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I figure that it is about time for me to update the family photos in the Ancestry.  I am going to do update each section as I finishing posting each families whole update.  For example, the Crabtree hasn’t been updated yet.  That is because I haven’t finished playing each household in that family unit.  I still need to play both Sharon and Peggy’s houses as well as the Schmidt houses (because Mindy is both a Crabtree and Schmidt).

Since I am backed in my updating. Today I only have one household, the Wilsons.

I have also updated their family tree.

On another note.  I think my second year blogiversary  is coming up.  I can’t remember when I started but I know it was in the fall, years ago.  I really wish back then I would have kept better track.  But I was lazy and unorganized (not much as changed).  Looking back at my oldest pictures that I still have on my computer, the date is 09/14/2008.  So, that makes Oasis Valley like two years old, three days ago.

That being said, I will have decided that the anniversary of Oasis Valley is October 1st.  I want to do something special, but I can’t think of anything right now.


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