginning of Round 6, Jason was a toddler.  At the end of Round 9 he will be a teen.   There is a whole stage missing.

I am curious to see how others handle this.

My questions are:

  • How often do you take family photos?
  • Do you take one for each household? Extended family (family members living on different lots)? or both?
  • Do you use poseboxes for you family photos?
  • If you use poseboxes do you have a favorite?

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