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Farewell Oasis Valley

Hello Followers,


As some of you might already know (from twitter and N99) I have decided to no longer play the Oasis Valley Neighborhood.  For awhile now I have wanted to start over but my attachment to my sims prevented me from doing that.  The two main reason for leaving Oasis Valley behind are 1) new computer 2) poor preparation.

1) The computer that houses Oasis Valley is one a computer that is over 7 years old (might be closer to 10 years old).  It still runs Window XP and takes forever to load just the basic windows programs.  My “new” computer is only about 3 years old and I use it for everything.  I was getting tired of switching back and forth just for the sims.

2) By poor preparation I am referring to Oasis Valley.  Oasis Valley originally started out as a Prosperity Hood and morph as I began to play and encounter other play styles for different simmers.  All together it made Oasis Valley very disjointed and things (like ages) were just out of wack.  I am sure that I could have fixed some of these things but with working the night shift and a wacky sleep schedule I just did not have the motivation.


I am not leaving The Sims Community.  I have decided to start over with a more “complete” and hopefully make it what I imagined Oasis Valley to be.

The new blog is conwayislesims.wordpress.com It’s currently empty but please follow it.  I plan to start updating with progress reports in the next couple of days.

Thanks for Everything,



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