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All James Wilson wanted to do was right. It had always been his dream to be a journalist. But he was unable to go to college and instead got a dead in job at the local mall. One day while helping the night manager (Dennis Hernandez) close the place up three men ran into the story and pointed guns at them. The forced James to the ground and took the manager to the safe. James was so shaken up by this episode that he could no longer work in retail.

James got a lawyer and tried to sue the pants for the retail company. They decided to settle peacefully out of court instead. After paying his lawyers and settling the last of his bills. James had just enough money to buy a small place in Oasis Valley.

Will James ever be able to get over the robbery? Will he have the career he always dreamed of? or will he be forced to return to the city he was so desperate to leave?


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The Vincent’s Craig, Lakisha, and Patricia decided to move to Oasis Valley after taking advice for Lakisha’s best friend Virginia Duffy. Craig and Virginia both worked for a computer firm that had to lay off a bunch of employees. They were offering buyout packages and Virginia encouraged Lakisha to talk Craig into taking the deal. If he had not he would have been fired anyways since they (Virgina and Craig) were relatively new to the company.

Lakisha and Craig did not know what to do with the money. They wanted to buy a bigger place so that Patricia could have a backyard to play in, but they were worried that Craig would not be able to find a job quickly. While sitting in Virginia’s living room Lakisha came across a catalog of homes. She asked Virginia about it and Virginia told her that she was buying a prefabricated home with the money she got from the computer company and moving with her girls to Oasis Valley. Lakisha borrowed the magazine and ran home to show Craig.

It didn’t take much discussion and the family was on its way to Oasis Valley.

Will Oasis Valley be the type of place of the Vincent’s dreams? Will the money run out before they can really make it?

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William and Susan Schmidt were not use to the good life. When Susan found out that she was pregnant with their oldest child Robert, she was attending community college and William was working as a cashier in a music store. They decided that the best thing to do was get married for the baby’s sake. Susan had planned to finish college but with the arrival of son Mark, her dreams were placed on the back burner.

William tried to provided for his growing family but it was hard living in a big city with only a high school education. He wanted his kids to have a better life than he did, so decided that he would one day be rich. Since the family both Susan and William had to work (when she was not pregnant) so they could make it form paycheck to paycheck, going back to school was out of the question of both William and Susan. William decided that the easiest way to get rich was to win the lottery and we began to save his change and buy tickets every week.

Susan loved her husband but thought that his dream of winning the lottery was never going to come true. She did not want to burst his bubble, since that was one of the things that kept him going. On the wonderful day that he ran home jumping up and down and waving the lottery ticket in his hand, she thought it was a joke. But to the families relief it wasn’t, especially since they now had two toddler boys (James and George) to raise also (4 boys in all).

Susan pressured William to go see a personal money adviser. They brought a house from one of the original families that moved into Oasis Valley but decided that it was time to leave. They got their kids into private school, without even having to bother with a interview. William decided that he would not go back to work for awhile and just enjoy the time he had with his family.

Will William and Susan be wise with their money? Will Oasis Valley be the place that the family can call home?

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Carol and Michael McDaniel got married straight out of high school. They both had envisioned having a big family with at least four kids. Carol had four pregnancies that all ended in a miscarriage before they family gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Mary. Both Carol and Michael were overjoyed. They decided that they would focus their energy on Mary for now and try to have more children when Mary entered elementary school. To Carol, Michael and Mary’s disappointment another baby was never conceived. After countless tries and trips to fertility clinics, Carol and Michael were ready to admitted defeat.

On their last visit to the fertility clinic the doctor suggested that they might want to try a less stressful environment. After several weeks of thought and discussion Carol and Michael decided that it would be good for them move somewhere less eventful. Mary was not to thrilled about the idea, she did not want to leave her friends and school. After looking at housing ads online and in the news paper Michael and Carol decided to buy a small farm in Oasis Valley. The family that originally owned it (one of the the that move to Oasis Valley with the Crabtree’s) decided to move to a move developed community with easier access to the big city.

Will Carol and Michael have the second child that the crave? Will Mary be able to handle the slow pace of Oasis Valley? Or will the stress of small town farm life be two much for the small family?

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Dennis Hernandez had to get out. The cops were starting to ask him too many questions about the robbery at the store in the mall where he was a night manager. No one got hurt of course (he made sure of that), but the company was a little upset about the money the loss not only from the robbery but also from the settlement. Dennis was kind of mad that James sued the company because if he had not the cops would probably just left the case alone. But now they were asking all kinds of questions.

Not wanting to arouse the suspicions of the police or the company Dennis decided to take a stress leave. He told them that the whole ordeal was just to much for him to handle so he had to go some place quite. What better place to go them to Oasis Valley, not only was it quite but it also gave him a chance to watch James and see what he knows.

Will the police catch up to Dennis? Will James ever figure out Dennis rule in the robbery? or will Dennis get off free and settle down for once and for all?

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Victoria Hale’s husband was a military man. When the cargo plan he was in during a mock mission crashed into a mountain side her and her 5 children were devastated. They had not only lost the family provider they had also lost their husband and father.

The military gave Victoria money because of her husband’s death. It was not a lot but she and the children could make it for a little while with the money. At first Victoria decided to stay in the city, but everywhere she looked there were reminders of her husband and she could not take it anymore. So, she packed up the families meager belongs and moved into a place in Oasis Valley. She had no more money left after buy the necessities but her and the kids had faced hard times before and she was hoping that they would make it through this time also.

Will Victoria and her kids be able to find happiness in Oasis Valley? Will Victoria be able to find a job to properly support her kids? Will the kids be able to adjust to not only the loss of their father but also of their old home?

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Maria Flores was tried. Tried of dead end jobs and dead end relationship. After her last relationship of 6 years when up in flames Maria decided it was time for a big change. So, what if she was a little overweight that did not give the jerk the right to break her heart. And so what if she was not really got at answering telephones, where boss did not have to yell at her for losing one phone call or missing a couple of days at work.

Maria decided to pack up all her clothes and sell all her stuff and move. She brought a little place in Oasis Valley and decided to find out who she really was. Because along the way she had lost her self.

Will Maria be able to find the woman she really is? Will she find the job of her dreams? or will she have to return to the city a loser, once again?

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